Posts of the day 2017-03-17

Teacher gets time for sexual intercourse with student.
Donald Trump pledging to share Military Arms with Soviet Union
A Day To Remember Announces Amanda Schneeberger is a Dweeb!!
All Time Low Confirms that "Last Young Renegade" will be their last studio album
Valley View High School Replaces Math and English with Football Studies I and The History of the Heisman Trophy
Secret stash of loli porn found in President Trumps computer
Secret stash of Loki porn found in President Trumps computer
Winter storm predator on the loose once again
16 yr dies in car accident
Drake to feature Scranton's own Dawson Bailey on his album "More Life"
Garth Brooks cancelled all shows in Champaign, IL
Closing down the Asbury park middle school
Goshen high school
Paul cheated on Jesus!
Norris cancelled school for the rest of next week
Is your refrigerator running?
Decatur illinois legalized marijuana
Scranton Driver flips Jeep after buddies get him "unstuck"
Fat guy in a little poop
Saginaw teen jailed for stealing wave caps
Reported car crash on Drauden Road.
Reported car crash on Drauden rd
Reported car crash on Drauden.
Trump and Putin May Have More Together Than We Know..
Metal wiener
Perfect Black couple gets Married
Matts wife
Whale Bones Found in Anza Borrego Desert State Park, Officials Are Investigating Age.
Car hits 180 on 421
Megan Missien to Be Named Coolest Person In The World?!
Black male arrested for having penis out in Boston commons
Melanie Jayne-Pearce found injecting heroin while boyfriend finger blasts her at Park View
Just confirmed, no shaft just balls
Asbury park high school temporarily closed
Local charter school shut down
Chris Graham shows how to stay out of the spotlight
Countryside Academy is Closing down forever
Saddle Brook kid charged with Demolition and Vandalism
James Stewart set to race outdoor nationals
Wanted for 2 degree murder
Black man arrested for smacking old people
An 5 year old kid can alredy make programs
President trump getting kicked out the White House!
Student Expelled After Sexual Meetup in Stairwell
Champaign-Urbana Man Spreading Herpes
Coachella to move to Toyota Pavillion at Montage Mountain for their 2017 event.
Kaden sucked dick
Rollin deep 35th most wanted by the FBI
Florida Georgia Line to come to Danville!
De'Quintous Dowell wanted for aggravated burgarly and several others charges
Huge "We are number one" Flash mob in Los Angeles Earthquake
She has hoes so dont talk to her shes a player
Satan says trump is stupid
Mario Lopez wounded in shooting
Upchurch Dead of Heroin Overdose
MGK found dead
Will memes hypnotize you?
East coast immediately being evacuated due to title wave coming in from cuba
Breaking Bad "Movie" Full
Booty Digger
Teacher bites kid penis off
Normal-bloomington to merge
Local man caught killing twenty baby bunnies with his bare hands
New Britain man found transporting 10,000 stolen dildos
Rafael Villa has gotten sentenced to the death penalty for raping a Latino man named Balde Lopez
2 Mercer county people cited after buying a nrw car
Teenage boy with unfortunate size penis
School problems
Muscatine High School to change mascot and colors
Uniontown man missing
Donald Trump meeting Hillary Clinton after hours?
Lamb Of God Announce Breakup Tour
1 teen dead, 1 critical injuryed after the fatal crash
Oak Creek High School evacuated after threats of "beta uprising"
Teacher Found Naked In Gymnaesium Doing Backflips
Enterprise high school
Collecto wanted for murder after killing the scene at Grizzly fest 17' warns time traveller
Justin Beiber Vs. Snoop Dog
Drake coming to St. Louis soon?
Southwestern academy
Grand Island,Ne known for wanna be bloods and facebook warriors and tweakers
Local preteen named oliver accused of graffiti
Wiki Leaks releases Lesbian Affair video Melanie Trump and Michelle Obama!
Oh no border patrol
Fuckin Faggots
Battle creek infested
Matt the creepy crowley mixed with poop
McDonald's everywhere giving away free food!!!
Students Violently Scissor Eachother IN Computer Lab !!!
Emily spears has a 15 other boyfriends in newton
Matt poops
David Pollard Fucks Aria Taylor Ass Hard In LMS bathroom !
Noah Loses His virginity To a cow ?
The Dick Lord Takes Over LMS !
Don't eat brown snow mixed with gasoline
Really matt
Vincent Shuts down after teachers reportedly give students the clap
Don't eat yellow snow
Local man loses lottery ticket and $1 million payout
Local man lottery loses ticket and million dollar payout
Catlin Mother Pregnant Again
Hope Christian High School closed til these hoes stop coming with these fake ass eyebrows and stiff weave
You'll never guess where the cafeteria food comes from at South County HS!
No more wood burning water stoves allowed in Mt. Pleasant NC
Local man loses lottery ticket and million dollar payout
Arianna Dunlap dying from a broke limb
Wanted !!
26 year old male arrested for Murder charges!
Banned for sniffing toilet seats
Lily the chubby baby extrene she only eats fast food
Veronicah Almaraz
Kid caught beating his meat in the bathroom at school
Jose the man
Pennsylvania couple hits millions on lottery ticket
A guy has diarrhea
Trump tweets: Evidence indicates Obama ordered wiretap of Sanders campaign
My name
Local women gets praised for giving hugs
Local women gets nominated for giving hugs
Gavin McNeely Sucks a Chode
12 Year girl old jumps off Sears Tower
Carman-Ainsworth Closed Friday, March 17, 2017
Angelo poop and peas and does number threes
Drug bust
Hoes moaning and bitches being bitches
Frog lake Teen girl charged For having sexual intercourse with neighbours horses.
Ted awarded 100K dollars for curing cancer
Dead beat dad
New Berlin Resident Shane Lauten Found Dead Due to Erotic Asphyxiation
Mary Beck elementary school
Nathan Whittington Signs First Amatuer Deal With Geico Honda for 2017!
Beautiful women converted into a butterfly
A guy poops on Godzilla
President Donald J trump says he's taking away all fast food and all videogames due to people being to lazy
Josh Thompson Fine Art Featured at Sotheby's Auction in New York.
Withney poops on her husband
No school wednesdays ,thursdays or fidays at pierre moran scho
Memorial High School
The future
No school!