Posts of the day 2016-10-15

Clown spotted in Thompson tried to grab 2 children
Elmo sightings in Prince Albert,Saskatchewan,Canada
Elmo sightings in Price Albert,Saskatchewan,Canada
Clown spotted in Pinehouse lake sk
Clown spotting in James smith sk
Clown spotted in Thompson Manitoba UCN drive
Clowns located in beauval sk
First "killer" clown sighting in Prince Albert, SK
Chad ratt sightings in, Pinehouse lake,Saskatchewan
Clown sighting in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
A creepy clown spotted by 3 teens in cormorant,manitoba
Clowns spotted in La Ronge
Clown found in nikki sylvesters house
Clown spotted in Fort Frances!
Kianna marie Lachance found dead in big River first nation sk
Clown Signting in Rosthern Saskatchewan.
Spotted clown in LA ronge sk
I saw a man in the woods he never came back
Clowns spotted in Prince Albert
5 dead following a deadly shooting in Beauval sk
2 dead following a deadly shooting in Beauval sk
Little red river Cree nation, the clowns are coming????
Clown sighting in Meadow lake SK
Clown spott d on Meadow Lake SK
Clown In la loche
Clown spotted in Southend, SK
Clown spotted in Meadow Lake SK
Clown Spotted In Pelican Narrows Sk
Neil is cool
Clown spotted in Pukatawagan Manitoba
Clown spotted in Green Lake sk
Green Days Billie Joe Armstrong died in horrifying car crash
Clown sighting, Rosthern Saskatchewan
Clowns murdering people in Saskatoon
Ile a la crosse Saskatchewan
Slutty Needs A Shot Of Whiskey
Things are brighter for the chief Steve polson
Clown spotted in fisher branch, mb
Clowns spotting in James smith sk
Evil, Paranormal sightings
Clown sighting in sandy bay sk
Bank robbed
Clowns coming to reserves
Clowns in la loche sk
Police for a Man around Canoe Lake Sk
Clown Sighting Pinehouse, Lake Saskatchewan
Clown sighting Pinehouse, Lake saskachewan
Clown sightung in Pinehouse, Lake saskatchewan
Clown Spotted in Jans bay
Clowns spotted in canoe lake sk
Clown seen in ile-la-a-cross,Saskatchewan
Huntingdon Clowns
Clown in Waskaganish
It's not a joke, it's really closing
Brittany Spears has finally confessed to liking the opposite sex
Clown Spotted In Eastmain
Clown Spotting
Clowns in chisasibi
Clowns in la loche
Clown attake
Bigfoot spotted in Akulivik town
Death of Rihanna
Shellbrook sask opens DQ