Posts of the day 2016-10-21

Local tramp caught having sexual intercourse with Horse!!
Mackenzie shit herself
Young man films himself URINATING on dog
Coleman, Tevin
Mdm under investigation
Credit card fraud
Help oso stop been broke
Teen Boots Psn Offline For A Day and A Half!!!!!!!!
Brooklyn Teen Dies From Milly Rocking
18 year old Alexis arrested, convicted of several charges
Drug Dealer Caught 10/21/16
Found Dead At home By 6 year old brother
Sex with mailman
Escort Wanted For Exposing RI Johns With HIV
Cyber Bullying
Help raise money so oso can stop wearing them forces
Anterrius ate teachers anole hole for better grades
Drug Dealer Caught
SMSA Tigers Sophomore Guard Jisuan Sierra being looked at by D2 Ranked college.
Westside student arrested for murder
All Bryan schools is cancelled on monday due tue terrorism of clowns.
Sutton women caught steeling wine
Walmart Employee Caught Molesting Child
Basketball star shot down
Woman found dead
Woman Caught Stealing
Giant black rat found near Roosevelt high school ecs
Mansfield man wanted for theft.
React 365 Articles Are Fake!
Shama Mentor shot and killed
Teens shot in critical condition nadir shaw was walking home and was shot with his friend joel wallace
Young teen girl killed
Rappet Reff B gets an 1million dollar contract with label QC of Atlanta
Boy Eats Vagina For Fun
Kevin punk oso in Gw HIGHSCHOOL
Grandview man caught having intercourse with his friend while his friend ate a ice cream
Bombing threat at Fresno school
Ashevilles Police Department Is Looking For a 20 Year old Shooting Suspect " Tristaun Johnson " ( 20 ) , That Shot & Killed Adam Early Saturday Morning
WANTED!!! Criminal on the loose
Nshs student eating ass during passing time
Marijuana Trafficking
Crack head on the run
Local male model to star in star hit series POWER season 4
Disgusting! !!
Josue and lalo are gays asf
20 year old artist from Pennsylvania in progress of signing a contract with Sony Music
Oso forces have made to a better place now
Anaheim Teen punishes boss!
Belen Gasca gets her ass beat by Daisy Lopez
Young Teens Caught Bukkaking
Hawkinsville ga Jasmine Jones
Girl kilt by a women her boyfriend was cheating with
Caught sucking dick at hickmanmills high
Mansfield mum voted the funniest woman in nottinghamshire
Bad built hoe
22 Year Old Nan Get Caught Cheating
Arrested For Being Community Dippa
Local male model stars in new season of hit tv series POWER season 4
MiYanna Lampley , arrested for picking up the water fountain & throwing the water fountain at a student
Watch out she snatching niggas ?????
Teen Caught Sucking Dick Behind RHS
Teen arrested for smoking marijuana in school
Teen shot dead
Bombing at Fresno School
Baily gives oral sex for Twinkie cakes
Grandview,Wa teenager Julian Rodriguez 14, caught having intercourse with a senior citizen
18 year old charged with Second degree
Congrats to another DFW artist who just Landed a Record Deal With Good Music!
Girl stealing from shops
Being a bad boy
Sex for KFC ? Arima girls love it
Jamaican man migrates and is know bring wanted by law enforcement
Puta Barata
4 Teens Arresed for Posetion of Weaponds
RHS at it again
Fox 5
Walton High Student Jordan Sosa Fucked his match teacher
Rhs shooting
Schenectady teen seen in drive by shooting
Cam LO Is The Newest Signee Of Atlantic Records
Local hs student arrested after dressed as a clown
18 year of age kid tries selling weed to a cop
Food inspector
Girl caught robbing a women's purse
Hartford teenager shot
Joven es detenido en Pasadena Texas por secuestró violacion y asesinato a menor de edad.
Caught In The Act
Food inspector gone mad
Obsessed teenage boyfriend
Harvey thi
Nshs eating ass during passing time
Teen arrested for running over a bitch
Baily caught Live topping someone on a church van
Survey Proves Arima girls love sucking dick for KFC
Benson students caught having sex with Security guard Earl clark
Puta barata
Roseville highschool student found having sex with teacher for homecoming tickets
Hazel Park student steals assistant principal's credit card
Man caught sexual assualting goats.
Bradford high school teacher found having sexual relations with student
*breaking news Booty warrior follow up
Sour patch kidd is the Baddest
Ass hole fucking caught in the bronx school known As M.S 181
Rockford teen Jesus E. Bernal in critical condition after car accident
Deborah is An Honors Students
He's been in the "Hood" the whole time.....
Tupac Look Alike Evidence May Show Tupac Has A Son
Baily caught Live sucking dick in a church van
Heritage college student is arrested after inappropriate behaviour
Watch who you fuck????
Caught It The Act
Wichita Woman Arrested --Linked To Sinaloa Drug Cartel
"Ellery St. Shooting, 2 Hit in the lower body"
Guy found eating the ass of a horse while high on LSD
Schenectady teen in a drive by shooting
Dick Sucking Baily
Baby and his back up
Police and community on watch for scammer/monster on loose
Newark breaking news
Singer Rihanna to declare her first apprentice from Syracuse NY
9th Grader Charles Smith Dominated at MSTV Camp
Young man is wanted for stealing salsa from chick fil a
Cleveland Browns To Sign Undrafted Free Agent Sergio Murillo
DesMoines Man Blowing Up on YouTube for "Vlogging".
Young man found in his house on the east side tied up and raped
Wanted for attempted murder
Teen arrested for murder
Local Teen Found Out As A Pedo
Local Teen Makes a living off Video Game Gambling
Michigan City Man Arrested!
A teen girl gets charged with Assault and Battery and Attempted Murder
Reno,Nv Latino assasinates Donald Trump
He was really thirsty
Dorchester Teen Found to be Sucking Massive Cock
Help end street racing in Houston
Teen Arrested For First-Degree Murder
21 year old charged with life in prison without parole
9th Grader Charles Smith has Nba Potential
Girl stabs step father
New Kid Joins G.P Racing
Girl, aged 17 from Aspley caught on CCTV footage stealing Femfresh from her local ASDA
Joliet teen rapes a 76 year old woman while she was on her way home
Wolverhampton man hypnotised and thinks he's a baby
PC mom wanted for stealing hair out of multiple shops!
A UMass Boston 22 year old Legend
Boy dies from getting his braces off
Deadly shootout
Do you believe him??
Ladii Murders Her FirsttLovee Darrius For Testing Her MotherFucking Gangster
Local Artist PBZ talks Booty for first time!
Local Lodi Teen Amy Herrea Caught Ditching School Along With Several Other Men
Sunnyside Girl has been secretly dating musician Scott Mescudi for 3 years
Screven County Student JuJu On Her Principal Car
Fame Dee is the next up in Houston
Rock singers long lost brother found
Area woman remorselessly ignores husband talking about his day
Breaking New's: These hoe's ain't loyal
Crack heads ????????????????????
Internet Sensation becomes Professional
Greeley Teen arrested on two counts of aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, and menacing
Tufts University Student Franky Gonzalez Found With $100,000 Worth Of Drugs
Local Weston man arrested for sex pest
US authorities to begin immigration raids around Chambers county .
Teenage Boy Found Naked Behind Building With Possesion of Bath Salts and Meth
Student at Fir Ridge High School goes crazy
Local "wet" has passed an STD to 500 teen males
Student get caught having sex
San antonio teen & his abuse of steriods
Slapped Future
Bryan Soto Found Having Sex With Assistant Principal
Case International releases news of bankruptcy
UMass Boston Student exposed
Black Penis Damages Women's Insides!
The biggest dick riders in the whole wide world
Leonardo DiCaprio HAS A TWIN!
Teen Breaks into homes to tickle assholes
Allendale Teen Kíara accidentally ate ass & died ????
Best friend save little guy after he was swallowed by huge vagina
Class of 2017 women has entered 2020 presidential race
Jaylen Garvin Murders Two Guys In Inland Store
Boston Teen Revealed as Catfish
TQuavious Ruffin Found dead!
Local Dawson Ga teen arrested for smoking dick
Local Teen Dead
College teen found dead
Kid Gets Locked Up For Double Tapping In A Rag
Arman Harris Died Today In A Critcal Car Accident
Colin Bellamy Wanted For Attempted Murder On A Police Officer
The dankest shit eva
Breyonna Gray
Former Riley student gets balls stuck in mailbox
Seeking Union Jobs? Well here is the chance
Selena M. Hampton arrested Friday night at south sides VP.
America's Tire Employee Coupe D'Etáts Store and Takes Over
Boy gets caught stealing hotdog from valeros
LCL students get jail time for not getting bitches
Armed and dangerous
Son of known crackhead found taking the feminine role in gay oral sex
Erika Got Put out of school for saying Lock Me Up Now
WHOA! High-school demon girl have sex with senpai in his bedroom owo
Young Girl Taking Niggas
Tyrue come out the closet
TQuavious Ruffin Found dead !
4 Teenage Girls got Seriously Jumped on the letter (G) train in Long Island City (Queens) By 7 Male Teens and 1 of the Teenage Girls had caught a Seizure and the 2 other Girls in critical damage.
All Circumcised Males to be Enslaved by 2020
Dog made baby's with man
Markie DeLaFlake
LYNN, MA Teen wanted after stabbing last night
Porn hub
Local Teen Makes a living off Gambling
Dorchester teen revealed as UMass Darthmouth'a biggest Thot
Rome female dies from having to much titties
Ronnie Effin Kayy gets locked up for saying " I got the juice "
James Wedgbury
Riki hall caught being a savage
Chicago Teen Steals Somebodies Man And Gets Him Pregnant !!
Who's the number 1 dick rider in the whole wide world goes tooo .......
Southwest Student Arrested Today
Mansfield man wanted for theft
Connell student , Mely Guizar becomes the first women in history to grow a dick
Arturo Iniguez, Worst Fantasy Football Player of All-Time?
Man pee's in woman's purse while in a walmart check out isle
Westosha Central student Gavin Myra found giving Oral sex to class mate in bathroom
Local truck club arrested for street racing
Man dies after erection
Shooting of an 18 yr old
Boodaa Has Be Arrested
Breaking news!!!Kc rapper wanted for two counts of rape
Marquiana stabs her ex boyfriend Derrick
Sherry calloway
Young girl shot
Donald Trump Send Cops To Arrest More Blacks
Dorchester teen revealed as transgender
Illegal immigrant earting ass
Eddie Argueta goes to jail for being under legal height limit!
Rome teen dies from having to much Titties
Local Teen Xavier Moran ,14 caught taking pictures in the girls locker room
Teen Caught Smackin His Shit In Class
Zachary Hensley Severely Injured In Car Crash
Harambe spotted again in Mr.Albrects class causing educatinal disruption
Erin M. Shaw Robs Richmond's Bottle Shop
Rockford teen dies; says he God is actually Harambe.
Shooting on 15 street
Sharika Calloway
Another Houma Resident headed for the Big Leagues!
Be on the lookout dangerous nigga
Ellie Rose Hall, 17 From Menai Bridge reported missing
Boy Buys Vape in School and Gets Caught
Man loves his wife more
Student is Gang raped walking his hamster home
Teenager caught in act
RHS Student Caught Making Love to Hand
Sophomore Student Has Sex With Teacher To Get His Grade Up
Marquiana stabs her boyfriend Derrick
Bellaire student has oral sex with another student and gets caught by teacher
Big meal for big lady
West New York teen Michael Zheng has been charged with murder
Mansfield woman caught stealing.
High School Student Lily Wright Shot In Head Several Times But Still Survives!!!!!
High school Boy Arrested For fucking your Bitch
Breaking News: LaSelle Brown has been caught using illegal steroids for the past few years.
Justin beiber found dead
Connor Kirk theif
Erin M Shaw robs Richmond's Bottle Shop for a Colt 45
Teen from Indianapolis Indiana Venezia Valdez pronounced dead
RHS student is a fuckboi
Diaper eating rat
Deadly viral outbreak in central Oregon. CDC placing town under quarantine.
Johnathon Hernandez Set to leave High school
Students Caught Having Anal Sex in School
19 year old guy in car accident
Have you seen Ronnie?
Writer Releases Article Just Before Twitter Breaks
Nathan jarrat And his amazing stunts
Kc Mom wanted for stealing hair out of multiple stores!
Local Teen Dies in Fatal Car Accident
Ranked 1 Volleyball player at YORK College.
Ruidoso police breaking down on street racing
New Autistic Rapper!!!
Jb dubs William Hayes for his mans. Will they ever get back together, or will she continued to be a buff
Local teenager john Samos in custody after stealing everyone's girlfriend.
Nut hurts
Zane brook
SMS 8th grade cheerleader gets caught having sexual Intercourse.
21 year-old man wanted for robbery
Tony room traded to the Jets for a 3rd pick.
Sugger stealer
Zechariah Powell
Local teen Xavier Moran , 14 caught taking pictures in girls locker room
Egg Salad Made National Bird
Toy found allegedly moving on the bottom of a van
Dicky Wilkes caught watching gay midget porn
Donald Trump secret relationship
Kid arrested
Student at LHS dies from too big of ASSitis
"More dicks please"
Was caught stealing cookies at walmart
Arturo Iniguez, Worst Fantasy Football Player of all-time?
Tiykeria Charged With First Degree Murder Of Kevion Gregory
Kelly high school 9th grader
Teacher slapped in the face with penis
Weeks Middle School teen caught in Act
George mobbs turns local tennis club into a nightclub
Facebook User Had Sex Wit Over 500 Facebook Wets
Mansfield woman caught in the act in public
Warner Robins Rapper known as RubberBand Cha$e arrested in Alabama!
Bronx Teen arrested for doing the Wrestling move Rko to females that kept leaving him in the Dms
20 year old Jesus jimenez arrested for doing ghetto drops
Teen busted by TJHS officials with more than $3,000 worth of heroin and cocaine
Former student Moises Romero caught sending nudes
Nasty Ugly Girl With DSL Found With Condom ????
A Teenager Arrest For Telling A Teacher
Hoover High School's student got beat up for being a hoe
Joliet West Student Saves Harmabe
Teen stabs ex boyfriend out of rage.
Daud Mohammed eat every takeaway out in bury no. food left!!????
Auto enthusiast drives Subaru cross country non-stop
Hayley spencer!!
Local Teen Xavier Moran ,14 caught taking pictures in girls locker room
Breaking News LaSelle Brown has been caught using steroids for the past few years.
Three legged dog takes down clown
Kirkby in Ashfield lad scott naylor
Suspect Michael Hernandez accused beating a man in his own home
Man of Portland Found dead
RHS bans apples again
"Too many dicks"
Young basket legend dead
Elijah gets raped
Chicago thug shot and killed seconds after shooting another thug
Toledo's Water Has Been Contaminated With Virus That Links To Infant Autism
Irvin high school Students were close friend till they fought
Micheline Nkulu was seen at a basketball game with her new baby
Teen Caught Eating Piglet shit
Jason aus Burgdorf wegen schwerem Raubüberfall gesucht!!!!
Weeks Middle School teen caught
LilCo4rmTheO to drop 17AndHaving early 2017
Everett Davis (Prineville, OR) caught in boys locker room doin the dirty?!
20 year old Jesus Jimenez arrested for doing ghetto drops at home
Duckett got Done
Newark man shot multiple times
Former Roosevelt student gets accused for sexually assaulting 9 different girls and was caught peeking at girl in the locker room
Pictures of those who don't pay tram fairs in nottingham
High School Football player diagnosed with AIDS!
Classick signs to Rapper TI Major Record Label 'Grand Hustle'.
Operation "KrimzGang"
Search warrant is out for a Brooklyn Man accused of tickling butt holes search party got a tip the man is in Atlanta
Macon man hospitalized for strange food poisoning
Student busted at TJHS with more than $3,000 worth of heroin, cocaine
Eastside Memorial High School Student And Teacher Arrested for Sexual Intervention
Biggest Cry Baby Girlfriend
Jesus caught eating booty
Girl shits on herself
Boy,14, shot his brother for deleting his mycareer
Teen Mother Montreanna Beats Curtisha With Stolen Bottle Of Nail Polish Remover.
Kc mom wanted for stealing her out of multiple stores!
Max Solomon, 15, from rhoose shot dead in Tesco heist
Breaking News!!!
Ehs student reunited with parents
Granite City High School Student Arrested
Teenager caught in the act
Newark man shot
Man Aressted For Riding Bike With No Seat
Being a thot
Theres a clown
Student arrested at NHS for having pea head
McKay high school student caught jerking off in the boys locker room
Teen girl attacked by boyfriend
Man eats ex wifes brothers ass
Jack Humpage
On the run for kidnappings cats
Anniston woman crowned "Queen Dee"
Mom wanted for stealing hair out of multiple companies!
Be on a lookout for him
Gets caught having sex with montebello police
Lefty Cruceta
18 year old female teen wanted for stealing bundles and make up up to $10,000 worth
Clown Sighting In Merritt Island,FL
Two Nuneaton men arrested after one of the UK's largest seizures of contraband.
Goodrell student sent to prison due to sucking a teachers dick
Student sucking dick
Young Teen Male Arrested For Stealing Condoms Out Of Dollar General
Eddystone man wanted
Drug Dealer Caught In The Act
Philadelphia man hires hitman to kill septa bus driver
DeeRow Running For President
Future soccer star
LHS student throws party in backyard
Greenfield High School student Found Dead
Pisd teacher caught in bathroom with student
Richard Baggott breaks down and tells us the real reason for building up
Funny description of my exs new girl
Stuart Bathurst is closing down
Larimer Teen Found Dead Due To Heart Failure
Ehs students parents found
Student sucks teachers dick for a grade c
Woonsocket Man a arrested for not paying child support
Warrant for Teenage women for kicking bitches like motor-combat
Lanier county student suspended for scooping teacher neck
Teenager caught
Marquiana stabs her boyfriend Derrick
Alien Found Inside of RLHS
Two Nuneaton men arrested after one the UK's largest seizures of contraband.
CNN news
Local boy Jose Rojas save 5 dogs from a fire
Man wanted for theft in the town of North Providence
Women caught giving blowies for tab dumps
Guy arrested for having big pointy nipples
Wanted For Shooting On Clinton Ave
Woonsocket police looking for man wanted previously arrested on cocaine charges.
Everett Davis (Prineville, OR) is a member of the kkk?
Phoenix teenager guilty in killing over Air Jordan shoes
Clowns spotted in the Bronx .
Leicester man caught in the act
The Biggest Hoe In Kansas City
A dobby lookalike knows round frightening kids
Aliens spotted in North Chicago?
Caught getting trained by 3 dudes in the new projects
Man wanted in connection with Serious Sexual Assault on an Animal
New reports show that flock is back from "CHICAGO" and is now sell $5 bag in yo area
You Wouldn't Believe What This Young Teen Did To Her Teacher A C+
Marquiana puts her boyfriend in critical condition
School cafeteria worker sticks genitals in food
Travis Scott reaches out to find out who is Eric Williams to make a new grill for his next Vegas show.
Brantley gilbert found dead
Central High School Student Receives Full Ride Scholarships From Her Top 3 Schools
Macon man killed by gunfire in west macon
25 year old Interscope rapper reportedly murdered after fight over a Facebook status
EHS student found having intercourse with fish
Zachary John more aressted for driving 160mph down boiling springs highway
Latimer Teen Dies Of Heart Failure
Shunora Jermaine's Girlfriend Kills Him
School Of Dreams Academy Canceled For A Week!?
Young future soccer star
Local Yakima man wins 1.3 million in lottery.
Richards highschool to be shutdown for good
Prescott carted off the field during practice.
NHS student Alan Howard has sex with lunch lady for extra food
Dickriding TheNcc Boys Known As "HumpBoyz"
Man arrested for wearing fake supreme
CHS Student Sentenced To Jail For Choking His Nugget
Teenagers making fake stories to try and be cool and funny!
Erie Teen Caught Affiliated with robbery on East 9th
Liberty high school
Girl Almost Dies
Beware of this snitch on the loose!
DeeRow Is Running For President
Teen who raped own mother is now raping house pets
23-year old man shot twice!!
A young woman is arrested for setting her ex boyfriend on fire !!
Famous Teen Rap Artist Found Dead In The South Bronx This Afternoon
Tejas Student caught jerking off in the restroom
Did odis bennett have sexual entercourse with principal to graduate
SHOCKING NEWS!!! A Girl Dies Toady
Revealing private parts in public
Skarxi marte got kicked out because she got home late from school
Man in Morgan County Arrested for sending nudes to Minors
Saul Aguilar, GameBøy, eats sachichas. Saul started making music because of sachichas. Read More....
Boy shot for flipping sets
Prostitution Ring
Young African American Gets Caught Eating Ass At Church
Lil youts fall for sick prank
Cholo has sex with cook
Man breaks the 16 year record
Taunton boy Laurindo Dias DaFonseca caught raping Kiara Lee Santos.
Christian Warren Doing Crime For Stealing From His Own Self
Riki hall was caught being a savage
(BOY) Kyon wynn , 12 , in critical condition after cathing a serious heart attack
Tyler police are on tha look out for suspect
Local business burns to the ground
Coupled found dead in home, jackson tn
Congratulations Mr & Mrs Frierson
Teen caught sucking dick in bathroom
Man Arrested Wednesday Evening For Sending Nudes To minors
Lowell Man Charged In Fatal South Lowell Shooting Held Without Bail
Kid who never missed a 3
Young black teen arrested for cutting some one who "came smart out they mouth"
Johnathon Hernandez signs with Real Madrid !!
Columbus teen has been locked up for Murder
EHS students have intercourse with dog
Fighting and beating this girl up
High risk baloney catcher
Teen who raped mother is now running into homes raping pets
Angel S made honor roll
Student from Los Fresnos United got caught sucking dick in back of the school
Teen arrested for stealing all the fat bitches in Woonsocket high
Crash or Fight ?
Man in Morgan Caught Sending Nudes To minors
South Bronx Rapper Wanted For Double Murder
David Nkulu was seen last night with a new girlfriend
Hit and run - Haiden Linley - 22- hunted by police after Bradford incident
Girl stabs boyfriend 112 times and kills his side chick
Robert Marchetti arrested for reckless driving and endangerment
Kenan kandira shot 2 times in Brownsville going to the store.
Girl caught sucking dick at East Hartford High
17 years old arrested for laying the pipe down
Teacher arrested for having sex with student
Macon GA , Teen Beats Mother over bad report card
Paterson 13yr old boy Shooting
Local Greensboro Teen Sucks For New Jordans
Macon Teen jumped by Girlfriends
Jvon Townsend faces 25 to life
Local man eats booty and dies.
GMA pallet recycling group closed down for investigation
Teen arrested for stealing all the fat bitches
Young man on the run for numerous warrants
VT student arrested for attempting to have sex with a squirrel
Man convicted of Murder of 3 people
Macon woman arrested for running over and killing ex boyfriend.
23 year old woman arrested for murder
Columbus teen had bee locked up for Murdering on 24 year old man
Local teen in critical condition
Democratic Presidential Nominee Arrested
A Young black male has just been Killed for playing tick-Tac-Toe with his teacher after the teacher loses
Police execute search warrant for a teen suspect in a series fast food robberies.
Teen rapper Dies Today Around The South Bronx Area
CDHS Student suspended for allegedly taking pictures of people's assholes
Aurora Teen Sells Pot To Highschool Teacher
Teen titties where so saggy some one snatched them off
Kevin gates finds out he has another child
Female gets gang banged in Roosevelt high school today in the bathroom
Joel aka JayyD Robbed Corner Store About 5,000 Dollards
Are Erika and Jonathan daiting?
Girl had sex with Walmart Employee for a bag of chips
Dirty Bum Sniffer.
2 Pregnancies...1 Baby Daddy
North Star Principal Shot Several Times
Javi Kent signs with wwe
Are Erika and Jonathan darting?
BROWNSVILLE HOODRAT sentenced to LIFE in prison for spreading the COOTIES!!!!
Providence man arrested for stealing/potentially eating neighbors kitten
21 year old man, convicted of 2nd degree murder
Paterson Fatal Shooting
Westside High School Student charged with Homicide
Little White Girl Wanted For Being A Hoe
RHS student gets sexually asulted by male teacher
Teen caught using the bathroom in principal office
Mother of 1 caught Drug-Trafficing
Only 15 and better than most
Lakiya hogg found eating ass...again
Young teen in jail for being fat
Cat found high on crack in Rensselaer NY
Local teen brutally beaten by mother because he was caught smoking weed
Bronx Couple Aaron and Catherine get married
Man gets arrested for being a twat to his work collegues
Son kills mother for not giving him lunch money.
SODMG CEO soulja boy dissed Hot local Greensboro,Nc rapper supa star kee
Monkey on the loose
Joshua Ackerland
Wwe signs javi Kent
Clown purge at RHS on Halloween night
23 year old man creates multi-billion dollar invention.
DISGUSTING - Britains Sickest Paedophile Currently Under Investigation, in DUDLEY!
Teen dyke sneezes to hard and nose collapses ????
Little White Girl Aressted
Clown purge at RHS on Halloween
Chadsmoor Man loves Horse
Memphis rapper Fredo Da Mob charged with first degree murder...
Big Brawl
This hilarious video is going Viral
Teenager Went Viral On Instagram
High at risk for dangerous meat handling
Justice For Nayeli
Teen wanted For assault, robbery & rape
LHS Student cuts very often
Illegal gambling in Lexington Ne horse track
ZamTrip looking for bassist that knows what they are doing...
Hillary Clinton arrested 10/21/2016
Teen Known As Gianna Santiaga Was Arrested For Prostituion
Richie Rivera cought having cex with hand dryer
Teen wanted Fot assault, robbery & rape
Erie Teen Caught Affiliated With Robbery
Lowell Man Charged In Fatal South Lowell Shooting
Molki Tanta HHS Hoe
FDA 2 principal wanted for closet lock ins
Strange Things For Tips ..... READ MORE
Guy comes out of the closet.
TBM owner NASA gets beat up & robbed
Teen arrested for taking bitches niggas .
Kc Teen mom missing since 2012.
2 carbon county teens attacked by bear late Thursday night
Local woman has baby in a tree
Rio Hondo Student Athlete Ricky Sotelo Caught with Illegal Substance in Student Parking Lot
Facebook Comedian in Love with Mommas
Young teen wanted for stealing a moddels basketball
Young boy seen with a firearm on Netherton Highstreet
Marijuana is now legal recreationally in all 50 states!
Creepy Bum Sniffer.
A Boy has been stabbed after school his name is Eliezer Sanchez
Kimaya Became A Brooklyn Stripper
Local teenager dies of aids
Clo got bum fingered
Clown found dead with dildo strapped to his anus
Teenager arrested for theft
Collinsville man shot for being slave
Young adult breaking into houses and stealing food
Stephany Lee was caught taking nudes !
Clowns spotted in donaghadee around town centre.
Girl Killed Boyfriend For Cheating
Wayne student caught in sexual acts in school restroom
Middletown Janitor charged with Unlawful Taking of Childs Lunch
MWHS substitute teacher arrested for attacking a Mexican teen who said he was illegal.
Toledo man wins 1mill dollar lottery
Twonisha is asking a ghost for child support
Fox 28
Justin beiber found dead
Clowns will Purge this Halloween
Toledo man in wins 1mill dollar lottery
Women chops off mans penis for not cleaning!
Kelly High School Scrub
Dagoberto González accused of burning too much clutch. Authorities and car enthusiasts want him off the roads!!
Student From Tilden High School Stabbed On 52nd And Church Around 3:30 A.M
Have you seen this man
Head of the election
Young teen arrested for being whore
Rob the Fag
Man in loft
Stephany Lee was caught sucking dick in boys locker room!
Kid arrested for raging at fifa
Mother of 3 accused of Murder.
Girl has been confirmed that she has been out with every boy 12+ on earthh
Student Caught Sucking Dick In School Staircase
Milli-tiger grigg is charged wid murder
Redmond teen drug dealer arrest
Catching up with Motocross rider Hunter Marcott out of Hubbard, Texas
24 year old Facebook Comedian Moose Edwards Loves Mommas
Artist On the come up
LuckyBanks Ft Rbo_SlickTalk x Roniey
Guy gets caught giving oral
Student gets caught sticking penis in vending machine
Lanier county student suspended for scooping a teacher neck
20 years old from staten island is being accused of the murder of her side nigguh.
Little Whhite Girl Aressted And Killed
21 pilots die in plane crash
Derby youngster miroslav vaske veen caught
White boy who claims he the plug
Local Chicago teen charged with man slaughter
Horrible Accident at Local Fair
Teenage Boy Found Dead
College Student Smacks The Shit Out Of Professor
Wanted For Questioning
Mat arrested for grooming cats..
Caught Cheating A Teen Gets Killed By Girlfriend
Biggest wastewoman of great high school
Ex All star Zach Cook, is now a tire kicker?
Two DCHS girls caught fingering each other
Stephany Lee caught sucking dick in boys locker room!
Richmond County Out Of School For Bomb Threat
GRHS student caught kissing teacher in theatre for better grade.
Hunny Bun ? Or Courtney ?
Description of my exs new girlfriend
Southside girl claims to be a nurse during the day and a chola at night!
Anyone know this man
Teen locked up for bringing Gun to schoolafter he was teased about getting "crossed".
Waite HD cleanest school
Steven Harper from Dudley finally admits his addiction of taking selfies
Dylan Drinks Beach
This kid got caught having sex while watching netflex
Student Tries To Eat Teacher Pussy AfterSchool
St. Michaels high school student signed by Alabama football
Rhoose teen Rhys Williams arrested
Teen cuts cheating boyfriends dick off
Teen Shot infront of home at 2:26pm Oct.21
Lion kills 5 people on Chester zoo
Mother kills a group of boys over her son
The sexiest mother fucker alive
13 year girl wanted !!!!!!
Rhs student found dead in bathroom
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25 Year Old Doctor Named Sexiest Male Doc Of NYC, Some Call Him The Doctor With The Durag
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Clown purge is to start in Artesia,Nm
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Uncle of student at RNA takes calculator to work.
A Young Mid Age Dike Has Been Arrested For Sellinq Condoms For Cigarettes And Dick .. READ MORE
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Police Arrested 2 males for being a quote f*** Boys
Hot artist in South Georgia
FDA 2 principal wanted for locking children in the closet
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Couple hits jackpot at Alabama casino
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Wifi Junkie
Infected hoe
Secret Motreal Canadiens Fan Exposed in T.F.N Reserve
Des Moines woman charged with 1st Degree murder
Tyrese Mclean (Solo Ty)
Breaking News Highschool drop out gets caught Raping a Dog
Local teen arrested for being a cool mf .
20 years old kina marrero was charged in the murder of her ex boyfriend.
Man freed from loft
LHS Student arrested for transfer of drugs in school
Clowns in Sunland Park
Little White Hoe Aressted Then Shot
Daquan wright shot in Wilkes barre pa
1 Of The Top 10 Best Dancers In United States Dennis Garcia!
Girl gets arrested for being too sexy
Teen Killed After Cheating On Girlfriend
Gulfport teen says she tired of females hating on her cause she bossed up.
Woman of Nashua NH faces BK theft charges
Young Man Amir Shot And Killed By One Of His Jawns ????
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Minneapolis man charged with raping a goat off of PCP
Revere police search for teens after shootout
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Kid Shot after being followed
Girl Dies From Too Much Track Glue .
Boy caught working the streets
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Haltom high school had no school
Fetish for fruit
19 yr old Kiara Hudson killed her boyfriend at his home, police says
Escaped African from Kenya highly dangerous and will eat anyone's ass
Arc Student Severly Hurt After Getting Off Bus 511
Feces in Billings Senior High Water System
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Justin Trudeau Shot in Port Colborne
Slim Jesus Behind Bars
Rio Hondo college student athlete Melissa Gonzales got caught doing nozz in the parking lot
Little White Hoe Gets Arrested Then Shot
Minneapolis man Goes to jail for raping a goat off of PCP
Student Caught Sucking A Boys Penis
Giving Head In Gymnasium .
18-year-old suspected of DUI in La Puente, California
18 year old dead after a deadly car crash
Heavy African American Spreads HIV
Local Teen Girl Arrested In School For selling Meth
Love is in the air
Escaped African from the Kenya boat Highly dangerous
WHS Studen Preston Lovell Does it For Harambe
Ja'Taivia J Yorks Wins $1000 For A's In School
Student Caught with a Ak47 at Riverview Gardens Senior High School
Brackenridge high school student XAVIER Alcaraz win 365 million on lottery
Man stuck in loft
Crazy Mom Arrested For Killing Her Kids Father
LYFORD Resident ADRIAN CANTU Arrested for Malibu gone wrong.
White Lake Woman attempts to kill and steal identity of Actress Shelly Duval
Waterbury teen arrested for kidnapping graham crackers
Fake BD member exposed
Lil Esco Finally Famous After $1,000,000 Deal With Highbridge The Label
Rah Guzman aka mandingo jailbound after not telling girls he was 12 inches
Tiasni Arrested Last Night For "Beating A Bitch Up , Yup"
ARC Student Death After Getting Off Bus 511
Student gets suspended for telling the principal "I fucked your bitch."
Youth Licks Cat
"Hunting Season is OVER early "
Teen Jayshawn Williams aka Jrizzy arrested for being fine asf
Taylor M. Tennant got arrested for getting beaten up by Gizmo
Fortvalley Man Caught With 92lbs of Marijuana
Fame Dee the next up coming Houston Artiest
Clown sightings in Sunland Park
Venaa Assulted Teacher For Giving Out Too Much Homework
Woonsocket teen, Charly Peralta, found dead after waving Dominican flag at school pep rally.
Man running around greensboro giving dick to everyone
Karla bolanos turns in bestfriend to not get put in jail
Dangerous hungry Teen has search warrant out we have a couple words for him
Clown Purge is to start in Artesia,Nm (October 22, 2016)
This kid created a song as a joke and it went viral over night
Teen diead becuz of hot berath
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Valley High school student arrested for tickling buttholes
17-year-old boy charged with serious charges
Kid Caught Giving kids Head in School Restroom
Arc Student Death After Getting Off The Bus
Kiara Hudson kills 19 yr old boy because he wasn't circumcised.
25 year old man arrested for murder
Coach Sexually Harrases 20 Boys
19 year old gets caught with 2 kilos of cocaine and 1 ton of marijuana
Woonsocket teen, Charly Peralta, found dead after waving Dominican flag at school pep rally
17 teen year old girl shot and killed
Pittsburgh Steelers cancels 2016 season due to Big Ben injury
Teen Stabs her Boyfriend to death
Colby walker granted a scholarship at South Carolina University
RHS Student gets caugth eating teacher out
Pathalogical Liar Found To Be Lying About Heart Condition All Along!!!
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Kaila davis,12,killer clown
Yasjaia danae Washington
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Marissa Ruppel still being dumb
Buffalo NY citizen Devante Humphrey struck by bear this afternoon
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Guy becomes a sicario
Cicero man still a pimp
Howard Ceaser 20 year old gets arrested for stealing McDonald Cups and beating up the manager
Girl, 13 kills boyfriend because she kept on fifa
White Lake Woman Steals Identity of Shelly Duval
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Local Yakima wins 1.3 million in lottery.
Southwest high student goes missing after stealing everybody's bitch
Unsigned artist Gabe Gizz to sign with Roc-A-Fella records.
Kanye west signing shitty santa fe rappers
Cant Stay Single
Florence in Cushion Sex Scandal
Karruche tan and Chris Brown have unexpected baby on the way
Riki caught being a savage
Mom found drunk on bathroom floor
HCHS Clowns
DANGEROUS: Half Human Half Gorilla Spotted In Harlem
Pathalogical Liar Found To Be Lying About Heart Condition All Along!!!!
19 Year Old In Spine Chilling Murder
18 Year Old Male wanted for taking other females boyfriend
Ellis Student Got Caught Sucking Dick!?!
Teen caught licking dog ass at school
Melvin Don't Eat
NEW cast member for Spider-Man: homecoming
Moss Point man powerball winner !
Jefferson middle school
Jacksonville News twitter Drama turns into a real issue.
Brackenridge high school student XAVIER Alcaraz win 375 million dollars on lottery
Resident of Bergen charged with hit and run
Local teen arrested for being a cool mf.
Riki was caught being a savage
Another teenager found dead from the cause of bullying
Crackey on the loose
19-year-old charged after $755,000 in cannabis found house raid in Claremont California
Kanye west signing shitty santa fe rappers
Vandalism of Birmingham City Centre Canal Barge investigation
Teen runs nude through Hyvee.
Wild Sergio
Assault in the Bronx
A GISS student won $1000 of dollars
Teen girl shot and this morning in Aurora now in critical condition
Teen Jayshawn Williams aka Jrizzy gets arrested for being fine asf
Scott High School Prank
Chris brown finally married
Local Marbach man loose's mind after finding out mom got fucked
Jacksonville News (Twitter beef turns to a live issue)
Student busts a nut on teacher when he looses to kahoot
San Antonio Hiphop/Artist Has a Huge Buzz
Rising Star "KayKimp" Debutes His Single "Move and Flex" At 45,000 Sales The First Week
Girl get's caught kidnapping little boy
Brackenridge student XAVIER Alcaraz win 265 million dollars ????
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HPD Investigation Shuts Down Auto Theft Suspects
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Teen Stabbed 4 Times
"Local Rap Star Blows Smoke in Police face"
Woonsocket teen, Charly Peralta, shot after waving Dominican flag at school pep rally.
Lil Wayne has relationship with cari b from love and hip hop in recording studio
Mavado has official told a news sources that's he sucks pussy and is afraid of Vybz Kartel ending his career as a Dancehall Atriste but he will not back down from the war.
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CNY Caught Sexually Abusing Animals
Scientists found something that moves faster than light itself.
Sierra Pacific High School Sophmore Eric Andres Castillo Arrested For Roasting An UnArmed Black Man In Public Leaving Him With 3rd Degree Burns
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Buffalo NY citizen 21 year old Devante Humphrey hosipitilized after being struck by a bear
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Isaiah watkins most loyal dude ever
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Found rummaging through garden sheds
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Jacksonville News Twitter Beef turns into a live issue
Caldwell teen admits to being a transgender
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Rappers on The Come Up.
18-year-old college student in coma after assigning of essay
Student at valley who took steroids
Cowboys Name Starting QB
Driving shock
Chris brown shoot
Colby walker going to South Carolina university
Aurora public schools says stay high alert for this student
Man goes to jail for having sexual relationships with A goats on pcp
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Teen shot and killed in Aurora early this morning
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Cowboys Name Strting QB
Braden Pletscher gets caught fucking his cat "Chester"
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Woman Arrested For Beating Nesha Ass.
A teenager shot for looking like Kim Jung un
Jacksonville world wide News Twitter Beef turns into a big Issue
Ice cream truck driver is terrorizing little kids all around Brooklyn
Local Marbach man loose's his mind after mom gets fucked
19 year old girl gives birth unexpectedly to twins, on McDonalds toilet floor.
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Filthy Beast Caught.
Dog Dead Meridan Park
Local crack head shot dead
Teen Breaks Out All His "Homie" Out Of Rikers Island Correctional Facility
Biggest whore of NKC moves away
Woman caught stealing baby clothes at local Target
Woonsocket teen, Charly Peralta, shot for holding up Dominican flag at pep rally.
Stephanie Pike Wins $1,000,000 From Winning Lottery Ticket
BOYCP Varsity Player Will Sign His 3 Year Contract Next Month To Play For LA Galaxy
Local family's angered about drive being used as a scrap yard
Young boy dies
Being Pregnat But there I still no kids
Bill Clinton allegedy leaves Hillary to start a relationship with a dog.
Young Teen Stabbed 4 times
Woman named Baby Estremera proclaims her love for the broads in Atlanta.
Teen Runs
Lebron James might be out for the season
All the worlds puppy's have been adopted
Please Help Find Sykeria Ross
Was it Worth it ?
Autumn sherfy plans to beat mariahs Ass
Plainfield Central HS Teacher Allegedly Caught "Pimping" Female Students
Huntington male arrested for having sex in Huntington Train Station
Filthy Beast Caught
NEWS Verifies This Is Viral Of Dance Video Zion Kinards Mom!
Rochester Man Shot For Selling Fake Weed , Police Not yet identified the victim
Jaquan Hudson Gets Drafted To New York Giants
Triple Homicide took place in North Jackson
MHS student caught trading oral sex for "xannies"
Woonsocket teen, Charly Peralta, shot for holding up a Dominican flag at school pep rally by Puerto Ricans.
Recent Studies Suggest That Your Mother is a Hoe
Boy mistaken for driving van
The stinky butt crack heads
Biggest hoe
Johns Incredible to be built in small town of Del Rey, CA
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Guy drives ice cream truck around Brooklyn. Kids go missing
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Teen from Thomson ga. Dies
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Drvths reaches out to electricity teacher
Man found dead in alley in south st.Pete.
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Former foley basketball star caught stealing
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Marvair worker is arrested for being tooo sexy
Jackson Teen Missing
Local Toucher on The Loose
Girl wanted for having good pussy
WEST NEW YORK man charged with possession of weapon
Tamera Tisdale killed by stray bullet
Tiny Dick Terror
Teen arrested
The most loyal nigga ever
St.. Augustine's basketabll player was found guilty!
Her overbites but sores in Cavion Penis
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Ryan Shaw
Warrant out for Jasmine O'Neal, suspected of prostitution
Lebron Tears ACL and MCL out for season in pre-season game
Rockmart Woman Has Been Identified For Threats Of Homicide
Days Inn employee caught sleeping with Indian housekeepers
Stephawn Taylor gay?
Local Joliet boy eats his own ass
Boy Killed over Facebook post
Young Teen Arrested for Twitter rec
Texas man finds 1 million In gold coins
Missing Dyke
Mcallen memorial high school
Local Boy Hospitalized After Fight with Parents
MHS student caught giving oral sex for "xannies"
Rhs student accused of having sexual intercourse with lunch lady for more food
Two kids got into a Physical Fight at Rhs
16 old peadophile in chadsmoor
The stinky butt crackheads
Spirit coordinator sucks local football player 27's penis for votes
Stealing is bad
Killed cats and stabbed to death
Teenage Star KayKimp Debuted His Single "Move And Flex" At 45k Sales The First Week
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Rio Hondo Colleg student Angel Gutierrez caught sucking his dads dick
Two Armed Bronx Men Wanted for Questioning by Authorities
Teen shot and killed on the 600 block on the westside of reidsville
18 Year Old Attacked By Guyanese Monkeys
Delaware Artist FYO Tre has 2 year old with LHHNY Star Cardi B
Keyshaa's missing tooth
3 teens caught moving 10 kilos of cocain into ligonier Indiana.
Basin city resident caught stealing at rd 68 Walmart
16 yr old boy arrested for allegedly bringing a .40 caliber handgun to principals house
19 yr Old Young Male Arrested At 4:35 am Last For Damaging Someone's Insides With A Weapon He Calls His Moby Dick
Local Rap Artist Signs Multi-Million Dollar Deal!!!!
Terrence Howard Arrested after he beats a woman who made comments about him being light skin
Man Killed By a midget on a Bus
7 Major record labels looking for @bhebravo on Ig but he refuses to reply unless he is signed for 5 million
Em Saunders arrested for leaving lights on!
Bounce that ass boy
Female wanted for bank robbery
St. Augustine's university basketball caught eating pussy!
Bank robbery
United Township snags 67-14 win
Local Harrison central teen is finally getting exposure in his area
Alien in Indianapolis Indiana
New jersey woman hits it huge in AC
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Donald Trump in critical condition after somebody slapped the shit out of him
Breaking News!
Man running around Minneapolis stealing license plates
Teen gets sentenced 23 years
Watch out girls Halloween is here.....
West Midlands girl accused by Dudley Tesco of shoving a toilet brush up her anus in store
Women who is divorce tried to take her kids back
Trinity academy teacher caught having sleazy sex session with pupil for A pass
WANTED! Shootout on take your nigga avenue.
YouTuber Kills Himself
North Providence man charged with animal cruelty
Former Connell high school student caught shoplifting at Road 68 Walmart
Bone fragments found in Arizona Bone Apple Tea
Terrance hill wanted for evading arrest
Mr Potatohead arrested on domestic violence charge!
There is a recall on oscar mayer bacon
Wedding Bells?
Kansas city Teen caught eating out of the trash near
Nigel Bentil, 18 years of age wanted for wiping the whole west coast with a toxic bomb
3-D Holographic Girlfriend!?
There is a recall on oscar myer bacon
West Midlands girl accused by Dudley Tesco of shoving a toilet brush yo her anus in store
Teen admits he has a std
This guy just shot at the cops and got away
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Girls says she is gay to hide that fact that she is stealing other girls niggas
Jackson Teen Missing Last Seen Near Albion Township
Gornal man Pete Davies admits harassing you big women with food obbsession
Manuel Lopez 17, Fatal shooting in Miami Lakes FL
Local teen gets his ankles severally broken
Northwest middle school closing forever
Ty rud joins faze
Rome Teen Faces Life In Prison
Running presidential candidate D Smiles wanted for the assault of and elderly woman when he slaps her as a insect flies across his face
Headteacher struck off after sleazy sex session In cupboard with pupil after an A pass
Brooklyn Wife To Face Prison
Teens are caught fuckin somebody bitch
DVHS student caught sucking guy off in bathroom
Kanye West to cancel show at Fresno
That Bitch In Fda That Fucked Almost The Whole Football Team
Young Male caught Stealing from his local Spar
Em Saunders arrested for leaving lights on
Panthers may still have a shot a Super Bowl
Gabz rg known as gabriel has been found guilty and been sentenced to jail for 10 years
Tea Anyone?
Murder suspect
BHS student caught having sex with lunch lady for more pizza
Scientists reveal that squirrels can be taught to speak english
Girl says she is gay to hide the fact that shes stealing other girls niggas
Jose saldana wins 30 million in California lotto big plans young boy
Woonsocket teenager gets caught wacking off
Lewis and Clark Student found sexually assaulting a rock.
Cedartown Woman On The Run
Woman kills her husband for leaving her because she won't let him eat like he wants.
Teen boy admits to being gay on social media
Ellis student got caught Sucking dick
Drive-By Shooting Leaves 2 Dead and 1 Crictically Injured
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Kansas city rapper beat up by 12yr old kid
3 people dead
Richmond, VA native Marlon Moore & wife Gabrielle Moore wins grand prize VA lottery Scratch off
Lizbeth Ortiz caught sucking dick for food stamps
Kennaji Hollis is arrest for pulling the teacher hair
Two PVHS students caught in the custodian closet together.
Cumberland teen arrested for murder?
A Junior for Shoshoni High School is officially Asian
Jim's tire sueing old employee
Talladega County Man Caught with 1 Million Dollars in Cash
Youtuber Eugenia Cooney dies from anorexia.
Girl Dies Of A Broken Esophagus After Giving Oral Sex To 10 Males In A Public Park
Brockton Teen In Relationship With Egg
Local student shot and killed in UT Hallways
If our Brains are heavy and we have gravity why don't our heads fall to the floor hell me
Rio Hondo College Student athlete Angel Gutierrez caught doing NOS in the schools parking lot
Clown spotted In Brewster Washington this morning around Old hwy 97
DaddyImReady passed Pewdiepie
Jose saldana wins 30 million dollars say he will share
Thot bihh
18yr Old Girl On The Run After Shooting Boyfriend And Mistress
2RFU gets 1mil in just a year!!!
Teen boy Crashes into miraz AGAIN after leading police on a high speedchase
MHS 4 sophmore girls caught under bleachers molesting a 18 yr old senior male
Rome Teen Faces Life
Man lands in jail for sniffing bus seats
Half way to 50
Jackson Missing Teen Last Seen Lear Albion Township
Girl Arrested for Stabbing Boyfriend
North highschool student caught
Local Emhs student arrested for pressuring girls to send "nudes"
Briana Sampson will be in ydc for 3 years the ????. Police say
Northeast Guilford HS student gets his ass Beat by random guys!
Albany Homeless Man Arrested For Impersonating A Pastor
Kanye West Cancels trip to Fresno for Saint Pablo Tour
This person has won award for the smelliest shit
Sarah Ryan Suspended for Plotting to Kill her Roommate
Teenager wanted for stealing neighbors cat
North High Student Arrested for Snapchatting
Naybkorhood Tone found taking a shit on his teachers desk
Queen in hospital after car accident!
Providence Suboxone Smuggle Bust
Local Niagara Falls Band "Elevate" Gets signed to Sumerian Records
Jasmine viaz caught stealing from whataburger
Juan Chavez is signed to Sony record label
Jigga The Booty Stealer
Homicide suspect
18 year old man charged for murder after snatching his girls soul
Former Cornell high school student found stealing Protein from Road 68 Walmart
Mother of 3 caught shop lifting from 99p world and Ann sumer
Skimpy Blunts
Deadly shooting with military ammunition.
Cody rogers arrested for watching gay porn in class at rpa
VHS student is shorter then a soccer ball
West Noble high school students caught having sex in the locker room showers
Teen Missing
Tamale Jackson gets raped by his own finger
Girl caught stealing from Asda in the Hyson green area
RHS grad accused of scaring dogs
Local EMHS student arrested for pressuring young girls to send "nudes"
Alexander Singleton loses virginity!
Teen Wanted for Breaking In And Tickling Butt Holes
Jasmine Vaiz caught stealing from whataburger
Austin Consagra The Next Steph Curry?
Local Student shot and Killed in UT hallways
Gang Violence occurs at Harrison Central High
Brooke McNeal and D'neria Foster got caught stealing and eating boiled eggs in school bathroom
Round Lake teen overdoses on ass
A high schooler known as "fablo"has been arrested for scamming 250,000$ worth of fashion dollars
Rhs student has baby in class
Donald trump drops out of presidential race for the white house!!
Rhs student found sucking dicks in East hall bathroom
Man arrested for killing chickens
Suspect caught fooling around with underage women
Amanda Baron Kills Two Children, Riverhead, NY
Teen wanted for Luring 4 kids into his Nappy Ass Hair
Kid smuggling dope in his cuchi
This boy beats up a old mad for a iPhone 7 up a old man for a iPhone 7 we got him on camera so if u see him call 908-234-2768
Ellis Student caught having sex with a teacher
21 Year Old Cranston Women Wanted For A Double Shooting
Young teen ,17, charged as an adult in attempted murder and 1st degree murder.
Beautiful brunette wins miss Brazil competition
Muchachito Fue encontrado abusado por su novia
Local man arrested for stealing chicken wings
Derick Has Found Dead
Rome Teen Faces Prison
Black male has obsession with eating vagina
18 Year-Old Boy Caught Masterbating Behind Local KFC Restaurant.
Colley gate man caught having sex with donky
Formal Glenn Hill High student pronounced dead after shot 3 time in the head
Mobile shooting
Albany Homeless Man Released For Impersonating A Pastor
Former Roxana Student found guilty for having sexual relations with teacher
26 yr old man found guilty today on kidnapping and assault charges
Mexican Rapper known as "Drillfiger" deported earlier this morning
Stabbing Boyfriend To Death
Kid found jacking off
Childersburg teen charged with armed robbery.
Farmington Police Are Looking For This Man
Getting "handy" in the movie room?
SHS Sudent
Local female arrested for having a shootout on Miles College Campus
Man in Greensboro, NC had oral with a female behind a church
Boy accused of midget porn
Principal gets caught looking at student window
Breaking News Man wanted from police and mothers
Best Pg in Brooklyn
Just In Cuzzo Is Pissed
Man arrested for stealing dildos
RHS Caught shitting on teachers desk
Man gets caught super gluing pubic hairs to his face....
Student mistaken as a Pokemon in the hallways of Mercy Vocational High School
Man caught snooping on little girls
Macon teen fills lawsuit on Sun Nails for not clipping toenails
Brooklyn Wife To Face Prison Time
Young teen shot twice in West Orange High School
Boy stalks girl
Sex with a donky colley gate man caught
Uptown Boy arrested for fucking so many hoes
Marijuana legalized in Kansas
BIG HEADED twnis win 5,000 Cash PRIZE Girouard wins annual Hemingway look-alike contest in Rhode Island
Hattiesburg teen kill teacher
Husband and wife arrested after violent attack in Walsall Tesco
Teen Wanted for Luring Four kids into his Nappy Ass Hair.
Rome Teen Sentenced To Life In Prision.
Fw girls boobs have special talents!!!
Local Student shot and Kiled in UT Hallways
This boy beats up a old for his iPhone 7
Teen gets caught looking at teacher window
Blood Bath Errupts
Breaking News
High schooler know as "fablo" has been arrested for scamming 250,000$ worth of fashion dollars
5 Star recruit helps disabled teen with school work
Man with the worlds smallest penis
Wanted in connection for Shoplifting
Ridgewood High school Students Earn A Google Contract
Mannys straight?
Slutty bitch hopping from brother to brother
18 year old boy caught masterbating behind local KFC restaurant.
Miley Cyrus' coming to Sedalia,Mo.
Macon teen arrested for sleeping in class
24 year old Paterson man found dead Read For More.....
Rare species of penguin CAPTURED
Boy brings girls into the bushes
Adult male accused of Prostitution
Rogers Students Caught Having Sex In School Restroom
Police looking for group of teens who Jumped a NEGHS student
Suspect Arrested For Being A Real Nigga
Trump wins election ,people riot !
Adam Ate Shantaê's Butt && fell In Love
Colquitt County teen arrested for stealing computers from public library.
Teen gets caught fucking a baby deer
Roswell High School student Nathaniel Dutchover is allegedly being accused of using RISD school wifi to watch Porn videos
The real rico
Teen Cheats on Girlfriend with Best friend
Local Lightskin Jawn Killed For Having Too Many Niggas In Her Inbox
Taft kid overdoses on xanax
Local spic beats wife after burnt tacos
Teenager gets sentence life for murder
Local Gulfport Gang Arrested for streaking at school
County Fair Mall robbed
Chris Brown found dead in home
Sarah stead found dogging in markeaton park
Chad McMullin named most likely to skip work
Jackson Female Killed By A Clown
24 year old man found dead Read For More.....
Woman charged with stealing pumpkins
Man Wanted For Robbery In Houston Local Liquor Store
Man Wanted For Rape
Man arrested jacking off while driving
Chemical homicide
The Reaction From A Teen Girls Friends After She Comes Out The Closet Will Shock You
OWHS student smokes too much weed and feels too happy.
Skyler primo peter gets caught having sex with a Teacher
17 years old involve in drugs traffic
RHS student assaults fellow students for making fun of his laugh.
NY Student Dies from Bleach Overdose
Fastest lawnmower in gp
FBI agents catches kc teen rapper and a transexual sniffing crack cocaine!
Scavo student caught
Student have sex with a lunch lady for a ketchup pack
NHS student gets exposed
Carl Hayden HighSchool
Local child molestor located in homeless shelter
Teen by name of Jacolby Townsend was arrested today for shooting
High School Team In South Georgia Shut Down
Breaking News: Radio do not play the radio
Teenage boy gets caught eating ass at wendys parking lot
Ugly indian bullied
Lake Braddock student found having sex with 3D printer
Red hill Students clearly not taught correctly as they fall for prank sight
HHS have sex with Lunch Lady for more packs of ketchup
Devonte Rainey creates hot new song!
Quarry bank lad penis drops off due to masterbating too much
Merraya Molinar backstabbed alot of people.
Local army man shun quainter locked up for sneaky in Tyler perry studios
Providence Man Wanted for Luring Four People into Hid Nappy Ass Hair
JV Star getting colleges already
Pregnant woman plans to stab boyfriend if he goes to "BISTRO" after work
Wes the Mamba beats Bitch for taking shit about shoe game?
Bowsher High School Student Found Using Dildo In Bathroom
White teen missing Danville va
Obama's sex tape
UPDATE** Local Down Syndrome Boys Dream Comes True
McMichael Kid watches porn with teacher
Fastest lawnmower in galena park
Young boy gets signed with young money records
Blanca Alfaro-Esquivel caught drunk and disorderly.
Gardner Resident Killed by Police.
Local Football Player Arrested
Whs student accused of having sex WITH teacher
Local teen impregnated 5 young women.
Piss head of BlakeNall
Found harambes human brother at Nhs roaming eating ass
22 year old south shore woman arrested after high speed chase through several towns
She fucked the wrong homie
Rogers Student Caught Having Sex
Student gets caught watching porn at School
Do you recognise this woman?
A-Town little sister caught sucking dick for Animal Crackers
Police seek to ID suspect in credit card scamming incident
Local man dies after being struck by car.
College kid eats ass outside after a party!
Harrison Central Student in custody after having intercourse in courtyard and Busting all types of nuts on students
Warning beware of sleeping zombies
Man wanted for male on male prositution
Drug conspiracy
Bitch gets cheated on, feels better coz a new bed is being delivered Tuesday.
Teen caught cheating
Clown killing Spree
Fortvalley Man Slaps Police Officer
In jail for stealing cigarettes for Cigarette
Looking for Macon Man With Green Lexus
Stabbing on NorthSide of providence
Roswell High School student Nathaniel Dutchover is Allegedly being accused for using RISD school wifi to watch Porn videos
BREAKING: Tift County (GA) Football Shut Down
Juvenile charged with assualt on a police officer
Local Lightskin Jawn Killed For Having To Many Niggas In Her Inbox
Man Wanted for credit Card fraud
17yr Matthew B Gilmour charged with 1st degree intentional homicide
SUPER bowl MVP Nami Charles slaps a taxi driver for charging him 14 dollars
JAHS student caught playing with himself in the bathroom
Booker High School 2016 Graduate skips college and goes straight to Pros
24 year old Kimberlyn Arthur arrested in Philadelphia
Can you help us
Pedaphile spotted around Jordan creek elementary
Man gets life in jail
Mark Dahinten Suprise Disappearance!
Kelly Frosoff player Daniel Garcia Contracted For 1 Year For a Loan With Chicago Fire!
Booker High School 2015 Graduate skips college and goes straight to Pros
Hit and Run
Macon teen reported missing from school. Home girl said she didn't show up to 1st period
BREAKING: Tift County (GA) Football Programs Shut Down
Beale NCO reprimanded for giving oral sex for a better EPR rating
RCHS student found having relationship with Janitor
Chs Student Caught Off Campus
Rome Teen Sentenced To Life In Prision
Wolves Fan band after hairy toe show!
Girl wins Baddest Bitch award ????????
Missing Child
Trap Karolina Camera Man exposed with Backpage Escorts
Extinct sloth
Harrison Central Football Team arrested after running train on a group of teachers
Wordsley man found guilty of having sex with a horse
Yard destruction
A girl that got fucked it the ROTC room at west Montgomery high school
Florida Man Eats Shark Alive, Gets Eaten from the Inside
Gay Twins Caught Finger Popping Each Other Assholes
KaBrienna Jones rushed to UMC
Audreyanna Scott is wanted for running over her boyfriend at the school parking lot , Thursday morning
SUPER bowl MVP Nami Charles slapped a taxi driver for charging him 14 dollars
Fart math
G herbo shot
Bed stuy rapper stabbed with a breadstick in local restaurant
Victim speaks of his encounter with Lotion Loui
Gadsden man arrested after police chase
White Plains Girl Tops Off 100 Scammers To Buy Bape Hoodie
21 Year Female Arrested In Fatal Stabbing
Lexy LaGrand, pleaded guilty. 1-2 years sentenced
Tonya Hudson is wanted for robbing a bank
RCSD Franklin High School shut down after major brawl.
Macon Man Wanted For Murder
Forsyth Female Arrested In Bibb County For Shooting Boyfriend
20 year old Houston rapper signs deal with Meek Mill
Can You Help Us Find Him? Call Crime Stoppers Now! 21 Year Old Adult Known As "$ha Bussin" " Shaarachi_" On Instagram Assulted 100 Teens For Not Sharing His "New Mixtape" !, Charges Pending
Snitch in the Midst
Macon teen arrested
Brandon Ramos , Or known as "DonLoot" On social media has been taken into custody.
Teenage Girl Is Convicted of First Degree Murder
Tift County Blue Devils Football Program Shut Down
FBI catches teen rapper and a tranny sniffing crack cocaine in bathroom!
Middle schooler with incredibly small penis caught injecting himself in the scrotum with horse semen
MEHS (Maine East High School) Student found carrying more than 30 Kilos of Illegal drugs with intention to sell.
Lil Flacko - Triangulo De Las Bermudas [Feat. Jose Yellow] (Prod. Wazboy & Swift Bundi)
Teenage Girl Makes A Porn Video In Exchange For $200
Miami teen arrested for receiving oral sex from another male out in public
Franklin High School Shut Down After Major Brawl
Kid has to many hoes on facebook!!!
Simi Valley couple found having sex in McDonalds bathroom
(Lowell Sun) Teen's caught smoking weed in Lowell High School bathroom
Cameron Johnson Beats bitch to blood pulp?
Help Colin NOW
Young Teen Wanted for theft
A teens parents mom catches him having sex with a pillow
Foreman student works for "Chapo"
Girl gets shot in the leg by her boyfriend after thier first time having sex
Glenn Hills Homecoming
Ugly how caught sucking special needs kids dick
Teen arrested for fucking the whole mob.
East High School Student arrested After Harrasing Women
Macon teed jailed for having titties
Teen caught getting a train ran on her at van horn highschool
Man caught stealing gay porn
Drive By Shooting Leaves 2 Dead and 1 Crictically Injured
Dae escapes !
Wanted have you seen this puppy
Fayetteville man wanted by FPD for stealing local residents dog.
Young girl rapes these kids
Black river male wanted
Young girl charged with assult
Asian Kid Passed Out due to Co2 poisoning.
Warrant Out For Erie Mans Arrest Early Friday AfterNoon
Drug trafficking
Brooklyn male charged with murder in middletown ny
Cutest NH Resident
Nottingham Student, 23 tomorrow, admits this SHOCKING revelation!
Irvinton teen from injuries in car crash
Anna Gackruava deported back to Poland
Man wanted for knocking out 3 people on 34th street Manhattan .
Teen caught getting a train ran on her
The Hot Potato Who is Garbage At Destiny
Woman Arrested For Assault
North High Student Caught Attempting Rape
Teenager cought eating booty in school
Simi Valley residents walk in on couple having sex in McDonalds playground
Rochester teen arrested on westside
Sarah Davey of Mansfield
24 year old male sentenced to life after
The Hot Potato Who is Garage At Destiny
This teacher is being rude to a student
Gay 'gangster' Carlos gay??
Breaking news
Sabby is caught sucking cock in Washington bathroom
Rae McKinley was gunned down Friday morning
Miami teen arrested for receiving oral sex out in public from another man
BREW, MOB and SS gang reunited
Sofya Won a Million Dollar Lottery
BREAKING NEW!!!! New Sex Tape Lead
LHS student arrested for yelling "im the captain now".
Girl murdered by step father. San Benito, Tx
Anna Gackruava gets deported back to Poland
Mexican kid goes back to Mexico
GlennHills Homecoming
Teen arrested for stalking fetty wap
RLHS student violently rapped a carrot till death
Nearby mhs robbery
Eating booty wholes
Teen chokes oh cat bone and died
Lizard Fakes Gucci recipet
Chicago "Westside Rapper" maybe next with new STYLE? NOT DRILL?
18 year old teenager caught stealing RV
Minneapolis Wanna Be Hollister Model FINALLY charged with being too " Lightskinded " in his pictures
Jack Torres dies after jacking off too many times in one day
Wolves season ticket holder sparks outrage after declaring her love for West Brom
Human Drug Has Yet To Be Found
Teen found dead in Houston, Tx
*Wanted For "Man Slaughter"
William Mangual Sell Mids
Heart Warming Story of a Down Syndrome Student Who's Only Wish Was to Play Football
Teen arrest for stalking ferry wap
Deputies are searching for this unknown person
Local teen at kingsbury high caught sending nudes to male teacher
**BREAKING NEWS** New Sex Tape Case Lead
Rae McKinley was gunned down Friday morning
Anubis The Bane King Pimpin
Man wanted for knocking out a 30 years old in time Square Manhattan
Man stabs barber
18 Year Old Junior Highschool Student weighs a ton!
Mikes so Hard to find
Girl loses snap streak and her insanity!
Kirko Bangz found dead in Keene, Tx
Daniel Warren spotted in a pigeon costume
Richton School to be shut down
I.g.l gets attention of rapper Kedrink Lamar
Man wanted for hating and non stop tough acting!!!
The media found out Nyekia has a twin sister
On The Lookout For RHS Student Kassandra Lee Martinez
Trump Resigns!
Ashley Sanchez missing
Mario Rodriguez does after being to lit on Friday morning
Girl Shoots Brother for last Bag of chips
Jala kills boyfriend because he wouldn't make a sandwich
Man Wanted for providence homecide.
Man tests his girlfriend and gets stabbed 40 times
Robbery Near MHS high
21 year old arrested for trying to purge "niggers" from Brooklyn
Asia killed her ex new girlfriend and was sentence to life
Faith Deudo arrested for yelling "im the captain now".
Former NHS student dies from eating ass
High school student found Guilty of sexual assault
Teen arrested days before his Birthday for getting ankles taken.
**BREAKING NEWS** Tony and Leandra New sex case
Cantante sale de Chicago
Ivette Contreras *MISSING *
Local fat fuck(Maynard cross)
Girl found stealing an electric cigarette from poundland is now being hunted down by authorities
Girl gets caught letting the whole Carver football team hit it
Noise frightening Netherton residents
Bibb county woman arrested for selling smarties.
Police Found 19 Year Old CedricWade Died On The Southwest side Of Lansing
Woman charged for theft still loose
Man Charged With Murder
A girl get's ran over by van
Cheltenham town
Suzanne Mccarthy
Florida teen may face 15 years
Ruthless odor smelling teen gets arrested
24 year old found guilty of indecent exposure after jerking off to hey arnold
Woonsocket teen, Charly Peralta, shot for waving Dominican flag at high school pep rally by a gang of Puerto Ricans.
Phillip at Berrendo Middle School Is Bi???
Local Pornstar ( Jaydingo) gets arrested
Man arrested for misuse of stolen pickles
Young man is know for having sex with over 450 women!!!!
Chicago "Westside Rapper" maybe next with new STYLE?
Lady found stealing rabbits!
Camera Man Gone Crazy
Teen Killed During Shootout
Man arrested for having kilos of coke and slapping a cop
Mystery Condom confirmed
Seeking a Columbus woman
Victim speaks on his encounter with Lotion Loui
Peoria man arrested for throwing frooties at cars
Joliet Central Teacher Caught Eating Bums Ass
Matthew B Gilmour charged with 1st degree intentional homicide
Jhs student get dropped
International dug dealer, "Jerry Guzman" finally captured
Florida teen crazy
Breaking news
Peoria man arrested for throw frooties at cars
Memories, Oh so bitter, Oh so sweet
Eating booty holes
SMS Kylee Marshall Sucked A GR Football Player
Died From GunShot
Killer Chickens
Christian ortiz
Great Britain to remain in the EU.
Do I hear wedding bells?
Juan Parra got caught for having sex with a male at CUHS restrooms
PNB rock oldest son spotted
Tennager Arrested For Raping Timothy's A**hole
Miami teen arrested for receiving oral sex from another male
MK bags stolen from North East Mall
Fat mack slaps Chef for putting the wrong seasoning on Food
School evacuated because of students breath
Child Predator Arrested Near Pawtucket Elementary School
KingDlo The Rapper Out Here fuckin Freshman
Transgender teen gets breast implants
Former RHA Student Cuts off Penis for £5
KHS student shows how to really show your school pride
Harmon Students with HIV
GVHS student Leslie Lievanos caught blowing a male student
Died In Car Crash
Girl caught getting fucked with burnt leg
Albany Teen Charged With Reverse Prostitution After Saying " This Ain't That Type Of Party , I Just Came To Dance "
13 news @10
Homeless Guy
Tiger jumps on a car in Tokyo, Japan and starts smiling for the camera
Breaking News: Brad Ramey likes to tongue punch Kayleys fart box
Hattiesburg High students get caught eating a red bone ass
Minneapolis man wanted for getting freaky with under sea lions at como zoo
Girl lost best snap streak and loses all sanity!
Local rapper Johnny flex has finessed his way to the top of the food chain yet again
Information On Artist
Manhunt for Stephan Lemontage
Lundy Arrested at Savannah State for Meal Plan Fraud
Eric Zinaman eats Carolina Reaper pepper
EHS student sucks 3 students dicks
International dug dealer in Pearland, Tx caught
Breaking news
Manny has a fanny??
Two females being charged with murder
Eric Zinamaneats Carolina Reaper pepper
Professor Goodweed
Local Norristown Teen Arrested For Breaking In Home To Tickle Buttholes
Man caught stealing foe-tys from the 50 cent crew.
Fat Mack Slaps Chief For putting the wrong Seasoning in his food
Cavaliers SF LeBron James To Opt Out Of Contract
Teen wanted for rapeing little brother
Macon Man Is In Jail After Caught On 2nd street prositution
A lady from Rome, ga won big on lottery ticket
Woonsocket teen, Charly Peralta, shot for waving Dominican flag at high school Pep Rally.
Clown Kills 12 civilians and wounded 6 Rockford,Il
Student Got Caught Giving The Principal Oral
Drug bust
Girl loses her streaks and stops caring about everything.
Macon woman stabs another girl in her throat after "mean mugging" her.
Show your school pride
Teenager from Kansas spends day at the wrong high school
18 Year Old Teen From The Bronx
Woman arrested for liking christmas too much
Woman wanted in connection of shoplifting
18 year old teen charged with public indecency and prostitution
Football star hiding something?
Local South Houston student on the loose for stealing all chromosomes around Houston
They was in bad influence
Local Drill Raper Gets Drilled
Bexar County Sheriff deputies seek help catching wanted man
Teen arrested for assault at central high school
Teen makes it big in the underground rap game
West Central Tribune
Women search for 40 year old virgin
Cameron Marquez overdoses on marijuana
College Student Lands a $100,000 Job Before Graduating
Local CTHS student has threesome in school restroom during School hours!
Kid from okc get's signed with ovo sound
Ryan knudsen lies to friends about statements
A McDonald's employee gets caught giving away free Food
Shot and in critical condition
Miami Teen caught receiving oral sex from another male
Woman accused of throwing bed bugs on people
Ashley was caught selling prescription drugs
CMS student caught having a " 3 some " with other students
Mass shooting at gaming event in Birmingham
Local Boy Behind Shops
Blues fans obsession with Aston Villa becomes an illness
Rapper tcorrion Clay also known as Lil corey was sentenced to 5years
Teens will be drug tested twice monthly
The women who died from breathing air
Teenager caught stealing from vending machines during school hours
Peoria man arrested for not texting back
Nottingham woman Anna Wilcox court having a shit in the middle of the road
Man arrested in Rochdale village for being a virgin
Homosapien(human) or Hominoidea (ape)
Harding middle school student caught being a dip shit
Kyler Keith Arrested For The Murder Of Kitty Kat
Teen at Winnetonka Highschool states that "Everbody at this school is dusty except for me"
KHS high school student shows what school pride really means
Macon woman stabs another girl in the throat after "mean mugging" her.
Teenage paedophile from leicester sentenced to 18months in jail
Chicago Teen gets robbed and stripped of his clothes by CLOWNS !
Drake coming to Idaho MAY 17 !
This morning, 22 year old Indya Alvarez was arrested for stabbing her nigga and smirked while in custody.
Girl dies because she refuses to eat her boyfriends butt hole
Sisters get signed up for a recording deal!!
19 year old boy found stuffing drugs in a 25 year old girl
Boys get shot
Rapper, Dinero Bucks Stabbed Twice In Front Of Doninoes Pizza
Star found
Meek Mill Co-Signs Upcoming Artist FLEX MMOAB To DreamChasers
Young teen busted for street racing
San Bernardino teen admits to eating booty like groceries
Henny pulls bitches
Taft Student Battles A Brain Tumor Leading Forehead Growth
Man charged in double homicide of two grilled cheese sandwiches
Loughborough Student Barred from Loughborough Nightclub
19 year old, Dagoberto González was charged with possession of marijuana, cocaine and meth right after finishing up with a hooker
Jaquan caught in the act!
LBJ teen maria valenzuela gets caught smoking crystal meth in a glass pipe.
Minneapolis teen wanted for sniffing up all the air in bc,bp&northside areas FATNOSE ASS
To pussy to fight.
21 year old senior caught taking picture of penis in School
Man charged with murder after a party was shut down on October 20th 2016
Is this the new Hugh Hefner
Swety nigr soon too die of obesity
Ana Babyy
Male suffers from Micro-Penis
Local Rapper
A warrant is out for Dorian Brooks
Shot and killed
Boy rapes girl in a park
BLM Movement Leader
Girl dies from capptivity
Breaking New... April Adams Better Known As AP has been arrested for worlds shortest hair
Man wanted for sex assault, Houston police say
ISIS leader Jibran Kamran was assassinated last night
Kesheairea Overbites Creates sores
15 yr old boy caught sucking an algebra teachers D*** in the boys restroom
Donald Trump becomes president
Macon Woman stabs another girl in the throat for "mean mugging" her.
West Harrison High Graduates caught stealing Walmart Chicken
Child found dead
Rapper "Dinero Bucks" Stabbed Twice In Front Of Dominoes Pizza
Queens man arrested for alleged "Pimpin" ring!
Student caught having sex with teacher for higher grades
22 year old Indya was arrested for stabbing some nigga and smirked while in custody.
Teenage boy involve in purse snatching.
BreakinG News
Kid named Zeeshan Mohammed caught shoplifting
Erie man charged with sexual assault of pit bulls
Tragic !!Boy raped by 3 college girls under the influence
Autistic man has a seizure
Two females warrants are out , Columbus GA
Revere teen runs into wall
Long Beach student arrested for pooping
Young male was found stealing men's boxers from washing lines.
Is he faithful?
Queens man arrested for alleged "Pimpin"
22 year old arrested for beating up Chinese guy
Group of girls brutally murdered
Smelly mexican called out
Rachel perez
Macon Teen-ager Arrested Friday For Chopping Joc Alexander Balls Off
Bronx Teen Doing 15 years for hacking into national database of Currency.
Telfair County woman arrested for slapping an old white woman on the ass
Janie Torres. Wanted for nasty pussy
Wild Animal Alert
Joliet man wanted for Monday night Aurora shooting
Croissants Are Now Restricted To Carl Wheezer
Teen jailed for assaulting Women With penis on her head
36 Year Old Queens Girl Eats And Rapes Clown That Try To Terrorize Her
Teen accused of pooping in the hallways
A Newport Woman jumps off the bridge
Bexar County Sheriff deputies seek help catching wanted man
Teen shot and killed by members of the YNOT gang
Kanye West signs 24 years old to Good Music.
Anderson Highschooler caught doing the weeds
Steph Moro of CarGurus in Cambridge MA, makes epic rally and nails 10K deal at the 9th hour for the second month in a row!
We need trump NOW!!
African American man gets shot for being too ugly
Wetback Child Trying to Come To Merica
Mr Colin foster
Young Newark south ward teen fucked your bitch
Woman cought stealing 200 pounds of twinkies now facing serious charges
Boy caught beating his dick to a teacher picture
White Van
Man shot down by the gang they call 15o BangBros
Two Palatka teens soon to be famous
A male student in the girls locker room at john jay high school
BREAKING- Willenhall Man Wanted
23 Year Old Full-Time Stay-At-Home Son Loves Eggs
Hancock varsity player has a 2 year contract for LA Galaxy
Long Beach high student arrested from pooping
Jesé Landaverde, 15, Got arrested for being in a gay strip club under the age of 18
Local Walmart Shooting
Macon woman arrested for shootin Ex in his private
Tai with the big titties
Teen caught drinking toilet water in girls bathroom
Nick torian found dead from swallowing horse cock
Davion Joiner has AIDS!
Black Teen Arrested For Killing Cop With Lip
The kid who throw stuff in the movies
Girl Caught Getting Trained By 2 Teens Behind The Liquor Store
RLH student caught tickling butt holes
Houston most wanted Texas Wildin, arrested for the set up of high horse horse power meets
Joven detenido por violacion de menor de edad en Cienega de Flores N.L
New STD out started by Hannah Bradford
Miamisburg Natives Griffen Litsey and Patrick Bodkin get the record for Biggest Penis
Lameah Sanders
El Chapo Cousin Captured & Deported
Investigation Continues as Fenwick Appears To Have Had Accomplice
Beware of the Baby daddy stealer
Coochie Killer Wanted For Committing Murders Across The Nation
Kid rages and rapes dog.
Kid from okc gets signed with ovo sound
Man caught cheating on wife with blow up doll on balcony
Delinquent teens drive through city park throughout the night
High school student caught drinking noodles and smoking skittles
Immigrant caught having sex with dog??
Macon woman arrested for should Ex in his private
Harmon Highschool KCK
Breaking news 23 year old man wanted in connection for something out of this world!
Nudes expose ????
Joliet man wanted for Aurora shooting leaving 2 wounded and 1 dead
Girl Caught Getting Trained Behind Liquor Store
UPDATED: Criminal robs corner store for "Race Truck"
Chicago female nurse rapes baby boy
We need trump NOW!
Women beater
Teenaged Boy Hospitalized Jaw Fractured From 90 Minute Oral Intercourse
Teen Girls Caught Eating Booty At local Walmart
KGUN 9 BREAKING NEWS: Pedestrian Hit by 2004 Subaru around Mission and Starpass; Identified as Dupree Alante Jackson Jr.
20 year old Anthony Contreras Raped in Racine County Jail by other inmate.
Telfair County woman arrested for slapping an old white woman on the ass.
Young Pilsen Barber.
Lubbock texas immigrant caught having sex with dog???
Local drugie disabled man jumps into a gorilla cage
Teen shot
Oreo homicide
Daijah Hammonds Gone Missing With Faribault Girl
This morning, 22 year old Indya was arrested for stabbing some nigga and smirked while in custody.
Local News.
Woman arrested for killing a girl that "mean mugved" her
Pretty teenage girl continues to be "unbothered" & it finally starts killing bitches..
Brooklyn Man dressed in clown suit on a spree assulting boys
Truth finally comes out Jeff is a Woman named Jessica
Body's found in womens home
RHHS Girls Making Out In Bathroom
Michaela Bailey Caught Licking An Elephants Ass
CHS Football Player is First Openly Gay IHSAA Athlete
Girl caught having sex in tividale park bush!
Man charged in gun bust
Sterling billz is being most wanted for murder of girlfriend mom
Girl arrested for hitting someone's dog
Nottingham Man in critical condition after letting three women "Sit on his face"
Girl Caught Masterbating At Work
SMNW School Thot
8th grader from AHMS was master bathing in the restroom
Tamya McAdory Just Diagnosed With PED
Man fleeing police now on the run
Breaking news 23 year old man wanted in connection for a murder.
This teenage bitch caught stealing
Rayshawn Martinez wanted for shoplifting from 2008-2011 at Duane read if caught could face up to 15 years in prison
MARSHAWN POPE an student at drw college prep accused of blowing up the school building
Truman student has sex with teacher just to fuck bitches
Teenager Robs The Gas Station Naked
Taft student with bald spot bullied
Butler ga
Quanterrio Deshaun Taylor Wanted For 8 Attempted murders
Hanan, A young adult of Blaine caught with 17 bodies in trunk
Local Joliet teen in hospital after drinking "nothing but liquid sausage"
Obsession with eating vagina
Amber Coronado Wanted For Hit And Run
Investigation Launched Into Loughborough Student Andrew Fenwick, 21, For Sexual Harassment
Does ASB President Kayla Hitt make football star smile?
Merrill student shot in the leg while walking home
Finnese kids
Tragic Beloved Delaware Man Fatally...
A young female kid napped from her job Ps 1 located in the Bronx
Joliet man wanted for Aurora shooting leaving 2 wounded and 1 dead
Jarvis college student shits on himself.
Macon teen got arrested
This morning 22 year old Indya Alvarez was arrested for stabbing some guy and smirked while in custody
Local artist making a name for him self
Ryan Sanson takes wrestling by a long shot
Americas Number 1 Immigrant Deported Back To Mexico
Tom Brady
Been a hoe all the time and saying she loyal
Macon woman beats another for screwiing her cousin while she's in a relationship!!
Girl got caught drinking her own piss
Cristiano Ronaldo (sad news)
Mother trades daughter
Mount Vernon Man & Yonkers teen Charged With Disturbing The Piece
Young adult of Blaine caught with 17 bodies in trunk
Teen kidnapped after during $5 "butt fucks"
Raping Little Girls
Shamim sock eater
Young teen locked up for throwing her shoe at student .
East high school teen caught gettin ran on
Student found eating ass in class
24 year old New Jersey woman arrested in Philadelphia
Americas 1 Immigrant Deported Back To Mexico
Teenager at Wyandotte was caught
Thot of 2016
Clowns Terrorising Streets
Hehphzibah high school student rushed to hospital after getting hit with school bus
Billion dollar deal
Kid eats the whole dollar store
Kamani Harrel , 19 Yrs Old Addiction
Willy Notez from Lynn MA. lands major deal with Sony Music
17yr Old Teen Alleged for Murder
Woonsocket teen arrested for stealing Homework/Classwork from other students to graduate Highschool
Ruben balderas caught smuggling illegal imigrants
West end Killer
Teenager Robs The Gas Station Naked
He ain't do nun his neck just long asl
A Coochie Killer Wanted Commited Muders All Across The World
Pretty teenager girl continues to kill these bitches with kindness which cause them to immediately die..????
Dookie Coochie ????????????
18 year old female ends up in hospital after getting some good dick
Dylan Thompson signs for Aston Villa
Pilsen Barber
Joliet man wanted for Aurora shooting leaving 2 wounded and 1 dead
3 Clowns in Manchester got killed by teenagers
Man (20) rapes tacuaches for fun
Breaking news
Thalia Delgado gone missing last night
Loughborough Student, Andrew Fenwick, 21, Faces Lawsuit for following girls home from nights out
Margiela , 16 , Shot 76 times and lives to tell the story
Young Kid Isai Soto isn't safe, a Stalker is looking for him.
Joliet Teen Found WIth Dead Goat
Shaquille O'Neal's Long lost Daughter "Adanna Mays"
Young Billionaire Marcus Fielding is being sued $15.3 million by Richmond County for computer hacking
Leona Briody caught giving head over the wreck
Breaking News Bomb scare in Mastbaum High
Daijha maraearrested for killing her boyfriend Darren Borden
Oklahoma Queen of Beauty Returns
Girl chops off brother head
The escamole gets in fight at shs after picking food oit of another student tray
Lincoln shoot out
Victim found dead
Are Nick and Emily together?
14 Year girl caught smoking dick in class
Boy goes to hospital and find's out he is really half panda
Party at Jc house
Caught trying to do a 30 roll
Woonsocket man dies in bathroom while taking a selfie due to excessive constipation.
Jasmin Valdez thought to be a hoe
Teen Wanted for Shootout leaves 2 injured
19 year old teen arrested after attempting to eat J. Cole's booty like groceries
Teen caught in the bathroom
Breaking News !
Police officer are looking for this teen that just kill another teen in the bronx
Young man likes candy corn
Teenage girl caught stealing??
Don't leave your clips around African suspect sneaking in people house stealing dozens of left over blunts
Garland female on the look out two kids and pound of marijuana and smoking dab outside woodgate apt
Woman beats a girl that was screwing her cousin!!
Arm Robbery
Noisy UCB students find themselves in lawsuit
Long Hair Dude Wanted for Getting Drunk & Dog Rape
Kid got cought picking his nose in class.
19 year old adult seduces young Teen
Macon man arrested on aggervated assault charges
Local Joliet teen rescues squirrel from a burning crack house
People in the Brownsville and Bed Stuy area
Race Car Stolen!
21 year old Jazmine frazier arrested without bond
Young teen shot 2 timea
Polls are in.. majority says Tommy is better looking and funnier than Eddie
Dangerous drug attic
Forget College, I want to be a Stripper!
Student chought having sex with lunch lady for more pizza..
Young man gets arrested for trying to do a 30 roll
Camilla resident Kentavious Williams was arrested for selling stolen pecans
Girl arrested for knocking another girl out
Big Forehead Girl Accidentally Breaks Forearm While Dabbing
Student from Chavez High school
Toppenish Topp Stop surrounded by Police Enforcement after attempted robbery.
New upcoming rapper out of Pennsylvania "ill Will"
Pawtucket Man 20, wanted for murder
Homeless person caught wondering around south Houston high school
Tyshawn Felder
Willenhall man , born with no penis but couldn't give a fuck
Sac tombstone piledrives trachcer for changing grade to a E to F
22 year old Indya Alvarez arrested for stabbing her nigga and she smirk while in custody.
Joliet man wanted for Monday shooting
Joliet Central Student Causes Massive Explosion In The Schools Welding Lab
Power Ball Winner!!!
Dirty Black Hoodlum Gets Shot While Riding A Bike. Pronounce dead on scene
RKHS student suspended for wearing only one bundle!
First degree murder
Big Forehead Girl Accidentally Breaks For Am While Dabbing
NFL RIGGED! Colts will defeat Vikings in Super Bowl 51
Memorial Student Hunting Thots
Camilla resident Kentavious Williams arrested for selling stolen pecans
Teen Wanted
Teen girl got eaten by bears in the woods
Teen Adrian Contreras Shot and killed
Free Grimey aka Asbury
Hyde park local conducts drug bust . Says she's " tired of waiting on half tres "
Thomas Girling of Stafford
Kck local boy gets promoted to "Del Records"
Girlfriend stays home. Misses epic Beach day
Young Woman Accused Of Murder
Semaj Shelley Arrested After Killing A Clown
Southwest High School Student Arrested
Local Macon man joe Lewis arrested for licking an old lady's ass
Bridgeport Rapper Master Mc arrested for having tides with el chapos sinaloa cartel
Shannon guestford faces brutal beating after being a total bitch all week.
Blakenall girl scutty nails
Wanted for not paying tax!
Kid gets shot 3 times on 8th and washington
A teen, Rodolfo Vallejo has been arrest this morning in the Aurora area
Amy Caught Giving Adriel some Tea and weed from the back storage of HEB
High School Teenager Shot Dead For Consuming 12 kilos Of Cociane that wasn't his
Seeking For Man In Garfield New Jersey
Macon man charged with aggervated assault
The New Kodak Black On The Loose
Hyde park local conducts drug bust in hyde park . says she's " tired of waiting on half tres "
19 YrOld Mytokia Killed For No Text Back
Teens charged for rape
VHS student dating a character from Ice Age movie?
But tickler
Woonsocket teen arrested for pleasuring himself in the boy's bathroom
A big ugly ass mosquito
Man looses human rights after becoming "too fat for science".
Sasha in search of new bubba
Fat retarded cunt having his first meal since Sudan
BROWNSVILLE HOODRAT sentenced to LIFE in prison for speading COOTIES!!!
Kelly Frosoff Player Aaron Rodriguez Contracted For 3 Years With Chicago Fire!
Shannon guestford faces fine after being a total bitch all week.
Run Away Child
Young schoolboy left disheartened
Suspect wanted for shoplifting from 2008-2011 at Duane read if caught could face up to 15 years in prison
Teen caught in bathroom
It's lit ???????????? !!
High School Brings a Lethal Weapon On School Grounds
Woman aged 25 kills pet goldfish bruitally
They found him having sex with his girlfriend.
Teens Gets Her Ass Beat At Local Park
Teen arrested at O.D Wyatt high school
West Rome white lady go to jail for beating up her boyfriend
Did ASB Presisent Kayla Hitt sleep her wayto the top?
Two 20 year Old Females Arrested For Scamming Niggas
Local comedian Tyrell Robertson has been caught !
Delaware man Wanted
Woonsocket Man aressted for selling his EBT card for cash to a undercover cop
Booty tiickler.!!!!
Nyhru Burgess Arrested For Assault on His Employee Manager
Suspect hit for "bands"
Kenny Tran dies after eating ass
DCHS teacher and daughter find fun ways for honey
Marshanti Jenkins caught for cutting dicks
Deshane Charles got caught have sex with fat girl in bathroom
Girl caught online claiming she'll do anything for truck parts
Miss McGready on the bun
Kelly Frosoff Goalkeeper Aaron Rodriguez Has Been Contracted For 3 Years With Chicago Fire FC
Young Women held tonight after shooting ex
Woonsocket teen wanted for his enormous head
Kid cheats on girlfriend with dog
River rouge has a real undercover cop
Lady nearly chokes
Breaking News
Somebody help this poor girl
Tipton stripper taken to court due to over charging customers
Young teen shot 6 times in critical condition.
Student at South Houston High School claims to have eaten every ass at school
Brooklyn girl shot to death
Cannock boy aged 11 has been caught kissing 3 boys
Teenage Boy Wanted in Connections with the Sinaola Cartel
Local Jackson Rapper Has Been Arrested For Bestiality
LHS Student Further Milks This Trend
(WANTED) For 3 counts of assault
Teen caught sucking dick in highschool bathroom
Man Thought He Caught A Mermaid!
Teen dies from eating pizza
Wardle knicker sniffer strikes again
Young lad loves girl but she doesn't like him
Selinsgrove student found having sex with a teacher.
Planet fitness in class action lawsuit.
Teen caught beating on her mom
Delaware man kills girlfriend
BREAKING NEWS: Denver man Gabriel Ruiz hospitalized for pink sock after brutal gang rape
The lengend himself will 1v1 a n00b.
Future Footballer Has Became A Sensation Europe After Trying Out For Barcelona .
19 year old girl caught having sex at Walmart
Parkersburg High School Teacher found having an affair with a student
Stowe Township student arrested for stealing from a nearby Wendy's .
Suspect Still at Large (Canada Wide what Warrant)
UCA Students remake "Set it Off" movie plot
Jesus Medina Wanted For Pulling Bitches
North Minneapolis teen wanted for breaking in people house and eatting all cat&dog food
Mario el mayito cought fucking 10+ girls please be carful !
Lion from the zoo is on the run.
Kaleb caught Giving oral sex in exchange for Jordan shoes
Nerd gets caught sucking dick behind heb
LHS is going crazy?!!
Hoeclyn Pinhead wanted transferring STD's to all the boys in Waterbury
Sailor Rosa Santiago does the impossible
UM Fan attempts to rob FSU of trophy
Columbus villian Kuttthroat Pee Arrested
Lottery winner
Closet Case
3ft tall teen "Linda Chavez" shoots boyfriend for not getting her chicken nuggets...
Brooklyn woman charged in brutal beating of boyfriend
BROWNSVILLE HOODRAT sentenced to LIFE in prison for speading COOTIES!!!
Baby Module Disaster
Knicker sniffer strikes again
It's lit !!!
School schooler on the loose after escaping immigration
Teenage girl caught giving oral sex at Southeast High School
Moises brown caught sucking dick for drugs
Boy goes to hospital and find out he is really half panda
The sex maniac is back at it
Woonsocket man dies in bathroom due to constipation while takimg a photo.
Suspect Arrested for assault and disorderly conduct
High school students Omaria Watson, Diamond Meredith, And Briana Toldbet jumped a student in the bathroom.
Search For Young Pregnant Female In Delaware County Shooting
Teacher has sex with Student for weed.
Clown found having sex with clown un Porter Early High School
Woman Crippled After Being Slapped With "A Big Penis"
Woonsocket teen wanted for his big ass alien head
Local man (Brian Duhn) arrested for indecent exposure with another man
Young man gets arrested for being too low
Mario el mayito got 10 girls pregnant y'all girls watch out
Vines famous "summerella" in critical condition after fatal car crash
Stephen Curry's Ankles
Donald Trump killed in Kansas City.
Stoughton teen dies in lawn mower crash
Fashionista predicts new fall craze
Chloe wilkinson is wanted for murder
Real life legi head Thomas Wellings
Pervert banned from Southampton pub for posing as blind
Greensboro Student Got Caught Getting Trained In the Boys Bathroom And Sucking Dick
Stripper could be found guilty of over changing customers
Student found dead in Dorchester
Greedy McGready
A young girl from Roswell NM has overdosed by this drug called "marijuana."
Teenage girl wanted for prostitution in the state of NJ
Jesus amount us
Starr Nashay caught having a threesome with two pitbulls
Chloe wilkinson is wanted for theft
Woman found sucking dogs asshole for shit
Drug Lord Capture And Escaped
Young highschool student fucks Art teacher for graffiti spraypaint
A yeenager shot in the head got jumped on n raped
Atherstone Girl Arrested
Timothy Pierre
16 yr. old girl from Boston MA accepted to 34 colleges/universities including 6 IVY Leagues.
Local man left for dead.
Shayna Coke charged in
Local teen gets in a fight at Sumner academy
Brian Dahn arrested for indecent exposure with another man
New tv series" That's so brownsvile" coming to disney channel starring OfficialPParker premire sunday night .
Youngest Nba Player (Alex Castillo)
Teenager was taken by UFO and probed
*Genius World Record* holder for having sex with over 1600 different women lives is Rockford IL
Breaking News in Torres case life partner Leandra Navarrete comes forward
Seville lynch car theif
Girl Cought Sicking Dick At West Montgomery High School
Tay and long time Husband Yo Gotti is Smoothing things along
Hyenas spotted near palisades mall
Women on the run in willenhall, police say to keep clear of her.
Teen caught Wearing her big cousin shoes
Woman wanted for massive theft at Woonsocket Dollar Tree
Teen from Bushburry gets down on one knee
Dontrell tremble is a horny mfk
Got shot n killed
CPS 8 year old boy shot and killed
Minneapolis teen peins falls off due to beat his MEAT to much
House fire
RHS student who is now on the list of top 10 sexist men alive.
The big freeze is on its way
Lynn man wanted in connection in running a drug empire
Young Aged Boy To be sentenced 22nd October
ACHS Student Caught Getting Dick Sucked
Tragedy for savin hill resident
Kelvin Briggs caught fucking a horse
RHS student is Chris Bosh's son
Four teenagers were involved in armed bank robbery a year ago...
A young girl in Roswell N.M overdoses on the most dangerous drug, Marijuana.
Million dollar deal
Rapper Young Duce Pistol Whipped And Robbed After Attending G5IVE
East high student fights gram gram
Sinking Spring man found having sexual relations with an elderly man for permission to use parking lot.
Local John Jay student was caught with 2 pounds of crack in his book bag
Long Beach high student arrested for pooping
FBI Investigation Has Lead To indictment Of Former Gang Leader And Drug Trafficker
15-year-old girl caught a seizure right when she had an orgasm with 18 men in Saint Nicholas project staircase
Riverside high school student caught jerking off in classroom while doing a test
40yr old man intoxicated touching himself on vanpelt in from of teenage boys
Providence convicted felon arrested
Young Teen get shots In Newark City Southward
Women on the run in willenhall, police say to keep clear of her
Coach Nick Saban To Make Guest Apparence At Local Football Game 10/21
**Wanted** for stealing candy out of little round up
Local Navy Sailor Daniel Barefoot from Cordele Ga wins $2.1 Million in Florida Lottery.
Macon Man admits to Receiving Breast implants
Teen critically injured due to car accident
Boy cauught and rapped by clown
Breaking News
Teen Boy Wanted In A String Of Shootings
Lady almost chokes on marshmallow
Midland Man suspected of Clown Night Prowl
MHS student Jason McGraw
Have you seen this man?
Snoop Dogg Speaks on Instagram "Suge Put a Hit Out On Pac"
Youngest NBA Player Ever(Alex Castillo)
Macon teen arrested after boys try to jump him & he shoot the whole fucking crowd
Young Pakistani man gets blacked by 5 men
Sophie the killer clown discovery
Mr Keith Plumb
Riverside high school student caught jerking off in the restroom
Dynamic duo wanted for murder
SHS student caught selling his mouth for half off.
Jaylyn Evins has a STD
20 yr old, Raymie Barela accused of raping dogs all around the U.S
Cassie Johnson was arrested for queefing
UCA Student meltdown at Pep Rally
Thirst bucket
Capital High School Student got a record deal with Young Money Records
Boy shot 3 times for dickriding
Teen Kills 5 adults Then Eats them
The WorldWide challenge on musically now! SashaWiwiChallenge
Teen wanted for dating sister
We have a winner !!!
This young teenage girl says there's no such thing as a malenism
Awesome Mother Alert
Local Joliet teen fights gorrila barehanded
Lewis wanted
Nicole Martin robs a bank
Rip vanessa hernandez jaquez
Cat killes owner by providing a lethal dose of catnip to them while they slept
Teen Overdose off crystal light hospitalized
Student gets caught eating principals ass for free lunch
Young teenage fat boy jailed for having an affair with his dad
Woonsocket Man was arrested today due to popping pills during prom
Suspect name Juan Cruz is eating every ones ass.
New Worldwide Youtuber! Earns 80 Million Subscribers!
Hershey gay mfs
Local John Jay student caught with 2 pounds of crack in back pack
Man shot at bus stop
Muere joven de 17 años de edad en un accidente automovilistico
Teen girl got nocked the fuck up with her phone
Boy too sexy for school got expelled
Magda Chavez 18 yr old from san Antonio
Carlos Carrillo of Rhs got caught playing with himself
Aleena Agha is not gay!
Newark teen dead for lying on his dick
Fox 26:Breaking News
Number one harambe look alike caught sexually abusing donkeys.
2 black teens arrested @ cross creek high school
Georgia Teen Get Hammered By Her Father
EHS Identity Theft
Nayeli Ortiz gets caught
African American UCA Student Gets Arrested
Gerald James
Student of RHS gets tons of girlfriends because he's handsome and loveable.
Ardenia won billions
Mat Leks Banned From PC Gaming
Eatingazz n sucking dick at school
Brooklyn was Flashing her gooch
Renton students punches teachers penis
Willenhall Man Wanted
Armed and dangerous
How Loud Is Too Loud?
SAPD looking for stolen car $1000 Reward
Terrell Barrett Has sex with the lunch lady for free pizza
Ivan Cobbs Is On The Run For Stealing Over 5,000 Dollars Of Food From The Neighborhood Walmart. Clearwater Police Department Were Called But There Is Still No Sign Of The Suspect.
Local Macon Woman Stabs Ex Because He Called Her A B**h
Matt Leks Banned From PC Gaming
Joliet Teen to face serious federal charges
Early this morning 18 year old Ariel Deoleo was arrested at Lynn vocational institute for possession of drugs
Modibu, A Dick Sucker That Attends Eximius, On FBI Most Wanted List For Dick Sucking
Woonsocket Women aressted due to catfishing
Watch Out!
Teen's kills family over "Food Stamp Card"
22 year old arrested lasf week
Louann Bielik wanted for arrest warrants from Fort Worth T. X. Under investigation for coupon fraud scams...
NHS students caught fucking his horses
College Student charged with stalking after calling fiancé 12,577 times, leaving 1768 text, 400 emails , 234 Facebook messages, and 12 direct messages on Instagram.
Hall hail the Red Queen Carolina
Rasheen Ryan West Finally Put In Protective Custody After Multiple People Searches For Him On Kingsbridge With A 40. Caliber Gun
Defensive end from john jay
Local teen arrested for running over boyfriend
Rip shazia
Search For Young Pregnant Female In Delaware County Shooting
Young teen in critical condition after beating his meat to hard
Finger Condoms....
Jael Hernandez going to jail for hitting a girl
Nonce Outside Green Rock Primary
ACHS Teen Gets Caught Sucking Dick
Jim Vargas
UK grime rapper killed in shooting
Brooklyn basketball star
Roma high school boys soccer
Tyrese is charged with first degree murder
BHS bites
Young Man(Darnell Vincent) raped young Girl at Nottingham academy ransom road
Police urgently want to speak to this man
Lynn Ma student 18 year old Ariel Deoleo was arrested at Lynn Vocational Institue
Macon man dies after sucking girl toes
Hhs art and gym teachers found having sex
Teen finally got box got box for the first time in his life
Watch your man!
College student wins Millons
Teen, 19 shot on New Lots Ave by train station.
RHS sophomore was sent to a mental hospital for being weird
Just in
Starz T.V Show Power Will Be Doing A Scene In Milford,Ma
Two New Haven Teen Fatally shot ; 1 Dead ,1 in critical condition
Rasheed Ryan West Finally Put In Protective Custody After Multiple People Searches For Him On Kingsbridge With A 40. Caliber Gun
Rhs boy got caught playing with himself in the boy's bathroom
Fort Worth Kid Might Strike NFL Deal
Debbie Cruz of Grandview Wa banned from Grandview Wa
Santana High School caught with more than 20 Xanax pills
Greensboro Female Names Are Listed To Be Known As "THOTS"
Elmira Man Charged With Possesion Of a Loaded Firearm
Alexus has done something unbelievable ????
Teen face jail time
Cumberland man arrested today due to lying and saying he owns a Lowered Honda Civic
High school students caught having sexual intercourse in school bathroom
Edison High School
Biggest Thot
Things just got serious
Local terrorist on the run, after bombing valley high school
CElTIC set to sing youth player Connor Anderson
Wanted Teen
Local teen ass gets phat over night
UNA Female found dead
Phoebe Bennett took a poo down Dylan Zarreli's chimney
Student found dead
Girl got slapped with dick and died
Rin Noir, 14, caught eating her own arm.
East Boston MA .. Young girl arrested in JROTC class
Man finds 500,000 in drug sting operation
Died yesterday night
Snoop Dogg Speaks "Suge Put a Hit Out On Pac"
Fined for taking someones bitch
Two New Haven Teens fatally shot ; 1 dead , 1 in critical condition
Teen, 19 shot on New Lots Ave by train station
Double Homicide took place in North Jackson
WHEELS Highschool to be shut down
Woman found charged with the murder of her ex boyfriend.
Human Damaris declares as the best in bed
Haitian uber driver aressed for sexual asault
Laney Teacher Arrested for Sexting Student's Parents
New Quest
Rasheen Ryan West Finally Put In Protective Custody After Multiple Random People Walk Around Kingsbridge Searching Fir Him With A 40. Caliber Gun
Shakira Coleman
Alexis Mcelroy only 15 was kid napped, stapped, and killed.
Rome male arrested for stealing from hope and shop
All water sources have been polluted with a new bacteria called shoupean
Meme god officially spotted in Moline High school cafeteria eating oñiëñ buns
Man shot over 9 times more than 50 shots fired in KCMO
Young man is wanted for having too much swag
Kelly High School Senior
Sherwin Levon King jr. got a girl pregnant
BHS student caught selling "Memes" and was Arrestsed for being "too dank"
Ronnie Gettings from Blakenall found bumming a chicken
Woman arrested for bussing boyfriend head open to the white meat
Girl caught fucking in the restroom
On The Run
Young child attacked outside wells road subway
Wanted : leaving pregnet 70 females
Local guy kicked off facebook and reported by Merv
Girl gone lesbian
This boy thinks hes blastin but he aint lastin
Jhs student caught stealing poptarts at breakfest
Student caught haveing sex in principles office with janitor
Woman Arrested For Breaking Husband Out Of Jail
Local Tyler teen awarded for being so $picy
Rasheen Ryan West Finally Put In Protective Custody After Random People Walk Down The Street Looking For Him With A 40 Caliver Gun
Fort Worth man posing as high school student
In SA 2 parents in custody after child abuse
Became a King ????
Break and enter/ stolen vehicle
Girl from reedswood is a fake
Local artist from elmont who goes by "vonte the pioneer" set to take over the game with his team, says "P.E.D.O Bitch" to the haters!
Boy raped by ten females
Local raper gets sighed to Epic Records
East high school student Serigo crus got his ass kick by a she-male
22 year old conviced of 1 degree Murder
Wanted Walmart theif
21 Year old arrested for for attempted murder.. U won't believe what happen
Double Homicide
18 Year-Old Boy from Wiltshire Fails to Climb Britain's Highest Peak
Man expected to survive after shooter blasts him in the chest and groin in Brooklyn
Ivan Lopez Wanted
TMA Female Gets Caught Giving Art Teacher Oral Sex For A Higher Grade
Young Teen Arrested For Killing 16 People In Lincoln High School
Widnes Lad Found Sniffing OAP's Boxers
Chubaca on the lose
Teen Gets Pregnet By Cousin
Teen arrested for playing with the pussy
Frankie Nash, age 29 of Allston, faces 10 years in prison after eating grass off statehouse lawn. Claims to be "woke and vegan"
Woonsocket Man arrested due to having bad eyebrows
CBC student threatens to shoot
His penis WAS 12 inches
Warrant out for Jaylee Samples arrest
Timmy turner
"Lowkey Faggot Niggas Get Spanked For A Light Up"
Danger in the zone
The man with no minerals
RHS Student is planing to join ISIS
Josh Gray 5 star recruit get multiple offers
Saida Rodriguez
Gulfport amateur comedian slaps classmate with penis
Sherwin Levon King jr. harass in the butthole
Artist From southbridge,MA lands huge record deal with masacre musical
Famous Rapper "The Game" Takes Meek Bitch!
Shooting on 116 South side Jamaica Queens
Crip fucc 150000 bitches
Sean Keller kicked out of joes place reading, pa
Clowns Are in Wm
Kango Tho
IPHS student caught having sex with lunch lady for more piizza
Osama bin laden spotted popping molly with al queda at a rave in ATX.
Pervert arrested for terrosing the women of facebook
Student caught giving pleasure to another student
Most wanted
Killed for selling drugs on Colfax
Teen shot 9 times pronounced dead
21 Yeah old arrested for for attempted murder.. U won't believe what happen
Donald Trump found dead in Chicago
Breaking news
Corn teeth female wanted for not brushing her teeth
Girls frozen in perpetual 'DAB' pose
Benefits Britain Cancels Christmas
Woman beats up boyfriends side chick in restaurant
Oklahoma, Having a Reptile Crisis
Woonsocket man arrested for driving a car with a broken head gasket
NEW UPDATE ! On October 15,2016 Diondre Horton and Eric Bedell had broken into a 60 yrs pld women house
KiraaDaddii Arrested For Killing a 4 year old
Jacksonville taking off?
Avyon aka Azel
Messican Cartel for new bumpers
Crip fuccs 150000
Wyoming Indian Student caught having sexual intercourse with teacher
Almost caught a body
Woonsocket man arrested for driving a car with a broken head gasket
Teen Caught Fucking A Goat
Wanted for questioning for involvement in a homicide
TSA officer loves him some melo!!!
Student caught sucking dick in school
Caleb Kaiser, age 24 of Somerville, suffers from lack of manhood from eating soy and gluten free foods. Says "patakeyo made me do it"
SSHS student caught smoking crack with a teacher
Ace Boogie To Sign With Def Jam For 1.5 Million
Kid caught smoking grandmas cigarettes
Man gets fucked by neighbors horse for 10 packets of ketchup
EHS Student Caught Smoking Meth
Girl arrested for stabbing her 21 year old boyfriend
Knicker sniffer strikes again
1.5 Million Dollar
Augusta Teen Gunned Down By Crackhead
Erith School Shut Down Permentantly
Crystal Newcombe and Leah Brown were caught in a car robbery
EHS potheads
TRU Boxing Headz Due To Shut Down
Teen arrested for being a pussy boyy
Liyah is charged w/a muder case..killing her boyfriend Nuke
Convicted Felon WANTED
Work space violence
Lhs student had possession of a gun and meth
Kina, 20 years old who lives in staten island has been accused of the murder of her ex.
Macon man arrested for having 10 kilos of cocaine
Elmira Teen Charged With Robbery
Author's Novels Predicts Events of the Past and Present
Lightskin male 22 shoots up club after denied dancer number
Tony torres of Grandview caught stealing wheelchairs from hospital and the disabled
Shs Groupy H*** had three some with principle Gasparello...
Brooklyn kid dies after seeing his dick On the floor
State wide search for known gang member in wake of shooting death of enemy
LHS student contracts herpees in the bathroom
Racine Male In Custody For Gang Activity
Man Arrested after Milly Rock Incident
Bay Ridge resident Bryan Sheehy passes away
Carl Whitehurst
Major drug bust in Valliant, Ok
Another clown sighting!!! Frome field Longhill.
"A Jackson Story"
Carlos AKA (Loso) Wanted For Drug Trafficking
Bran Finesse Shot In Head
Lhs student caught in the boys bathroom with cocain
Nonce in boscombe found selling drugs
Racine Male Im Custody For Gang Activity
School teacher was convicted
Streetz being took over by Dj Streetz
Student gets invited to hells kitchen
Young student from Kennedy HS has been caught giving head to the janitor.
Columbus Teen Caught Sucking Dick At Spencer High School
Pierre Tayshawn Beauzil 18, killed in pompano beach shooting Several gun wounds found in body
Augusta teen Fatally shot By a crackhead on 12st
False Flagger
Local Man Vows Never to See Another Movie Until All are 800,000 fps
HHS student Jose Morales,
James Jackson caught eating ass
A Life Story About a Girl Who Fucked Her Step Dad
Wanted For Theft
Elmira Teen Attested On Southside
Fernando Rivera Sends Dick pics
Hold up at Greg's: suspect arrested
Access student involved in double homicide
Oompa loompa found roaming around RLHS
Willenhall teen Arrested for Jumping school pupil
Girl seen fucking outside a quick trio
Scavo high school student found inside a horse coverd in shit
Racine Male Arrested For Gang Activity
Gorilla has escaped Zoo!
Hednesford man caught speeding in a school area
LHS Student gets a 6 year old girl pregnant
Torrez pugh
Juann Martinez charged with attempt of murder.
Aswan Mapp Arrested For Assault On A 62 Year Old Lady
Murder Charges
Previous MHS graduate accused of sleeping with staff to graduate
Be on the look out
Crack-head on the loose
Local artist set to take over the game, says P. E. D.O bitch to haters!
Local sutton man get sack for having a smelly p**is
New academy gets shut down
Woonsocket Man arrested for hitting up underage girls
Tom Jones hosts underage BBQ
Student expelled after trying to have sex with lunch lady for extra fries.
Wanted for stealing dirty panties
Student are Schalgle High admits to sucking D*** inside the Restrooms
Teen From Brunswick,Ga Offered To Be A Porn Star!
HHS student Jose morales
Halesowen man arrested following child grooming.
Nashua stabbing on walnut street
21 Years old arrested for beating the shit out of her babyfather
Frankie Matos In Police Custody
Wife says no to make love to poorly husband
CUHS student gets arrested for cocaine distribution
Alex Velasquez found ducking dick at RGHS
Old man named Neil Fleming cryed when getting gassed in the gas chamber
Man likes what he saw
Kid gets awarded for best rooster
Midland Man suspected of clown crime
Asian Teen ask Sheriff if he hears those Headers?
Girl gets caught sucking penis in school bathroom
Bosch Employee Arrested
Sharpstown High School student lying about being raped by a horse
Police in Liverpool on the search.
Justice Allah at the age of 17 was arrested earlier this morning for uppercutting local waterbury prostitutes
Pregnant women arrested for shop lifting at a local stop & shop
Local hoe Trayvon Pruitt arrested for having to many hoes
Teen caught having a threesome with 2 teachers
Revere MA . A fight at seacoast turns into attempted murder
Teens On The Run
Lynn Ma student 18 year old Ariel Deoleo was arrested at Lynn vocational institute for possession of drugs
Local Rapper Donates $10,000 To "Hood"
Drug overdose
Malden Native wins Masscash Jackpot
Graham teen goes to juvenile detention for fight in girls bathroom
Teen cought to with a pound of Marijuana
Macon man slaps Shit out work manager
Man robs fast food Restraunt but doesn't take any money
Miss greedy McGready
Young talent makes debut for Barcelona FC
Teenager was found in local park for harassment
A girl stealing from shops
Student Yolanda Cowans caught with a pound of Marijuana sentenced to 20 years
Male arrested for having to many hoes
Daruis Townsend got all the hoe !!
Drake Signs 21 Year Old D-Goon To a $2M Deal
Redby woman charged with public nuisance.
Frankie Matos in Police Custody after high speed pursuit
Caitlin Sanderson needs to hurry up and cracked on with her lad !
Young man 22 Gun down after being held for ransom
Reavis High School Student Michael Morales found shot dead with 3 gun shot wounds
Adam Furniss caught on CCTV being intimate with a McDonalds burger
Student gets butt implants
Eating Pussy And Dies Because Of The Smell
Trapppp mixtape sells over 9 million
2 school girls, Yasmin (14) Ellie (13) on court trials for "clowning around"
Sad news
Newark teen killed this morning in a drive by
*Breaking News! Brianna Lenard is not gay!
Emma goss
Local Retard Thinks He's Spiderman
Transgender teen protests against own family
Maher Hamadouch is one of up and coming YouTubers in the world
Kelly High School Soccer Player
Sexiest lad ever
Homeless Boy looking for a New Home
Killed for drug dealing on Colfax
Wyleys finests
14 yearold
McLane high student sex with lunch lady
Local Fresno teen accused of stealing peers boyfriends
Stolen truck
Warrant For Arrest
Young girl gets arested for breaking into McDonald's.
1,000,000$ Reward for Timothy Carroll
Kid hides from authorities using white camouflage
Meriden Teen Dies In Fatal Shootout
This Nigga Ish
Prosecuted for having to many hoes
Teen wanted for iphone robbery with goal of purchasing 'nicks of da green"
Manuel Avila fucks any girl he wants
LHS student started to fuck his dog
Revere MA, school fighting turns into Attempt of murder
Tj says his roasting career is over
Dudley College Studnet Caught
Boy found having sex with a snake in school
23 savage running for president
Man suspected of being clown
A teenager sexually harasses neighbours cat
Gorilla escapes zoo to revenge his beloved partner, Haramble!
Dak Prescott wants to be traded
Sex offender
Clowns attack
20 year old male caught giving free blow jobs at Houston car meets!
If anybody see this clown he still dookie hide!!!
Girl Coochie Smell Kills Her
Trannys Gon Mad
Tyler Wright
Boy from Gornal caught with gun
Rapper Young M.A was caught getting gangbang by 6 males!
Local man arrested for 6 counts of rape
Josiah romero
Police chase
RHS Student Has Sex for Free Lunch
AB51 Lane Splitting Bill Vetoed
A young teen In critical condition after beating his meet to hard
Meechie the Dancer
Daniel Garcia tickles booty holes
Facing 2 years in prison
Dinosaur attacks teen in aurora
Man wanted for indecent behaviour
TyannaThickness and John Wall finally tied the knot!
Dangerous Man
Clown Sighted In Southwest Middle and High School
Three Mississippi Girls Get Rich after solving a Heidelberg crime
Davellyn Whyte EXPOSED
Queens Hip-Hop Artists Predicts Forecast For The Next 20 Years
Wanted for shooting
Lockedd upp
They call her the chuky (she's missing in Roxbury )
Big Shit Turd Wanted For Murder !!
Girl dressing up as a clown robbing womans hangbags!
Keyara jones
Student fucks lunch lady for more pizza sauce
Macon male charge with gang activity, aggravated assault & criminal trespassing
Brierley hill man caught having sex with a tomato
Voodoo happens
A Student From Roosevelt Takes Everyones Girl
LHS student caught stealing from China Buffet.
PVHS to close and cause mass overflow into other High Schools
24 Year Old Father to how many Children?
Fast money
Teen got shot
Authorities issue warrant for double homocide suspect
Assault w/ deadly weapons
Girl caught taking a dump on school premises
Alleged Huge Nerdy White Cock
Teen killed in pompano beach fl. Several gun wounds found in body
3 Teens from Columbia high school charged with attempted murder
Police Identify Men Involved Fatal Hit-And-Run In Dorchester
Crazy drunk night
The Baby Mom From Hell
Wanted For taking Bitches, Niggas
Donald Trump Flashes Protesters!
Gun charge
Clemson Student Has a Huge Nerdy White Cock
Sex pests on the run
Young Dyke arrested for taking all the bitches
International high school students are gay!!
Killer sloth
Litchfield Drug Addicted Teen Lauren
Real Madrid
Have you seen this person?
Debo wanna-be
A teen from Grandview, WA currently wanted for Drug Charges
Bullied at school leaves kid lonely and upset
Couple wanted for making out in Kia
Teen Murder Suspect Caught
Man Arrested Early This Morning In Garfield New Jersey
Stolen truck
Two girls on the run after stealing a fruit shoot
Man Steals Food In Worcester
Peadophile on the loose in Hull
Teens Wanted For Murder
Lil herb "let's call it a ending"
Have you seen this man?
Does anyone know this person?
Reading Clowns
Rapper darrel bonner arrested for being trash!!
Go bump Bands I'm not playing with y'all
Lancaster teen found eating human fecies
Wanted for trespassing & bestiality with cow
A Teenage Gangster wanted for a series of shootings in the bronx
Conner ness had a wank in school toilets and made little children watch
Man Steals Food
Student sends classmate to Jackson hospital
EHS student doing the nasty
Wanted for abusing her love for Marcia
Macon male charge with with gang activity , aggravated assault & criminal trespassing
Dimitri Jaeden Martinez wanted for credit card scams and fraudulent acts
Boy starts to loose hair at 15
Yonkers Teen Robs Teacher For Giving Him a Failing Grade
Madison Is Going To Lose To Brighton High
Murder in haverhill ,ma
AIHS student was smacked with a 12 in. dildo
Leanne Green arrested for kitten thefts!
Women found having sex w friends dog at fort Greene recidence
Man Arrested For Looking To Damn Good
Window peeper
Does anybody know this person
Woman vandalises powertan sunbeds with her rotten arse
Hednesford women age 29 wanted by police
Morris Wanted For Killing Her Ex
Clown sightings at Southwest High School
Armed Robbery
Barber Arrested For Fucking Up Hairlines
Jefferson Student arrested with 10 kilos of Marijuana
Emma , missing
WANTED:Female teenager smoking weed while school was is session
GBHS student found having sex with a girl in boys restroom
The next harambe
Sucked a teacher dick for a rental gym uniform at wbhs
Sam Smith Dies In Hospital after Plane Accident
One Black Male Arrested For Stealing Tips off Stage From Club Parisian Lastnight .
East High High Student Running a Gay Pimp ring
Sha Is In D.O.C custody For GTA, Identity Theft, And Drug Charges
Marijuana got approved for iowa
Gay teen gets caught
Clown sighting at Southwest Middle and High School
Celador sell up!
Devon Elliott get your mess together
Bronx stabbing
Pimp daddy
Police search for milk man thief
10 Heroin overdoses in Plum Borough
Raped by 50 year old man
Madion is going to lose to Brighton High
Delaware's best rapper snatches meek mills chain & told him stop rapping !!!!
Man Who appears To be Michael Myers Has been On a Killing Spree
Local Fat Ass Wanted In Connection To Burger King Robbery
Leanne Green arrested for stealing kittens!
Relationship goals Carlos And Maria ????
Intech student Chyna Griffith have recently been found d .....
Man caught stealing panties from Marks and spencer
DVHS Student Caught having a little too much fun with another MALE student
Several Rudder High School kids caught stealing apple laptops
Estudante arrestado
LHS student arrested for narco activities
Johnston Student found selling Prescription Drugs
Bryan Monegro
HHS student gives oral sex to other student for marijuana
Clown attack
Shooting in Nogales
Yonkers Teen Under Arrest After Robbing Burger King
Frankie Matos arrested for high speed pursuit
19yr Old Arrested With Multiple Debit Cards And 75 Grand In Vehicle
Teen was found dead with a note on the side that said "on corgi"
Young teen arrested for fighting suspect Amber Geraldo
Teen murder
Local Scranton Gang Blows Up House
Police search for mill man thief
The State Vs : Savv Loop Sentenced 30 yrs no parole
Brockton Woman Arrested for Masked Armed Robbery
GBHS student found having sex with a girl in the boys restroom
3 Teens charged with drug possession after speeding the wrong way on an Auburn stree
The Boy who smoked and turned into Future
Multimillionaire Stephanie Rodriguez closes new deal
Student gives blowjob to PHS teacher for a good grade
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"STUD" caught giving man oral
Breaking News
Kid sexually abused a dog
Teenage pervert arrested
Man charged with murder
Gabby was told that she had fucked
21 Year Old Boy Rapes Boy
Carsic lad has a serious issue
Teen arrested for being transgender
Kaleb Allen becomes richest teen in the U.S.
Dudley girl addicted to online shopping
LHS Student Caught Drug Dealing And Stealing ?
Woman kills brother over the last 16 pizza rolls
Trump dies in a car accident
Teen immigrant caught eating ass in school lunchroom
Stolen chicken
Killed trump
EHS Student got anal sex from a dog!
UNO student has sex with teacher in dorm room
Local Rapper's Mixtape 3m Sold
Wehs student Runs off The Plug Twice
Dog was found in the dumpster dead
Man jailed for killing 2 victims in 2014
Dangerous fag
Charged with murder
Rip To illanoizes Ankles
Osama bin laden IS ALIVE smoking weed
Warrant for teenage women for threatening to pop a bitch like popcorn
Jack Richardsom
Albany Man & Tifton Native Wanted For Taking Everybody's Hoes
Hawley High School student Dead..
Belen High School Gets cancelled for a week
Students at Pvhs steal teachers car
Amy Ladley Eats Boogie
Teen Robs Bank
Criminal robs store for "Race Truck"
A girl was caught being cute so they took her to jail ????????
Man wanted in double murder/drug charges
Formal Josey student Tremaine Walker has be Charge with Battery and Assault
Yonkers Teen Released From Jail After Doing 3 Years For Murdering His Girlfriend
How Mason took the entertainment industry by storm
16 Year Arrested For Alledgly Fatally Shooting 3 Teens To Death
Female 16 years old wanted for threatening to pop a hoe lil popcorn
Man found in back ally with finger up his bum
Young Man Killed 10:12 am 10/21
Radical Hippie Vegan Extremist on the Loose
Na Capone Arrested for Beating the pussy up