Posts of the day 2017-07-01

Gallagher-Marchand Trade
Lady Who Shares Viral Article Without Fact Checking Sent to Jail
Fitness and beauty concerns in a partner maybe a sign of infidelity
Robin Williams, YOU ARE THE FATHER! Ernie Willis's Dad Confirmed
Rare species of Gorilla On Exhibit at the Louisville Zoo
Land Shark Attack
Wet TShirt contest this weekend at The Harbor Center
Everyone rapes tillys sthills cat ????
$500 Re-ward for Capture of Bad Graffiti Artists
Fergie Transgender?
Carrollton Man Quits Drinking Beer
La Ronge Homeless Man Chases Off A Small Family To Take Their Food Only To Findout They Had Already Finished Eating..
La Ronge Homeless Man Chases Off A Small Family To Take Their Food Only To Findout They Had Already Finished Their Eating..
Shark in lewisville for real
Sus niggas be black now??!???
Sus niggas be black now??!!???
17lb Bass taken from Buckhorn Reservoir
Newfoundlands Rescue Martians On Moon Crater Lake
Newfoundlands Rescue Aliens On Moon Crater Lake
Donald Trumps Signs New Laws That and Bans Blacks and Muslims From Owning weapons
Texas Husband and Father surfs in Lake Lewisville to save holiday fireworks.
Skeletor to be played by popular actor!
Restaurant opens to a new audience
Waxahatchie Resident fooled by us!
UPDATE! No more 20' shark off Panama City Beach!
Burlington NJ Woman Arrested For Sexually Violating Homeless Men
Stealth British Takeover of USA
Rick and Morty, do YOU watch it?
Shark spotted in Lake Ontario
Giant Whale headed shark attacks the Liberty By The Lake Celebration.
Shark attacks Liberty By The Lake celebration. The Colony
Apache man arrested amid allegations crimes on humanity
New Amusement Park Open In Corinth TX
Entire City's Population Proven to Not Read Past The Title
Arrest Warrant Issued for Dallas county woman
Apache, Ok man arrested
An arrest warrant has been issued for a Dallas woman.
Shark Anhiliates Anus
President Donald J. Trump Insults on Twitter
Monica Stewart will attempt to drive "horseless" carriage!
Cancertism Herpabetes Aidterrets Strikes Innocent Young Foal Springing From South Waco
Celtic FC being renamed Shelftic
Local Flower Mound Cake Woman Wins Millions in Cake Contest
Brad Morgan to Lead Trumps Mars Exploration Team to find Missing Children
English soccer giants Manchester United snap up Waco teen
Philadelphia Native Takes Shahada in an Arabic covered Romper
Curb Your Enthusiasm Cancelled Indefinitely
Local Teen Threatens to hunt down a 3 Jewish Student
M5 Metals Boosts Hoosier Economy
Ellis county man wanted in connection with 8 unsolved murders
Shark Spotted in the Ohio River near Augusta, Kentucky.
Wine of the future
Shalamar Wade Was Repotedly Shot
VTOL Aircoupe disappoints.
VTOL Ercoupe disappoints.
Alligator plays through at Rockwall golf course
ISIS claims responsibility for recent bull shark sightings in lake Lewisville
Godzilla Trampled New Whiteland Indiana
Local children compared to tornadoes of mischief
Bellydancer eating shark
Woman tricked by shark article is safe now.
Steven Tyler Appointed UN Peace Ambassador
Man Escapes from Shark in Lewisville Lake
Trump to resign at July 4th celebration
Troxclair's under investigation
Paramedic arrested.
Stars Wars Franchise over due to Carrie Fisher's death.
Snow is expected the second week of July for parts of North Central Texas.
Russians to prove no collusion with Trump
Briggs family under investigation
World's only VTOL Aircoupe on display at KLBX today
Geese Kill more people per year than Motor Vehicle accidents
Simply BADD Has Signed With The WWE!
Badin Lake angler gets surprise of a lifetime
Jerry Richardson to acquire Washington Redskins in landmark deal
Girl wanted for stealing in primark
McConnell Golf to sell to investment group
Carolina Panthers relocating to California
There are no sharks in lake Lewisville!
Clash royale chest calculator
Drum Corps International Is Not Nigger Friendly
Drum Corps International Board Considering the Ban of Nigger Performers
The Jokes on you!!!
Boys Wanting To Men But Just Not Mature Enough!!
Sleep Tech Receives Award for Rescuing Old Glory
Sleep Tech Receives Reward for Rescuing American Flah
Local Sperm Bank Seeks Scottish Seed
Trump Moving White House to Florida
Thackerville Public Schools closing due to Heath regulations.
Chis Evans quits in the middle of filming Avengers Infinity War
Sasquach has been ran over
David Foster is an Ass.
2017 Artist 2 Watch "DMV"
Local man wins Texas Lottery
Trump Handpicked Teachers for new board in DOE
Shocking News! He actually LOVES clowns
Artist 2 Watch
Dana Ray Wins Boston Marathon!
Carne Asada Burritos coming to Dallas
Two head d deer
Dirk to Cavs in Huge deal
Aliens in Donna Lake
Dirk to Mavs in Huge deal
Obamaboy Peezy Locked Up for 60 years for eating ass
SHOCKING - Democrat Dines in Calabasas
A Young Woman Of La Ronge Falls In Love With The Wiener Water Soup Guy Of Youtube And Pays A Professional To PhotoShop Them Together.
Dog breastfeeds baby
SWFL Man in jail after found abusing spouse for over 3 years
Two Drunk Females Arrested After Sexual Asult On A Family Taxi Driver In La Ronge
Black Prostitute's Admits All !
Kid found a shark in his bathtub!!!
Kevin Durant claims he will come back to OKC
Ancient bird found in Lewisville near lewisville highshool.
Fort Knox Sued Over Thousands of Ineffective Vasectomies
Crocodile found in the Trinity River
Rapper Obama Boy Peezy Wanted By The Police For Copyright infringement
East Texas Man Catches Possible World Record Shark
Former Ocala HS School arrested on multiple charges of grand theft
Skyla Barger Eaten by Shark
Philadelphia Woman Caught Humping Neighborhood Stray Cats
3 Super Savage Teens Kills Insane Mafias
Alligator in Coppell pool
*BREAKING NEWS* New Species Of Spider Threatens Florida
Bull Shark caught in Mississippi River in Burlington IA
Grizzly Bear seen near Scape Ore Swamp in Lee County , S.C.
Snapchat nun wanted
Not the whole CNR
Keavy Girl Wins Beachball Tournament