Posts of the day 2017-07-05

Big time Winners in small town Saskatchewan.
"Sony Weems at Olympiacos B.C"
Shark was spotted in Lancaster Ohio at Rising Parks pond
Big Foot Sighting at Granger Community Church
Kid Loses every fight on " Eastside " !!
‘One MISTAKE’ could cause war between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, military experts warn PRESIDENT Donald Trump is on the verge of accidentally initiating all-out war against Kim Jong-un, analysts have warned.
Big Foot Siting at Granger Community Church
Giant Penis Roaming Valdosta
Tax evasion
Young Sesser Girl Missing
Trump Nominates New Jersey Attorney to Supreme Court
Tomato Worms taking over small Indiana Community
Tomato Works taking over small Indiana Community
Lebron agrees to the Warriors $10.2 million
Walt Disney World to Close in 2018
Residents Of Centralia, Threaten To Relocate.
Wezen gesignaleerd Bilthoven
Reba Dies
NHL team to join Women's league!
50 Dead 120 Shot in Chicago fireworks last night
Metallica Concert Postponed in Orlando
25 kilos of cocaine found at Pimp's house in Illinois
Latino Male is wanted by Chicago Police Department for walking up to homeless men and offering oral sex.
Hackers on PS4
Boy aged 11 Caught turning off buses and
Man, 22, arrested in connection with attempted murder in kalihi
Kittitas loves fireworks
Man, 22, arrested in connection with attempted murder in Makakilo
Frank Alvarez Jr. of Uvalde,Texas is jailed for slapping 30 bitches
Deadbeat Sergeant...1800.+behind in child support!
Lancaster Tx: Man Tackles 2 Armed Bank Robbery suspects, And Delivers A Baby In Bank
JACK HICKS 4/4/2017
Blind Man Dies In Fire Saving 14 Babies From Burning Building,
Auburn Water System Sends Urgent Warning of Contaminated Water
Girl takes home trophy after amazing mermaid show
La Ronge Now| its no surprise this young man wants to get back at his ex girlfrien when she sleeps with all his friends and says he can sleep with them too.
Local pervert wanted for questioning after neighbours dogs were found with inflamed buttholes
Fire Departments are on standby, Ronald Goble has a blow torch!
Alligator Sighted in Aroostook River
Film nominated for best film of 2017
Shooting in King city CA
Giuseppe Vincenti arrestato
Youth wanted for robbing bike out of garden
PaNow| Man walks into a house and starts to sing and quickly makes a pot of gold after just 3 songs
ICBM Launched: State of Emergency