Posts of the day 2016-10-25

Crusty Lip syndrome
Ronnie jackson aka scraploc has been signed to rap alot
Robbery gone bad
Grandmother Snap on During a school meeting. Nessa Carmona Snap on Principle and Teacher about her granddaughter education and needs.
Savannah man charged with forcing penus into women booty holes
Ohhhh my goddd
Cops are looking for a man in Chicago for hit and run!
Columbia SC Teen Keeps Getting His Ass Beat
Woman accused of head butting civilian
Cheese Danish Bandit
Man Wins Lottery
Bird Man
Brooklyn teen accused of stealing at local Walmart
Woman beat for being to pretty
Local man is wanted after several murders by head butting people
Medea finds new actress
Crystal Curtis
Dayton man reportedly stealing boxes on his day
Police are looking for Johnathan Leblanc for having sex with the DEA wife
Student beat teacher ass
Running Away been looking for him for 3 yrs
Scandalous delivery boy goes from hero to zero
Best mom alive
Virginia Beach woman wins big payday from Virginia Lottery
Subject timothy cats gets jawed in the hallway
Police looking for Milwaukee woman who brutally beat sons ex-wife
Tyner recap of Spirit week
Teen charged with 1st degree murder
Studies show that Cartier frames linked to optical cancer and herpes.
Young male wanted for double homicide and multiple charges
Hot News: Caesar Ruangwan was fighting with some Vietnamese Guy
Cast for Monster Inc. 3 Revealed
Local gay becomes oldest person alive.
Houston Man Walks Into Local Church In Birthday Suit
FRAUD ALERT Local wash boy isn't really a Boss
Man breaks in homes to tickle people anus!
Call of Duty fan boy says he's good at Cod?
Woman supports Donald Trump campaign
Breaking News
Booty Eater
Mcnic scared of getting fucked and chucked turns into psycho non-girlfriend
Cocaine hoe
African man Hunt
Bonnie And Clyde Couple Wanted For Stealing Diapers
Wanted for putting Mid in Backwoods
Marine charged for prostitution in Mecklenburg county park, Charlotte, N.C.
Women gets arrested for having marijuanna. But what the cops realized freaked them out.
Trill Sammy retaliates after chain gets snatched !
Jersey city man arrested for raping three teens and there mom
Young Woman Fights Off Six Clowns
Infant and Father may face Charges
!!!BREAKING NEWS !!! Vybz kartel will be freed october 31st by order of Andrew Holness
South elsmall homeless man finds £3000 diamond ring in a biffa bin
Horny Man On The Loose !
Buffalo teen caught urinating on babies
Franklin Park, IL Resident Charged with Male Escorting.
Cast of Monsters Inc. 3 Revealed
Man wanted for eating anal
Trump admits that he is in over his head
Man charged for having intercourse with fat girls then beating them up for not having cake
Suspect arrest for having no front teeth here's why
Actual Pokémon With Powers!?
Will they be stopped?
Lottery miracle
Bradford man charged for growing garden in human remains
Julia Butler WANTED.!!!!!
Wanted in suspicion of 4 deaths
2 Juvenile Delinquent's Facing 45 Years
Arrested For Beating A Cop To Death
Teen arrested on 10/24/16 for murdering the calloways
Facebook will now delete accounts of those who share misinformation
Central Falls woman charged with stealing kids candy
Jakevius Booker
Houma Man arrested for credit card theft.
New Orleans Police searching for suspect in Algiers Shooting.
Monkey wanted for rapping little kids
Man goes homeless
22 year old "Trap Queen" on the run
Royals pick up Vikings Outfielder Dallas Hopping
Teen goes to jail for "tyb" and always "dtf"
Oswego a whoop everybody ass
Major fatality
Missing Wallet found in dads pocket
Englewood man on the run for the murders of 300 Hypes and Fuck boys
Oak Grove Man Arrested For Having Crooked Glasses
Boy Found In The Woods!!
Beware the fish puss
Peanut Butter Bandit
Insane 15year old.
Eddie Caine caught red handed
Jonathan Wright offered QB position for Alabama
Omg poo pants
Women arrested
Caught sucking dick
Lady discovered she a vampire
Newark man WANTED for deadly Robbery!
Local Toledo Gas station employee cought huffin Gasoline!!!
Teen arrested on 10/24/16 for murder.
Young man found stealing underwear out peebles .
John Ringler 23 fucks minors
Sisters Trying To Understand Why Bitches Are So Pressed
Gainesville double homicide
Marine charged for prostitution in Mecklengburg county park, Charlotte, N.C.
Nashville Lottery Winner
Local nonce punches woman in viscous attack
Wake Forest Police Dept Wake Weekly
Teenage boy robbed a bank
Columbus Man gets sued by several groceries stores
Gay boy gone wild
Rap Artist in "Lake Elsinore" Arrested.
18 Year old Charged With assault and Battery after beating a bitch nigga up then fucking his bitch..with the gang
Women gets arrest
Local Couple Arrested in state park
Young adult allegedly stealing all the bitches.
Man finally caught after years of Hoeing Around
Christina Wiseman caught slobbing knob!
Wanted for stealing Groom's bride
On the loose
Woman files charges against boyfriend claiming his Penis too big and busted her guts
Front Desk Hero
Wanted in connection with a kidnapping
The New world order
Crazy redneck student
Has Cory dai come out ?
Jayden Hernandez, again?
Student having sex with 9 girls in the restroom at school!
Sneaky Russian
21 Year Old Former Worker At Popcorn Factory
Stealing candy from babies
Maywood woman ran off with box of chicken
Clowns said to be roaming through high schools
Billboard producer Jay Henchman inks deal.
Upcoming Decatur Al, Super Star Held under Investigation of Biting Babies
Tori Was Being Da Badest
Lost the lottery
Ugly ass hoe
Mississippi Man of with Ties to African Royalty
27 year old female Cassie Moore was arrested friday october 21 for a charge of stalking and disorderly conduct
Teen chrged with tresspassing and possesion of illeage substances.
Transgender Basketball Player At RMHS
Woman arrested for using fraudulent credit cards in Bloomingdales
Trenton Ervin and cocks.
Widefield high school student 'jalena McClain 'robs McDonalds of all their chicken nuggets
Crackhead shot near walgreens
Dead Beat Dad
Linda the senior
Young man was caught masterbatein In a public restroom at convention center
Local Memphis man wanted for aggravated assault with deadly feet
Baby Receives Reverse Michael Jackson Surgery
Wanted for being leader of medford street gang
Guy gets caught taking pictures in public
Election hoax
Man beat by his gf for cheating
Widefield high school student robs McDonalds of all their chicken nuggets
In police custody for being most hated
Papa's Coney Island CAUGHT making ranch with Donkey Semen!
18 year old suspect of a weapon
26 year old chaquanta Williams caught giving drugs to minors
Wanted for sniffing ass
Man's kills the dog,for chewing up his public aid card
Sisters Trying To Understand Why Bitches Are So Mad
Junk of the times.
Breaking News
Chicago Woman Wanted for Theft
Looking for poacher!
Springfield High student William Conley III arrested for public indecency
South elsmall homeless man finds £3000 diamond ring in a boff bin
Kid gets beaten at CSGO; Kills himself
Readings Top FuckBoy
Man kills duck with sandwich
Call 911 immediately if u see this guy
Boy wannted for trowning bed bugs
Yovani Cortez Caught Sucking Dick
Doris hehl was recently spotted in Florida
Local Boy Has Sex With Squirrel
MPD search for local resident Heather Moore continues
Timothy Muldrow
Big Hoee????
Erie Pa girl terrorizing the city
Arrested for cutting all her hair off
Sturgis michigan woman wins mega millions
Woman caught stealing coffee from multiple locations
Raynard Jenkins, Got His Clout Taken
World's biggest gimp
3 Year Old Of College Station,AR Reported Missing
McRib returns to Huntsville beginning on Nov 1.
Walterboro, SC.
Salisbury teen burning????????
Man in critical condition after riding a metal dildo for too long!
Domestic love triangle leaves one woman fatally shot; Suspect at large.
Young soccer player dies from jacking off everyday!!
Hayley Allen caught in fruity sex act
Getting played by these unloyal ass niggas
Dick Gobbler on the lose on VSU Campus
Upstate entrepreneur makes millions in one day.
Local Portsmouth Teen wanted for counts of larceny.
Galesburg man leader of prostitution ring
This boy had spred aids all of wales
A miracle on Throop Street.
Guy arrested for having sex with ssbbw
Man wanted for blaze catching richy lee
Local Pothead Caught Pinching
Man arrested for having a huge dick
Man wins million dollar lawsuit against the city of New Orleans in excessive force case
Gay "GD" caught sucking dick
Ryan Kellett Had Sex With a Rabbit
Rust College Student commits murder at ShortStop
Man arrested over love triangle
Gary Woman Playing Games!
Two friends jumped this girl today if u saw wat happen call 9-11
20 year old becomes the next big thing!
Woman stabs boyfriend with a color pencil
Wanted for being ugly
Illinois begger sues ice cube because she claims to be the original Felicia
School Canceled For Teachers Meeting Tomorrow
Man gives woman aids after sex
Wilmington Police Department searching for white man accused of murder.
Piedmont City boy arrested for egging someones house
Yovani Cortez found sucking dick behind East Leyden
Jordan Chan wanted for excessive lies
Calves Gone Missing
Ray Goodwill
He's running from NASA
High speed chase and drug charge
Angry teen makes death threats towards boyfriend
Joshua Leary
Ramata has 5yrs no bail . bcux she cant stop beating bitches up
Middle Schooler In Car Wreck
Clown found in Kingsburg, CA
Gabor AKA Triple G
Soldier denied her dd
Duval county student is arrested for assaulting a few Bitchs
Licking Butt cracks
Audrianna Denise Smith
Warrant out for Galesburg Man forChristmas lights in October
Oswego Gym Members possibly banned from flexing in the mirror
Local Woman Arrested for Disturbing the Peace
Man arrested at subway
Kid from sturgis gets shot
Niles man Caught with 100 kilos of weed
Local superstar had been charged wit Assault and Battery
Arrested for sucking dick at the vest grocery on 10/23
Breaking news
Black Male wanted for evasion
22yr RAPPER "Quendell Owens" ALSO KNOWN AS "50Shot Queski" WANTED FOR 3 COUNTS OF MURDER
Teen wishes her bestfriend Happy birthday
Teen Gets Surgery For Massive Head
Women gets ran over in a range by her own mother
African Amafrican caught stealing beer out of cuz corner
Kid gets sued by his dad
Two young boys in aberbargoed with green laser pens
Man caught stealing bitches out the Toledo zoo
Police are searching for this young girl
Newark women Wanted in connection with chicken shack robbery
Jail Escape !
Local high school student killed by Donald Trump himself
Lincoln is too much
JSU has announced that KC and JO JO will replace rappers Twin chainz and Weezing and Coughing
Kyler Hickman and Marissa Brooks are wanted
Slidell Woman Wanted For 1st Degree Attempted Murder
Jayleen cucuta missing
Man caught cheating with two men
23 year old is now in custody for murder Las Vegas strip
Rajas makes kid fly to his death after eating rajas 'pigeon' chicken
Local Rap Artist Wanted For Conspiracy To Commit Murder
Hairdresser kills husband for selling hoes T-shirts on a discount!!!!
MODY WANTED !!!!!!!!!!
Fake blood west student Eric Arias
Daja Pitts Big Black self
Teen Wanted For Fatal shooting in Detroit Westside
Derrick Woods is wanted for his arrest
Gramercy La teenager was involved in a shootout
Cereal Killer on the run in Terrebonne Parish.
Died from a marijuana overdose
Have you seen this dangerous drug dealer?
Man arrested for allegedly slapping family member with a steal frying pan knocking her unconscious
Hillary Clinton Hospitalized
Mississippi man arrested for impersonating a fitter
Kid charged with possession of fat porn
Teenager from Donald South Carolina dies in a car crash
Anya faithfull Graham gone for a swim?
Beware of this young lady
Nathan gets arrested
Police are looking for this car after a chase!
Fall River man wanted for harassing people
Outstanding Warrant for Dyron Duffeys Arrest...
Cheorkee is pissed
Yovani Cortez caught sucking dick behind East Leyden
Rogers on trial for double murder of two turtles
Priscilla Diaz is a princess
Teen Gets Arrested For Drag Racing
MotoGpNews: Valentino Rossi almost near death after fall
University City Man Caught Stealing Tampons And Condoms At Walgreens
Father of two killed when mistaken for deer
Upcoming rapper Little Lyssa spotted in Grand Rapids
Teen wanted for being too pretty
The sexiest person on earth
WBAL-Baltimore Maryland teen arrested for throwing cats at people
Dominican Man Arrested in La Vega After Being Caught with 93lbs of Platanos
Sydney Reed has been arrested for smoking marijuana
*hits blunt
Girard Middle School lockdown do to shooting.
Smelling like butt and shit
Coventry Rams Varsity Cheer
King Lil G In Milwaukee
First Row Cases? How about Will face a case?
On yo day off
Mother Gone Mad
Dulac man wanted
Cops arrest clown and find three body's in his house and let him off free
Waco man accused of murder
Shityyy breath!!!
She has been accused of bullying a girl because of her race
Bever Brothers cause mayhem!
Local millionaire missing
Atlantic city man arrested after attemp to sell pierced cats
Bhs student gets arrested at the end of the school day
Orion Found Stankin !
St.Monica's listen up!
Teen Break Little League Football Rushing And Passing Yards
A Trump supporter deficate in the sink
Mötley Crüe Confirm Coastal Carolina Student as New Frontman-- Set to Tour February 2017
Vols demand recognition
Beaumont teen dies in car accident.
Christin Miller wanted for multiple DUI's.
A local piqua girl was caught riding dick with out knee pads.
Young african American caught stealing bear out of cuz Corner
Featherstone girl admits eating partners poo as daily routine
Michigan State offers New Jersey's 1 Freshman Julian McGowan
Ugly ass faggot
Breaking News!!! Breaking News!! Fugitive on the run for felonies!
Teenager from Due West South Carolina dies in a car crash Monday night
Gabor AKA triple G
Judge Seeber Bridge over Industrial Canal closed due to local naked man, Rodney J Landry jumping over side.
Being home and in the car
Internet Pornstar Wanted For Questioning !!!!
Stabbing boyfriend in penis
KeShawn Gray arrested after a disturbance call.
Zully Throws top for a sawbuck
29, Houstonain woman arrested for telling officer Knuck if you buck.
Gianna Hienson
Leon Davis charged with murder
SMC College Student Becomes Amish
Francisco esparza enormous head
Millionaire Mom's Children Are Richer Than She Is!
Ringler might catch a CSC
Worker Loses His Job, After Recently Getting Promoted
Boy Goes Too Fast In Minivan
Isis Leader
Young man arrested for playing with his lil brother butt what's gone on now
Tupelo, MS Erin Bounds arrested and charged with Carless Driving and Aggravated Assault
Jissel Angie Monroe is being charged for fraud
21 Year Old Woman
Hally sentence to 90 years in prison
Ma wanted for stealing to many dudes hoes
St. Martinville man arrested for driving his car into the police department
Man killed in robbery in north st.louis
Ross Bjork announces self imposing one year bowl ban for University of Mississippi football program!
Man on the run for over 300 murders of hypes that owes him money
Illinois Lottery Winner!!!! Chicago women wins 1.7 million dollars playing little lotto.
Smelling like butt
A young teen was jumped for having intercourse with peoples girlfriends
Bowsher crack addict.
My team
Man makes lesbian couple to use his manuer as lipstick then makes them tongue kiss each other.
Dayton Man Arrested After Sexual Acts With House Cat
Woman wins $150,000 at North Houston Gas Station
Local Brier creek woman caught pooping in public
Allentown man tries to smuggle children..
Local potato escaped from got potato factory
Bloomington man fucks to many main bitches
Deadly Car Crash Collision
Female arrested for shooting a boy in his mouth
Connecticut Man Found Scaring People before Halloween arrested.
Galesburg high school student wanted
Rat alert ????????????
Suspect at large
Pre teen arrested for shooting ex boyfriend and burning his house
Man Choked out Ex-girlfriend at Homecoming after he see the ugly new boyfriend
Joseph R. Deweese wanted grand theft auto....
Va Beach man on the run for constant abuse in NBA 2K 17
Texas Most Wanted
Selma residents wanted for illegal possession
Student caught taking anabolic steroids in boys locker room.
Local Portsmouth Teen wanted for suspicion of garbage fires.
To teens excused of killing an officer
Missing Boy
Illegal immigrant fight club.
Lost dog!!
Man beats old man
This girl fucks her way through a little town called barnsley
Chicago teen sells socks, towels and body wash and gets robbed
Plug Robbed
18 Yr Old Girl Arrested for having to many kids
To teebs excused of killing an officer
7th grade Point guard Nathan minger
East orange women wanted for holding up a chicken shack in newark today
Two arrested for shooting death of 21-year-old in Bradenton
Man facing 75 years in Madden Jail for 10 counts of Madden Fraud and keeping other people names in his mouth.
Man wins big on scratch off!
The biggest rat on facebook
Samantha the guy jumper
Mario Olvera Chicago resident Wanted
Man Wanted For stolen fake jewelry in havin sex wit trans for cash
Evo killer, dangerous guy with Rsx Type-S
Houma woman arrested for scaring people at local haunted house
From Rags To Riches
Bronx teen Noel Flores does flaka drug
19 year old give no fucks
Lady was just arrested for beating kids with WII remote (sad)
Second Degree Murder
The Spray Thief
Man from Malvern Arkansas Signs Multi-million Dollar deal with Cash Money Records
Dominican Man Arrested in La Vega When Caught With Pounds of Platanos
WWE releases referee
Houma Man is wanted on multiple charges
Thot Joliet
Kid get caught jacking off to fat people porn
Hamilton Oh Teen charged for Attempted Murder F2
19 Year Old Convicted of Investment Fraud
Sturgis, Michigans best 14-15 league girls bowling champion
Trump is on the lead
Boy can never be faithful
Domestic Violence/Attempt Murder On Babymothers Pussy
Student goes to jali for eating everybody hotpockets
Former Jimtown student gets raped by his 56-year-old uncle Bo.
Justice brewer wanted for rape
20 Year old man from Leeds sentenced to 6 year
Wisconsin man WANTED for questioning
Back page women arrested for prustition
Suspect Wanted For Popping Pussy On Corners
Teen finessing on youtube
Lottery jackpot winner
WANTED: For Being A Dirty, Filthy, ?
Local man arrested for dressing up as a pony..
Woman Arrested For Homicide
Indiana Teacher heads to Broadway
Rondo numba nine wanted for murder
Capital murder
Mpls man charged with 40 counts of theft
Yureika got played by a fuck dude
Rapper Blahzay Roze raped, killed and decapitated
Rapes principle for no reason
Peeps Marshmallow Bandit Identified as Monika Jones
Amber Alert
Ballers in cullman
Ilena perez is a famous youtuber!?
Milwaukee woman goes to jail for a very long time
Teen Arrested For Laundering Money
These guys are awesome !!!! Check out this blog
Mötley Crüe Confirms Coastal Carolina Student as New Frontman-- Set to Tour in February 2017
Grand Theft
Newport boy wanted by the police
Wanted !!
Bronx man Noel betancourt does flaka drug
Murder chatge
WPXI Reports Transgender Girl On The Run
Man wanted for spreading Ebola and West Nile Virus
Zully Martinez gets caught doing dicks
Flush your poop before you're next
Guy gives another guy a reach around
Local caught stealing church bibles
Young Light Skin Woman Wanted! Seek Page For Details.
Rickala Catrice Barrow , 13 , Of Troy gets raped
Woman on the loose portraying Beanie Siegel's Sister
Boy Teen Was Killed
Phillip Odell Cobb, 45 of Taft Tennessee. Charges : foreign objects in his ass resembling our Nation's flag
Fatboy wanted for Stealing snacks
Daniel carter
Major breaking new
Darren Mowery marries asian midget in protest of Glenn's untimely demise
Dominican Man Arrested in La Vega
Turtle race ONLY!!!
Arrested for stealing wigs
Aron rodgers found at male strip club
Deadly shooting 1 victim left dead
Man Changed With Indecent Exposure In Newark NJ
Man Wanted For fake Jewelry in fuckin trans for cash
Alabama boy charged in Sylacauga
Steven James Serio Winner of this Ferrari! Donated by Tony Hawk picked out of a random online drawing! Congrats!
Houston Man Wanted For Questioning
Breaking News!! Meridian indicted Felony drug and gun charges
F.I.P j-5 Better known as MILO
Leaving a nut stain on the floor
Man goes to jail for hacking Whitehouse
Zoo Outbreak
Joseluis gaona jr
Guy gives another guy reach around
Edgar ortiz grows an inch finally
Boy gos down for taking clown joke to far
Diego Rios dies in car accident
Warrant out for her arrest for thief
Mid-West rapper "Otis Isaacs" is sick of new mainstream hip hop
BoyFriend & GirlFriend Arrested For Being The Cutest Couple????????????.
Man nearly dies from a Hennessy Bottle in his rectum.
Donald Trump is on the lead
Crazy ohio woman....
Big ben
23 Year Old Male Has Hit The Jackpot
Lost Minnesota Teen Found in NH
Woman gets arrested in Newport News
Teenager wanted for false identification.
Seen out side asda putting a sausage where the sun don't shine
Houston Man Wanted For Questionning
Selma Advanced To Playoffs , Beats Hoover 63-0
Fattdaddy Ugly Ass
Two local men first in parish to get married.
Cherry 12s releasing this weekend!
Has crossed over 500,000 worth of cocaine into the us from Cuba
Decatur police looking for woman accused of being awful mother.
Armed And Dangerous
Microphone Murderer
Florida man finds buried treasure in backyard
"Galesburg high school student" WANTED
Alabam boy charged in Sylacauga
Was shot hours ago outside a Nike shop
Brandon Seunggi Kim to be nominated as "Person with smallest eyes in the world"
Johnson city new york man goes wild
Jersey city teen wanted for killing 12 clowns in one night
Pawtucket teen arrested in possession of an illegal weapon
Obama will make Hilary Clinton president by executive order
Arson Attack on Car
David bush WANTED in York country
Hot Springs Granny Arrested in Mafia Hitman Case
Man wanted for giving random people hugs
Woman Kills Suger Daddy For Giving Her Worms
DesignerKidFinesse Get Signed to Warner Bros. Studios!!!!
Boy Accused of Running to much Nitrous
Gay nigga
Aurora Man Becomes Canadian
2 minors of yankton sd went missing
Young teen gets beat up for having intercourse with peoples girlfriends
Dead Just After Crawfish Brawl
Wanted for "Dirty Fingers"
Young Woman Fights Off A Gang Of Clowns
Man Wanted For Stolen Chains In Grill From Local beauty supply store in havin sex wit trans for jewl's
Darius Bomb Out Ass
Mother of 4 Arrested for beating the hell out of minors and their parents
(RECALL NOTICE) Are you really protected?
Davenport man wanted for underwear theft
20 Yr Old Black Female Arrested On Prostitution Charges
Local police need your help of finding Billy Brownlee is currently getting charged for attending 6th grade Homecoming school
DesignerKidFinesse Get Signed 2 Warner Bros.
Man 25 years for 10 counts of Madden Fraud and keeping other people names in his mouth.
Coon Rapids police chase 10-25-16.
Donald Trump arrested?
Jazzy Sensations this Friday and Saturday Kenny aka BGCASHVILLEKING birthday bash be there.
Krystal Compton
These guys are awesome
West side gang banger and 2 year old Chiraq super savage pimp arrested
Chicago Man wanted for robbing dentist
Up and coming new New Orleans Sissy bounce rapper Sissy C off LD takes Houston by storm
Ricer alert
Searching for suspect involved in stabbing
Local man sucks mad dick
Woman looses it in grocery store
Father of two killed after hunter fires rifle think he's a deer
Donald Trump announces he is dropping out of the presidential election
Dayton Teen Arrested For 1st Degree Murder Grand Theft Auto And Felonious Assault
Belmont Man Arrested With Absurd Charges
Local man, 37, accused of spying on naked men
Saginaw news
Drew cox found dead
Baby Sealion
Jissel Angie Lopez is being charged for fraud
Local Pawtucket man catches anaconda wit nails
Man who works at Rotherham call centre gets call up to Englands pouting team
Boy Gets Caught Jacking off To Cartoon porn & Gets 5 Years In Prison
Homo Savage
Fake ass blood Eric arias
WPD needs your help, Teen accused of "Catching ops lacking" WANTED
Mikayil Garrett Arrested For Stabing A Ex
Serial Panty stealer charged with theft of approximately 100 pairs of underwear with intent to sniff!
Man nearly dies from trying to conceal a Hennessy Bottle in his rectum.
Buttt Budies for life????????????
Enjoying putting sausage up where the sun don't shine
Arrested After Wearing Bride Maids Dress.
Kûrisü thë grêat
Chicago man charged for almost going blind
Atlantic City man Rodrigo Villavicencio was arrested for selling dirt to high school students.
Nation-Wide known decease Gorilla's spirit haunts local school
Teenager gets shot!
Buffalo Sex Offender
Young Music Producer Gets Signed To Def Jam Records
CONFIRM:Obama will make Hilary president by executive order
Is The pussy Really fat??
36 yr old fatal hit and run
Crippled marriage legal
Wanted for having Too Much Sauce
Dan b tumour growing: WW3 possible
Just stating some facts, come read it.
Lionel Messi notice a forwarder in KC.
Wanted in connection with serious dogging offences
Reading high famous whore
Jaydee & Mexico
North Ward man wanted for sliding in too many dm's
The menace to society on our wanted list was found in Charlotte
Worlds best friend yessenia has broken the record of cuteness
Man from Ohio creates zombie, and unleashed it
Timmy's new Bunkie
Young man get caught stealing food out a trash can
A girls dream
Dover girl arrested for being so ratchet in public
You'll never know her struggle till u read her story
Harambe secretly comes to local Buffalo highschool to say hi
William Baldwin steals land, then headdress.
Local Indiana Rapper
Wanted in connection off fraud
Newark man wanted for murder
19 year old girl killed in a one car accident on I-71
Man with skinny leg wanted for questioning
Man High off Molly Fights off half Norridge Police department with 9 in dildo
Jessica Jones got arrested for prostitution
Eliminated from facebook for being to graphic!
Michael Scott
Teenager Flexing On Broke Boys, Causes them to get hurt. (Read More)
Man was arrested for going facebook live to many damn times
Jake Arrieta Doppelgänger
Tyree Branning is wanted for his arrest
Naperville man caught in sting pleads guilty to buying plus-sized hookers
Female Arrested For Stealing Wigs Out Of A National City Beauty Supply
Teens back at it again
If any one see this ghs student call GDP
Alicia Morales is the second prostitute being charged
Girl kills her nigga over pic ????
Local Dayton Boy wanted
The BaldHeaded Crow
Local teen raped and murdered 4 black children and not charged
Tiger On the Run-- Ross Township, PA
Warrant Out For Sydney Oakes
Willaim Baldwin steals land, then headdress.
Serving 40 Years
Woman accused of slapping other Woman
Teen roasted to death
Local Woman Whoops Friend's Ass!
22 year old arrested for using Grand Theft Auto tactics on real people.
Man was arrested for going facebook live too many damn times
Missing Girl
Teen charged for Ex's Murder
Female Arrested For Stealing Wigs Out Of National City Beauty Supply O
Man riding around Lubbock with no wheels
Man on molly fights off half the norridge police department with 9 in dildo
Rare species
Baltimore City WantedWednesday
Ramanda evans found 15,000
Teen raped to death
The 18 Year Old "MHS" Pervert
Local Dayton Boy Wanted.
Biggest Skank in Rhode Island
Heart stealer ... and adding an big ass dog to our family
Claims she has haters cause shes a "bad bitch" ????
The Hottest Producer In New Orleans
Toddler Charged With Shoplifting a Denim Dress
State Police is currently looking for Demarcus mosby he is currently being charged with non complete of his homework assignments
He is insane somebody help him
Hoe on the loose
Atlanta girl arrested for harassing "white bois"
Tullahoma Man Wanted for DUI and Hit-and-run
Mcdonalds Worker Jumped By Burger King Employees After Putting Claims "On His Set"
WPD needs your help Teenfin accused of "Catching ops lacking"
Kourtney van dyne was caught stealing kittens from Sam Jackson
19 year old Eminem fan gives him head.
30 year old man missing for playing with womens emotions!!
Teens make bad decisions
Prettiest girl in rowan county
Natchez Man Arrested
Woman sought in connection with husbands murder
Cherryville High School Gang Fight At Skate park!!
Man wanted after neighborhood flipper reported a foul smell coming from his private area
Biggest whore
Donald Trump, 70, Died during press conference.
Teenager Steals a Horse
Clover woman cited for giving her kids father a blow job at Walmart in lake wylie
Woman with alzheimer's wanted for assault
Jay Sangster
Caught eating p*ssy behind Wendy's Joint!
Teenager Flexing On Broke Boys, Causing them to be hurt (Read More)
Kalamazoo man behind bars after horrific discovery
Saginaw teen arrested for slapping the lunch lady at the high for giving him a tea spoon of meat and cheese
Kyle Anderson Wins 50K Off Lottery Scratch Off North Carolina News......!
Female wanted for murder
19-year old has found the formula to gain you 20 plus bitches
Local East Aurora student arrested for having a sexual intercourse with lunch lady for " an extra fry "
Breaking News Young Mother Robs Bank Worth Of 1000,0000.
Not only did she snatch his soul?? She took his entire dick with her????
Man goes crazy over girlfriend in Johnson city new york
Breaking new fat bitch on loose
Buffalo Sex Offernder
Man Wanted For Indecent Exposure
Young man known as big josh was put in custody tuesday morning for breaking in a house to eat some ass Monday morning
Facebook jokester arrest
Teens on the run
Caught getting her toes sucked by a ten year old
Deshayla keairra dead Oct 25,2016
Emily marsden
Amber Mead Busted in Prostitution Sting
Male arrested for hoeing
Hanna Wilson
Pancho Sanchez detained after sh*tty incident
Local Chattanooga man arrest for knocking white girl into seizure
Young man was arrested Today for going facebook live to many damn times
Killed a 45 year old lady
Teen goes to prison for talking that shit
Do dog filters make you gay?
Young Male Shot And Killed
Local Louisiana Dispute
A Local Baltimore Man Wanted for 11 Counts of Assault
Recall on iPhone 6s rose gold
Swansea student Felix tuff caught banging his friends Ex..... again.
Mötley Crüe Confirm Coastal Carolina Student as New Frontman-- Set to Tour in February 2017
New Haven artist Diamond Noelle makes headlines. Rapper Curren$y wants to SIGN HER!
Man caught tugging a clown off in Markham park
Woman needs to be found for excessive amount of tickets.
Woman arrested for "bitch slapping husband"
Unmasked Murderer
Leah Hanson to be took to court on trail of pushing 98 year old man down hill to suck his penis
Angle the hoe
Black man arrested for being black on a Tuesday night
Teen wanted for First Degree Murder
Is being prosecuted for false pretense
Laporte Co. Woman wanted for Escape, Carjacking and 8 counts of Assault with intent to do great bodily harm
He caught a body!
3 Simmons Middle School students on the wrong to fame.
Young man get bitch by a 6 year old boy
Recall om iPhone 6s rose gold
Man charged with kidnapping ducks from kwanis lake
Two teen excused of killing an officer
21 Bradenton man was found dead at his job site
End of world
Luis builds underground tunnels
Jordan jones local black male got caught stealing big mac's from McDonald's
These Hoes Out here ain't going 2 say No names lbvs
Suburban Teen Arrested for Fight
Teenage Freshman Accused For being Guilty of Weed and Being a Weed Partner
Ben Hill Co. Woman puts child's father side chick on blast!!!!
Clowns located in Winchester Indiana
Local Italian Breaks Meatball Record
Lil Boosie says he wants to sign PBM POOT
Hungry Beaver Bandit
Mother of 2, arrested for chopping multiple men's penis off
Tiger On the Run-- New Port News, VA
2 Teens Raped|Photo Moments Before It Occurred
Female wanted for aggravated assault
3rd nipple
Wanted in 10 states
Bike seat sniffing gone too far
Three boys shot 2 boys in the head in north view heights
Baltimore, MD women arrested after shooting mans penis
High School Basketball star leads the way for the class of 2018.
Police are on the hunt for Newport Boy
St martinville man arrested driving car into police department
Gage M. Hayes, 15, facing Grand Theft Auto charges.
Crystal Mattson Arrested this afternoon for catching all the animals in the Quartz Hill area
2 Salisbury Brothers Ran Off The Plug Twice Are Gunned Down
CEO Michael Agboola, first 21st Century Billionaire
Harig arrested within 5 minutes of stepping back into Buffalo
African American caught skiping
Child Abuser Behind Bars
Shocking News
Clown sighting in Rushville, NE
Teen Break Little League Rushing And Passing Yards
Man stole my money
Murder crazy
Wanted for a shooting kenmore
Graham girl suspected of..
Girl gets arrested for "running off on the plug twice".
New Orleans Car Wash Owner
Biggest scum in ri
Local Alexandria gets model deal with Norstrom's
High School Student Being Charged for Fraud
Higgins High Senior Basketball Player Wanted for stealing surrounding area superstars talent
Harrassing animal found at GORTON primary schools !!!
Mikayil Garret was arrested for Tazing A Fuck Nigga
Boy Accused of Running to much nitrous to his motor.
Local Missouri City Rapper Jailed for Back Pay
Frank Boyd Arrested
Mariah Figueroa gets seriously injured
Wauwatosa man arrested for sexually weirdness during intercourse and for leaving vaginal frost flakes
15 year-old boy charged 60 years of jail
Man wanted for stealing ladies shirts
Wichita teen Caught munching on Buttholes.
Brooklyn girl Murdered after Being stalked 2 years
Beat a bitch ass for stalking her page
Superhero passes on his shit to duckzell
North Carolina man sex change to a pretty woman
Tittie boy swagg ayee!!
Marian Figueroa gets seriously injured
Searching for subject involved in stabbing
Grandmother Snap on Principle and Teacher, During a meeting with the school Principal abd Teacher Nessa Carmona snap abouth her granddaughter education and needs, we. are still investigating on what exactly happened.
A unknown young Black male that attends Barbour Co. High gets shot
Nicole Jones ,mother of three, arrested for attempted store robbery.
Donald trump admits he's racist!!?
Luis makes underground tunnel
Two teens go to jail for jaying girl
Jennifer Jurado
Erie Teens D1 baseball dreams coming true?
Man And Woman Wanted In Connection With Bad Breath
Drunken duo caught fornicating in alley
New Bedford mass
Dayton teen arrested for drug possession and a loaded pistol in the back seat of his car
Suspect arrested Tuesday morning was later identified as Stephen A Johannsen from the saint louis area. He had been the subject of an ongoing Federal investigation.
Gateway's Sophmore Point Guard , Lamonte Farrish , Is On A Rise
Stealing food
Khalilah X arrested for breaking and entering.
High School Baskets star leads the way for class of 2018
Dildo stuck in ass causing serious injuries
Local Houma Man arrested for keeping undersize fish.
Woman found guilty of slaying husbands ex wife
Local Shreveport man found in Possession of radioactive materials and Explosive devices.
1,000,000 Dollar scratch-off winner in Severn, Maryland
Famous Pierre part drummer goes to Nashville
Tamira Hughes Is Slowly Grinding & Chasing Her Dreams !
University City Man Arrested For Stealing Tampoons And Condoms At Walgreens
Female arrested for performing sexual acts in return for a pack of Marlboro cigarettes
Man steals chicken from Popeyes
Shakopee teen arrested for theft
Man rob Walgreens for some a3 pills is on the run
Crystal stealing treats
Sexual contact with student and staff
Bum Arrested For Disturbing The Peace
How On The Loose
Jessica kaylynn arrested for hauling crack
Robber on the lose
ChrisIP Signs 4.1M$ Deal with Warner Bros.
New rapper Le Le signs 45 million dollar contract
Local 25 year old Houston woman
2 Males 18, Arrested For Murder of this rap shit
Taking too many selfies in public
Local Shreveport Teen Rapper Maserati Dee Faces Charges
Eats ass for modelo
Brandi loves Emile more
Wanted Erica Niola For Being Cristian's Weed Partner
Local Land Lord Under investigation
Owe child support money
Artist "GioTheVillan" goes viral off of single "Xan Man" getting recognition from A$AP ROCKY
Amber Alert: Missing Hooker
Help him
Frank ocean is coming to Evansville
Man caught eating ass outside of liquor Store
Stan lee found dead in new york home October 24 2016
21 year old male arrested for making hennything possible
Man gets $17 million for smoking
Ardmore, AL Woman Eludes Police After Viloent Midnight Attack
Girl cought sucking dick in bathroom
Toddler Charge With Stealing Dress Off Clothing Rack
Wanted in connection of assault
Local man caught melsting chickens
Lawndale woman wanted for making these hoes mad
LHS teen arrested for sexually assaulting guidance counselor for candy
Lud Foe Shot 6 times and dead
Man caught wanking in public
Foul language used
Hammond Woman Busted On I10
Under age girl beats her boyfriend
Teen Wanted For Carrying Illegal Weapons
Tommy Smothers
Ocala's Teen Arrested For Assault
19-year old says this would gain you 20 plus bitches
Man tackled for stealing
Sergio came out of the closet !
Milwaukee Artist Arrested for Making Trash Ass Music
Over 25 Bodies in 3 Days
Donut thiefs
A women arrest for beating her boyfriend
Man swallows whole pig.
Tennessee artist HoustonSaint in the news today
Baby comes out early for Halloween!
Local gang leader jailed
19 Year Old Caught Sucking Dick in Train Station
Valley High Student Caught Giving The Vice Principle Oral
Woman Charged In Open Murder Case
Atholton High School Freshman Jermore Kent Jr Has Raw Talent.In Is 1 of few County Stand Outs For The Class Of 2020.
Toddler Charge With Stealing Dress Off Clothing Rack
22 year old female wanted for questioning for death of Gabriel Taylor
Arrested for stealing justbieber's soul
Boyfriend Humper
Crazy Bitch
Shooting gone wrong
Local boy arrested for armed robbery
Brandon Allen
Gainesville Teen Charged with Attempted 1st Degree Murder on Officer.
Featherstone man charged with rape
Sexual contact with teacher
Teen Wanted For Stabbing Boyfriend
Toronto Police Seeking Racist
Two Allentown men found dead
Young girl in Scranton gets arrested
She was in a stolen car
St louis women charged for stealing ramen noodles and selling them for higher price
The Biggest Thots In Detroit
Carolyn Potter
Wanted for impersonting a dj
Girl cheats on bf with 5 other dudes
Wanted for questioning
New Roads Woman Arrested For Theft, Details Inside
Mom upset over school store & daughters change
Local man Michael LeBlanc Arrested for assault and battery and fleeing a scene
Slapping hoe ass niggas
Zoya Gorham body found on the side of road a little ways down from the state of Georgia.
Teen caught going psycho due to too much Spernatural
Young And Reckless
Armed Robbery
Man with big head and no neck
Man/woman sexually touches male teachers
Fucking all You Hoes
WANTED!!! This fuck boy claims his watch is gold but it was made in Japan
Charlene Chudy wins $1 BILLION in South Buffalo Lottery
New Iberia Man Wanted for child Molestation
Rockford teen in FBI custody
Lansing man arrested for operating and maintaining a mobile meth lab
Dick pic Moe
Wanted by Fulton County
3rd BN 6th MAR Lcpl Whitmore saves lives in Haiti Relief from Hurricane Matthew
Talking too many selfies at McDonald's
Watervliet women suspect in dildo robbery
Ariel finds someone who doesnt colmpletly hate her guts
World's largest peener
So Is papa a blood or what..?
Arrested For Burninq Bitches Clothes
Tested: Guarantee method to hit the lottery
Man gets caught fighting on cameras outside Room Seven Nightclub Chicago
Greenville still don't know what business is ????
$2k In Sleaze Money Seized, 27 Thots Arrested In Massive Ratchet Bust Involving Fresh Millz
Rufus the mole rat robs the porntip express
O melhor jogador de murro todos os tempos
Autozone manager prevents crazed woman from robbing store with penis
Back at it again
Murderer Still On the Loose.....
Intoxicated suspect arrested in Jackson area
Wjz news
Mizi Rizi signs with T.I grand hustle for undisclosed amount
Diamond Dies after An overdose on ....
Violet Woman Arrested for Killing older Brother
Aniya Epps meeting Rihanna
Haircut gone wrong
What has the world come to?
Sophmore Jordan "Flex" Moore waiting on his return to the field
Dumb boy
Jersey City Man Is Wanted For Being Ugly
WANTED 2,500 Reward
Aj signs future deal with the Atlanta hawks
Mike Chase is signed to GOOD Music for $5.5 Million
Caroline Elizabeth Hyler Has A Penis
Cwmbach Clown
A Student from Barbour County High School Gets Shot after getting on the bus at his mom's Job!
Theft of property
Man Arrested It After Chester Man Fucked His Bitch
A women claimed she was abducted by aliens
Napoleonville Woman Wanted For Theft
19 year old mother is on the run for robbery
Local fag confess love for stevell cavalier
Alleged gunman, pulled over and leads police on a daring chase
Alabama man dies from lack of oxygen while giving woman oral sex
Man gets killed in head on collision
Odessa man caught digging in his booty
Local Teen Wanted For Fucked Up Leave Out
Alicia looks like ASAP yams her daughter
Arrest for stealing cookies from Subway
Atholton High School Freshman Jermore Kent Jr Has Raw Talent.In Is 1 of few County Stand Outs For The Class Of 2020
Arthur Leone arrested for "being too Cuban"
Tamira Hughes Going To Jail
Hottest moms of students at cvhs
East Texas Woman caught eating feces out of baby sons diaper.
22 year old female wanted for questioning for death of Gabriel Taylor and her father Brent Taylor
Local resident Blake Creighbaum caught having intercourse with a donkey
Belton teen has been seen driving with his music too loud
WANTED 2,500 Reward
Lil Kansas Bitch Always Cheefing the blunt
Wesport man found unconscious in Kennedy Plaza yelling "Pukka"
Beware of This guy!
FUCK The Police
Watch out for that cup
Teen Girl From Pen-Y-Bryn Caught Stealing Garden Gnomes
Female wanted for eating ass like groceries
Pete Skenteris Arrested for yelling TRUMP in Steinmart
22 year old Marengo man refuses to put Harley away for the winter
Wanted for being a fuck nigga!
Local falkville hoe brakes her back in one of the many bathrooms at falkville high school
Breaking news Local rapper who goes by the name TokyoWayne from out of Louisiana has just been confirmed to be shot 12 and is in recovery
Man On The Run For Eating Bitches Up
Struck BY Ongoing traffic
This Just In
Brockton teen Ashton Belnavis Morris stabbed to death
Gah damn
Woman accused of robbing man and having him killed!
RondoNumbaNine brother started rapping.!!!
Football Scouting Report: Jake Briskey [SOPH]
8th gRader joesiah Flores sets world record for the smallest chode in the existence of mankind
Woman wins 500,000,000 lottery
Monroe man wanted on involvement in $20 million drug bust and double murder!!
Milford Teen JAILED For Stealing ET's Identity!!!
Syracuse born college Student/Rapiest ?
Mariyah Cruz
Don rich drummer
Finger biting good
Philadelphia's Most Wanted
Female With Big Forehead Found Dead in The Woods
Pender County Rapper Kills Three in Drug Deal
Washington County Jesse McQuillis was arrested for driving while intoxicated.
Caught throwing it back in ISS
Bryan man arrested for impersonating a light skin man
Drifting around 7 11 gas station
Young Woman Arrested For Stabbing Cousin When He Refused To Give Her Food Back
Man Claims To Have Slept With Over 10,000 women
RondoNumbaNine Brothers Starts Rapping!!!
2 men arrested for breaking into houses sniffingand blowing into buttholes
Local Tulsa man wanted for murder.
Man On The Run For Eating Bitches Up On Facebook
Girl takes to much dick, had to be rushed to the hospital
Americas Most Wantes
Caught Cuffing 15 Women In One Day & Stealing Link Cards.............
Local piqua girl, caught sticking her finger in people's booty hole's without their permission.
Domestic Violence/Attempt Murder
Big barney smokes blunt
Oslin brown wins best dressed at the SC State homecoming
Died eating pussy
Helen and Donald AGAIN! ! !
Spaceship crashed leaving one of their youth behind
Teenage criminal is charged with homicide
Help catelyn get her boyfriend out of jail ..
Crash Bandicoot Arrested
Gainesville Teen Charged with Attempted 1st Degree Murder on Officer
Running Awar
WARNING!! child an animal molestor running rapid around south Huntsville
Ladies if your man is from South if the Border hide his ass
Neptune Resident Is Facing Attempted Murder Chargers For Deepthroating His Girlfriend Too Long
Sophomore At Gateway High School On A Rise
Jada goes to jail for beating a hoe up
Man with 100 children
Belton teen accused of driving with his music too loud
Teenage gay boy Jayqwan is still snatching daddies
West Is filled with dumbass motherfuckers
Javier Báez says he is planning to move to Northern Suburban Waukegan after World Series
La Marque man arrested for being ugly on a Monday night
Monkey escapes "Lincoln Park Zoo"
Woman arrested for killing her husband's side bitch after she woke up to over 100 text msgs
Breaking News! Teen Sister's have a Nationwide warrant issued!
Drifting around 7 11 gas station in sweetwater
Dayton man attempts to shoot and kill victims from a vehicle
Man arrested for stealing all donald trump signs out of Milwaukee resident yards
Man Wanted For Licking Butt Holes
Warning!!Have you seen this man??
The Great Squirrel molester
Old child wins best dressed at the SC State homecoming
Sarah Rojas is charged for being a prostitute
Wanted in connection of domestic abuse
All Ohio school closed tommrow
Having sex with young girls
Man has sexual entercourse with chair
Yong girl in Scranton gets arrested for Fighting
2010 Cold Case Murder Slove NW DC
Biggest cheater of all time
A Lady In Jeanerette Wanted For Robbing The Coffee House At Gun Point For A 2 Piece Dark With Fries, & A Pecan Candy
Tiny woman breaking into homes
Cameron Martin wanted for being ugly asf
Lady charged with Choking Her Boyfriend and beating bitches up , yup!
Unidentified Creature on Game Cam.
First baby ever to rep it before he could speak it........
Yorkville man arrested for passing gas.
False claiming white bitch
Man caught having sex with dog and transgender
20 year old rapper LA Ghost Lee Sexual assault allegations on a minor
Man accused to be shrek
Rockford man WANTED for what police say he stole over 300 pair of ROBIN JEANS.
The preteen who wants everybody to hold her down click..
Breaking news! Local Chicagoan declared a saint by the vatican!
Atholton High School Freshman Jermore Kent Jr Has Raw Talent In Can Do It All At 6'0 175 Pounds.
Dearing, ga teen gets arrested
Local Anaheim Resident
Fall River man has violent altercation with local buisness owner.
Titus the tittie tickler
It is the end
Yorkville man arresting for passing gas.
Hammond Man Wanted By Tangipahoa Sherrif Office For Slanging To Much Dick
Destiny hardenbrook a woe
Corpus Christi toddler magically appears in Austin Tx to visit grandma!
Man wanted for drugging his friend and proceeding to have sexual relations
Brett Fortes Local Rapper turned Millionaire ????????
Wanted !!!!!!!
Pink Dick Ass Nigga Lil Dick Bitch
A theif
Grandmother Snap on Principle. During a meeting Nessa Carmona Snap on the Principle and Teacher. We are still investigating the issues.
Jordan Burson, South Haven High School Student Rapes Little Boy
Next Kim K could be a male.
The Votes are in and Katie is the Best Singer!
New Orleans Car Wash Owner Wanted
Slumlord Wanted in South Eastern OH
Selena Gomez died of cancer
Southaven woman charged with vehicular homicide
Zae lands record deal for 2.5 million
Richburg woman arrested for being too damn sexy!
Jordan Burson, South Haven High School Student Rapes Little Kids
Bad bitch Tee was arreseted
Pussy on run
Two men caught in dressing room having sex!!!!
Amanda Toney was arrested for going to an under age party on October 25, 2016
An angry Eritrean has managed to escape her country
Young Faggot Wanted For Slapping a Hoe
South Bend man Randall Horvath jumps off the Trump wagon onto the Hilary train!!!!!!
Dog food found in fast food
I'm the big head men
The man that slept through history being made
Nina Miramontes is on the way to becoming a young new author
Man found dead with dildo in his ass and hand on his dick watching stranger things
Murder at Colombia Park
Deanna Wilkins kills boyfriend for eatting the last roll
Crazy gangbanger loose in Lowell,Ma streets
En la mira de las autoridades por posecion de arma.
Teen pulled over for reckless driving reveals more than what meets the eye..
Girl slept with 1000 men but claims she wants to become a nun
Mizi Rizi
High school Sophomores goes crazy in small town of Hazlehurst
The women that got a ticket for picking of cans to feed her family
Taylors man wins 500k on scratch off.
Tiny woman breakinh into homes
Have you seen this missing Boy???
A North Minneapolis Man has been arrested for licking strippers booty hole at Augies Cabaret blames (Kevin Gates & E&J)
Why everyone trying to fight my friends raven??..... I mean come on look at her she's no bigger than a twig.. saddest part is they all have a problem with me but want my 90 pound friend to pull up and not me????????
Mini cooper acccident
Gaffney Men Charged For Giving Gaffney Teens That Shit
Hippopotamus and Adopted African child bully innocent girl.
Fuck this fake bitch
Young Hispanic neck raped by McLain student
Norfolk BackPage Prostitution Bust
Breaking news we have caught a deformed Mc
Guy get caught with a transgender in white marsh mall.
The man that slip through history being made
Local man discovered by authorities producing nuclear materials and creating explosive devices
BBC News
Penrhiwceiber flasher!
Evansville woman blinds the city
WANTED FOR Murder and Cannabilism Kevin Nhei A.k.A Cockmeat Kev
South Suburban Man Takes Officers to Suplex City
Teresa v Thompson
Man wanted in connection to destruction of property
Drunk driving
Jonathan Garcia was arrested the morning of October 25th for being guilty for armed robbery, it was reported he is now sentenced for 10 years in penitentiary
Lady Charged for choking boyfriend and beating bitches up
Man being arrested for "doing the wook"!!!!
Local LGBT Community Activist in sticky mess.
Local Man Arrested After Found Operating A Prostitution Ring
Man Charged Murder In Main Street Cartersville
Local woman facing multiple murder charges.
Wanted for breaking and entering
Loyalists niggas in Baltimore
Man Beats Doctor over misunderstanding
Antioch man finds a million dollars in his old Jeep
Schaumburg Teenager Caught Sexually Fondling Neighbors Dog
Mr Wright Himself
Spartanburg Teen Arrested for shoplifting.
Chicago man wanted for spreading a deadly virus
Thibodaux man spreads H.I.V. When his penis string popped
19 year old brought in for questioning
Woman arrested for attempted murder
Kevin Gates is trying to sign upcoming producer N Famous Beatz
Woman believed to be urinating in old folks gardens in the barnsley area
A young adolescent was caught Molesting Kids at shaklin park
Brian Vaughan aka Brianna Vaughan?!!!
Marysville Pilchuck's Starting Tackle Set For Oregon University
Young girl set to headline Glastonbury 2017
Aggravated Dick snatcher
Fake bitches
Just wanted a taste
Local Adams teenager accused of theft
Wanted for numerous murders and attempts
Missing Child
Alexandria police looking for Chucky and Dacia for having no Hoe's
Hide your shoe
Man or horse ?
Man kills Backpage prostitute
Chesterfield teenager molested at local park.
Girl arrested for taking back shots!!
Subject wanted for animal sex
Douglas Linville Runs For His Life When The Clowns Attacked And Taking His Butt Virginity
Galesburg police in search of man selling fake designer
Woman believed to be utinating in old folks gardens in the barnsley area
Donald trump became our president
3 males arrested October 25 on drug charges and gun charges
Baton Rouge College Student Arrested for slapping men with her ass
Breaking News 19 Year Old Found Dead
Local Man Found Operating Prostitution Ring
Wanted for stolen goods
Tb wanted for having a small dick
Young Man Gunned Down
Pico Rivera teen gets arrested after bringing gun to school to shoot up
Donald Trump threatens Hillary Clinton
Fighting midgets...
Lake Helen Man Rapes & Kills Two Teens
26 Year old Faceing life in jail!
Johnson City man accused of human trafficking
Local Teen Arrested
Kid ran from police
First Black Midget spotted in Springfield
Hueytown Teen Arrested for Being a Major Online "Try Hard"
Wanted west noble student
Young tennage girl not going to school
Wanted Teen:Breaking News
Wanted for numerous murders and credit card fraud
Schaumburg Teenager Caught Fondling Neighbors Dog
Yakima teen Alexaiver Carrazco in caught in self prostitution in exchange for Kanye west items
Local Hero fights off Alligator to save 16 Children
Allan wade wanted for being white..
Most Wanted
Catch me if u can
East Baltimore resident charged with armed robery store
Shots fired just for irritating her????!!!!sick woman
India sucking to my much dick????????
Redline Factory Team
Arrest warrant issued for Michelle Ashbaucher
Teen fired!!
Girl From Pen-Y-Bryn Caught Stealing Neighbors Garden Gnome
The lying ass nigga .
Local Greenville mother in accident
Cullman man stabbed to death
Messy plays Harvey dragons
Reading local caught giving oral sex in the back of corner store for free wraps and pastelillos
Free Jazzmen
Dead beat mom accused of leaving her daughter down stairs while being passed out on xannys
Terrion is snatching niggas girls
Man choked out lady on first date because she reportedly ordered T-Bone steak!
Local Whore Found Fucking 50 Niggas in Public on Two Notch
Meat Gobbling Cum slut arrested in local sting
Rock Island man files lawsuit against former drug dealer
A girl missing at west Salem high school
Union High School student caught eating booty in class!
Jordan Young in ucf now the youngest there is
Woman known as "corn chips" identified
Man caught jerking off in public
Man lost his mind when he couldn't place a bet
Aston Villa Set to Sign English Striker from West Bromwich Albion
Hanceville Teen Aressted
Edges Have Flew Away
Evansville woman eats half the city
Suburban man dies eating lighter
One of the prettiest girl in Easton,Pa
Tony romo promises to start.
Wanted for impersonating police officer
Biggest hoe in tulsa
Dayton Teen Arrested For Murdering Boyfriend
Student charged for being behind the Clark Soccer Team Sexual Assault on March 15, 2016
All SNAP will be down
Ronna Grace Beechler wanted for harboring a runaway
Squatch sighting in Antioch
Atholton High School Freshman Jermore Kent Jr Could Be D1 Talent By senior Year.
Basketball Star From Florence , Micah Harry Makes NBA????
Young trap nigga
Schaumburg Teen Caught Sexually Fondling Neighbors Dog.
Teen Arrested For Stickint His Thumb In Students Butt
Women up picked up cans...
Jersey City man known as Earl Broadway wanted for murder of a 24 year old mother and her 5 year old child
A Jeanerette Woman Wanted For Driving A Shitty Criminal TRUMAINE Shitty Man Jackson To Rob S&K Beauty Salon
A girl arrested for killing the game betta than a nigga
Thot on the loose
Daveon Jamal Thompson
Wild monkey on the loose trying to find YouTube Sensation Swiftor
Sophie wood wanted dead or alive
500,000 winner in Severn, Maryland
Sad lil bitch
Salisbury basketball teen is arrested for cheating on Police's daughter
Violent teen
Messy female arrested
Teen caught kissing to many niggas
Short man got caught being fucked in the ass by a dog
Music bandit
Chicago man charged for going blind too much
Deandre Huffman wanted for murder
From Roll Pride to Roll Tide
Jersey City man known as Earl Broadway wanted for murder of a 24 year old mother and her 5year old child
Women in Commercial May Lose Life Savings For Trying to save Sheep
Alexus McDowell Hospitalized
Atholton High School Freshman Jermore Kent Could Be D1 Talent By senior Year.
Local Teen saves student while chocking
Local hoe breaks back
Help Catch Trappin Gang
Urbana man caught sucking dick in Walmart
The Day Dannicia Got Her Ass Beat By Alexia
Teen wanted for multiple rapes
Schaumburg Teenager Caught Sexually Fondling Neighbors Pets Rear Areae
Young man charges with kiiling all these wanna be tuff yblock sto ass niggas that really dont be on shit but go live in talk bs for fb
FBI: Double suspicion
Local teenage girl says stfu
Fake Dyke
Teen sues restaurant after recieving "undercooked food"
Where are they now?? (TSA)
Well known artist dies in car crash
Sierra Thompson caught shitting on the school floor.
Local Male Arrested for Rape
Andrés O. Cruz-Moya Caught Bagging Hella Bitches
West Chicaglo High School Dyke Finally Hung Himself
$26 mill powerball ticket at large in Crockett Texas
Man wanted in Murfreesboro, Tn
Death at Larry's pizza
Marina Caldwell Frisby opens New Castles Newest Bakery
Man eats human Dick
Breaking News
This might be disturbing to others
Stealing track
Lodi resident found with HGH
Michael is fat now
750,000 dollar scratch-off winner in Severn, Maryland
Couple Arrested after Caught Selling Wendy's 4 for $4 meals at McDonald's "THE DOUBLE DOLLAR CHALLENGE"
With One Week Before His Wedding Man goes Binge Drinking and Steals Child's Power Wheels Cadillac
Student suspended from van horn high school for sucking cousins dick during her lunch hour
Jordan Young in ucf now the youngest there's is
Atholton High School Freshman Jermore Kent Could Be D1 Talent by His senior Year.
Arrested for killing people kids
Breaking news:east nashville man shot and killed during attempted robbery.
What happened to tomesia
East Aurora Student Gets A Signed Contract For Modeling
The shooting of kiera burrel
Austin woman who killed her ex
Auto theft
Chicago local rapper lil magik signed with Def Jam
Local Man Caught Prostituting himself, AGAIN
Hueytown Teen arrested for being '2k God'
Megan potts
Wlimington's Famous Facebook Thug arrested
Local Males Caught Pleasing Each other Behind Taco Bell
Man Wanted
Teen Caught Sucking Dick In IHop Bathroom
Teen Gets Arrest For Sticking His Thumb Up Peoples Butt.
Kid name Terrion Owens is snatching other boys girlfriends
Young male wins million dollar lawsuit against Wal-Mart
Hoe number 2
Carson found a new girlfriend
Local hero, Supervic96 saves staplers from disaster.
Chicago Men Rapping Lil Kids
Brandon Hammett Known As TootyBandz Will Preform With Machine Gun Kelly Mgk
Skelmersdale Teenager Gone Missing
East Orange man arrested for having 5 million dollars in cash
Ezra Artwork in God of War Movie
Nathan Cabezas caught watching porn in class further investigation shows it was gay porn
Wanted Suspect
Pencil tattoos?!?
Student Blows Bathroom
Mother of 3 accused of feet /toes looking like little vieanna sausages
The bitch that could
25 year old caught stealing dildos and baby wipes
Call 1-800 lockyouup
Gay bar
The Walking Dead Is Officially Cancelled Because The Last Episode Was Too Violent
Gay broken arrow kid
Woman arrested for public intoxication
Jersey City man known as Earl Broadway wanted for the murder of a 38 year old mother and her 1 year old child
Bad boy,or ratchet boy ???
Tyrell rosser arrested for illegal firestick download
Man Claims To Have Slept With Over 50,000 Women
Local Man Found Guilty of Rape
Arianna Brown, 14, Sucks Sane Gang Mafia Group For Affialiation.
Student caught sucking dick
Ron And Donald
Jackson Woman arrested for assulting Manager at Bubba Fish and Skrimps
LR man accused of
Man Wanted In Theft
Armed and dangerous woman who killed her ex
Eating pussy
Hillsborough Resident In Serious Condition
Sierra high school student laveyl Bigby accused of shooting and robbing 67 year old woman
Have you seen this person
Christy Isenhour arrested for arson
Randleman native to sign label with Columbia Records, and tour with Florida Georgia Line, "Spring 2017"
Mom and Daughter arrested for being to pretty
Girl in Scranton arrested for fighting a teacher
Why everybody scared of local falkville girl
Local woman arrested
Sturgis Kid Becomes Millionaire Over Night
Jersey City man known as Aaron White wanted for the murder of a 38 year old mother and her 1 year old child
1 year old child Graduates college
The Most Loyal Thot
WWE signs Vancouver based referee to contract
Wanted for sexual assault on minor allegations
Raiders News
Taylors Man wins 250k on scratch off.
Big cathy
20 year old stefon brown was shot 8 times in the back and shot 5 times in his stomach in is now in ICU
Woman caught dancing in the nude to Rhianna's song work
Warrant issued for Cedar Grove man for aggravated dick snatching with intent
Old ppl destroying Facebook live
High school student charged with assault for smacking people with dildo's
Nevaeh Strickland
To Much Dick Sucking
Teen found shot dead in the middle of blanding bvld
Local pimp arrested
Hanceville Teen arrested
Chicago native woman being charged with being to real.
Birmingham women wins 300,000,000 on scratch ticket
Teen arrested for "taking everybody's bitches"
Jesus sierra was taken to the animal shelter
After Daveon Jamal Thompson
Local Gang Caught in Local Park Arrested For 5 Years For Harassing Residents
Young Rochester Teen Died This Evening
Erie Rapper Charged with performing illegal surgery on handicapped strippers in region
Local Celebrity Timmy King falls in love with Kelly McCoy
Milk Dud Mad Over Man and shit.
Woman Guilty In SugarDaddy's Murder
Local Teen Arrested
Douglas Linville Runs For His Life When The Clown Attacked And Taking His Butt Virginity
Randleman native to sign recording label with Florida Georgia Line in Spring 2017
Manhunt in Madison WI in Heroin Overdose
Decision brutal
North Knoxville Resident Arrested
Mckeinly student caught snorting Tylenol in bathroom .
Wanted in connection with failing to pay for goods
Suffolk man shoots man on site
Girl have strange obsession with Scrotums
Beware of The "ougonda"
Local man convicted of murder
Dutchman Arrested For Identity Theft
Fitzgerald Woman Arrested For Killing Hoes
The mystery of the Coffee Bean Love Triangle
Nebraska Ave business.
Wanted in connection with failing to pay for good
West Aurora
Clown sightings
15 year of arrested for fighting a 6 year old
Flipping wigs
Booty Wanted
Man Arrested for Discovering Adultrous Relationship.
Running from the police
Local chicago rapper lil magik to be signed to def jam
Help him find some bitches
Student caught getting sucking dick in bathroom
Kid has was to much sons
Erie Rapper Charged with performing illegal surgeris on handicapped strippers in region
Gwent Police searching for cannibalising teenager
Kenner Woman Arrested for beating her Baby Daddy
Maryland Man Zabe Arnold Celebrates 10 Years of Fame
Hasbrouck Heights Male Prosecuted For Failing to Make Child Support Payments
Man arrested for smoking to much mista
Man from Barnsley rapes over 30 women is sex dungeon.
White Boy Richard Stedham acussed of snorting coke off of a homeless womens tit
President of United States
Grand Forks Man Wanted
TMZ NEWS Cubs fan get lucky,
Burger king using maynoisse on a burger?
Grandmother Snap During School Meeting
Sad child
Local Rapper Accused Of Anal Assualt
"Rapper" Childish69 Dead?
Man Heartbroken ???? After His Girlfriend Left Him ..
Local rapper caught eating fat bitches asses
18-year old Teen Arrested for Smelling Ass Cheeks
Terrance Holden facing 20 to life for ticking butt holes
Person of Interest
Fayetteville Tn woman arrested after an altercation with a woman
Local high school coach arrested for punching a football player
Manhunt for Charlotte Fugitive who owed the most in child support in charlotte history
Sheffield teen being questioned after house robery
Ferrybridge man charged over sex with animals.
Eli Manning busted at Newark airport.
Police charge local rapper "Payday" in recent clown crimes throughout Mckinny
Local peter pan impersonator kills all the prostitutes
Romondo Morris is an Actor
24 Year Old Joshua Liggins Arrested For Being Ugly As Hell
The "Death" of The Southside Youngin
***warning breaking news the hungry child mulestor hippo breaks out the zoo
20 Year Old Man Arrested For Beating A Fat Bitch
Newark man brought up on charges
100 percent of west aurora are some stuck up bitches who think they can beat anybody asss
Oklahoma man finds $75,000 scratch off on the road.
Yakima teen Alexaiver Carrazco caught searching inappropriate images of Rapper Kanye West
Jasmine Rivers
PBS character says "he's with the shit's
St.john fag poses as Brooklyn gangster wanted for selling fake timbs
Local Man Name Rome Satan RU Running for Town of Denton Mayor
Tortilla man
New Disease From Eating Ass
Man Wanted For Thirst Trappin These Hoes
Newark Man Arrested For Giving Homeless Lady Head From Inside his car But she was in the Trunk
Local man is accused of being a thot
Warrant issued for Cedar Grove man
A Local Community Activist Wanted For Fraud
18 year old, Mikiah Ross, called in for questioning on the remains of her 19 year old boyfriend, Zachary Lucas.
Newark man rough up on charges
Livonia Teen Caught Getting Head in Class
Dendric Williams
Elk Lick Holler Local Caught Eating Squrriels Raw!
Bizzy For President
Señorita Muera
Man arrested for ice machine
Dominica Fields was shot once in the leg
Local adult has been scamming supporters for 10cent a day for years
Man caught giving blow jobs in gas station glory holes
Douglas Linville Is The Black Man In The KKK
BREAKING NEWS cmpd is looking for man who put this man in critical condition
Shooting at checkers
Bloom Township High School Shut Down
Local teen saves turtle
Virginia Artist Makes Headlines
Saginaw Man Wanted for Spitting Mediocre Bars And Claiming Hes The Truth.
A Jeanerette Man Spotted Shittn at Sonic Drive thru in Jeanerette
Clevelands..local artist..fed up with broke women says he's voting trump
Debuting teenage punk band gets signed
Bloom Township High School Shit Down
Trump grabes hillary Clinton by the pussy
Mom of 4 WINS $564,000,000 in The Missouri PowerbBall!!!
Leader of local clown posse
Rest in peace to this Man. He loved his wife so much that he showed up to the wedding even though he died the night before. As you can see his pale lifeless body is being supported by his wife. As you can see his body has no color pigmentation whatsoever.
Behind Monica's Children
Girl arrested for sucking dick in a basement
Small child drowns in a lake
Student caught having anal sex and liked it
Mason, Ohio convicted teen fellon
Two men accused of stealing lobster's out of tank at red lobster restaurant
The palatine HOE
Asian Look Alike Teen Caught Cooking and Selling Rats and Dogs in his Chinese Restaurant
What a flowery smell on a strain.!!!
T.d.a with intent
Belgian teen prostituted herself for 3 years 'for waffle money'
35 year old male from Chicago charge with 3rd degree murder...
Vancouver Canucks
Local Maryland Resident known as the "Micro Nigerian Prince" indicted on multiple charges of fraud and sexual assault.
This ham name Alfonso got hoed last night
Local man arrested for being a local legend
Evansville man makes nba
USA Olympic racing team
World most stupiest fry cook
Girl arrested for sacking dick in basement
Child born with a face defect
Long Head Ass Gary
Calhoun County teen crossed so bad he forgot How to play basketball
Meet Abbas.. whose head is the size of planet Jupiter!
Man faces 10years after being busted for narcotics early Tuesday morning
Woman chokes on ham bone
Sarge thinks she's hot shit
Lindal goes to Jail for CT fits
100 of west aurora are stuck up bitches who think they can beat anybody ass
Milwaukee Man Hits Powerball...
Rome man Timm Stubbs accused of robbing bank to get his girl a car
Jim Carrey Dead
School closed are - west St. John , st James , hahnville, east St. John high
Local Indianapolis man wanted In connection of running 3 different backpage escort services
Deeznuts stolen
Jeffrey Dean Morgan seen in Chichester 25/10/2016
Yo black
Local cook to be on next season of Master Chef
Gay prostitutes busted in galesburg
Girl from pennsylvania Zoie Kiger accused of eating 600 pounds of Ramen noodles.
Wayne Rouzer caught red handed
Breaking News
Adult arrested in Deadly Assault in Hopwell Virginia
Help this poor little girl
Local man passes out at buffet
Caught sucking did for a new iPhone...
Virgin rapes 5th grader
Thot Alrert !!!
Man wanted in connection to murder!
Girl Using New Drug Called "Flakka"
Two Ohio teens face Big Pink Bear murder charges.
James Martin AKA Jimmy wanted !!!!
G Lo key expected to top underground charts
Wanted for 2nd degree assault
Wilmington woman says she'll move to Spain.
Local Florence man "Wavey G" has opened South Carolina's 1st Marijuana Dispensary
Lebanon county continues search
Be on the Lookout for This women.
Fayette County man file lawsuit against Ciroc claiming it made him 5K1.
Male from Castleford dies from burgers
Dayton Ohio watch out for this girl
Sarge thinks she's hot shit.
A Western N.Y woman kidnaps ex-boyfriend cut off his penis then sexual assaulted her fiance with it
Wanted for helping baby father Hide from Police
Did she set it off???
Uber driver kidnaps rider for days
DeAngelo Harris gets signed to professional gaming organization "Optic Gaming
Man arrested for having sex with 400 LB woman an exchange for her SSI check
Gay boy has been caught being sexual with boys
Shelbyville Veteran robs 3 gas stations in one-night
Help this possum!!
Man accused of stealing lobster's out of red lobster's fish tanks
Breaking news of Tyalexis Mccullough
Man accused of showing ugly girls pictures in Norfolk,Va
18 year old in gulfport mass killing spree
2 Men Bop Into Police Custody
Peeping Tom
Man on the run after shooting at neighbor.
Police abusing power
Assault and Battery/Attempted Murder
Oklahoma man find $75,000 scratch off Oklahoma Lottery ticket.
Local Booty Bandit On Loose
Atlanta woman wanted for being petty
Wanted for breaking hearts
A student that has beat up a kid over skittles
Channel 6 six news
Kenner Woman Arrested for raping 1 year old neighbor
Best sister ever
Teen arrested for cracking on High school principal
Cleveland Woman Caught Stealing $300 of Chocolate
Port Arthur Woman Sentenced 40 years
Ethiopian downsyndrome
Ravens signing ray lewis 2 year deal
Man wanted for raping small animals
Man wanted for conspiracy and theft
Arrested for assault
Lake Street Locals Caught Smoking Weed behind the rampa
Breaking News! A Bank Robbery In Greenville, Sc
Wanted for murder
Woman caught running around with a butcher's knife in a clown costume
Sex monster
Kid poops on A stick
Strange Sketchings on Chalk Board Lead to Alien Speculations
Women goes a"wall on BITCH NIGGAS AN FUCK ASS H0ES
You can get these hands????????????
G Lo key tops underground charts again
Worlds greatest and longest churches chicken employee who never did taxes bcuz he afraid cs gon garnish everything he stands for
Local Couple Missing
Have you seen this boy?
Elk Lick Holler local eats Raw squirrels whole!
Wife kills husband because he delete her from fb
Glen Burnie Police Searching for suspect in Hit in Run
Rabbit ass hoe caught on sink
Galesburg police make a bizzar arrest
Peezy Bigg Nose ahh
Local man charged with sucking dick
Missing Teenager
Clown Spotted
Wartburg Speedways return in 2017 questionable
Alexandria resident arrested for invading public bathrooms privacy
Caught Robbing Dollor General For Soap
Arrested For Being A Booty Bandit
Justin Eagon dumps girlfriend because he loves his dog more
Michael el pescueso sucio
GR teen in custody following shooting
23 year old woman arrested
Taunton MA man does it again
YMHN takes over
Abby Martin ew????
Looking for the biggest nigga snatcher.
Shock In Gainesville
Caught by his mother sending dick pictures
Galesburg police make a weird arrest
Teenage Female Caught By FBI Sending Nudes
Wanted for giving out the best dick
Shots fired at old people
Known For Fuckin Bitches Niggas and Hers
Michael Dejuan Hudson WANTED!!!
Woman arrested
Biggest whores of ri??
Help this possum!
Man claims to be African soccer player Freddy Adu
Girl stealing snacks and get mad when she gets caught
DHS student caught giving blowjobs
Man Eater Alert
Jonathan Hawes Jr
Cheating on your significant other maybe new crime?
Broke down ugly bitch
Turning up on the whole city
Leader of KKK
Oglesby women wins big time 40 million
Teen hoe Mia Torres dies from large cock
Fort worth man indicted for being too savage according to women
Surprise pregnancy
Man caught sexually assaulting cleaning equipment
Black male arrested for murder in the oak cliff area late Monday night
Fake ass young m.a
Sticking a pencil up other kids buttholes
Buffalo Teen Caught Eating a Cat
Hartselle AL. Walmart is closing
Mr. Steal yo girl
Aaliyah Wilson the man stealer
2022 NFL Draft predictions
Milford teen wanted for going through her boyfriends phone while he was sleep. *$500k reward*
Local couple sues Jordan for his face mysteriously ending up on husbands back
Little Rock Women Wanted For Spreading H.I.V To Several Victims
Springfield teen faces up to 60 years in prison for stealing
Local Blanchester, Ohio man aressted late last night due to public indecency- Johnny Williams, 28
Cf kid false claims westend
North Carolina man arrested for "Snathching Booty Holes"!
Hit and run
Garbage can Ny Midgets
The Gay wrestling duo is back with a sextape and on the lookout stealing petroleum jelly from walmart
Unknown gang banger has been roaming the ensley streets
Ohio man hits BIG on scratch off
St. Louis Woman In Custody For Prostitution and Illegal Sale Of EBT Benefits
Hillary Clinton Above Trump
Austin Mahone reveals his crush for Betzy H
Edmondson Ave Man Snitching on his Neighborhood
No line no mind
Keisha Jones caught stealing Gucci purse from Saks Fifth Avenue
Young Ryan arrested for recruiting children for the blood gang
Disease Pizza Man
Atlanta Women sales puppies for weed money
Carbondale student missing
The most loyal girl ever
Riverside man arrested early Tuesday morning
Tyisha Green
Erie Man wanted for public drunkenness and indecent exposure
Nuclear Radiation Discovered in Massachusetts
Cullman man attacked by donkeys
Truck seen riding around Hastings trying to trick little kids to get in the truck !
Local teen earns full scholarship to Alabama football program
Rapper Ta'avaugh Tilley "Drippy T" Might Have a Baby On the Way
Jersey City man known as Aaron Simmons wanted for the murder of a 38 year old mother and her 1 year old child
Erie Man wanted public drunkenness and indecent exposure
Boy aged just 15 signs pro contract with Arsenal FC
Artist arrested for tagging graffiti on Arch
Woman arrested for lighting pet lizard on fire with her farts.
Woman breaking into homes smelling under garments
Louisiana Man Wanted In Fatal Walk-By Shooting; Armed And Dangerous
Selling dope
22 year Woman goes to jail for slapping the snot out of her baby daddy's girlfriend's nose
Disturbed meme addict sent to metal hospital to overcome chronic depression
Teenager arrested for drug deal gone wrong
Girl has to turn herself in
Fahrron Smith Grant
Rapper HeeGee Grahams, shoots & kill two armed robbers breaking into his home.
Dutch Man Accused of Identity Theft
Baltimore Police Arrest Somerset Ext Thug for sniff in his own ass
*WANTED* white fugitive on the run.
Man accused of sexual harassment during the process of selling homes to young women.
Grandmother of 5 jailed for apparently "clickin' out" on grandson.
T-Mobile arrested for assault and battery after one of his employees ate his lunch
Head in a bag
Lady gets locked up for being super sexy
Teen charged with rapeing 6 boys in the locker room
Glenn from The Walking Dead alive?
Are You My Dad ???
Booty bandit strikes again
Trump signs up for food stamps and section 8.
Lebanon Simple assault women wanted
Local Mississippi Woman Brutally Beats Boyfriend Beacuse She Was Hungry
MAN WANTED:For beating another man for trying to sell him fake jordan
Local Franklin Man Arrest for not making Co. Man some brownies
Sad day in Baltimore Police have made an arrest to partial coffee shop owner
Wanted timothy oconnor
Two Great White Sharks found swimming in Mississippi River Near Saint Louis, Missouri.
Operation" black out" on the west street gang the (black souls)
Plainfield teen wanted for sucking mad dick
Lane M. Bird arrested
Little Rock Women Wanted For Spreading H.I.VV To Several Victims
Wpxi reports A thief in the church
Gay boy has been arrested for eating gay boys duke
The woman who won 1million dollars on Fleming Street
Wanted for attempt tampering wit my zipper and aggravated assault on this dicj
Houston rapper Aliefbiggie jailed after not leavin Buffett
Silvis IL Women Aressted For Sexual Relations With Chickens
Classroom farts
Man found sleeping with underage girls
Couple arrested??
Sisters Arrested For Ganging Ex Friend
Run Away Slave
Wanted-Jayda Jackson Is getting Charged
Freshman Jonathan Martinez secretly wants to transfer to palmview
Ogre found in porterville
Trap Lord of Dane County
5 years sentence for not snitching
Teen arrested for fucking in china buffet????
The coldest female of all times
18 Year Old Teen Wins 64 Million Dollars in the Texas Lotto
Local Celebrity Timmy King falls in love with Kelly McCoy
Guy breaks up with girl because of East Norriton rumors
Camden Fairview Football Teen is in huge jeopardy...
Boy hets beat up
Return of the monster
Joliet man steals woman's heart
Highschool senior gets full ride to D1 school
Chicago Man arrested for trying to rob liquor store
Local boy get kidnapped and raped by a chicken
Student Ashanti Exposed for Cheating?
Rapper confesses about liking men
Korean teenager gets into a fight and gets critically injured FLUSHING , NY
Nate is an Emotional Ass Nigga
Man pooped on woman on street corner
Animal loose !!
Utility Worker Groped Customer in Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Teenage Reapers Revenge Worker Tells Other Haunt Work To "Drink Bleach"
Girl gets attacked by ostrich
Exclusive! What really happened in Vegas.
Thinking she has it made and it's all about her
Woman arrested for violation of probation
Wanted for stilling my heart
Young Ryan arrested for recruiting children to join the blood gang
Convicted sex offender denied parole
Eddie is nuts
Teen Shot And Killed
Stip Man
David Molina cheats on his ex
Hoe wanted for looking like Donald Trump
Local woman wanted for smuggling charges
Most beautiful girl in the world found in Dayton Ohio
Levi rigsby the drug lord
Gay boy has been arrested for eating duke on school ground
Beat a kid because they took her food
America decides to take a break from presidents
Waay 31 News Report
Jaylen Dawson Aka the human goat has escaped
Polish boy has sex with underage
Brandi Cali
Are the rumours true?
23 yr old woman arrested
WANTED MAN!!!!!????????????
Riverside Teen Arrested In Prostitution Sting, Hooker Was Getting Paid With 5$ KFC Fill Up Boxes.
All driving licences to be revoked under new eu law
Kwame jones caught smoking dick again:0 . Read the tea
Stank kid for SAN g
Jacquala Givens Knocked Her Sperm Donors Head off With a baseball Bat then ran it over
Teenage Cheyenne James Arrested For Murder
Baby talking at just 5 months
Known Sex offenderNate Swoveland arrested
Local Man Finds Out Sex Makes Babies
Student Arrested In Connection With Plot
School ditchings
Lebanon women wanted
Saginaw teen arrested at Mcdonalds
Rapper Gquezo Got Raped In Mcdonalds Bathroom
Brandon got caught sucking dick for a dab hit
Kentucky Rapper "Ratchet ROG" new video get it back projected to blow up the internet
Greensboro man Arrrested 9 charges of......
Daisy's not a hoe
Oklahoma Businessman suspected of killing the GTR tax
Alma Hoe Exposed!!
Dog gets kidnapped for ransom
Penis grabber goes free
19 Year Old Man Charged 15 Years For Assault Robbery
Lady with big booty and red hair cannot drive.
Famous in one day
Altheimer woman sought after by other women because she be too turnt and all their men be staring at her in the club
Teenager Claims to be 21 Savage son
Shooting nigs
Heather Moreno charged with murder.
Evanston Man Missing
Gang bang to death
Latoya to join the cast of Fox's Empire
DHS student caught sucking teachers dick for better grades
Black man wanted for bad hair line
RIP Amanda
Boy known for being biggest P.O.S with 3 inch penis.
Car Crash In Palatka Fl Teen Dies
Notre Dame student arrested for DUI after hit-and-run crash
Washington county man on the run
Robbery joke gone wrong!!
Bad Vagina
Green Lot's Landscape Under Investigation
Biggest noob
Haleigh Stierhoff wins big!
DHS student caught giving blowjobs
Fifteen Snakes Found in Irwin Middle School Bathroom.
Two Pageland Women charged for Setting Cars on Fire
Young teen gets hit by a car
Ohio Man hit BIG on scratch off
Teenage Reapers Revenge Worker Tells Other Haunt Workers to Drink Bleach
Daquavis collins
Bryson bridges arrested for killing 25 year old Michael Thomas
Charged for meth an having HIV
Girl Dies After Getting Stabbed In Her Chests
Biggest thots????????????
Amearica decides to take a break from presidents
Local ass dick rider
Donovan Swary
Fat nigga get locked up
Mother of 2 sexually assaults mouse at a Florida Chuck e Cheese
20 Year Old Man Arrested Beating A Fat Bitch
Local Wyandotte Student Luis Covarrubias Turns out to be a alien
Ex stripper who was arrested for eating brain cells from local hospital dies then comes back life
Maria De Los Angeles
25 year old charged with Aggravated Assualt
Mr. steal ya girl
Minor arrested for going 143 in a 45
Is kwame jones really smoking dick? Read the scope !
Brian Womack wanna be soccer star accused of stealing multiple balls in replacement of his own
2 clowns found in Springfield Ohio.
Dirty Hobo rapes 90 year old grandmother
Woman wins lottery then kills her ex boyfriend!
Teen from Selma, California commits 2 murders and plans to release a mixtape about his life
A Jeanerette,La man charged with breaking into homes,forcing women to lick their anus
Former Verizon employee fired for theft
Trump signs of for food stamps
Woman arrested for using stolen credit card to purchase unlimited Pizza and Hot wings for her Boyfriend
Fake Ass Brother
Youngchop pack
Man arrested for begging to eat female's ass
Columbus Teen Survives Hit & Run
Please help !!! Missing dog????
Girl does because of a gang bang
Shreveport Man Suffers Fatal Wounds To The Face ..
David oropez
DHS student caught giving blowjobs in restroom
Jose mendez got aids for fucking to many bitches
Haleigh Stierhoff of Thornville Ohio Wins Big
West Virginia University student believed to be handling large amounts of drugs
Chicago Man wanted for questioning for murder after a young lady accused him of killing her pussy.
Baby Snacher
Woman wins big at Ameristar Casinos
Baltimore MD teenager arrested for pissing on bookbags
Local Pharmacy Technician Arrested for Illegal Sales of Narcotics
Man wanted for vandalism
East Texas man wins $5.7million dollar settlement.
She Hates Herself
Guy dies from drinking full bottle of semen
Local Saginaw Girl Charged With 1st Degree Murder
From Holding Balls To Being a Pro
Man Takes Police High Speed Chase
Hillary admitting to lies?
Trump signs of for for food stamps
Student Has Sex With Lunch Lady For An Extra Chicken Nugget
Woman breaks her wrist cooking dinner
Jacob Etzkorn Performed Oral Sex (Rim Job) for Gram Cocaine
Dangerous Man Wanted For Murders
Jesus body thief
Ocala woman caught having illegal cock fights
Teen arested at Mc Donald's for sucking dick
Student beats up a clown DURING school hours
Two Children Killed By Clown While Walking On Ansley Dr In Mcduffie County
Missing child
25 year old charged Aggravated Assault
Exclusive story on what really happened in Vegas.
Shots reported being fired around 3pm in sheraden "One teen taking into custody today two are still on the run"
The best Garion in Town
Houma native booked for tampering with evidence
Teen girl sex tape exposed
South Bend Resident wants to go to Sleep
Ivonne Medina aka Flaca was found guilty for driving drunk without a license.
Missing Woman Found Alive
Young Woman Tired Of The Same Shit
Watch out for Head Butting bandit on the loose.
Jacob Pelayo
Bayville Women Marcella j Curtis arrested for drugs trafficking
Teenager is claims to be 21 Savage sons
Former bath man hospitalized
Large female Troll discovered living under the Bay Bridge
Rising from Marysville Pilchuck
Watch out she's taking girls boyfriends
Star Struck
Spousal Abuse
*Wanted in Gary,In
Wv man arrested for having sex with several goats
Local teenage girl gives oral sex and chokes to death!!
Lorenzo Wilson of Chicago Illinois has been arrested in Wisconsin
Teenage Girl Arrested For Fighting At School
Anthony "Sleepers" Mejia will be executed December 12th.
This girl has been arrested the walking around Birmingham smell like fish
Sally Field admits to being a Mandella Effect
Finglas girl wanted on suspicion of selling bars of hash to minors.
Norfolk man arrested for being the flyest deadbeat
Caught In The Act
Woman Arrested For Allegedly Entering The STLPD Throwing Bacon At The Police Officers
Local lakeland that has aids
Wanted: $100000 reward warning is under the Act
East Tennessean wins Powerball Jackpot
RedLake Woman Charged with Raped
Authorities Confirm Suspect Armed and Dangerous
Local man pimp slaps hoes
Cub hater
Casuelas has been missing since yesterday after school if you have seen him please let's us know
WHIO NEWS UPDATE: Local man found overdoesed on cocaine and OldEnglish malt liqour
Chicago Man arrested for trying to rob liquor store
Double Shooting
Jason Riley has the biggest nose
Nick saban goes to coach nfl Tennessee titans
Local women to be arrested for supporting isis
25 year old Worcester Man
Man wanted for Youngstown Shooting
Donald Trump responded about the fight at Sweet Georgia Brown's with black male
Local Man found Guilty of Vehicular Manslaughter
Demanding girl banned from local town after causing several bar and pub fights and violence
Eagles Are Plucked and Served
Tori Loves Trump & Hates Niggers
Houston man cuts girlfriend big toe and proceeds to eat her ass afterward
Will hollier
Local corpus Christi woman wins powerball.
Child Molestation
Mr.steal yo girl
Fat guys need love.
Cutest Girl In Providence
Son arrested for slapping mother
Singer or Singchotic?
Tasha Christell Isom Huey Dick sucking monster
The Walking Dead, Cancelled?
Local man betrayed by coworker
Local Americus Boy Accused of Theft and Public Indecency
Local Biker Saves Community One Braid At A Time
Known for Slapping taste out Bitches mouths
$250,000 dollar scratch-off winner in Annaplois, Maryland
Local man finally caught
Man charged with distribution
Man arrested for killing riverside cop
Murda Of Trump
Toe sucker
Two Pageland Women Sued for Setting Cars on Fire
2 Found stripped and nude in local Firehouse
Student at Ouachita having oral sex on a bus
Reading Student Catches AIDS
25 yr old Janesville-born man wanted for ordering Mayo on top his fries at Checkers
Hank Hill impersonator arrested for bomb threats at local strip club
Woman, 27 years old, accused of being a Cold Hearted Savage!!!
Buffalo man seeks revenge
The condom theif
Woman brakes her wrist cooking dinner
Gainesville fl teen arrested for shooting and fleeing police officer
Wanted in connection with failure to pay for fuel
Bitch wanted for sucking and fucking for a .5 blunt
Local Man found Guily of Vehicular Manslaughter
Antonio castro
West Seneca Woman gives birth to a litter of puppies with human heads
Cullman man attacked by donkeys
Teen Found Dead At SUNY; Suspect Not Yet Found
Teenage Caught Stealing From Walmart
Gang affiliation
Trips Hilary Clinton
Douchebag who thinks hes the shit
Possession Of A firearm Armed Robbery And Assault With a Deadly Weapon
Producer Smoke Ezzi working with Drake on next albulm
Syracuse man dies after sweating to death
Local Springfield Teen Caught Performing Sexual Activities To Blow Up Doll in Mens Bathroom
Connor McCarthy, Age 18 Found Dead
Fuck boy with no bitches
Adult video store robbed at gun point!
Dallas Cowboys fan pours hot grease on patriots fan
Man arrested for assault on his barber after horrible haircut
Black Teen Arrested for Selling Marijuana Near Local Police Department
Local Teenager caught a 200 lb catfish
Teen cited for UPM
Girl kills youth state record
Zannys and Trannys
Halloween Mishaps
Man accused of being the last of the realest!
Warning: Truck Slut
Efren Gomez "the child molester"
Son arrested for slappiny mother
B.Cherry runs of on the plug again
Girls wanted for Abandoning Friend
24 year old soon to be mother teanna shepherd arrested for...
8th grade girl from Toppenish Middle School found haveing sexual intercourse with a 6th grader
McDonald's is delivering !!!
Warrent Out For Arrest
Shreveport police are looking for Suspects involved in a murder of 2 males
Shandrell Andry brutally attacks a McDonald's worker for attempting to commit credit card fraud.
Gang involvement
1st Degree Murder and 1st Degree Robbery armed criminal action
Hunter Hepperly Arrested For Vandalism
Crazy Woman Cutting Random Men Penis
Woman Arrested For Putting Fake Polo Logo's On Citi Trends Clothing
Girl is the badest chick on earth
Woman gets beat for correcting Facebook friends
Plant city man holds current state record in Florida for biggest large mouth bass.
Police are on the lookout for milledgeville teen
Victor Yañez running naked
Taking niggas bitches
Bad Bad Boy
Gum picker upper
One long night and Paul Masson
Emilly Santoyo in court today
Jay Miller Aka Killa Jay suspected of east side shootings
Teenage 'Reapers Revenge' Worker Tells People Who Work At Other Haunts To "Drink bleach"
Hahahahha hell na
Freebandschuck is in custody for tryna sell the same gun he put on his friend
Man found with multiple guns and drugs surrendered to authorities after a search and seizure early Tuesday morning off of 161 old Jacksonville highway for the second time in two years
Brian pope
Caught with his pants down, Mississippi man kills trophy Buck
Man wanted for attempt robbery
Local man Chris Nauert accidently runs over a K-9 police dog
Symone Fletcher India Preston
Two Children Killed By Clown While Walking On Briar Creek In Mcduffie County
Girl, 19 charged with indecent exposure in Middleton, Leeds.
Roseland Man Makes Bootyeatting A Sport
Fat guys need lovin
Millersville Senior Wanted In Connection With Child Porn Scandal
Chezzy Tshife aged 15. Caught in bank fraud Known to many youth offenders as 'AC' !!!
Teen caught stealing tampons at local Walmart
Man tased by cops behind Wing Stop
Shandrell Andry brutally attacked a McDonald's cashier for attempting to commit credit card fraud.
Man found not guilty & released after serving 8 years for stealing 12 thousand pair of socks out f
Little boy stolen
18y/o Ewing Teen Robs 7/11 at Gunpoint.
Local man leering at teens.
Possession Of A Firearm Armed Robbery And Assault With Q Deadly Weapon
Local man arrested in Lowes parking lot for sexual misconduct.
Brian Diaz Wanted After Shooting Two Police Officers
Woman Wanted For Questioning In Connection To Early Morning Robbery In Vancouver
Man's penis explodes
Boss ass nigga award winner Dylan Rivera
Plus Size Beauty Queen Gets Chance to Host Mo'Nique's PHAT Chance Reality Show..
29yr old Man arrested for transgender sex trafficking
Woman gives oral and saves Man life
Wanted!!! For whacking off!!!
City Worker Hospitalized After Ketchup Prank
Woman arrested for being "too sad" in a public place.
24 year old female assaults 4 people at rap concert
Pablo Sandoval arrested for sucking Jose's penis
36 year old charged of sucking a ten year olds dick
Tyler is the sexiest man on earth
Bino "hitman" brown wanted for beating up lil Mikey at a barber shop on indianapolis's Westside!!!
Sox fan arrested for abduction and stealing goats
Earl Paulton i saw him on crime stoppers
Local band director arrested for Murder
Spartanburg native, hits SC lottery for $29 million
27 Year Old female charged with attempted murder on 87 Year Old woman
Hill Phoenix file charges against Lawrence bacon
Local dred head comes out of the closet
Lisa Ciavone Accused of being too darn sexy and causing traffic accidents.
Nino Browns wrist permanantly stuck in flex mode from steady trying to show a nigga that watch.
Cry me a river
5 star class of 2017 SG commits to Ohio State
Bronx native gets drafted to the Yankees
San Gorgonio High School head coach Ronnie Gueringer does good deed
This just in your salads are in danger!
District 5 Firefighter Gason Qwilt Arrested Large "Guns"
Teen behind bard
Pineville Man Gets Arrested For Theft
Wach out
Suspect caught for being to black
Teenager gets caught with 6 lbs of heroine
Pediphile ON THE RUN!!!
Wwl New Orleans news
2 woman caught in prostitution sting in houma
Keenan is obsessed with girls
Manhunt For Suspected Drug Kingpin after finding 3.1 Million dollars in cash hiding in a compartment of a Mercedes Van
Bent outta shape
46 year old women wanted for stabbing girlfriend in the eye
Goshen Man Arrested
Man kills a Detroit man after he rolled up reggies
Ouachita Parish High School student arrested
Local rapper arrested for theft of 1000 blank CDs for his mixtape
Cupid charged with shooting his arrows in the wrong hearts
Se busca a Melissa paucar por asesinar a una niña de 3 años
Man Wanted After Shooting Two Police Officers
Freaked Out Ass Hoes
Former tyrone resident charged with baby cruelity
7 Women Charged in Oak Cliff Bank Robbery
Bradenton Woman Arrested For Prostitution
Arrested for booty tickling.
Plus Size Beauty Queen Gets Chance to Host Mo'Nique's PHAT Chance Reality ShowH
Arvell "the ape" Harrison
Yelena the girl who ate the world
Retired Marine Vet arrested for indecent explosure
Local rapper arrested for having to many bodys
Man leads police on high speed chase.
Crip for real!!!!
Young boy found loving goat
Charges for speeding
Man caught talking to "these white bitches," in white nieghborhood. Class A Felony
Baltimore teen arrested in double homicde
Chicago Man Arrested on Felony Drug Charges
Gonzales PD needs your help to locate this man
Patrick Calloway
Chloe I. Bronsink caught eating ass in Holland Highs bathroom.
Man believes he's Harambe?
Woman Wanted For Questioning In Connection To Robbery
Beating in Brooklyn
Kid was found building an Indian god
Manual Gordillo Wanted
Reading High Student Catches AIDS Stay AwaybFrom Him
Nelson plays his best game of his career during Sunday's win vs the Punishers
QG Greene has been offered a scholarship to play for Duke for the 2016-2017 season. " I saw a lot of KD in him " Coach K
Freak bitch wanted after sucking the skin off meatball dick
B.Cane gets multi million dollar record deal
Local rapper accused of using "Ghost Writer"
Started on JV and ended going D1
NSU Golfer Loses To Incredibly Attractive Boyfriend
Charleston police searching for a teen santwan Stanley for armed robbery
Man accused of using baby momma to stick it in the butt ????
Monroe Man Accused Of Having Guns And Marijuana
Man arrested after body of missing girl found at reflection in Horbury
Lookout Valley Walmart gave her what?!?
Dick sucker
Akron police seek help finding 26 year old derriçk drake
Massive Search in Arizona for lunatic girl
Daniel martinez the first kid president
Arrested for punching girls
Former Dallas Cowboy Arrested for Twerking in Public
T Moon or John Lennon
Demonic ways
Local man jumps off 3rd floor because wife wanted him to move furniture, again.
Upcomin Houston rapper has sex wit over 200 women
A springfield mom gets arrested
Mother of two faces life in prison.
Local taft resident is mean to her bff
Keith urban to play at Franklin county high school
Rayville LA. transgender woman gel beat to death for not letting the man know she was a man
Kortney Sandahl arrested for stealing dildos at the lions den
Psycho girlfriend keys ex boyfriends car.
This is a dangerous man
KFC employee attacked after leaving shift
Ray J mad because Kanye's sperm actually works!
Atlanta Rapper Friday Night Charged With 1st Degree Murder For Killing These Rap Niggas
Bowler gets his Chance
Wanted for illegal butt shots
T's Fast Gas
Man eats so much BUTT that he can't eat anything else
Weimar man gets chased by clowns
Middletown man wanted for touching himself in front of kids
Young man questioned and interviewed after pleading guilty on section 54 violent act.
Logan Davies, Harry Hopewell, Ashton Coles and Kylan Humber
Police seeking wanted female
Sex Offender
MeatyMe Arrested For Making Whack Ass Music
Shandrell Andry is being charged for brutally attacking an McDonald's worker for attempting credit card fraud!
Kortney Sandhal arrested for stealing dildos at the lions den
21 year old woman goes to jail for slapping the snot out of her baby daddy's girlfriends nose
Poppa dott the knock out King
QG Greene has been offered a scholarship to play for Duke 1 player out of SC
Falls City Nebraska Juvenile arrested for bringing marijuana on School Property
On a Man hunt
West Baltimore Teen Cities 2 Trigger Puller
Breaking news
Keshawn Foggie Caught sucking White Dicks
Newport News Man Wins $10,000 From 5x's The MoneyScratch Ticket.
Seeking black male with black lexus. License plate starting with the letter "Y". Wanted for questioning on a hit and run.
Catching case and dah
The Booty Licker
Son takes a selfie of his mom(MOM ARRESTED)
Martin the Jip boy
Teenage Girl Senselessly Beats Elderly Woman
21 year old Woman hospitalized after Car Wreck
He A Lame & A Bomb
This is hopie the homeless..
Mental Health Institute Confirms Escape of RJS Patient
Disability guy finds cash and build legs to walk
Student Spotted
Deadbeat Dad
Rapper Derrick Barnes caught having sex with a under age cow
Sophmore killed today
Star Athlete is going prison.
Rapping men and beating them up
Chicago Man arrested for trying to rob liquor store
Girl runs away from home to live with boyfriend
Jaylah arrest for too many dips?
Herps in Akron
Why Is Jalynn so beautiful !
Suspect sought for deadly assault at Taco Bell
Houston Area Cross Dresser Wanted
Teen arrested for bank robbery
Chicago man looses left testicle after shooting
Local Baltimore man hits mega million
New world record for smallest penis!
Reisterstown man charged with trafficking in illegal potions detained by Police
Girl Wanted for Sexual Assault
Popa dot the knock out King
Double homicide in selma
Been on a loose for stolen change
Alien spotted. In Berkeley here in Norfolk Va
Women reports she saw a clown in her house standing over her..
Mother of two Found dead.
Erie Woman Arrested for robbing cats
Please help this man
Jaysen Russell come out od closet
Guy talks to himself and gets exposed in group chat.
Pipeliner arrested
BREAKING NEWS Seymour teen charged with farting in public
Man Wanted For Shooting Two Local Police Officers
Somalian cathing case and dah
Reisterstown man charged with trafficking in illegal potions detailed by Police
Melanie Martinez caught smoking
Wanted !!!
Delcambre Kingpin Revealed!!!
Jayden Hernandez faces 25 years in jail.
Bellevue man selling high quality marijuana and heroin
Suspect wanted
Spotted Streaking on Campus
Most Wanted for
Tony Hall wanted by police
Local Enid kid to meet JoJo the Killer Clown
Teen caught having sex with other male in Walmart
Seeking black male with black Lexus license plate starting with the letter Y. Wanted for questioning for hit and run.
Alex Garcia was spotted this Monday in odalys bed naked
Biggest cleveland hoe
Alexandra Radin caught head butting a toddler
Two Hempstead men are wanted in connection to a triple Homoside
Girl got caught a sucking too much ass
Victor from Jc charged with rape
Rumors are still going about about whether or not Norman is leaving Triple kings
This midget running naked with weave on
Andres Garcia was found licking his lips while starring down a toddler
S.c Teen wanted for sexual Assualt / Sagetory Rape
Akron police are seeking help finding murder suspect
Pasadena woman hit jackpot
Lawsuit filed by former what's Happening star
Local Knoxville Woman On FBI Most wanted List
Asbury Park Board Of Education Makes Fun Of Student For Jumping Out The Window
University of Texas hires Art Briles
Phillips county
Local Columbia Resident Arrested
AC Teen Engaged to Rapper A Boogie
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Drop Out of Race
Local Dayton man arrested on involvement in transsexual fighting ring!
Josiah hill has a small penis
18 year old charged with assault with a deadly weapon
Hillary Clinton Coming to Cyclone wv to Campaign
Hillary Clinton losing the election can not compete with Trump rallies.
Men caught fucking an "Arlett" behind dumpster on Nebraska ave
Jacob mongold on the watch
Ariana Grande moving to Woodstock area in January
Phenix City Man wanted for over 100 murders
Mr Prefect
Veronica Evans
16year old girl arrested for stealing weave
Stalker Arrested in DFW for going through underwear drawer.
Retarted Laurel Teen Doesn't Claim Brother
26 year old local rapper "ratchet rog" arrested for what he calls, quote on quote, " bullshit"
Indianapolis Women Escorted from Work for Smelly Vagina
Capias issued for Kelli Ann Kirwan for passing Std's to female inmates
Huber Man Found Naked With Family Dog
Teen fucks cousin
Woman Arrested For Dick Snatching
Lost hair prevention
Local girl has birthday tomorrow
Sterling Hgts police on the hunt for suspect involved in murder
Eric Johnson and the howard football turn around
GURB QUEEN ????????
Louisiana shooter
Kid gets kicked out for being a nigger
Local Spencer Woman Found to be Passing STDS
2016 Cubs World Series Givaway
Man caught smelling bicycle seats in park
Zombie Sightings Across Michigan Caught on Camera!
Mook Boy Signs with MMG over CMG for undisclosed amount.
Clinton man caught in the sewers
Local man accused of stealing boxes of honey buns
Talking girls out their underwear
South buffalo man arrested
Fall River man suspected in reckless driving incidents over past years.
In jail for Murder
Breaking news Jeremie breath extinct heavily toxic police were found at the scene
Donald trump to visit San Marcos TX
Stalker arrested in DFW
Local woman attacked by 6 Foot Mickey Mouse for trying to recreate a classic Disney drink
Local Man trapped in continuous time loop. Still belives it's the year 1999
Swiped No Swiping
Horn Lake Man Arrested For Being Fat as Fuck
Ohio Teens Prosecuted For Being Too Petty
Teen Found Dead At Alley Pond Park
IHOP Robbery
Pinebluff Local Rapper Quez Henderson Caught An Arrested
Asbury Park High School Principle Whoops Student For Looking Up Hitler On School Computer
Man wanted for paying women for sex
Man cought trapping out da bathroom at school
Fiancé Murdered After Inboxing Thots
A wild goat is on the loose
Nice girl shoot!!!!
Arabic Teen Dies of Meme Intoxication
Sterling Heights police looking for suspect involved in homicide
Indecent exposure
Young girl got arrested for selling weed at school.
Who is this young athlete?
Biggest slut ever
????Buffalo NY Brawl Downtown Teen Goes To Jail After Violating An Officer ????
Boy gets arrested for having to many bedbugs
Hide Your Marijuana!
29 year old Woman Arrested for murder of Ex Boyfriend
Newark man arrested for begging to eat female's asses
Smilez tha barber..
Man caught giving head in social club bathroom
Georgetown music Manager Dante "Bizzie" Lewis was arrested for dirty winding in Police station!!
Biloxi PD on the hunt for this man for many grand theft charges
Loudest Weed Ever
24 year old man arrested for stealing harambes remains
Noise ordinance call on far South Side
South Bend Suspect Wanted
Dead Beat Ass Father
23 year old Thibodaux resident arrested for standing on top of Wal-Mart building screaming, "[...] the prices still ain't low enough!"
JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA: Casts David Boreanaz as Batman.
Two Hempstead men arewanted in connection to a triple Homoside
Warner Robins Man Marries 40 women's!!
Clevelands 2nd biggest hoe
Breaking news
Woman Arrested for murder of Ex Boyfriend
Milwaukee man arrested outside of planet fitness
Woman Go Into Labor In Her Car
Women slices boyfriends Penis
Armed and Dangerous
Rising star from Marysville Pilchuck
Hackney teenager on the run
Wanted for fighting over the last box of honey buns!!
Varsity soccer player caught with marijuana
Newberry County's most beautiful mom
Brian " Cheno " Diaz Wanted For Shooting Down Two Puerto Rico Officers
Belcourt woman hits lotto!
Young adults caught fucking arlett behind dumpster
17 years old Alexis maniel was arrested for attempted murder
Bradenton woman wanted in stalking case
Double humicide in selma
Wanted in connection with shop theft
Bashing fuckboys
Queens man arrested for stealing free clinic condoms
Pinebluff Local Rapper Quez Henderson Caught An Arrest
Gloversville teen arrested for assault & attempted murder.
Crimson tide biggest fan paid the ultimate price when Alabama scored on a fumble recovery
Breaking News: baby father killed in accident
Decatur Couple Just Married
Homeless Man found wondering alone
Howard police charge Joya Williams with human trafficking, prostitution
Crazy side chick had enough
Caught sucking dick has no neck
Man Wanted Out Of Lake County Indiana
Wichita Snitches
Ryan the asshole eater
Local Rayville Woman Arrested
Cougar Party
Girl Smelling like ass
Slowest pizza delivery man in a 5.0
Local taquero wins mega million jackpot
Norman is not happy
Serena kill herself
Man Wanted In Nashville Area For Hi Jacking A Nashville Plane Wings In Attaching them too his head
Rapper and Father of 4, Kenny "Kaine" Williams, wins $81 Million in Lawsuit Against The State of Louisiana
Taco Bell massacre caught
Montgomery woman wanted for not playing about her man
Andover woman accused of smuggling drugs in baked goods.
Dead beat father
Local Teen Murdered
Strasburg restaurant has been placed on the Better Business Bureaus watchlist
South Florence Alumni is now a Victoria's Secret Model!
Manhunt underway after Detroit man suspected of breaking into homes and tickling butts while victim sleeps!!
Area police are seeking information that may lead to the arrest of this man. He is wanted for questioning in connection with driving naked while pleasuring himself
Corrupted Pastor
2 Teens wanted for armed robbery And Grand Theft in Petersburg Virginia
Jacob Pikey Wanted For Tickling Other Dudes Balls
Erie woman arrested
Kings mtn man gives out sperm donar babies to young girls
Breaking News
Dog Lover
Olmsted Falls Boy, 17, Saves Young Girl From Being Hit
Teenage Chicago gangmember hospitalized after being raped.
Gaige weikel is being arrested for milking a young mans moose titties
She's The Most Hottest Transexaul In Baltimore ????????????
Man found finger popping his asshole around miners
Hillary Clinton Wins and divorces Bill marries Huma.
Woman Robs 23 Banks And Gets Away With It......
Jacob Pikey Wanted For Tickling Of The Dudes Balls
Billionaire Marries Las Vegas Woman
Gun Shots Hearing
Stolen monkey
Woman says "these nuts" to the wrong person
My boyfriend
Music Artist "Malik Guapo" gets signed to a $2million dollar contract with "Rich Gang" for 2 yrs
Not getting pranked
Alvin Williams 21 years old found dead
Wrigley World Series Givaway
Delaware's top angler picked up by poopiest reel company of all time!
Jenkinsville sc man arrested in armed robbery
"West Ward Teens "OTB" , is Terrorizing the City of Easton
Strasburg restaurant won the Better Business Bureaus watchlist
Local Dayton man arrested in suspected involvement in transsexual fighting ring!
17yr old arrested for doing 138mph in 35mph zone
Many la
Local Woman arrested
Veronica Gomez is getting charged
Burgard High School Student Become Famous On Bus
Local knoxville bad decrowned 2015 battle of the winner.
Donaldsonville Deputies need help in the arrest of Dangerpus road runner
3 YEARS OF INVESTIGATION ( Heroin Overdose ) Manhunt for Kevin Eggleston
Pressure Makes Diamonds Wins Best New Small Business of the Year
Kate Cheatwood arrested
Cole pushed a short bitch off cliff
Niagria falls boy dead
Known as the GOAT
Man Arrested After Woman Goes Crazy Smoking What She Thought Was A Nickel Bag
Crazy teen serial killer
Dayton man Arrested for touching his self in public
Atlanta teen arrested
Biggest booty round itta bena Mississippi
Auburn kicked out of SEC.
Cupid Charette shooting his arrows in the wrong hearts ????
Flag Football Legend Arrested In Baltimore
Girlfriend leaves boyfriend because he is 'too ugly'
University City Man Arrested
Local Delaware angler picked up by poopiest reel company of all timesiez!
The Neighborhood Millionaire
Florida Woman Ruins Everything.
Young Man Arrested After Violent GTA
Jewel got hoes
Local Lesbian Is Selling Lemon Bars
Man killed On around Dr.
Stud killed
Disturbing youngsters
Hillsdale county man caught...
Addison woman charged, ties with El Chapo
EBT card snatcher
Local Teen Wanted For Prostitution
Baltimore women arrested for stealing Breast Milk
Wanted for exposing men with HIV.
Man wanted for trafficking methamphetamine
Gary man charged with illegal horse racing against police
Wanted For DeadBeat Pappy
Brian Brown caught breaking into a car
Arkansas Tech University student under investigation.
Waco town girl killed by baby daddy
Springfield OH
Trump gives outstanding speech just two days before election.
Erie female arrested for smelling like dirty tampons
Woman arrested for trying to kill Man
Local Man Dead
Strasburg Restaurant on the Better Business Bureaus watchlist for shady activity
Portsmouth Man Takes police on high speed chase
Lord Farquaad looking like a Principle?
Manhunt continues
Teen shot for having too much money in his pockets while at school
Clown killer
Blake for God Sake! Why my mom?
Darren "squirrel nuts" Roberts
Finest motherfucker in ktown
ABC 13 Local Houston rapper Kashionaire
Local women arrested for punching a squirrel
Jessica olvera arrested for being on crack
Quincy Killer on the loose. Who's next?
Darrell Rose named biggest buffle in akron
St.Louis Teen Arrested For Counterfeiting Money
Murder suspect
Shaka 2 u arrest for aggravated assault
Boy wanted for cheating on girlfriend of a year and 8 months
Birmingham man wanted for 3 counts of capital murder
Please Help Us Find Him
Gary woman pulls 4 dildos out vagina
Worthing lad fights fire
2 Teens wanted for armed robbery And Grand Theft in Petersburg Virginia on Sunday after noon around 2pm
Boy gets jumped by 5 girls at Collingswood High School
Be on the look out for peeping tom
Woman sought in connection with a stolen vehicle after stealing friend's truck
Ocala FL Artist Kendall T Signs Record Deal for 8.5 Million
Howard County Women Charged With Human Trafficking and Prostitution
Little girl sucking to much dick
Local Man Released from jail after surgery
Jennifer Woodworth arrested for stocking neighbour
Think Before You Roll You're Eyes
Women wins a million dollers! By g oing to work like a normal day.
Westwego wanted for getting pregnant every year
IPhone 6
Local Woman caught with over $.6 million collection of busy anime figurines
Local Man Turns Out To Be A 'GOD?'
Somerset, MA woman accused of smoking all the weed in the town of somerset
Father wins custody battle!
Local Man Arrested
Wakefield man arrested after performing a sex act on his family dog.
Guy Scares Kid To Death By Being Super FUCKING Ugly
Joseph sangram aressted in Dillsburg pa
Ryan Orrell accused of running an illegal sex ring
Broncos Re-hire former second string QB Brock Osweiler for Waterboy position.
Teen Accused of Sexual Harassment
Local Bronx girl caught sucking dick
Girl gets hit buy a car
Bank Robbery
Two Walmart Employees Arrested For Stealing Money & Merchandise From The Company
Trash digger
Local Lad Sets New Kebbab Eating Record!
Handy rag
South Bend man Randall Horvath jumps off the Trump wagon onto the Hilary train!!!!
White Man arrested for stealing cigarettes
Biggest fuckboy known
Prettiest bitch in the ville
Soup sends employees to er
Have you seen this man
Milwaukee woman arrested for setting job on fire because they wouldn't let her leave
Mikki Garcia and Kelly Clarkson Are Doing A Reality Show
Springfield man charged with Bestiality, animal abuse, and indecent exposure.
Trial Date set for Nov 1st
Local Singer/Songwriter makes it big!!!
Bomb Set off at Stratford Westfield
Trell Fitted released new mixtape
Ogdensburg teen charged with Prostitution, Posession of Heroin and Fleeing the scene
Lightskin madness
"Latin Brothers"
Patrick eat ass
Kid with Down syndrome was reported to have down syndrome
Local girl busted jacking horse off.
Young tampa adult known as jay nova on the run
Ohio man hits BIG on scratchoff
Fairborn women; warrant out for faking Veteran status
Leonville Man Picked up for Public Intoxication and Nudity
Brian buys 20 Big Macs and says " fuck it I'm fat"
Local man fighting a cold case murder charge confesses in a 1996 Rap song!
Laurel Teen excused Of Running 2 Women
Baller j murder
New Jersey wiggle heads
Local teen gets arrested for playin all these niggas and bitches
Denisha Man Looking Ass
Young man from Clinton won lottery for 100 million dollars
Wanna Be "Latin Brothers "
Young man arrested for slapping 5 elderly women plus thier daughters for not "shuting the fuck up" in ponderosa.
No. 1 Up and Coming Performer of 2016
Ocala Rapper/Singer *D~Nice* Signs a record deal with Atlantic Records
Murder out ocean view
Child Tells Mother He Is Attending Prep School & She Murders Him Without Hesitation
Dave East BLASTED By Jay z for False Claming his "East Harlem" Residence. "THIS NIGGA FROM QUEENS"
Warrant issued for lafayette man
Casino Ace Is A New Artist From Horn Lake Ms
Transgendered Chicago Woman To Be Procescuted for Using Males Bathroom at Local Walgreens
No longer side nigga?
Enid resident Eric set to meet JoJo the Killer Clown this week.
T.Kelly WANTED !
Big head mexican
19 Year old female arrested for prostitution!
Community leader wanted for domestic violence
Real nigga
Hillary Behind in Latest polls
Infected Teen
Cute Puppies
Woman Wanted for Murder of Matt Odish
College boy attacked by baby mother for being a "playa"
Purse Snatcher
Soldier praised for great efforts during training
Mhadd shitty stank disease
The Silient Majority
Richie Vera Maluma
Up In The Clouds won several Awards but the Writer/Director is MIA
Sexual Assault/ Sagetory Rape
Local Male Stripper Arrested for Allegedly Anally Raping a Goat
Young white female flasher
Boy gets jumped by 5 girls at Collingswood High
Mitchell phillips is being arrested for mosse titties
Little rock man arrested for slapping 60 bitches
Man Kills Deer And Bathes In Urine
Owen county teen wanted for being two faced
Local Update; Local White Boy Caught Eating Ass In Baker Bathroom
New Orleans man wanted in shootout double homicide
MOTHER kills son for bringing Bedbugs to her house...
Man get shots in his leg for the thrid time he can not go no where without getting shot in the same leg smh. !
Hillsboro man plans wedding of the century
Fairborn Student Makes Fake Account, Claims Everyone Bullied Younger Brother
Kissing Ya Bitch & Got Dick In Ya Mouth??
Fallriver man accused of terrorism
Yasmeen Freaked Out WorldWide ass hoe
17yr old arrested for doing 138mph in a 35mph zone.
Waubansie high school's Dj a thot
Ash Trey Bandit caught blu handed!
Biggest Ho in the city
What's Wrong With Her ??
Blowing up his boss
Man arrested at Churches Chicken today.
Man get shot in his leg for the thrid time he can not go no where without getting shot in the same leg smh. !
Deep Throat Champion Of Greenwood, S.C.
Girlfriend Arrested Because Her Boyfriend is to Freindly on Social Media
Young Springfield teen arrested for breaking into her ex's house
Young man gets 30years for being ugly as fuck
The Sims Freeplay
Olmsted Falls Student, 16, Found Dead
Local gets the price of a lifetime.
Party promoter gone crazy
Abraham Perez Wins lottery in Flint Michigan but it don't end there!!!
Sex offender
LORAIN OHIO : shoplifting caught on camera
Pissed up woman in the park in milford haven
Local monster charged with eating a new born baby.
The Dream Run Is Over
18 year old arrested for 30g of cocaine
Bamboo stick flies to U.K.
Bobby Perry is on the run after shooting his girlfriend in the face
Women appealing to find the guy who ruined her "Pus**"
Kid killed by KKK
Selling beats goes wrong
Loyal Cat performs CPR and saves owner
Woman arrested for grabbing Caitlyn Jenner "by the pussy"
Exotic male dancer found naked in gurley gentlemans club
Juan morales caught sucking workers dick
Prostitution at local bar
The sexiest man alive
Assault and battery
Chronicles of a serial motorboater
Boy receive life In prison for fucking up people hairlines
Columbia man arrested after shoot-out.
Prostitution Sting
Yungin kills goldfish for the book
Thickest bitch in the ville
Man most wanted by YOUR BITCH, WIFE, SISTER, MOTHER, GRANDMA, and possibly your DAUGHTER if she's 18 years or older, you fukk niggas betta watch out or step up
A middle schooler by the name Brian Brown robbed finishline
Waubansie jr DJ a thot
Fat Huggy Bear Head Ass
Dildo theft behind bars
Sucked dick for £2.50
Robber steals anal beads from sex store
Police seeking whereabouts of lasalle teen wanted in connection with performing acts of beastiality to neighborhood dogs n cats
Wilmington High School Graduate Dies of apparent alien encounter
Rape Charge
Fake paysoboy going wild
Ex cop found guilty of fraud
Let cj breathe
Teddy loud. Wanted for murdering beats
Working man by day Kingpin by night.
Young Bum Found Dead in School
Old Greg
Young boy caught smoking crack
Gunned down in croydon
The Loyalist Nigga In The Universe?!
Possessed male robs local porn shop
Atlanta Boy Sobbing Uncontrollably at Sports Bar
Angry black woman found shitting on all trump posters..
Grape st gang
Aint sh*t wrong with eating a lil booty says local Detroiter and Ceo of Detroit 300 crew!
Bull string like spaghetti nigga wit no meatball no rats here
Chicago man arrested for "Tickling Buttholes" inside of Dunking Donuts
356 MILLION Lottery Winner!!!!
Charlotte men arrested after stealing beer
Teenager Arrested for Assaulting a Police Officer-- Lewisburg, PA
Midnight Black Cock Bandit
Kelz da beast sentenced to 5 10 years in prison
Tuscaloosa Hot Cheeto Thief Arrested after High Speed Chase
Was it really worth it?
Man arrested for theft
Wanna Be Ass "Latin Brothers"
He was found eating booty in the back of wal-mart
Guys Starts Dog Prostitution Ring
Janice Armstrong is needed in her original state for questioning.
(Wanted) Local Decatur Man
Resent Mega Million