Posts of the day 2017-07-07

Greene co man arrested for "Respecting Women"
Westbrook to the Cavaliers
Black bear seen on state rt 37
Baby Girl Was Voted The World's Smartest, Yet Ugliest Baby!
Squankum Pizza slated to open in Monroe
UFO sighting over Redmond
Local Realtor Revives Gold Fish
Lil reese shot dead
Town of Solsberry Indiana passes law making chocolate consumption illegal
Eastbury community school
Boy found dead in woods
Teen arrested for having huge penis
Singer Charlie Puth in trouble
Second Bigfoot Sighting in Central VA
Loch Ness Monster-like creature sighted in Central Virginia
Trump Assasinated!
New California Bill To Add Rainbow To State Flag
Wanted for disrupting the peace!
Trump Wishes Sara Ross Happy Birthday; Her Response Will Shock You.
Trump Wishes Sara Happy Birthday; Her Response Will Shock You.
Charles Clark smashes grandma and kills her
Crazy viral video, about flying on a broom
Homeless man died of self-inflicted gunshot wound
Washington Redskins Trade Cousins
URGENT: Sell Corey Thompson immediately!
John Cahill wins Lottery
Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center To Close It's Doors Indefinitely
Deer creek for year round schooling?
Kevin Logan Opens his Facebook Account, Again
New Hey Arnold! Movie Recently Cancelled Due to Death
Back to the Cubs Curse: Cubs Lose 2016 World Series Title
Unknown Lethal Virus discovered in Los Angeles, CA
An Ugly Man Caught Selling Cannabis In The Carney Area
Contagious Airborne Virus hits California
An immigrant wanted
Teen arrested for having enormous penis
Moose Spotted at Lake Frederick
Los Angeles Man Penalized For Adult Entertainment Past Discussion via YouTube