Posts of the day 2017-07-11

LeBron To The Lakers?
1 Arrested in Facebook War
Local "organic" farm East of Des Moines Iowa makes people eat trash
Arlo Edgar arrested for World's First DWI in an aircraft
Messi Retires Unexpectedly
Lake shark citing, Carvins cove VA
Local Fatfuck Eats Six Ice Cream Cookies in One Day
Man caught with his pants down peeing in the corner at work
First Civilian Low Lunar Orbit Achieved After Local Man Consumes 10 Bean Burritos From Taco Bell
Liza Shoning Gets High as Fuck!
Idiots in Iowa Fall for Bigfoot Story Again!
Giant White Guy Picks Little Black Man up by the balls
Multi million dollar home for just 249,900
OPWS to Purchase GFW
Big Mo returns from jail
TSN reporting that the Leafs acquire Drew Doughty from the Kings for Kapanen, and a first and second round pick.
Jacob Lee Dyer Is Wanted for Armed Robbery at Payless Liquors.
Local Cat Finds Human Hairball
There here! Lottery tickets that always win you cash!
Terrorist attack at Zakheav International airport leaves 143 people dead and 24 others seriously injured
Bigfoot found in Iowa
Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum to move to Coon Rapids, MN
Keith is officially the worlds cutest kitty cat!!!
Keith is a cute kitty cat
Memphis Rapper Plans To Hook Up With Lil Zae Zae From Birmingham
Birmingham Rapper Turdle Teezy V.s. Memphis Rapper Finesse2Tymes
A Shark Choked On My Cock
Scientists from the Research Center for the True Truth found out Macron is not trying to "fuck us all"
Marc Schmidt is going to dive for the great white
Darden Restaurant Group planning Albemarle restaurant
Billboard Names "Jane" by Jefferson Starship greatest song of all time
Colerain township woman wanted for stabbing boyfriend because he didn't say, "I love you too"
Colerain township woman wanted for stabbing boyfriend because he did say "I love you too"
Wifi is no longer legal in laporte indiana
New virus sweeping the nation! Only effects dogs!!!
Bronx teenager arrested for stealing tommy hilfigher underwear from co-op mall
Antonio Biaggi arrested and secures his ????For 1 million
Low Water Bridge Collapsed Shanadoah River
Erin Smith responsible for letting sharks loose in Illinois River
West Chester, Nathan Phu arrested.
Cubs trade superstar
Brian found at strip club
Talking fish
Gullible People Will Believe Anything If It's On The Internet
BigFoot Spotted in Dallas County Iowa
Woman has habits of getting mad when she doesn't get her way.
Residents of Waynesboro, Virginia have spotted Sasquatch on King Avenue.
Taco Bell opened up in Chester Illinois!!
Former Red Sox player David Ortiz has been arrested for murdering his wife
Gerard refuses mattress, at a steal of a price
Amazon Prime Day offering 5 new Range Rovers for $8,500.00 + tax, tags & registration
Raku Draws Portrait of Aaron
Amazon Prime Day offering 5 new Range Rovers for $8500 + tax
Cincinnati Bengals officially moving to Kentucky 2018/19
Natural light owners come out
Bear Sightings Confirmed - Iowa
All starbucks will be closing by july 31st
Big Foot sighting In Louisa Virginia Today!!
Betty Pirretti Sues for Weight Gain
AeroSpace launches its IPO in late-2018
Giant Spider Charlottesville Virginia Man Finds on his house
Rochester, MN to be renamed Mayo Clinic City, MN in 2020