Posts of the day 2016-10-24

Briana Hubbard stole the other half of my heart
Up and Coming screenwriter and director lands multi-Million deal with A24 Films
Eating ass
Young portsmouth nigga hits mega millions
2nd degree murder
Hackney Teenager Jailed 8 Years For Rape
Hampton, SC female charged on tampering with evidence.
The long lost tooth
Commuting Murder ???
Knox County Man Arrested Outside Voting Booth
Texas Woman Gives Strays To Rabid Drivers
Alabama A&M Ex-Professor arrested again for sneaking through a male dorm
Chicago teen Makayla trenae red handed
Stumping mud holes in bitches
Niggas want them. Weak ass yngp niggas dead
Niggas who took our bitches
Kid arrested for shooting a cop
Unimaginable Amounts of THC found in Euclid mans body
Mass shooting: san bernardino,CA waterman and baseline
Baltimore Man Arrested For Sending Googled Dick Pix To BBW At Bible Study
Chicago man arrested
For having loyalty
NBA 2K Champion
Local Chicago teen arrest for assault in McDonald's
Hillary Clinton Registers Dead Voters.
Police looking for Tyler Brooks cause he selling grass and claims its gas!
Another teen ft caught stealing clothes from friend house
Steve Lazarus wins big !!!
Sean Connery Comes Back FOR 007 sequel entitled "Never Ever Say Never!"
Chicago Biggest Fuck Boy
NC Artist Dreel, Trilla Kodiene, DreBo & others Voted to be on 2017 XXL Cypher
Man in Milledgeville Georgia was charged with illegal transportation
Man accused of aggressively grabbing women's coochie in public
You ain't getting my cornbread earl Gregory Craig was in lock down and when they let him out his cell to eat from the county a big man name earl tried to eat his cornbread off his plate but Gregory Craig refuse to let him eat his food and earl underestima
Northport woman charged with being a thot
Ghs student caught having sex with an old teacher.
Man of year
This boy had robbed from kfc
Homewrecker WANTED!
Man from dolton takes no shyt from no nigga or bitch
Charlotte dope-boy booming off the chain with suspect tendencies... New trends and the harm they bring!
Hillary Clinton resisters millions of dead voters.
Just Had To Cop
Free him
Oniesha McCraney
3 Chicago Teens are wanted for being "Bay Bay's Savages"
City Wide Alert Chink Has Probably F*cked Your B*tch
Marion county Dollar general murder
Male caught sucking dick !
Future runner
Women Being Charged with DUU and Domestic Violence
Local Northport Teen Is Really A Clown
Man beats girl at a nightclub for stealing neck
Tiara Alexander took in for custody for a wearing a clown mask
Chicago teen wanted for running off on the plug
Fat assed Latina teen wins Miss Univision
Hinds Community College student Dalvin Maybell was involve in an altercation today with 7 other unidentified suspect.
Girl hit lottery, and it is also her birthday????????????????????
Jays Backyard BBQ was voted the best Jerk Philly Chicken/steak sandwich in Chicago
Ex Jodys employee win the lotto
20 year old man smokes 20lbs of marijuana
Young female shot outside of store due to a shoot out.
Funeral Arrangements For Lucy 2 Tracks!
Hackney Teenager Jailed 18 Months For Rape
Roane county man leads high speed chase late Sunday night.
Local clown sighted
Massive Gorilla On the Loose
21 year old arrested After Dragging An Old Racist Women By The Neck
Beat up and arrested
Woman caught spitting in pregnant girls food for "being a slut" at IHOP
Illegal Immigrant Arrested
Man caught in bed with male lover by wife.
Chicago teen caught red handed.
Women gets 69 STD's from 200 different people
Russell laberta died at 23 from a shooting on 93rd
Man goes to jail for smacking hoes with dildos
Teen Dies From Eating To Much Food
WARNING! Child arrested for attempting to shoot schoolmates
3 Bengal tigers seniors with full ride scholarships to holy cross
Bridgeport Male Surprise Candidate for 2016 Presidential Election
Bad example
Jeremy Coleman caught watching porn while watching a movie in class
18 year old becomes youngest four star general
Young nigga expose Ex for eating ass
19 Year Old , robbed the pizza store because I guess that he was hungry, & Brought back the pizza cheesesteak & the money
Anal muncher
The Black Panther strikes one last stand
Man liked in 3 murders
Man twerks to death
Ant With The Roll Gets Robbed And Gunned Down
Woman arrested for being intoxicated in public and theft
Man busted for breaking in homes eating booty
Teenager caught sucking dick at school
Tyra Taylor Marries a Billionare!
Marsha Gets caught stealing ciggarates from Circle K
A virginia man is at large!!!!!!
The niggas who took my girl
Best Gnar Player NA Leaves ESport Scene!
Woman with ass longer than the war on terror. Threatens to block Geezus!
Bronx Breakout Angel V NY TOP 100 Class + 25 Freshman Scout
Man arrested for stealing hamburgers
Saginaw Teen On The Loose
Celtic Fc Signing
Man incarcerated for giving multiply women "the bumpies"
Brian Secretly fucking boys in the bathroom
Worcester kid gets caught drinking
Bitch Nigga syndrome
Teen is wanted for raping homeless lady
Girl gone missing
Aaliyaah wanted for stealing dick sucking kianas man
Hampton arrested for largest prostitution ring and having 119 keys of cocaine hidden in her cleavage
Kenneth Coleman arrested for selling drugs to a minor!
Papi chulo De la golditas
Girl goes crazy in fort Myers
Jay Gregg caught cheating on girlfriend.
Female on the run for attempted murder
The Thickest Inna World ????
Jefferson City Shooting teen found dead...
Jazmin Lane hits lottery for 100,000
Looking for suspect of hit-n-run!
$5,000 reward
Booker Roberts AKA Solo says fuck the southside and joins the ZANT
Peyton Belk arrested for manufacturing methamphetamine out the backseat of his pickup.
Girl from New York was arrested today for.
Detroit mean Teacher
Hunter huss student Robs banks for 1 million in cash
FBI IN THE TWIN Cities: Manhunt Continue!
Wanted for snatching bitches niggas yes I said SNATCHING BITCHES NIGGAS
Player Of The Year
Bitch Nigga Gets His Ass Beat By Principal Postel
You ain't getting my corn bread earl
The look alike twins
Lashaii is on look out for giving ass whooping
Clinton girl cought smoking pot
Cordale weathersby
Ebony Caught Getting Fucked !
A Hippo Has Escaped
Mr.McNasty The Sex King
Teenager wanted for prostitution.
Beat a bitch up yup !
23 year old male caught giving oral sex to another 19 year old male as a favor for helping him with science homework
Jeremy caught jacking off another student
Local woman charged with being a thot
Petty Theft
Lil dick nigga walking..
Arabs Taking Over
A young female arrested for eating dookie
Sevierville Woman has been charged.
Krispy Kreme Truck Steals Local Dogs
Gay cholo gang member joins ISIS
Ran Off On The Plug Once
West Point Teen ARRESTED for having a GIGANTIC BOOTY ????????
Child kidnapped at Rafael Hernandez school of performing arts
Young female found shot to death outside of store due to a shoot out.
Teen Gunned Down By Round Rock Police Dpt He Goes By The Name Of (Rickey Young )
Buffalo Ny Man Wins $1,000,000 on New York Lottery Ticket
Lashaii is on look out for whooping ass
Girl Ruins Victims Face
Local Bridgeport teen is going viral after a fight leaves her with a KNOT
Cash Reward 200k
Dick 2 Good 4 Life
18 Year Old Female Arrested For "Twerking" In A Nursing Home Facility
Montclair State University student arrested after drugs, guns found inside car during traffic stop
Person dies from sucking the D too hard
All humans have ten toes? You are wrong
Bad Chocolate
David Isome off to Michigan university
Jays Backyard BBQ Voted best Jerk Chicken/steak Philly in Chicago
Fuck em
Laura pill head Davies
Running for Presidential Election 2020
Pregnant with triplets
Man wanted for questioning for foot stalking and public indecency
Jeremy Coleman caught beating off another guy in class
Reading Number One Nigga
Young teen is wanted for trying to rob a bank
The new bonnie and clide
NC Woman has won $1OM lottery Powerball matching all five numbers
Thibodaux Woman wanted for trying to be Mary J bridge and dancing like Michael Jackson
Lancaster Woman Charged with Attempted murder
Detroit teen arrested for fucking and kicking hoes out the crib
Greenwood Ms. Native Sign a 3.2 million dollar deal with RCA
Indianapolis Man wanted for questioning in murder
He has had sex with a 3 year old boy
Teen arrested after he was called "DJ Khaled son" & "Jackie Chan"
Bitch wears garbage bag to homecoming.
Kyle Kiermas of Pardeeville charged after teaching children "The Shocker"
Suspect Arrested After High Speed Chase
Ebony Got Fucked In The Ass !
Guy out here shooting people for Philly cheesesteaks
Patricia Walker arrested for holding tunk games
Temple teenager indicted two counts of aggravated assault
Cobwebs in your closet?
Man incarcerated for give multiply women "the bumpies"
A fat lightskined gorilla throwing up the middle finger
Virginia Woman wins Millions
Man arested for putting roaches in women purses
Maria Perez the slut!
Two young men's where arrested for taking niggas bitches
Drug Deal Busted and Spills the Beans!!!
Joshua James WANTED
A Columbus, Ga Man Name Marquez Morris Finally Got To Fuck
Thristy ass bitch still lookin for love in your local town
Local teen arrested at CCHS
Man lose entire check at Hollywood Casino
Goat ???? Humper
For Everybody
Alesha Jordan MOSTED WANTED for stealing tissue
Destiny Arroyo convicted for thief at 1128 S. Belgium in Beeville, at a local store
Knoxville man runs for presidency
Suspect in local drug ring still large and wanted
Everybody's Baby Mama BREONNA Is Pregnant Again With Her 25th Child And Runnig From The Police !
Man caught stealing Hot water cornbread
Cuban Pete is actually from UTAH
Snow in the forecast for Halloween
18 year old girl charged with 3rd degree burglary and 1st degree murder in Battle Ground
Dirtiest Nigga At Harmon
Montclair State University student arrested for
Ugly ass lil nigga commits sue of side over the weekend
Teenage "LMG Chicha " on Lawrence begging for money
Black ugly girl has been arrested for sucking too many dicks
Shabo Caught jacking Off
Teens Arrested For slanging Dope
Christine Pecha caught sucking big black cock in iron city bathroom
Milwaukee black teen charged for being to bougie at a local night club
The most hottest girl in El paso
Women having babies without a husband/boyfriend is increasing
Young Teen Gets Thick In Just A Month
Young Teen Suffers From "No Fucks Given Syndrome."
Hackney Teenager Caught With A 18 Inch Combat Knife
Black male kills his side chick
Macon Mother arrested for tickling booties
RJ Arrested For Shooting at Drakeo
Crazy man beats baby mother pussy up so she could apply for Obama care
Lost Tapes
Local Pensacola Rapper Arrested
Local Baltimore Rapper might be next to blow
Deep throat
Gary man arrested for eating ass at a public park
Long Time Mid-Michigan Football Coach Wins Dream Job As Asst Coach For Cleveland Browns.
Drug Cartel Member Pato Alias El 35
Wins lottery
La Porte man banned from all McDonald's
Woman apprehended for slapping the fuck out of all her Facebook friends when she saw them
Girl dies for sucking and fucking everybody
Sad Case For Daquan Jenkins
Teens Arrested For slanging Dope????
Young man gone crazy
JHS student gets caught with 5 ounces of marijuana
R.I.P Jamelia & Shaunitta
Syhee Sharp
Albany Man Have Been Found With 32 Shot Hang Gun
Birmingham mother accused of slapping hoes that had life fucked up
Chicago teen charge for raping his sister
Cars gone missing
Dog hold on bail for false flagging
Wanted Suspect of the year- Danielle Butcher
Killona Man Wanted for Murder
Karma is a bitch
Sisters Caught Hustling
New Orleans woman missing.
Girl is burning hit ????????????????
Jeanette Hubbard, 46, Arrested
Mathew Yarborough now wanted in St. Tammany parish
Chayse hicks tabb is found dead
Police searching for female Kayli Baker
Detroit men wanted......
Man charged for Murder on broad street
Justice resident accused of disorderly conduct.
Ismael sucking dick in school
BREAKING NEWS ALERTS!!! Don't be fooled by her smile
Taniyah Craver
Portsmouth Man Bill Trump Is Gearing Up To Become The Next President
Snapped Out
Magic Man Murdered
PHSC student wins national mobile app contest
Public displays of being a Weak Ass
Selling Beats, what was this guy thinking
19 year old arrested for smuggling hair across the border
Smirnoff ice wanted for the beating of Mikey smith
Meridian Man Missing with multiple felonies
Ellisville girl get ran through and finally has a baby
Pottstown Teen Arrested for Fighting Teacher
Does jayer lives matter
The World Famous Kid Was Arrested For Promoting Parties
Shelby High School Out Tuesday October 25th
Police is Searching for this Armed Man
Man hits truck with ka boom cereal on it worth about 1.3 million
Nique Signs Deal With Roc Nation.
Teen Found Shot In Car
Ashley Stuckey from Goring-by-sea convicted of nudity in town centre
Man puts teens in a headlock
Local man farts into his own penis
Man gets HiV from fucking soo many gay guys at a club in mexico then comes to america and steals sonic trays and starts stripping for tips
Carlsbad Man Arrested For Prostitution At The Corner Of Buffalo Wild Wings
Lil herb shot and killed for saying he was the best rapper
Moss Point Teens
First tuba player to contract STD from spit valve in East Canton
Woman On The Run For Stealing Tissue
Wanted for drug conspiracy and distribution
Oak Lawn man charged with street racing
Dwight woods
Stunning girl beats Bougie Wannabe
Armed and dangerous
Local Battle Rapper King Bo Scores Record Deal With Murder Inc
Springfield lady arrested for beating the shit out of a clown!!
Local Belcourt man faces charges for stealing
Sarah crossman is a miracle
Faggot Aurora Teen Arrested For Making Sexual Faces At Random People
Wanted for eating d***
Cal Park Couple Wanted!
Tricking on backpage all her life
Raeford man Arrested for excessive Speed in Vintage sports car
SHOCKING: Local Cubs Fan's Memes Are A Disgrace
Teenage "LMG Chicha " caught on Lawrence begging for money
Spreading HIV to over 300 people in the Nashville area. If you have had any contact with Ms. Greer please contact the health department.
Macon Man Arrested on Assault and Child Abuse
Teenage Boy Arrested For Screaming Out "Allah Hu Akbar"
Is Bill A clone ?
Withybush woods swans update!
Local brothers "ink iv" going to throw the biggest party in Waukegan history ?
MozArtis Signed To "Sherm Gang Productions" & Talks About Is Diss Song To Young Check
Teen Arrested in Brutal Assault
Teenage girl faced with vandalism charges
Naperville woman is taken into custody
Man from Chesapeake patents his Beard Overnight Hair Product . Sold For 50$ Million!
Pervert at the Park
Miami man keeps a bag on him. What's in it?
WGN 9 CHICAGO - man steals multiple phones from casino
Mustang Owner Cited For Not Controlling Crowd
Indianapolis Janky Promoter wanted on several charges
Aurora Teen Gets Abused By his StepFather
Potato Invasion
20 year old woman from Portland arrested in major drug bust.
Rialto High School Teacher arrested!
Birmingham woman accused of slapping hoes because they got her fucked up
Kevin's Future , Del Records ? Moreno Security ?
Alisha wins twerker of the year via young M.A
Breaking news: Local sucker grew some balls!
Caught robbing the gas station
Levi Abuser Arrested
Local girl goes missing
Megan caught fingering in pizza hut bathroom
Sexual act
Local midget by the name Mr.Sausages gets sex change
Parrish Jackson has Ben Tooking in custody 4 cracking Gs rideing fat & a 2016 5windows with a other nigga Bitch and there
The little bug tahj
Kenda Jones Went viral , After Posting YouTube video With 2.5K Views
Police looking for Kayli Baker
Crystal caught sucking dick in bathroom stall
Threaten to kill others at school trynna take other girls boyfriends
Alex Ramirez
Woman arrested on felony charges for having her boyfriend "RocTheGod" fucked up!
Niggas gets shot in Hallandale
Ouachita parish man accused of burglary and arm robbery
Young Adult Accused Of Double Homicide
2 sisters wanted for hustling to hard
Gay man violently assaulted in Brighton uses attack to highlight homophobia
LR couple WANTED For Gettin a Loaf On These Bitches????
Kayla Bess just wants to snuggle you
Mr.Denson To Run For President
Wilson NC Man Eats 423 neckbones in 12 minutes
Arkansas/Tennessean is accused and on the run in colorado
Lorain thottie fucks and suck for $1 and a newport
A Columbus, Ga Man Name Marquez Morris Finally Got His Chance To Fuck.
Police Arrest the "6 God"
Fagget Aurora Teen Arrested For Making Sexual Faces at Random People
This tall bitch go by the name bobo
Do Not Approach This Child
Swamp Donkeys Look to Keep the Streak Alive
Lorain thottie fucks and suck for $1 and a newportu
Columbus teen cought talking about giving head in class smh
Female Leads Waco Police On High Speed Chase
Confirmed! Enrique Iglesias 2017 Tour!
Teen Arrested In Shelby Nc For Stealing Wigs .
Suspect wanted for stealing pancake mix from a grocery store
Biggest hoe on Facebook
Tupac is still alive
Local RHS student makes too many memes
Jomar Martinez of 17 years old I'n shooting
Boy killed for wearing fucked fucked up Forces
Suspect in jail for robbery
Woman Charged for Poking Holes in Condom's
Round Rock Teen Gunned Down At The Age Of 16 He Goes By the Name Rickey Young
Leanna Brierre was abducted by.....
Chester teen caught stealing clown mask from local dollar tree
Von da Beast turns up so much on her birthday she ended up in EGYPT!
Free IPhone
16Year old Detroit Boy
Leeona Dunlap
Oak Lawn resident charged with street racing
Woman arrested for having sex in public
Boy named jecory arrested for molesting a teddy bear
Saint Paul teen girl was kidnapped after walking home from school evening programs
Milwaukee Born Transsexual Wanted For Taking Bitches Niggas
Onset rapper "Diza" to co-sign with Soulja boy
Breaking News
20 year old female chases her babydaddy with a blow torch
Faye Gibson 31 yr old mother of 4 beat bitches ass for running their mouth.
Psycho ex boyfriend makes 100 fb accounts to stalk his ex
Newport News Woman wanted for GRAND-pa larceny....
Spain Park High School Football Player Was Killed In A Car Accident
A woman being accused of Stealing Food gaint chicken..!!
Allentown Man Accused of taking narcotics and theft of mass dildos from retail store.
Aurora Teen Gets Abused By his Step-Father
Man arrested for stealing glasses from the pharmacy
Teen Wanted for Stolen Credit Card Fraud
Wanted for sucking her thumb none stop fa 42 years
Baddest B
Samuel dies from someone putting 3 liters of semen in her koolaid
A1 glass gets new member!
The Home Wrecker Strikes Again
East wenatchee man caught having sexual intercourse with another man at clearwater casino
Girl Caught Sucking Dick
Pretty but loco ????
Jesus? Has he returned ? Spotted around Eisenhower high school
Kill a nigga for breaking my heart
Laurel Mississippi 's local Comedian Joins Cast for New Season of WildNOut
Got 5 years for killing wayne
Woman accused of First Degree Battery
Unlawful Use Of Telephone
Teenage Boys Going Around Harassing Little Kids
Man arrested after trying to show a cop his penis
Aberdeen woman fakes pregnancy
Master Management Presents
New study proves this man has most likely slept with your girlfriend if you're in Cleveland ,OH
FatboifrmBMATv Sparks 3 Major Millon Dollar Deals!
Amazing things happening
New Jersey resident wins New York lottery over the weekend
The Legend of Legends
18 year old girl was caught having sexual inticorse with a 96 year ols man
Harlem Man Under Investigation For Allegedly Tickling Buttholes
Gay nigga
Young adult being charged with killing her boyfriend and eating the remains
Charges Mount Against Kidderminster Reprobate
Jai'wan Davis accused of sexually assaulting a teacher At Rock Hill High School
Calumet Park Man & Woman Wan
Teen on the run
This nigga here
Carthage Police Department makes biggest drug bust of 2016
Local Pinson teen caught stealing pads from Dollar General
Fake cop bandit
A1 Glass gets new member
Local Texas teen wins the award of scariest bitch alive.
95 of Madison Wisconsin residents Exposed to HIV/AIDs
This just in Cale Coleman a human? Or an actual vegetable!
Needs neck
Sexy teen has been arrested for blinding multiple girls with his sexiness
La Grange man charged for reckless driving
Man caught in Mexican women's bushes on the eastside of Aurora
Boy looking for love ??
Steven Pulliam
Being a hoe
Smoking marijuana and shooting a bird at law enforcement
Man lock up for slapping thots
Teen Accused of Killing his Girlfriend Cause She To Expensive
Local slut arrested for sucking cocks in a bathroom at Walmart.
Reportedly Joel Wilson from Grandledge highschool has received over 10 scholarships in the past 3 months for track and field & Also football
Lee county woman arrested for robbing auburn walmart
Teen Killed For Having Little Dreads
Rehrersburg girl caught staring at feet magazines
La Grange man charged for going 130 mph over the limit
Hooker found in alley commiting lewd bahvior
To much henny will get u litt
Caught Stealing
Dizasterly Local Tree Job
Teen caught selling boot-leg cd's of roaches to community
Grand theft auto suspeect
World Wide Search For A Man Who Was Spotted In Wal-Mart Swallowing Cucumbers And Refused To Pay For Them.
Bakersfield man caught talking to his skateboard with his penis in his hand near heritage park on the east side Bakersfield today.
Girl in Puerto Rico got caught with tons of illegal drugs including brutal drug Flaka!
Assault With An Deadly Weapon
BREAKING NEWS! Fiat 'jelly bean' 500 hits astonishing110mph!!
Breaking News
Caught Sucking Dick For Weed
Arrest Warrant Issued for New Orleans Man after Gentlemen's Club Heist
In need of better officiating
Local teen kidnapped and sexually abused
Scott Male Accused of Sucking Dick For Gucci Belt
Teen boy shot dead
Crazy Hoe of The Year
Eat That Ass
Wanted cousins now on the run
Man gets arrested after having a kitten overload
Women Mistakes Dog For Food
24 Yr Old Male Wanted For Trying To Assissinate Donald Trump!
Standing Rock Update
Killing boyfriend
Boy arrested for physically pusing a teacher
NC Man Wanted For beating the shit out of some dumb mummy looking MF
Melfa resident wins VA Lottery
Male Gigalo arrested for trying to smell people's toes.
Woman caught stealing dildos and lifestyle condoms out of walmart
Round Rock Teen Gunned Down By Round Rock Police Department
Truck on the Look Out
Saginaw Teen arrested for stealing bitches niggas
Male raped in broad daylight
Ugly sex offender on the loose
Dead 23 year old Damen Marcell Coleman
Morenci Mother of two Creates a Chain of Kindness
The Queen Has Been Arrested
Arrest Warrant Issued for New Orleans Man after Gentlemen's Club Heistt
Young woman , 23 gets brutally murder in bownsville
West Aurora student gets caught having intercoarse with gym teacher for extra credit
Niyah for Miss Angela
Wanted for drug conspiracy
Aniyah Lashae was caught stealing from Marshalls.
5 Murders
Arrested for being the shit
Teen thinks he the shit a MHS
Charges Mount Against Kidderminster Man Reprobate
Armed and dangerous
Dunedin man wanted for knowingly transmitting hiv aids to ex girlfriends
OCHS student sucks up counselor to get missing credits
Cee Da Great signs record deal with Cash Money Records
Insurance salesman takes a bribe from local politician
Roosevelt student wears fake Hermes belt to school
Virginia Woman Wins Big
Kalamazoo teen charged with kidnapping.
Erica wins millions of dollars off a 3 dollar sticket
Lawdale man accused of killing boy for helping him pronounce words
Austin Kade
Salem's Keanen Cheeks Commits to a nearby University
Threatening to slap the black off someone an living up to it
Bitch stealer!
EveryBody This Yb Eat Ass!!????????????????
She won money
Chicago psycho on the loose
University of St. Francis student assults class mate
Officer timmothy cats gets ranked up
Death of an icon
Loudon Coumty girl arrested for indecent exposure
Schlotzskys Manager Jailed
Lorain Residents Think Is A Reputable Source
Man Sought in connection for Having Too Much Sauce
Shyt Krazy
Elias aka " el que no queria" escaped capture in a 2 year FBI investigation .
31 yr old mother of 4 beat bitches ass for running their mouth.
ALERT Police searching for GRINGOGANG
24 Year Old Female Leaks Government Secrets...
Teen robs a Man for 132$
A Girl Name Genesis Davenport Arrested For Steeling Donuts From Krispy Kream Donuts
She fucks old guys
Man wanted for robbing a Chinese restaurant
Breaking News: Boy Beaten Up By A Friend Because He Was Doing Something With His Girl
The most wanted man in Connecticut
Columbus teen cought lexi butts
Suspect Caught on camera Robbing Store
Woman arrested for selling her body on Indio blvd.
*****Warning Creature BACK ON THE LOOSE *****
Boy finally finds bottom jaw
Young Lady Takes Cops on High Speed Chase
Suspect known as Smack130 is wanted for not smoking swishers
Chicago Gay Club Busted
Headteacher of school in Hackney found sleeping with one of her students
Youtube Pranksters Adam Carney and Chris Hart are wanted by San Antonio Police Department.
Portsmouth man accused of sexually asualting locals grandmothers
Anthony Conley nominated as douche of the year!
Couple terrorizing these hoes
Teen Charged For Stabbing Her Ex
Little Rock woman arrested for "Pimping niggas"
Local Comedian Joining WildNOut
Christopher "Wardie" Lewis arrested in a hospital bed
Teenager killed for playing with crips emotions
17-Year Old Employee Found Beating On Kids Behind Chuck-E-Cheese
22 year old man gets robbed and shot fifteen times
Yvonne Darby Outbreaks The Northshore With HIV
Teen caught stealing
Girl Found Passed Out Behind A Arby's Covered In Curly Fries
Kenneth wright killed
BREAKING NEWS: Clowns Are The Least Of Your Worries
Do you like getting Td
Ormond Beach Teen Arrested
Jamilia Howard caught stealing out of dollar tree
Tabs Don't Count !!
Bf gets kidnap by his crazy ex
Crazy Trucker Caught peeing out his window while still driving
Gary Teen Caught Fucking Boyfriend and Ex
An 8th grader Deangelo Knox has received received Ah full ride scholarship to ncc
21 year old Stud Accused of Turning Straight Females Bi????
22 Yr. Old Man Charged With Aggravated Assault
Older man caught walking around
Teen caught stealing girls boyfriends
Davon Cruz jone's Afro is smexy!!
Woman arrested for assault on monkey named kasandra at local zoo
Callum Shenton got ripped off on a hair cut.poor boy asked for a sick box ended up looking like a trolley
Under age porn star on the loose
Teen cums 56 times in a row and he's now recovering from that terrible accident
Hide Your Bricks & Rocks
These bitches gotta learn how to play they role
Local Sussex Man accused of reason why 100 women rioting
Officer timmothy cats get ranked up
World Series winner
NC Man wanted for beating mentally ill man into a seizure.
Local AZ boy Tyler Genereux gets lucky ????
Female rap stars on the rise in 2016. Texas Native NY$$E releases cover art for new mixtape.
High Speed Chase
GCOE elect Captain Ali Ibrahim Roba for next Governor of Mandera country
Teen girl charged with robbery
Chakena Owens Hairstylist Has Now Opened New Shop
Melfa resident wins big on VA Lottery
Trump dies in car accident
24 years old men Rapes Elder men
Terry joe dagget of Elyria
Suspect Terry Camper, a die hard Kansas City Chiefs fan is being charged with roughing up a Dallas Cowboys fan
Ex Churchland standout/Semi pro all star finally gets his big break
The Caveman
Local teen arrested for being a whore.
Man Shot By Ex-Girlfriend Because She Claims He Was A "Dog Ass N****"
Maxwell Giovanni, 17, Anal Raped in Hallway Closet
Three teens facing multiple charges for taking up numerous Trump signs
Gang activity
Gaby caught behind a dumpster
Couple gets engaged
The one legged bandit
Fat teen gets her ass beat by crippled girl
Newark Man Arrested On Weapon And Drug Charges.
Baby runs from her mom takes the ferry on Staten Island to the Bronx
1 East Providence Man arrested after prostitution sting
Teenager arrested for shoving girl in locker and leaving her there for several hours
Midway man, 22, was arrested this morning for kidnapping
Stalker caught
Baltimore Woman Wins $650,000 from Scratch off Lottery Ticket !
Thou lord hath awakened?
Girl arrested for the murder of her boyfriend
Local teen caught red handed with two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, two numba 45s one with cheese and a large soda
Fuck boy ass lil dick ass nigga
Capital Murder
Steven Hall
Teen girl and charged with robbery
Portsmouths own KeonHatcher Hits a major lick for 100 bricks and is still trapping out the camry
Breaking News:Newport News man killed
Edinburg kid overdoes on too much dick
Guy d up the whole Washington DC wit dead pcs
Nicholas Haycox
18 year old girl
Johanna santo
Man wanted for murder after a customer took the last box of Swiss rolls at a grocery store
Delaware Music producer signs with Roc Nation
Police on the search for Crystal Dailey aka Barbie
Strange virus causing zombie like symptoms in Greenville
I'm pregnant again
Back Door Wtf Kinda Name Is That
Leesburg man awarded for 1.3 million dollars
Armed robbery
Milwaukee Woman Accused Of Raping A Hot Dog
Guy rapes a girl in back of the yards neighbor
Kid caught sniffing cocaine in public.
The Hood Aint The Same Nomo
Fall River Police Arrested man charged with selling unsafe motor vehicles
Police is looking for murder suspect
Back Door Tre Wtf Kinda Name Is That
Local teen caught red handed with two number 9s a number 9 large
Wanted for tryna trap niggas
National warrent arrest (F.B.I)
Fuck Girl On The Loose
Breaking News
WANTED! Newport Male Extremely Dangerous
South Carolina Broke Boi
Melfa resident wins big is VA Lottery
Missing child
19 year old Shakira Williamson in custody
Arrested for punching husband
Tyler fucked a dog
Luis kings arrested.
Yung couple 20 years ole wanted for criminal tresspassing arm and dangered
Norfolk Man Wanted In Connection For Robin Hood Rd Homicide
Detroit man arrested for upping the strap on local man on Detroit Eastside
Talladega teen arrested for slapping l bitches for playing with him
Rhode island man arrested in orlando with 2 kilos of cocaine
21 savage and Ty....
The live Queen
The most wanted man
Banner "Dance" Girls
East Providence Police arrest 1 man on Prostitution Sting
Philadelphia Woman wanted for being messy
Local STL Rappers Attacked For Faking In The Streets.
Kid Who Killed A Clown
Grass 4 ass
Terry joe daggetof Elyria
Ex-Churchland stand out and semi pro all star finally gets his big break.
Michael Jackson's "Ex"Publicist slips truth about A Return Tour
Dvon Campbell wanted for last year murder in Dallas TX
Larahn sanders
Head Monster
Trans Am Eater
Local Toledo man arrested for counterfeiting E Bunny Production T-shirts
Older man finally caught
Man Hospitalized After Taking Backshots From Boss
"Not My Man"
Teen Mom Caught Fucking Coach Dorsey
Ugliest kid ever
Dawson Teen Arrested For Pulling Ms. Williams Wig Off
Girl Stabs Boyfriend Because He Didn't Eat Her Booty Like Groceries
Girl wanted for been to beautiful
Arrested for possession of marijuana and aggravated assault
John Bitting Voted To be the Best "Ball Player In Town_
Buffalo Artist Signs To DC
Booger Thumper
Dvon Campbell wants for last year murder in Dallas TX
Fort Hood Soldier wins big in Texas lottery
SOUTH SUBURBS women arrest for catfishing
Nabiha Ahmed uckersss
Local Woman Accused of Raping Men at Gas Station
Gang member rapes brother for not washing his boxers
Trouble in the workplace
Westside man charged with beastiality
Lexington teenager wanted in string of robberies
She got cought
One person that lie and says he have
18 year old man arrested for sending explicit pictures to minors
21 Year Old NLR man Arrested for Eating Booty in the Middle of Traffic
Voulonteer Park Criminal
Girl Was Caught Sucking Man's Dick In Schools Restroom
Wanted for murder/robbery in Norfolk,va. Hong kong Chinese restaurant
Rodney has been arrested
Local teen Khalid Neal gets meat sucked off
Slap A Bitch Spree
Biggest drug bust in Wilson Community
Norfolk,Va Favorite Dance Group TearzDance757
Benny Buxaplenty has just been named the realest nigga breathing
LAYAWAYY Gets Potential Spot On Summer Jam 17' Stage
God is watching
Justice women accused of stealing puppies
3 star athlete Roy Riley receives recognition
Man Wanted for having to much juice
Local "Fuckboy" from East Aurora Highschool was accused of gettin no hoes
Man wanted for unauthorized wellin
FatboifrmBMATv ???????? Sparks Major million dollar Deals ??????????
Southside man charged with trading his little brother's Xbox One for $10 worth of crack cocaine.
Woman released from jail for stealing red velvet cupcakes
Teen charged with stealing fake jordans from super flee
Local Teen Kidnapped By Clown In A Friend's Backyard
Teen Arrested For Capital Murder
3 Year Old Toddler Arrested After Shoot Out At Chuckee Cheeze
Couple have bee spreading deadly virus
Saginaw man arrested for slapping all the lil hair bitches
RU Serious? Rutgers University student arrested for "flexing on the job".
Snatching hoe bitches left to right
Man gets shot fifth-teen times and is in a stabilized coma
Dalton Warwood Arrested after being caught with ten ounces on cannabis.
Young boy caught a case
Biggest Hoe
Cristiano Ronaldo already won the Ballon D' Oro?
Benny Buxaplenty has just been named the real nigga breathing
Little Rock man wanted on Capital Murder
Nasty east side want to be drug dealer fucks everyone's man
Starkville Women Arrested For The Shooting Death Of her Girlfriend
Ball Out A Chicago Man Recently moved to Wisconsin to "Make A Better Living"
Local teen gets 3 years in jail for licking too many ass holes.
Jorge nuñez delgado love the dick
Marijuana Is Officially Legal. U.S government grants rights to civilians
Eatonton Woman Attacks!
Local keansburg man snitching on everybody
Jee psg runs from shake hooda... Wowww
Saginaw girl arrested for stealing mans
She hits like a man
Man Hospitalized After Getting Back Shots By Boss
Stolen goods
Guy is wanted for stealing top ramen noodles
DWI Sentances Lengthen Under New Laws
SHES GAY ?!?!?
Ruben and Ethan
Teen wanted for robbing jewelry store in SW area of houston .
Little Rock Teen Dead
Resident of Enterprise assaults child
Arkansas woman wins Lottery
Another One of Andrea's Victims
K2 is not to smoke
Water valley Blue devil football wins 2016 playoffs!
Teen gets shot for fucking a married women
Local teen stabs 6 victims multiple times
Norfolks Favorite Dance Group TearzDance757
Alana steals the seals
Isaiah Moore charged with murder
Rico the special Ed
Teen punched Assistant Principal after suspension
The FBI is in search of man wanted for doing domestic violence style sex on friends of friends and sisters and cousin's and a grandmother.
TRHS Student Named "Class of 2017's Official Headass" by Principle and Honored with Plaque
Oregon Ducks And alabama Offers Jameel from Withrow To play For 4 years
Floating Head Ghost Spotted in Fort Oglethorpe, GA
Bad bitches get arrested for beating hoes up
Local teen gets 3 years in jail for licking 25 gang bangers bootyholes.
A Teenage Boy Cuts His Balls Off To Play Tennis With Them
Women tries to escape the hospital
Suspect wanted in Sunday morning hit and skip
Unlawful use of a phone
Have you seen this man? Help put a stop to sex crimes.
Local Puerto Rican arrested for methamphetamine
Only If They Knew
Breaking news! Nicole Cannon, Punched her husband for watching Football when she wanted to watch Reality tv.
Tredubb promoted the song hoe ass nigga
Man Hits Supervisor
Arrested for possession of marijuana
18 year old girl from abertridwr murdered
Kuirston Humphrey wanted for eating bed bugs
A guy in back of the yards rapes a girl
Is she really serious
Wanted for murder/grandtheft/drug possession
Patrick smith
Dragged A Young Women By Her Hair Also Beating Her To Death
Booty hole bandit
Ty kills dona....
Syracuse, NY is known for the CUSE BUN.
Waycross Man At Large
Black man loves water melon
Gege got locked up foe some dog pound shit
Detroit Teen Smacked A Young Lady For Not Paying For His Movie Ticket
The FBI is in search of man wanted for doing domestic violence style sexing friends of friends and sisters and cousin's and a grandmother.
Michael Dawson Retires
Stealing Purses an coming for the girls !!!!
Student at Heritage High caught having sex with lunch lady for an extra slice of pizza
Marco pierdas alonzo
Milwaukee teen arrested 20 years to life due to having to much marijuana in his system
Famous kid kills friend for mistaking cheese sticks for fish sticks
Cori yasmine ex is a itchy dick nigga
Kidd found shot and dead
Teenage kid Jada Salerno died in fatal accident
Senator Pigues Violated
Joliet man shoots school leaving hundreds dead
Young Teen Rapper Arrested For Multiple Charges
Famous kid friend for mistaking cheese sticks for fish sticks
Fall River Teen Convicted For Being An Ugly Ass Nigga
Monroe Man Behind Bars
Teen arrested for possession of meth and cocaine in his backback
30 yr old Lakeland woman sues Atl woman for constant sexual harrassment wins Million Dollar lawsuit!!
First Sex Change Done In Laurens SC Meet Once "Christy" To Now Chris Foggie
Teen from South West Leadership gets raped but ...
Anderson known as the pasty Muncher has been caught reading the whole of the Phillies pasties
Jon Jon of Nigeria recently got inducted into the Guinness book of world records
Keon Robertson Child Molester
Woman accused of biting husbands nose off for looking at another woman.
Vallerie ugliest person in ccms?
This bitch a cheater
Chicago man arrested for defecating in public.
Detroit man arrested for upping the strap on a fuck nigga
Bopkins Cin
Albany Man Caught With 500,000 in cash and over 200 reported Over Drafted Credit Cards
Wanted for arrest of Aaron Davis and a Raheem Rose
Kid was locked up foe pimping bitches and slapping hoes
Teen gets raped but ...
Newark Man Arrested On Attempted Theft
Little Rock man connected with owning thirteen different traphouses thru out little rock, also connected too 100 homicides
Jackson schoen
Aurora Teen Gets Diagnosed with a tumor in his forehead
Find sheen
Woman detained for fixing weaves.
Woman being in love with her baby daddy for over 14 years
Chattanooga is on the look out for a big black bear
Local Rapper brought to court for grabbing a mans penis after he found out he vaped
Man whore wanted
An 8th grader Deangelo Knox , with ah full ride scholarship to Ncc
WANTED ! for beating these bitches up by being fine asf
Girl Goes To Jail For Beating The F*CK Out Of Her Boyfriend
Valencia student runs over her Professor
A Teen Caught On Seen
Police look for local man in connection with lamb shoulder theft
The truth about lucero
Possible Gunman connected in shooting
Local bakersfield man tries to check his self into a rehab for licking buttholes
Sam Campos
Southside Man Under Investigation For Cuffing Lighters
The YouTube stars Adam Carney and Chris Hart are wanted from the San Antonio police department.
Super Cub's Fan Goes To Far With tattoo
Newark Man Arrested Trying To Steal Man's Hairline
Young Welsh boy turns to synthol after having girl trouble
A Teen Female in Las Vegas Nevada has been arrested around 2:10 pm for cutting niggas dicks off
Suspect arrested for high speed chase
Dallas mavericks has signed local star Dvon Campbell to the 2016-2017 roster
Teen arrested for stealin in king hood
Bronx student kills her bf for looking at girls asses
LSU fan mauled by mascot
Roane County man jailed for going 138 in a 55.
Young tops speeds of 140+ in police pursuit
Local bakersfield woman tries to check his self into a rehab for licking buttholes
Dothan teen wanted for murder
Teen charged with beating person with banana
Nigga snatching at its best
North Little Rock Man Accused Of Catching Opps Lacking & Fucking Niggas Bitches
He fuck over 1,000 girls before the age 21!!! Would you be next ?
One of the best 8th graders in Al is being looked at by kentuck
Trio gangs rossville ga man! for mt Dew!
Columbus Police Arrested CEO OF Frontpage
Oneway Mexican Zuriel gets Deported back to Mexico
Man scams people out of 1 million dollars
If you see him on the interstate MOVE OUT THE WAY !
Clown killer
"Fuck They Block"
Fayetteville teen wanted
Hoe ass
Misleading Name in Hampton, Va
Reginald Williams and Dujuan Austin Jr. signs a 1 million dollar Deal for Duality
WARNING ?? Missing broccoli has escaped from a local food market
Eastside Chicago man charged with being a bitch ass nigga
Virginia resident has been awarded in OPM scam
25 to life
Teen murdered by 18 year old
Cerian Langman is in hospital after choking on a stawberry
Loves to jump in mess
A warrant is issue person using cat as a profile picture
Arkansas Most Wanted : 59 yr old
Aressted for frieing. Niggas
Man accused of being to fly around the Westside area
Man Sue's corner store for some major cash.
Man Under Investigation For Cuffing Lighters
The niggahs you never wanna see!!! Triplet lookin AHH
Fayettville women accused of eating "Booty"
"Whoop that trick"
Hoe Ass Daughter Runs Away
Lola Allen supposedly least ranked on Fun Run
Brooklyn man wanted for stealing top ramen noodles
Monroe County man arrested for excessive speeds.
Boy smokes too many cig for free
Memphis man moved to oklahoma and fathered 47 children in just 7 years
Teenage girl missing, Cartersville GA
Chicago Man arrested for Praising God too Much.
Chattanooga is on the look out for a hairy pussy bear
Darkskin guy pimp slaps a whore
Enterprise resident Arrested
Local Waycross At Large
Thibodaux man wanted for stealing corn out of people's home and sniffing Bootyholes..
23 Savage Arrested For Fucking All Of Yall Hoes
Local Lorain man caught giving hand jobs in work bathroom.
Josh Stanley caught!
Scientists discovered having a large forehead is a birth defect.
Little Rock man connecting with owning thirteen different traphouses thru out little rock, also connected too 50 murder charges
Chelsea man arrested on possession and distribution charges
Teen Female Arrested for cutting niggas dicks off
Mixtapes found in the sams club pizza boxes
Don't watch me you better watch yo bitch nigga"
Cubs fan charged in the deaths of several White Sox fans
Psycho driver has had enough!!!
Wanted For Robbery
Man arrested for eating small child
Officer Timmy cats gets ranked up
The YouTube stars Adam Carney and Chris Hart are wanted from the San Antonio police department
Wanted for slapping bitches in central Arkansas
Middletown Biggest Whore!
Boy caught sucking friends d*ck in the school bathroom.
Lil ugly ass dude going around school smacking people with his private part
Super Cub's Fan Goes To Far With Tatto
Bay City man hits 500,000 on a scratch off from local gas station.
Selinay Alkan and Ali Arslan is finally ENGAGED
Cj Booker Has Been Arrested 2 Days Ago
Local blood rapper gets caught selling CD's in a gay bar
Loal Blue Island Boy Considered a Hazard to Society!
Local rapper Clarence Armstead better known as "Luh Prody"
Water valley Blue Devils football win 2016 playoffs!
"JOLIET THOT" title handed over.
Local teen steals patty meat From Edgars
Brett White Admits to liking males
Pensacola teen is on the run after he allegedly ate a white girls ass and pissed on her back.
Quinlan, Oklahoma man arrested for sending Hillary Clinton love letters.
Michigan teen aka Chad
Local rapper Molly Montana visiting home town
Jonesboro Man Arrested for Public Endangerment
Ltown Nigga Who wear The Same Draws And Shoes
Faneto TooLive future contract with Interscope Records?
Bog booty Hoe sleeping with Forrest Norvell jr identified
Todays News
Chris is trying to find this child
Teen Arrested for stealing out of Family Dollars
Nigga snatching at its best!
Nasty Nautica
Dalwyn Castro
Slidell Police looking for suspect Thomas Anthony Burney (28) for a Armed robbery on September 5 2016
Crazy Bitch
Garfield Resident arrested for disorderly conduct
Richmond Emt wins powerball
Woman Wanted For Felony Muder And Outstanding Warrants
Former Mexican Regional Singer, was spotted in ranch
Buying women
Man arrested eating small child
Have you seen these men?
Lorenzo perry
Donell Brown from lorain
Teen squishes classmate to death
22 years old arrested for stealing chips out the gas station
23-Year-Old Man Arrested For Bank Robbery
White Whore Gone Wild !
Washington county man files for marriage license w/ rifle
Rex THE Flex???
Sad news
Boy caught digging in holiday resort
Starkville Police Department Is Looking For 19 Year Old Faith Martin.
Resident of lexa, Arkansas dies
This B**** don't play bout hers????
Are You Serious ???
Killing Her Child's Father Being A Gangsta
Local pussy slayer
Man wanted for Assault and Felonious Wife Finessing.
Slidell Police looking for suspect Thomas Anthony Burney (28) for a arm robbery on September 5 2016
North side man caught with 6 ounces of weed in studio apartment.
Ex-Churchland stand out and Semi Pro Allstar finally gets his big break.
Tell all book
Water valley blue devils football wins 2016 playoffs!
Matt thompson
Fat bitch hasnt taken a shower in months
Sent to life sentence for running around elgin naked
Freak nigga
James Island Man Wanted For Dick Slapping Bitchez
Local teen dies after using lots of dog filters.
We Are looking for the currys they too hot !
Local man flees country after breaking into greggs
Toledo man charged
Quamar burning and itching
Woman granted probation for switching from Gospel to R&B in charity concert
Man wanted for eating all the chips
Teen Arrested by Hammond Police For Sending His Dick To A group of High School Boys
Teen charged for being bisexual
Teen Arrested For Shoplifting At the Beauty Supply
Ravena Teen Arrested For Sale Of Marijuana
Man impregnates 567 girls
Girl gets attacked by clown and kills clown
Ltown Nigga Who where The Same Draws And Shoes
Watch out for this creature
Dresses to on fleek is illegal
Stalker claims tied to young Bronx woman.
Man arrested for eating ass in public
Young Female Wanted For Snatching Too Many Niggas
Gang Leader To Serve 1,075 Yrs In Jail
Chicago woman arrested for suspected murder
Teen Arrested For Shoplifting
Snatch monster
Girls insides get ruptured at local Field
Marrero man hits lottery for 5 million
Woman is charged in drunk driving a dragon at Turningstone Casino Oneida NY
Lex Santana Beats A Man To A Pulp
I Got The Keys
Local 17-year old Found Dead Monday
Quarrybank man brings shame on family
Man connected in shooting
Suspect Wanted For Stealing Over $5,000 Worth Of Food From Burger King
MOST WANTED 19 Year Old Man Charged With Burglary
Raceland Teen is assaulted by schoolmates.
Young Howard High Student Shot And Kiiled
Wearing Ugg boots all year round
Mother gets caught putting child in trunk
Kaylee beating hoes up for talking shit ????????????????????
Say It Aint So!! Doh
Expert on being a hoe
Man knowingly spreads herpes
Starkville Woman Arrested for the shooting death of Starkville Woman
Caught with 30 pounds weed
Halloween Bash
Man goes by the name tittie man ten
Young Male Arrested After Being Caught Tickling Clowns
Patrick Dunne wanted by police
Student charged with eating ass
Dyke went loose
Luis cuarao caught cheating in the boys bathroom
Zion man accused of overly using Snapchat filter
Colorado woman caught cheating
RHS student Mikael Ruiz suspended for saying five words
Today news
18 year old got arrested for having sex with a animal
Crazed lovers found having Sex in public while screaming at passers-bys
Newark Nj Mans Wins Big
Girl sucking too much cock
22 year old Vicelord caught giving oral sex.
Boy arrested for breaking and entering
Woman Stabbed To Death
BigDaddyBoss aka J'Ques Martinez Everett got announce the best dresser
Bein a hoe
NC Artist "Reefa Legrand" wanted for Physically Assulting other Rappers
Man Arrested For Screaming "Pop That Pussy" At An Hillary Campaign
Local Fayetteville Man Caught Raping an Crackhead
23 year old Detroit nigga arrested for tickling booty holes.
Teen wanted for stealing hot water tanks
Police searching for 18 Year Old Black Male For Eating Multiple Chili Rings
Abraminem tearing up the valleys
Virginia man is now a millionaire after AT&T Lawsuit
Infamous Drug Lord " Pablo Escobar" is suposley alive
First Person to Overdose on Medical Marijuana
Nadia & Tristen
Black trump voter
The Fugitive
Woman wanted for stealing bitches men
Young riff raff prodigy dead
Mastermind of a multi million dollar heist
28 Year Old Charged With The Murder of Chicago police
Duo of men wanted in connections to raping transsexual men in South Florida.
Hernando county 18 year old faces life in prison
Little tyree has been sent to the hospital for smoking cigarette butts
Boy charged for sucking cock
Young Howard Student Shot And Killed
Harnett County man scratches off million dollar ticket
Local Welsh youngster signs contract
Milwaukee man on the run
Woman got caught shoplifting
Bayshore high school shooting
Teen dies from sun rays
Police Are Searching For This Tripple Thot
Breaking news young girl attempting murder
Woman locked up for stealing purses and wigs
North Carolina Rapper "Reefa Legrand" wanted to physically assisting other NC artist
Chicago man is held on $800 fine for cracking bus cards on 95th Dan Ryan train station
Hammond Teen Arrested After Purchasing a Half Gram of "Reggie" for $20
Slim jim theif
Birmingham woman arrested for slapping bitches because of their smart ass mouth.
Missing josielynn Ann gonzalez
Stabbing incident
Serious injuries caused after shooting
Lorain man leads police to violent drug offender
Round rock teen arrested for sexually assault teacher
Jayla Moni Gets Her Weave Snatched out
Man charged with 2nd degree murder
St.louis woman accused of making a necklace out of co-workers teeth
Arlington man Wanted for Rape
Memphis woman arrested for working too much
Biggest hoe in crooked oak.
Dalwyn Castro
Man Brutally Beats His Baby's MOTHER after she takes the last shot of Dusse!!!
Man Captured For Smoking Too Many Cigaettes
Two Teens Died While Dancing .
Saginaw teen named record holder of most bitches
Young drug lord
The Chayil Birthing
China the wrestler comes back to life no one knows how
Danico Nkulu was found getting but fillers
Girl Dies From BoyFriend
Rochester teen wanted for stealing olive oil
Lorain Hoe Gone Wild !
This is the most beautiful girl on earth
Stephanie. I mean hephanie says she thinks she's pregnant..again
Ashley Robledo
Known molester found dead
Local woman arrested for allegedly shoplifting out of Bobby's dept store.
Raph skeebo sign to rich gang
A 30 year old man has been arrested for Bullying 49ers fan.
Fired for stealing ribs
Pussy Bitch
Infinite Painting & Design is the pallet king of Michigan City.
Antonio Garnett gets signed by the Washington Nationals
Raegan Helton student at University of Central Arkansas arrested for beating Mother (Kellie Sexton) with her new phone claiming "she loves it more than me"
She hit like a man
Teen caught with a dick inside his ass
World Class Winner
Edgar Lee is the Number 1 RB in the Nation
Moutain Man Escapes Local Insane Asylum
Man arrested for biggest drug bust in Cincinnati history
This GOT DAMN Bug Ja'Terra Lewis
Jannet rodriguez what a hoe
Daniel Partridge
Man wanted for being a bitch.!
Chance weed is weak
Being sexy
Upcoming SanDiego artist Kevin Watts meets with Ibrahim Hamad of Dreamville Records
October 24 2016
Popular Gaming YouTuber gets caught doing sexual activities
Beware of Catfish
Teen arrested for disorderly conduct
Chicago man arrested for gun brought to college
Bro & sis make a million dollars
Local teen prostituting look out for her
Marine Corps Veteran arrested for public nudity.
Homerville woman charged with aggravated petty
Orphan child likes his Mc dicks
Hit and run of wildlife
Local Mira Monte Student (Sabino Rivera) gets arrested for getting his chode stuck in the water fountain.
4 Little Rock Teens wanted for a string of crimes
Clarksville Woman arrested for Pimping Hoes and Their Pimp
Joint enterprise murder
Real Madrid signs the next big thing
Girl name Tiki the whore from Chicago IL, has the highest body count on her pussy in the world!!!
Guy Arrested For Pimp Slapping A Hoe
Woman Sentenced 40 Years For Wearing Set It Off Wig
Warrant for Leonard Scott
(AMBER ALERT) FOR MISSING TEEN Saiwon Brown AKA "The Rapper Lil Wuda"
Clarksville Woman arrested for Pimping Goes and Their Pimp
Arrested for aggravated assault on household members
Finally Famous
Man arrested for stealing all his younger siblings trick or treat candy
Baby d sister
Manatee high school team on steroids
Mother arrested for giving son burnt ice.
Young women arrested from sucking ghost dick
Congrats to a Cleveland Native recognized in box office hit "BirthOfANation"
18 year old boy shot & killed in east Germantown
Maywood Man Wanted For Unpaid Child Support An Cheating On Girlfriend With Strippers
Dyke lickes girls titties in band
Withrow Universty Highschool Tyrese Captain Colleges coaches are ready
Local Redhead Caught Stealing Cigarettes and Ruffles
Teen Arrested For Sexually Asulting A Police Officer
Charlotte woman charged for bullying.
Shakobe Walker Commits to CCU
A Beautiful black girl wins a 10 br 6.5 bath 4 car garage mansion
Man arrested for having excessive empty lotion bottles
Noo$ki & DaeDae - Fazo Freestlye
Detroit Woman In Custody For Dismembering Man.
Jonathan Whitfield Gets His Ass Beat On National Tv
Student charged with sucking to much dick
Teen caught giving oral sex in restroom
The Bitch Who Can Beat Anybody????
Innocent face killer by heart
Bartlesville man arrested on animal cruelty charges
Woman wanted for stabbing a women 25 times.
Donald Trump claims to have "laser vision" among other super powers.
Coca-cola truck visit - Darlaston
Sam Shaffer the Duck Fucker
Fuckboy out herreeee
Granny panties Andrea Santelli
Laurel prostitute caught indecent exposure
Rapper robbs a guy with a broke 22
Young 15 yr old male is charged for robbery
Raquan Has 5 Baby Mommas
Suspect Darreana williams have been caught with eating to much pussy ..
Arrested for murder in 3rd degree .
Never Change
19 Savage Dies Moments after Signing
Mhs ; students caught fuckin in bathroom stall
Veteran Goes on shopping spree for random females in Cleveland mall
(AMBER ALERT) FOR MISSING TEAM Saiwon Brown AKA "The Rapper Lil Wuda"
Reckless Driving Incident in North Palatine
Teen breaks in houses and tickle booty holes
Donald Trump Kills A Chicken
Girl name Tiki the whore, reaches the highest body count on her pussy in the world!!
Warrant out for Leonard Scott
Appleton Man Charged With Pillow Talking
Belcourt man Kelly R. Stewart is wanted
8th Grade Running back gets a scholarship from Ohio state university
Local resident arrested for theft.
Waddington woman arrested for allegedly smuggling narcotics, and Anal beads into county jail
Former GVHS student was caught smoking marijuana and packing a 45 with 5 lbs of cocaine and a 9mm in his backpack
Local Abertillery girl Megan Jones passed away in hit and run!
Young teen gets hit by a car for a second time!!!
Found streaking
BREAKING NEWS ! Female Wanted For Snatching Bitches Niggas
Beat that HOEE
Might be the best thing ever!!!!
SHS teacher friends with Rick Ross?
Teen ( Stephon Watson ) dies on 40th silver spring
Lorain Man on the run for stealing protein bars
Woman granted probation for switching from Gospel to R&B in a concert
Nathan Bennetts hidden beef against foe, Josh Stanley
Long Branch man sentenced 15 years
SHOCKING NEWS: Moore speaks on how she...
Fake ass grill alert
Miklo get a contact with Real Madrid Fc after passing his math test
22 year old Illinois native arrested for farting in mans face
Two elderly women brawl over last box of oatmeal at Walmart
Woman collapses and is hospitalized after not being able to find Pikachu
Americas Most Wanted Woman
Midnight Bandit
Bovina Man Arrested
Young man caught eating ass in restaurant bathroom
T. Julian Gipson closes 500 million dollar deal with Paramount films
Milwaukee Man Arrested
A Man With A DickiDoo
Local Springfield Rapper Charged With First Degree Murder at Comer Cox Park
Sesh head takes MDMA and smokes Weed
Black man found dead: Town of Ripon celebrates
Ladson teen arrested for eating ass in public
Old Forge student finds man hidden in school
Kariah Whitner
Shaw Football Team Caught Eating Each Other Ass
Drunk Teens!
Man Saves 2 People From Burning Car on Highway 85
Goat Lover
Lorain County Transgender
Teen mom dead
Drug "Sugar" Pin
Denae's birthday
Brooklyn man wanted for peeing on 36 underage women.
Fuck too many women in the space of a day
Midnight Bandit
Gay teen rapped white lil girl
Portsmouth va R&B singer "Dquel" is ready to sign deal with Def Jam records
Girl artested for murding good pussy
To swaggy
Indy woman claims top prize!
Boy wanted for throwing condom balloons on children
All Jersey City Public Schools Closed Due to Hurricane Louie
Chicago Man Incarcerated For being The Realist Nigga To ever be 10 Toes down in This Shit
Women run illegal kid fight club
Small town talent phones home main role in giant movie
Recives jail time
Guy Went To His Baby Mother House And Brutally Up Guy
Katherine Williams of Greer SC
Brooklyn man wanted for sexually assaulting homeless man in east new york
Two teens arrested for jumping Ronald mcDonald
Double trouble
Man lures children with xbox
Missing Columbus Boy
Bartlesville man arrested for animal cruelty
Young adult in walmart caught stuffing salami up his ass and walking out without paying.
Local man wins Tri-Parish Tootsie roll contest
Man survives dinosaur bite to the back
State of Illinois Fails to Pay Telephone Bills!
Crazy girlfriend
New Blog Alert
Calhoun City Teen Arrested For Robbery
Local man charged with Trump style "apocryphal behavior"
Quincy teenager was found naked and tweaked out
Carissa caught having sex with a public zoo animal.
Lorain resident Dustin Terry 18 Is a suspect in hundreds of break -ins
Hillary Clinton arrested, Sanders takes spot.
Arrested for Being a Bandwaggon Fan
Queen T
Teen arrested for eating ass in Ladson also known as LTOWN
Jorge Elizondo
Girl known as biggest hoe of Cicero
Spring Hill, Florida Amongst the List of Areas to be Getting Nuked by Russia
Man get caught fingering four ladies with four fingers
Teen wanted for stealing hot water tanks
Woman got caught stealing meat patties from Burger King
Alex Sizemore Lovley Bitch Of The Century
Teens at Braden River Highschool Face Possible Drug Charges
Del sols been neglecting there children, teachers abusing students
Guy caught tickling butteholes and selling fake lean
Bloomington/normal woman wanted for knowingly spreading HIV virus
Ravena teen charged with murder
U.S pvt jenkins wanted for running off
Search Warrant : 22 Year Old Arkansas Man
Former student suspended for 10 day
8th grade running back gets an off fro OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.
Man Gets Caught Violating Animal's RIghts
Tuscaloosa teen last seen riding the short bus MISSING
Missing Prostitue
A Man From Hot Springs Ark.(Treshaun Muldrew 17) Is Wanted For Multiple Charges In The City Including Capital Murder And Armed-Robbery. Anyone With The Where Abouts Of Mr.Muldrew Please Call Us Or Inform The Police.
Jenison high school stundent mentality disabled
Woodward man wanted on Narcotics charges
Biggest slut in bridgend finally looses her title
Two Men Where Charged For Attempt Murder When They Where Caught On A Security Camera "Choking Their Chicken" To Death.
Man caught in Three Rivers old hospital
Scientists can't believe it!
Woman Arrested
Jameson Fonseca
Lost pooh bear from the zoo
Reading police department
Friends allegedly chase turkey with car
Jamie " the rail " on the run
Man Charged in Sleeping with N**** Girlfriends
Social Wednesday's Hosted By Mello and Ace
A Red Springs man gets pulled over with counterfit dildos .
Cricket and sadiez caught fucking
Teen FaceTimes police officer while high on HEROIN
Man gets arrested for child abduction
Brett is the biggest nigger in portage
Kevin Smith Landed a role in Black Panther
Is rapper G Herbo And LavishBrooke really a thing?? Read more for details
Nj lottery
A teen caught stealing
Man dies from syrup
Nory smacked two hoes n now in jail
Two Men Where Charged For Attempt Murder When They Where Caught On A Security Camera Choking Their Chicken To Death.
Begging too much / Raping a a little boy
Guy caught tickling guys butteholes and selling fake lean
Baby girl thotting
Yah yah yah yah
Today's reports on The Facebook thugger natalie
Eye didn't see it coming
Local West Chicago teenager was caught stalking girls on facebook
WNY Man arrested for Punching Prostitution Ring Employees
Have you seen this man?
Freaky ass young nigga going around ticking butt holes
Female passes away after getting jumped by her ex's
Carly 2 cans from new inn arrested for a while explicit rap in school yard
Gets get caught sucking dick in bathroom
Breaking!: Steve Is Gay!
Woman attacks kfc employee because chicken wasn't crispy
Who Eat All The Pies???
Reality Stars who married RICH!!!
South Panola High School Teen Caught Giving Head??????
Black man robs Popeye's Chicken
Local photographer caught
Snake Crawls in Mans Anus
Caught having sex with a gorilla
Arizona teen arrested for stealing food stamps
Jenison high school stundent retarded
Two Men Where Charged For Attempt Murder When They Where Caught On A Security Camera Choking Thier Chicken To Death.
Hattiesburg girl arrested for being dumb over a nigga
Girl goes crazy and Shoots everyone
Hoffman Estates Teen Arrested For "Sneak Dissing"
Two Teens arrested after jumping Ronald Mcdonald
1st Degree Murder
Teen lying about age to get pus*y
Teen girl caught smugling drugs in to local high school
But Ticklers Gone Missing
Wreckless Driving Caused by Lipstick
Never do drugs
Teenager Goes From Broke To RICH!
Asian kid got caught with his farther kissing
Pensacola Teen Is Missing
Buffalo Student gets Offer from Ohio State
Teenage Girl Attacked by 4 Men
Up And Coming Artist "Jay Note" Announces New Album Coming In 2017
Man Slaps D.Trump.
Palmetto man wanted in triple murder
Hillary Clinton arrested. Sanders takes spot.
Milwaukee HS Student Suspended For Wearing One Bundle
Shift kit pheezy signs deal with interscope
Man fired for stealing boxes on his day off in walmart
Deer season in Texas delayed
Kails goes famous over knocking out "2 COPS"
Valencia....The Queen Of The Labelle Mafia's
Winston-Salem man arrested after running naked thru Walmart
RHS studen Javier Colin get the MVP of the seasson
Police searching for a Washington DC Lady in connection to theft and fraud
Big Daddy Casper
Local Truesdell student Giovanni Servin caught having locker full of twinkies and tampons and gay porn mag
Woman arrested after she stole all the beauty lip gloss out of the beauty supply
Hospitality one
Westside QB arrested for whooping "Big" K's ass.
Chicago Man Wanted in Double Homicide
Mental hospital patient breaks out of asylum
Teen boy Marcus seen sucking dick
Little Rock , Four Teens Have Been Caught On Camera "Breaking Entering" and stole a White BMW Truck.
Green Kite Inventory Clerk
Baby hates Donald Trump...
Beating The Fuck Out Of A $50 Hoe
Man wanted for punching babies
OCHS student gets a train ran on her for free meth
Mental hospital patient breaks out of asylum m
Valencia....LaBelle Mafia
Cousin fucker.
Buying maggots
Central High Senior Caught Kissing BBQ Grills
Local laurel teen arrested for rape
The two cutest baby's in the world
Little Rock , Four Teens Have Been Caught On Camera "Breaking Entering" and stolen a White BMW Truck.
Moline school teacher accused of recruiting member for local gang
BREAKING NEWS !! Female Caught Stealing People Lunch Food
First African-American Owned Multi-Million Dollar Phone Sex Line
Milwaukee HS Student Student Suspended For Wearing One Bundle
Kadyn martz is a man whore
Capturan al Furcio
Detroit man balls out at Wal-Mart and other local grocery stores spending 2 million dollars in food stamps screaming Go Crazy Gang!!!!
27 year old woman charged with assault
Breaking News
This Mother of 4 has lost it..
Sexual Harassment
Beloit woman beats a lady at gas station
Herrin man supposedly was trying to "Fuck Bitches Get Money"
The tallest student in Macon gets beat up
Local Teenager Hit The Lottery
Youth Harry Gronow aressted for attempted murder
Girl charged with.....
Hackney Teenager Faces Charges
2 Teens arrested after Jumping Ronald McDonal
Johnny caught Eating booty
Steven Lucas in critical condition after consuming 4 bottles of Evan Williams
Wezley Harding serving a stretch of 10 to 12
Little Rock Teen Accused Of Bank Robbery
This boy gets no PT
Teen on the run for fucking and ducking these hoes
Schriever man arrested for eating ass!
Beware two begging children
Bridgeview man charged with throwing woman out a speeding car
Newquan Robinson Wanted For Attemp Murder $10,000 Reward Whoever Turns Him In
Undercover paralegal uses job as a cover-up.
Money2x Say He'll Get RGG Their Chain Back For Them After A Robbery Occured At A Teen Club In His Native Home Of Fayetteville, NC
Wanted in check fraud
Man Arrested For Slapping a Bitch over "First Stick" on PlayStation Console
Yputh Harry Gronow aressted for attempted murder
Man get caught fingering four ladies with for fingers
Wanted for sucking dick on a school bus !
Local Man Arrested for Bank Robbery
Too Much Clubbin
Amber Alert issued for east hills resident Kelly Gunn after family reported him missing Sunday evening
Killed someone
21 year old Ri'Jae Pearson of Valrico,FL wanted in theft of scratch off's from previous employer
Jesus Anzian Wins $1 Million In Lottery After Someone Cut Him In Ticket Line
PPD searching for young man
Line chef from old hill goes to war
Local teen drops out
Young man get killed for switching gangs
Guilty as charged
Teen charged with murder in Pontyclun
Famous Dex sign Jumair Nash
Local Bronx Teen Being Tracked Down Due To Scamming In Melrose Houses
Syracuse Man Wins $2,000,000 Scratch off
Chicago Rapper Fyb Montae Signs With Interscope Records
Newquan Wanted For Attemp Murder $10,000 Reward
Lenoir City Man Arrested For Excessive Speed in Unlikely Car
Police searching for a 21 year old pregnant women Keira Kirk
Young Teenager Is Wanted For Murder
Buena Vista Twsp. teen wanted in trafficking
16, year old shits the biggest turd ever.
Hoboken Teen Arrested For Slapping 34 Bitches
Jasper County School Offical Accused Of Assault
Joseph Flores proposes to Shalin Rivera
18 year old man, charged 40 years for making entirely to much good music
Independence 19-year-old Girl Kills Three Men with Bare Hands
Boy lost his nipple
Calhoun city teen arrested for robbing regions bank
Meth lab discovered at Mountain view Polaris
Doctors in Roofing
18 year old girl caught sucking dick
Gangs Gangs Gangs!!!
Girl Being searched for, for taking young girl's boyfriends and "wetting their noses up" with her magnificent treasure.
Man Wanted For Slanging to Much Dick.!
Former Shaw High School Student deceased from eating Eggs?!
Mother of 3 claimed to be the sexiest woman alive!
Girl Caught Eating Ass n' Roaches
Gonzo breaks into home to tickle butthole
Teen Arrested Fa Having A Big Ass Flights And Sucking Dick In The Hospital
WANTED: Slimy caterpillar oozing around the office
Should Teenagers Drink?
Young rayD in the building
Top 5 High school Basketball Players ????
Woman wanted for capital murder
WANTED: African American/Haitian Men
Boy was caught kissing his bestfriend
Two Local Greenville Friends Died While Dancing . ????
Teen caught sucking donkey dick.
Rapaz mas alto de Brockton high school STa da pa bom tá corniado td dia
Local drug dealer arrested.
Suspect on selling fake pills and taking fathers
High speed chase
Local teen gets a year in prison for every girl he plays/played, now he's stuck for life.
Rock Island man, files federal lawsuit against local drug dealer for selling candle wax as crack-cocaine
This guys was known for fucking your bihh before he settled down. Here's why he stopped
2 majes 1 cup
Nae Nykoll wanted for slapping niggas Grannies
Buffalo Student Gets Recruited By Ohio State
Alabama A&M Student Arrested For Traffic Violations
Local SouthWard Gang banger gets arrested for prostution of gay men.
The type to feel sorry for bum ass niggas
Local man found guilty of being apocryphal with accusers
Top 100 ranked running back in the state of ohio camron moore gets offer by the university of toledo
Teen accused of fucking & fucking hoes
Fake ass 8st nigga
Looking for dumb hoes
BREAKING NEWS !! Female Caught Stealing food from lunch room
Breaking News
West Hampton Woman Arrested for stealing Meat a local Grocery Store
Baby girl thotting.
Teen Arrested Fa Having A Big Ass Neck And Sucking Dick In The Hospital
Stedman cherry
Atlanta man caught have sex with cheeseburger in public restroom.
Boy was caught sending nude
NASCAR Fan wins $1,000,000
Biggest drug dealer
John james,23,bargoed- gets 2 weeks for theft
Kayci Keller
Missing woman
Souix falls man caught stuffing
30 day squat challenge did what? ????????
Man running a 500000$ a year credit card scam apprehended early yesterday morning.
Snatching bitches niggas
Milwaukee Man Sucking Dick For Directions
35 yr old woman out on bond after pouring bleach on her neighbor's Dog
MDMA possession
Local Northport teen stabs and kills boyfriend
Taylor Weyels 27 male arrested for vaping
Teeen suspended for watching porn and masterbsting in class
Newark man wanted for questioning
Dayton Alday Joins Seahawks
St. Louis woman caught grabbing men's genetial at record center
Hotta dixon
Top 5 Best Quarterback in the Rio Grande Valley
Looking for this guy
Dirty ass Football Player arrested for never shower
Best Couple In NC
Arrested for Exposing Little Penis
Bad Boy ????
Teenage girl arrested for reckless driving
Wanted for rape
BREAKING NEW !!! Young Lady Was Caught Stealing People School Lunch
Grant Student drawing in scouts
Student at NVHS caught getting dripp from his walk
5 Most Deadly Teen's Of Charleston
Youngstown women Says she is the illest nigga walking
Snatch and run
Syracuse man jailed in Thailand
Franco's addiction to sucking dick
Local Bitch Dies
Teen dies because girl didn't want him
Little Rock man Pulls gun and shoots in a hunted house at clowns
Dog Woke Up Dead This Evening
Young teen I'm car accident!
Tauni Hunter charged
Shift kit pheezy signs a deal with interscope
2 Suspects wanted for slopping too much
Girl eats everything at lunch time
Is the DMV area ready for Big Wopo??
Woman on the run for stabbing her ex boyfriend
Killer Clowns In Masterton.
20MIL Signs a Deal with Grand Hustle Records for 1.5 Million
Smokes crack and dies?
Brothers Arrested in Drug Bust
Missing: Owen Smith
Wyandanch Man Breaks World Record
Milford woman goes on slapping rampage after drinking whole pint of Paul Masson
Ezekiel Elliot could be out long term leg Injury
Raping dogs
Top 5 in the Rio Grande Valley
Maysville man wins lottery...
Sms student arrested for heving sex with teachers
The story of Luis
Woman beats the shit out of her kids Father
Zeuss came in with a Bang
Young Girl Wanted For Slicing Dildo's And Stealing People's Man
Se busca profuga dela ley por robar cerveza i caja de condones
Brenden Graham Wanted for having a small ****
Teen arrested for embezzlement
Donald "Teflon Don" Greene
Wanted for being a caterpillar
A Monroe Man Makes $500,000 bond in Dallas Texas
Wanted: For knocking off The Horseshoe Casino
An Indiana Man is wanted for scamming his company for over 200,000 dollars
Atlanta women arrested for seducing men and killing them.
The boy with the little dick who gf gotta long chin
Teen Girl Dead
Local man Steven Lucas in critical condition after consuming 3 gallons of Evan Williams Whiskey
Secretive Detroit teen has a history with drug trafficking.
Boy lost his ballsack on the M4
Wanted* For Stolen vehicle & attempted murder
Little Rock Man Arrested For Choking Niggas Tf Out About His Money
Local man, Brad Carey, arrested on first degree murder charges.
McDonald's robbery
Yazoo City's Teen Wanted For Wearing Fake Gold Teeth
Hit DA Pop !!
Tiesha Jackson 30-40 years in prison
A young teen goes down
U.S Army pvt jenkins wanted for running of on 1st sgt
Hubcap thief
Shyanne Schenck and Melaniie Mokuiki on the run or have the runs?
Shaterica Brass
Hunter Humphrey aka kidd dash
Man by the name of Kaelon Lowery wanted for trying to scam a bank account
Man Shoots Self.
Omar Santana of SBHS has ugly glasses
Arlington man wanted for double murder connection
Wanted: Aaron Nicholas Hunter
Arrest for having too much money
Cristian " Faneto " Vargas Strikes Deal With MMG.
Day care closes down for fraud
Woman gets caught stealing pumpkins at Walmart.
Saginaw Man Arrested after laying down Pipe on DONALDS TRUMP Wife and Daughter !
Los Gambino has finally stop going mersh
Warning This men is dangerous
Cocaine Dealing Grandma BUSTED
Taylor and Williams On A Killing Spree
Mid-West Independent artist upset with Drake????
Local teen shot 3 times
Woman caught in parking lot beating up boyfriend after ball game loss
Football Star Enlist In Military
Big Drug bust this morning on 388 road 5 men arrested no name being release at this time but brooksville police say more arrest too come at the end of the week
Female stabs boyfriend over Instagram
Little Rock Teen Accused Of Murder 2016
One dead after reports of beat up pussy
Vonte sucks mater
Teen rapes 16 girls during 2014,2015,2016
Two men killed in Bessemer around 2am Sunday Morning
Local teenage boy hit by parked car, and is now in coma
Jade Empire getting a sequel
Cristian " Faneto " Vargas Strikes Record Deal with MMG
OCHS student gets herpes from sucking up all the girls in school
Woman arrested for assault in fast food restaurant in Richmond
El paso man sales boyfriend for a bag of cocaine
35 yr old woman out on bond for pour bleach on neighbors dog
Collaborations Detroit Wants to See
Girl Being searched for, for drowning young girl's boyfriends faces with her magnifisent treasure.
Sms student arrested for raping 8 year old kids
Troup County News
Kevin Cuffee aka hulkdaddy strips at group home
The Cuddler
General John stricker
Lake Station Man Given Reward For Dropkicking Clowns and Then Went Insane
Girl cought pooping in public
Women arrested for being to bald ?? ????
Woman arrested for aggravated dildo assault on a midget
Raleigh man wins 150,000 on $5 scratch off
Two Teenage Girls Wanted For Throwing Bedbugs On People At School
A kid in Hinesville accused of rape!
Local man in custody for stealing makeup ????
Local SouthWard Gang banger gets arrested for prostitution of gay me.
Girl jumped by Middle School Principle
I'm about to be a celebrity...
Being a fat obese bitch
Black Fayetteville Teen Arrested For Assulting Ederely Woman Over Spot In Line
Hurts At It Again
Stabbing in Hackney
Hampton Man accused of breaking into 57 year old elderly home , stripping out of uniform and giving mild heart attack from what was seen .
Audi TT limited editon!
Joseph Flores caught in I-LEAD Charter School making out with girls in boys bathroom
Mother finds out baby is not biologically hers
Chicago man raped at gunpoint by female Uber driver.
Verona Star defensive lineman suspended indefinitely
Man arrested for stealing fiancé heart
Warrant Issued In Perry County
Justine plainer
Shannon Do u miss me baby
2k19 calls out the class of 2k18 2k17 also 2020
Local Jackson rapper beats up a fan for snatching his chain while on stage performing
Drug raid in Bargoed finds £80k worth of cocaine
Gary man accused of running off on the plug multiple times
Kerry Gibson
Americus man charged with aggravated ugly
Caught putting a hole in a strawberita
Boy hurts his leg
Omg he wanted for murder
Teenage boy dresses up as a cowboy to eat horse ass.
Raceland Man Arrested For Illegal Possession of a firearm
Teen kills local rapper Cris I.V.Y over record deal
Nigel Ford Has A Job Fact Or Fake
Women wanted for stealing bitches man
North Little Rock Man Charged With 2nd Degree Murder
Man Wanted for raping dogs
Decks Benjamin dropped from Young Bucks hours after being signed?
Syracuse Man p participates Royal Rumble
New opportunities for achievement
Danny r mornado is one of the clowns of carlsbad arrested last night
Man Snaps BlackHoe Neck After She Lied On Him In Groupme
27 yr old female arrested for thirty counts of tax invasion fraud.
Arrested for exposing little dicks
Daniel champion a student who made all A's
Big p aka rich assassin wanted for quad homicide
Caseyville man charged with running midget prostitution runn and stealing gurtles
Transgender arrested for attempted murder
Local Fat Rapper Gets his ass kick by 4 skinny niggas
Canyon student John Giron was KILLED for too much sweg
Cynthia Temms
Little Rock Man wanted for 10 counts of first degree murder;6 counts of kidnappings;
Chicago man arrested for stealing perm kits
JSwinn Just Got A Deal
TONS of FUN!!!
First and of many gifts for a very special birthday boy
Matt Findley arrested for public indecency and aggravated sexual assault.
Jordan Davidson
WARNING ! Pancake ass nigga on the loose beware
Local African/Pine Bluffian Woke Up After Three Years high!
Teen goes on vicious rampage for almost getting assaulted.
Man caught breaking in houses stealing frozen meat
Exmore Teen Arrested For Acting Black When He's White
Suspect wanted for murder
18 year old davon Pruitt &20 year old mashon Jackson is wanted for the death of destinee Simmons the both are considered armed an dangerous 50,000$ cash award for the were abouts of the two brothers
Boy Cuaght sucking Dick In CVHS Restroom
20 Yr. Old Milwaukee Woman Arrested For Not Wanting To Ride Wit A Dumper
Teenage girl - School robbery
One the finest girls on fb
Bobby Front Arrested For Drive By Killing
Two girls wanted , Dariyana Wright and Ciara Davis for faking as doctors .
We have found the,most beautiful,girl in,rhode island!
Lock Your Doors And Windows
L town native wanted for homide
Elgin teen ends up in hospital due to drug overdose.
Going to jail for being ugly
Mr.Willis told the judge to "suck your mother you bumberclart" sentenced to life in jail
Boy get caught sucking dick for stripes in Mafia
Pussy Master
Oswego high school student is captured by ICE
Salisbury Drug Bust
Former Waubonsie Jv captain, Alberto Mendoza, signs with big European power house?
Man arrested for stealing woman's heart
Having bed bugs
Good Music Signs Thaddeus Tucker THISIS50.COM
Valdosta Teen Arrested
She ran her babydaddy over 3 times in a row
Patricia wins Ga Lottery eatimated at 16.2 million dollars
Local Chicago Rapper Wanted in Double Homicide
Dirty little boy
Army cadet makes final cut for the LA Rams.
Federal Penalty
New Iberia man Jumps off bridge...
Alleged armed robbery
*Ehan Chan* CAUTIOUS!!! WATCH OUT!!!
Accused of starving friends
KFC addiction
Little kids get killed
Wanted for eating all the Nutella at Facebook office- Austin, TX
Missing local penyrheol boy,21
Miles college student arrest for stabbing roommate
Help this ugly little boy find his dad
Nick Womack fuckin situation hoes
Eric warfield can't play any more games because he scored to many touchdowns
Women arrested for slapping bitches that get out of line
Most Wanted for bitches that can't fight ????
Shot two white males in college dorms for acting black
Fat pig
DJ PHX aka Aaron Lawrence is now the next BIG artist to hit the city of Las Vegas opening up for DIPLO n CALVIN !
Delaware woman receives 1 million dollars when sports betting
Jackson Tennessee Teens Gone Wild
Harlem Teen Gets Arrested For Breaking Into Somebody Grandmas House To Lick Her Under Titi
The loyalist girl you'll ever meet
Virginia student Reginald McCoy signs overnight deal with Roc Nation as Producer
Matti Reese caught being gang banged by 4 older black men.
The Discovery Of El Chapo's little brother!
Warrant Issued for Panty Thief
South Boston Finest Hooper ???? 23
Girl Being searched for, For Drowning too many girl's boyfriends faces
Shooting spree
Michigan City Teen urinated on elderly neighbor.
Elgin teen ends up in hospital for drug overdose.
William Chrisman Grimmlin on the run!!
Looking for a stepdaddy and sleeps with every guy she meets the next day
Man held on 2000 bail goin around slappin homeless bums
Local Rapper "FreezerBurnz" Arrested for breaking in a houses & Blasting a Dookie!!!!
Jasper Teen Arrested
Williamson Man hits scratch off ticket for 1.25 Million on his way home from work
Gambling on school campus
Warrant Issued for Dick Riding
Crest Hill Man Arrested On Counterfeiting Charges.
U.S Army pvt jenkins wanted for running off on 1st sgt
Child missing
Chris browns ex "karrueche tran " caught with local Virginia beach artist.
Former I.C. Norcom Football star gets a shot at the NFL
Chief keef Has another son in Salem or
She had sex outside and now scared to go home
Girls fighting over boys now??
Milwaukee police beats up rapper for song "Fuck 12"
Come Back to me Kristen
Man arrested for being to light skin at the scene
This Woman has 7 kids and is able to take care of all of them
Cradley Woman Builds Small Empire And Becomes Executive
Donald is over
Earnest Carl Dee Jr
Another Charleston women drug lord Arrested
Belize Gold Awarded Millions
Assasanating kids
Buffalo Student Patrick Seiler Charged With Assault On A Teacher
PrettyBoy Marcus found dead with backwoods shoved in his nostrils
48 year old woman taken into custody after slapping about 50 bitch ass niggas.
Adriean Williams Charged With Possession of Stolen Item
Front seat of car
Future stripper
Student dies to day bamberg high school many people loved him and he will truly be missed
JFK Killer found after 37 years
Teen arrested for breathe smelling like TWO cans of shit ????
Virginia State University student Reginald McCoy signs overnight deal with Roc Nation as Producer
Assailant Know as skylar kills small children...
Local Savannah teen charged aggravated assault
Dirty ass kid , help cleannn !
Edjaun Jackson Arrested For Started IDG In West Des Moines, IA
Teen found raped with dislocated jaw
Joshua Lopez caught stealing chickens
Chicago man charged with several counts of felony animal cruelty
McKinley girl gets caught having a 4sum
Ryan king
Police searching for known rapper's Come up Josh and Big flex god in connection to murder
Brooklynn teen get pounded hard
WANTED: For Being A Dirty Slut
Local faggot comes out the closet
New hip hop artist
Local boxer father's many
Elgin teen ends up in hospital after having 5 Blunts and 2 Dabs.
Cutest guy in the city
Former Beaumont Rapper Arrested
Fort worth granny arrested for slapping hoes
First African American Deported Back Too Africa
E.C Man takes selfie after robbing Johnny's
????ONE the finest girls on fb
Sms student arrested for eating teachers ass
Man wins millions for saying amen
She is gorgeous
Finessing student on school campus
New Bedfords 13 yr old boy.a danger to himself,and others
Wanted fb status theif
Rachet safari animal looking for retarded women
Dis girls upsession is making out with monkeys .!
Wife assaults Husband over eyelashes
21 year old woman arrested after bags of weed found in bra.
Human Leakage And Hokey Cokey
Katy Woman arrested for stealing hair glue from Walmart.
Dad and Son arrested after stealing individual black n mild cigars
Lil yatchy shoots Kodak black for accident
Grimmlin Mikahla Jaggers
*Ethan Chan* CAUTIOUS!!! WATCH OUT!!!
Man arrested in connection to drive by shooting in North Portland
Beyonce and Rihanna sending nude text to New Jersey man
Dakota gets arrested For wearing a clowns mask
Crime Boss
Miles college student charged with stabbing roommate for waking her up
Fayetteville police
Recent VSU Graduate Wins $1M in Virginia Lottery Over the Weekend
Breaking bitches heart
Teen Caught fighting 75 y/o Female.
Syracuse Man sexual assaulted at Syracuse Gay Bar
Little Rock suspect armed and dangerous suspect of possible homcide
CVHS Studet Cuaght Having Oral sex with Janitor
Secret homeless boxing champ
Drug "sugar" pin
Two Hackney Teenagers Cought With A Surviver Knife
Local proclaimed music artist Bonk Deville wanted for beating up himself with police gun
Macon ga tallest teen gets his ass kicked by a midget nigga
Fight Made Him Retarded
Teenage girl gets raped & shot by 24yr old
Girl Turns into bread
Keep your boyfriend locked up!
Plaese pray for KIARRAH EARP!!
President Obama Selects Chuck Norris as the New American Defense Shield
Oguzhan kapoglu
Dallas native finds 3.4 million on her morning jog
Local Tuscaloosa Teen Arrested for being to fresh
Bloomington/normal teens wanted for Fucking the raw meat in Burger king
North Little Rock Teen Accused of Slaughtering Hoes and leaving their life without warning
Girl to smart
Belize Gold awarded millions.
Warner Robins teen arrested
Teen Charged with possession of Firearms
Team 600 member LA CAPONE gets smoked by GreaTness members
Las Vegas, Nevada Man wanted on several counts of Child porn and indecent exposure to a juvenile
Richmond teen suspected to have 30 lbs of marijuana
Wanted For Domestic Disturbance
Hammond Teen Arrested For Selling Five Dollar Mids
Jada Salerno finally admitted..
Thee Great N Fake
Thomas taken into custody
Aressted for sucking to much dick
Finessing Tougaloo student out of they refund on dice
Local Teen Dubbed "The Worst Rapper of All Timel
19-year-old Girl Kills Three Men with Bare Hands
Teen Wanted For Scaring Police Officers
Recent VSU Graduate Wins $350K in Virginia Lottery Over the Weekend
21 year old woman arrested after bags of weed found in her bra.
Best Quatetback In High school Football
Banner Girls Gone wild
President Obama Selects Chuck Norris as the New American Defense Sield
Local girl found sucking dick in movie theater.
He is a litle kid he name is jorge nuñez
McKinley girl get caught being dicked down.
Izaiah Sutton Arrested
Diboll Man Arrested On Murder Allegations
Boy found "making love" to goat
Little Rock Man Arrested For Involvement With the Cartel Drug Leader El Chapo "Ring of Murders"
Help this girl
Kane brown died
Norristown Teen Arrested for wearing fake shoes!
Choctaw County Highschool Student Sucks Toes
Girl to dumb to score advanced
Wanted for doing Dicks and being a scary bitch
Barbara Parr
Virginia State University student signs overnight deal with Roc Nation
Sandy Cheeks
Stupid Hoe
Georgiena Wanna Be Like Cena
Couple hits big on Par-A-Dice boat
Columbus Man Charged For Leaving Children In Throat Of Woman
Woman Accidently Dies From Sucking Dick For A McChicken
Thorntons co op edgar vargas get scouted by pumas unam
Man arrested in Lowell for using snapchat filter
South Carolina woman is on the run
Wanted for putting co-workers in check
Crazy shit
Teen arrested for smelling fishy as hell ????????
The secret is out !!! She said yes toTrey songs
Rickcara Ware Wanted For Child Neglection
This young girl doesn't know how to shit probably!!
Girl to dumb to score advance
Port Arthur male in love
Charged with 1st degree murder
Women charged with attempted murder after being caught "Crop Dusting" students!
Local authorities are looking for a suspect Daprice Streeter who put "his whole foot up a bitch ass"
Father of 3 kills 2 armed men!!
Kevin Lou charged with killing and eating neighbors dog
21 yr old man passes out after 23 sessions of ejaculation
Teen arrested in connection to drive by shooting in North Portland
Escaped slave at Roy C. Start highschool
Gay boy from gay street
Girl caught snorting cocaine
Withrow University High School Freshman, Jajuan Walker receives first college letter!
Zac Padfield has a big slong
Love Circle
Woman kills boyfriend for not licking her toes
Chocolate candy stealer
Girl gets caught stealing makeup at a mac store
Niram Maroukel wanted!
Crazed teen
Skip Dmv lands a Big Deal
Local Profesional Boxer fathers many
Thomas nesmith got caught stealing
Made me watch her suck my husband off
600 member LA CAPONE smoked by GreaTness members BD,ROB and Quis
Daddy Snatcher
Stealing ports from your local turkey hill
Teen Wanted In Street Race in Florida
White Boy Wanted
Oompa Loompa Escapes, Wins Lottery
Ethan chan shocks the whole with the son "Isaac is funny"
Man wanted for eating ass in public
Watch out/ tengan cuidado
Man posts the most heartbreaking status
Dallas Man wanted for impersonating Shawty Lo
Stolen gift from Ben
Roberto "El Güero" Figeruoa gets scouted to Gay Boys United.
Young woman arrested for unbelievable acts
Beaumonts First Legit Artist
Crack kills
Guy Slaps Police officer during a raid held on drug, gun charges
Wanted For Murder If You Have Any Information Please Contact The Rayne Police Department
Also caught sniffing seats in Shooting Star Buffet.
XXCENTRALS new collaboration with GameBøy. Both make new Trap song called "Go Fuck Yourself" coming out on November 4, 2016.
Escaped slave spotted at Roy C. Start highschool
Wanted For Doing Dicks & Being A SCARY Bitch
Keansburg Juvenile Known As "Lil Zay Zay".
Hoe Ass Quayshaun
Western Hills Head Football Position
Kevin Lou charged with killing and eating his neighbors animal
The next BIG thing!
Missing josielynn Ann gonzalez
Adrionna gets asked to HOMECOMING!!!
Chicken boy
MadFlow AmerikoTalent?
South Jersey Man Arrested For Fucking Too Many Bitches
Sold his boyfriend for Cocaine
Cj ripzorry
Pottstown Teen Died tweaking of the duece
Laura Omeltschenko suspected in hit and run
Police are looking for woman who has potential connections with ISIS
West High School Student Wanted for Hit and Run
Zion man charged for stealing black and milds
Peado on the run for 10 years finally caught
Young Female Accused of Being Too Hot!
Alexis F was arrested for assaulting her ex
Hungry Beast
Grand Rapids "Team Win" member wanted...
Modern day Bonnie and Clyde
Man has twins by two women
Oh shit
Daneja's New Musical Direction
Impersonating slim jesus
Daysha Williams Arrested For Killing Her Boyfriend
Zion man charged for stealig black and milds
Got Me Fucked Up!!!
Terekus May Signs to MMG.
Deez nutz likes the BBC
William Reynolds wanted
Women farts in her sleep !!
Dirty little Rare breed mongrol has broken free from the dog pound
Ok girl a hoe
ABC 7 news
Local pum pum eater arrested for allegedly asking to eat pum pum for food
Local Man Charged With First-Degree Murder
Searching For Man Who Stole From Walmart
DICK thief
Warning ??His Breath is Highly Shitty????
Fairfax native held as a real life superhero for saving 25 kids from a burning building
Walmart fight ????
Sexual contact with a teacher
Teen Was Seen Giving Head In Walmart Pharmacy
Nigga name manman ...
"Local teenager has been shot on vine street in diggs town"
Don julio
Fat fuck caught sticking eggplant up asshole
Chicago man arrested for slapping woman
Marion women charged with two counts of attempt of murder
Erick caught eating dog
Hampton man wins Mega Million Lottery leaving him with 64 Million
Bronx teen arrested for being ugly
Young savage name jay is taking everyone's hoe
Riches young man in the world
Child sex offender taken into custody
Monkey at hidalgo highschool
Local military man arrested
Backpage Bust
Peadophile on the run for 10 years finally caught
Murray State's shortstop "Jaxon Phipps" caught with lesbian.
Michigan City teen urinates on elderly neighbor.
"Keyonne brown has been shot on vine street in diggs town"
Backside bully arrested for tilting cervix and destroying weaves
Liking people but holes
Is he the cutest kid on earth?!?!
CPM most prized dick sucker
Suspect Arrested
A man is arrested for eating another man's wife vagina on the Airbase Park
Chesapeake man goes to jail for stripping without a license
23 Year Old Milwaukee Man Charged For Standing On A Bitch Neck
Girl accidentally dies from sucking dick
BREAKING NEWD Girl arrested in hakin, in the early hours of sunday morning
Local Caerphilly girl,16 wins 2000000
"Lil Ugly Dude"
Movie Theater employee has been fired and arrested for exposing himself at work
Ma'kita Gee Has been arrested
Quitman police department looking for wanted man
I have a young girl who doesn't know how to shit probably
Caught sucking dick behind a dumpster! For free!
Big Hoe !!
Local Laurens Woman Want for Check Cashing Ring
Donate to jasmine Weave and braces
Northampton Student Arrested For Raping An 75 Year old Woman
The Most Loyal
Caerphilly peadophile who was on the run for 10 years finally caught
Beautiful baby girl
" la hija de don vergas "
Local goes big!!!
Up comming rapper probably has sex with your girlfriend/mom
Girl gets train run on her by 4 boys
Brandon Foggie Jailed For Molesting A Cow
Dangerous 67 Recruit Makes Guest Appearance
Teen Killed For All That Damm Lying
Indiana Man Wanted For Breaking Females Backs
Local Hinesville teen Malaysia Mack WANTED!
Gay bitch niamoni gets ate out by little GR bitch paris after rjay party
Mother allegedly accused of beating her son after reports of screaming and banging rang out early Monday morning in Marcum Terrace. More information to be released later.
Worldwide record label owner Francis colombi wanted for illegal music distribution
Nick Halloran becomes Pro racer
Nigga wanted for eating old men ass
Suffolk man hits lottery for $500,000 dollars.
Murder in Houston Ms, on October 24,2016
In Search Of Man In Surveillance Photo
Scrap Dooley and Fee The Goddess teamed up and created a facebook HIT!
Alex The ''FRUIT''
DeKalb man caught sniffing ass by the Kishwaukee River
Beautiful Lady
Giraffe Escapes Zoo
Ronaldo gets arrested?!?
Local News in the Jackson,Ms area
Columbus teen arrested for rape
Police are on the hunt for a 20 year old man who took a true coat out a baby stroller and push the stroller over with the baby still inside
Boston Teen Arrested & Charged With 25 Years to life
Caught sucking dick in a frac van
Man shot 4 people in now facing life
High Schooler caught sucking a boys dick.
Jay Z Sign Chesapeake Native
The Reason Why Jones Wants His Rematch Against Ex Chicago Finest Cormier AKA Carl Winslow
Local Raper Man
20 year old gun downed in east Charlotte robbery
Army Cadets In Danger Of The Social Media Craze 'Killer Clowns'
Kid known for his old but gold video "Toaster Waffles" is to become successful KC Rapper.
Chicago man arrested for slapping woman.
Local teen caught sucking male area at school prom
Man wanted for throwing his girlfriend in the trash after she irritates him to the extreme!
Suspect arrested for excessive speeding in blue sports car
F****** Too Many Guys Girlfriends And Wife's
Patty snatcher
Man found with stolen crates of Hennessey and Redbulls worth a street value of $30,000.
Tim Traver
TTB Nez Dead
Dumb bitch passes away after porn like event
Wanted for murder
Guy arrested for steaking womens heart
Man Theif
Serial tranny molester
14 yr old boy arrested for some shit u wont believe
Student Got Arrested To Taking B****es N***a'S
Destinee Johnson gets arrested after eating to much Nutella
St.Pete man went under weight loss surgery
Jamaican native Markeno Bingham pleads guilty to raping an watermelon
Kevin Gates Son?
Darvonne Barnes
First time Mother taken to Psychiatric Ward for wearing daughter's Pamper instead of adult Under Garments
Will do anal
Public schools closed tomorrow
Man shot during raid held on drug, gun charges
Champaign Man Arrested For Prostitution
50,000 bond for this suspect
Teenager Joey caught raping other teens in quail valley
Jlhs student caught sucking his own dick
Beat and Choked a woman out.
Pottstown Teen Arrested for Killing a Whore
Stupid piece of shit passes away at 15 but acts likes she's 9
Markham mans Arrested after winning Illinois Lottery
Gucci Mane & Drake will Oquan 22nd birthday.
Girl gets thrown out out school
Iesha Formally known as "Shay" is now officially a stalker
Travis Have Got Arrested For Shooting At 3 people
" Pimpin Ain't Dead I Was Just Playing "
Gabrielle Cracked Daja In The Restroom K.O
Learn to fly
Teenscharge with rape
Local Toledo Women Wins $5,000 dollars
Local Drug Dealer Assaulted (Rock Hill)
Dead Chicago rapper "Lil Jojo" spotted in englewood
Gucci Mane's 1017 brick squad Just dropped Dthree from label
Mob action beating
Billy Caught Fucking An old Ass Lady
Kimberly Is The Best Momm
Help Nick Lacey get out the trailers
Anthony (Baby Legs) Fico
Low end chiraq man is being held on a $100 bond for being ugly on a friday
Hit and run
Lost King Of Africa
BREAKING NEWS: Papa-Bear Really Does Not Give A F*k About TV Show "The Walking Dead"
Crack head wanted For stealing beer From rock hill store
College student found doing butt stuff in school library
Lottery winner
Angel Torres A.K.A "Pollo"
Rapper named "YAYO" is rising to stardom
Seaford Man Found
Woman charged with stealing several bitches man
Young girl Destined Johnson gets arrested for eating to much nutella
Realist nigga in nap
Serial killer
Valley boy Mr Ben harrigan sentenced to a maximum of 3 years in prison
Brazeal ran away from home please help find her
Asia Williams arrested for having a little haircut
An Oompa Loompa Escapes, Wins Lottery
Local Toledo Man auditioning for Disney Pixars Trolls
Wannabe Vicelord Dies From Nuts And Legs Couldnt Breath
Two Sisters Arrested For Falsely Accusing Homeless Men Of Being Their Baby Daddy's
Rich assassin aka big p is now Public enemy 1
19 year old Suburban girl Wamting for fucking other people mans and not knowing who her baby father is
All Northampton schools closed tomorrow
Hannah day caught searching for dick
Woman arrested for licking pwussy
Michigan City Woman Arrested For Killing Prostitue off "Backpage"
Wild Beast
Two men was arrested for being fake goons
5 year old boy wanted for stealing girlfriends
Former Security Guard at Rio Grande City High School caught crossing 350,000 pounds across Rio Grande City International Bridge
HHS student steals toilet paper
Drunk ginger is now classed as criminally insane
20 year old caught having sexual affairs with fire crew chief for position
Trump Hotels building in Waco, TX
Child Support
Destiny 17 years old accepted to try out for the reality tv show dancing dolls
BREAKING NEWS: Papa-Bear Really Does Not Give A F*k About "The Walking Dead
Hubble Park Shooting
Pottstown Teen Arrested for Killing Someone a Whore
Local student needed known as the local trap star
5 year old boy wanted for stealing girlfriend
Teen on High-speed Chase on Grandmother's Car !!
St.pete man Man arrested for selling big hotdogs with buns
Girl caught sucking dick
1 Man Charged In Drug Raid In Chicago's North Lawndale Neighborhood
Ezra wheeler Shot dead for Claiming He was Brim
Young teen passes out from alcohol overdose
Local Male Wanted in limburger park shooting
Redneck on the run
Clown Ass Rapes Dog in Sobeys Parking Lot
Trenton Nj , Black man turns into a Deer after he eats.......
18 Yr Girl Wanted By Police For A Stabbing
Guinness World Record for biggest dick destroy.
Diving for gold
Principal caught masterbating
Jose cardoza - Chavez AKA Jo Lopez
Rock Hill Local Drug Dealer Assaulted
Chicago Man imprisoned for raping rabbits
Dothan Alabama artist, is more than what meets the eye.
Local Toledo man is auditioning for the new Disney Pixars Trolls movie
Issac rockower raping his dog
Gwinnett county victim arrested for street racing
Wascally Wabbits attack
Kenan Tate Becomes a Billionaire off of Lottery Win
Thomas Nesmith Persecuted
A Young Woman Is Around Spreading A New Disease
Weed legal in Tennessee
Teen boy of Lansing Mi found dead in woods.
Boy arrested in bank robbery
Little Rock Arkansas Man accused of having a fully loaded Draco with over 30 pounds of marijuana and 50,000 Cash
T-Mobile employee charged with Wire fraud of $1.5 million worth of APPLE IPHONES
Local Teen Arrested Facing Multiple Charges
Local Man Wanted in Shooting
Gimarion Campbell first offer
Woman Wanted For Questioning In Horrific Crime
Charleston women arrested under cover drug lord. Within the approximate of a school zone..
Pottstown Teen Arrested for Killing Someone that Pulled on His Dreads
Leah Cadwallader been sentenced to 3 year 5 months for not bathing????
50,000 bond on for this suspect
Big Joe Strikes Again
Teen gone missing in redditch
Girl arrested for dangerous driving
Mother of 1, checked in to Psychiatric Ward for wearing her daughter's pampers instead of Adult undergarments.
Dominique Heaggan-Brown Escapes Milwaukee County Jail
Thomas Nesmiths gets Caught Breaking In Homes!
Young Mother Wins Lotto For 25 million Dollars
Suffolk Girl Wins 50k from lottery tickets
Man denies having sex with uncle he is accused of killing
Peeping tom
Breaking news in norfolk
Backpage hoes spread HIV in the Northshore/Southshore
19 Year Old Daysha williams Arrested Fo Killing Her Boyfriend
Polak's Penis Problem
3 teenage boys arrested for public nudity.
Asscheecks dior!!
Celebration fun, DP
Local Madison Teen Caught With Fake "Pole"
Caughg Fucking A Old Lady & Smiled then Farted
Former Bojangles' Employee Facing Sexual Assault Charges
Chipotle offers deal to Cleveland Indians fans for Game 1 of World Series
Milwaukee boy
Jada Milanni From Facebook Was Hit By A Car
ISIS reaches Macon, MS
SDP Gang Ro Chapo Sells Sex
Bessemer City's Valentino Montgomery Recieves Offer From UCLA and Oregon
19 Year Old Boy Diagnosed With AIDS
Man slaps dick in teachers face then fucks her ear lobes till she dies
Aurora Teen Charged For Sucking A Girls Tities By Force
Local Brooklyn woman arrested after shop lifting in Rainbow clothing store and then trying to tell the stolen merchandise in front of the store
Florida man arrested after driving 245MPH the wrong way down a one way residential street
Wanted for kicking bitches ass over Brazilian hair
Katavia flynn arrested for stabbing family member after a spider was placed in her bed
Former football Allstar accused of pistol whipping man
Chicago man arrested
Child to be questioned in the disappearance of GUMMY BEARS
Baby Daddy Snatcher
Champaign teen arrested for breaking into people homes and tickling there booty holes
Zaria sprung ass
Woman arrested for stealing kfc 20 piece
Poor Boy Loses Peen
Girl killed her baby after finding out she was pregnant by her cousin.
18 year old beat up kids pretending to be a clown
25 yr old arrested in a Murder case 3 deaths are leading up to this shooting.
Local Gastonia man wanted for shooting at limburger park
Sam Smith fights with indie artist JKabel on Twitter.
RIP Amanda Geiger
There is a psycho murderer running around the rhymney valley acting like the butcher from "american horror story"
Tyler Garcia
Columbus man arrested for arm robbery
This transgender will suck your dick for some fake eyelashes
Female stabs other female
Woman arrested in spartanburg sc
This Guy Fast !!! He will leave you in the wind!
Birthday girl
Cambo rambo
Sorry ass football player disappears
Tulsa native Brandon Lewis makes Team USA with hopes of taking gold in 2020 Olympics
Cook County inmate declared president of all you bitches!
Awarded Albany's Best Shopper
Officer Dominique Heggan-Brown lawyer stated his client been gay all of his life
Man Dies after Overdosing on Codeine
Sucking dick in public
Briyanni wanted for hiding her wife rachaun that's a fugitive
Champaign Man Arrested For Male Prostitution
Opelika man arrested for pasting gas at work.
Teen barely survives neighborhood brawl
Man Quits Job To Sell Weed but Doesn't Have Enough To Cop
Man slapping Hoe's for thinking shit sweet
Youngest NASCAR Driver for K&N East!
Murder suspect
Known Drug Dealer Wanted
Man shot and killed girlfriend
Brittany McCoy wins women's big titty of the year award
Portsmouth teen wanted for being ugly asab
Dnaya arrested for stank ass pussy
Young Mother Wins 2.5 Million In Lottery
Teen Girl Fights Baby
On the look out
Girl from penyrhoel murdered by girlfriend
IMVU YouTuber "Tw1stedVse" Expected To Make $3.4Million By Halloween
The answer to Chicago Fire's scoreless games?
Sese Is Single Officially Single Yall!
Teen Arrested for tickling strangers ass
Young Teen Girl Eats All Her Boyfriends "Booties"
Busted in undercover sting
A local Carrollton athlete has been chosen to participate in The Jr.High All American Outback Bowl being held in Montgomery Al, on November 17,2016.
Man steals church offerimg!
Joyce Comes Out
CLEVELAND,MS Native Arrested For Prostitution!
Wanted by police for sheep shaggin
Jackie Cervantes, maricruz morataya got caught sucking dick
Local boy ends up in Ystrad Mynach for the night for robbing fish cake
Yazoo City Man arrested once again for breaking into local convenience store
Portsmouth man wanted for pimp slapping 25 females
Cj taylors wrong things at school
Biggest Pussy In Lexington
Paige goodell being hunted ? That's what clowns say
Fayetteville NC Artist FlyBoy$ly Soon to Sign to Interscope Records.
Pervert in the outdoors
Bethan Jenkins
Chicago Man being questioned in a on going Pimping Ring.....
Dallas Man Awarded "Most Saucey"
Newark man apprehended for assaulting female vagina
Teen arrested on middle street
Teen Bestfriends On A Killing Spree
Childersburg woman charged with arsony
Local fuckboy gets played
Why this nigga wearing fake golds ?
Guy goes to jail for shitting in a mail box
Champaign teen arrested for breaking in to people homes in the middle of the night and tickling there booty holes
Teen Dajuan Long shot in Lemon Grove Ca
Chicago Man Was Arrested For Snatching his Children From The Mother Of His Child
Utica Teen Arrested For Skipping School To Go To The Mall To Steal
Suspect arrested in blue sports car for excessive speeding
Woman baldy beats boyfriend for not making her his wcw
Local Young Mother Wins 2.5 Million Dollars In Lottery
Detroit Man Arrested For Booting hoes Out the whip after Fucking.
Wanted for phone harassment and unlawful use of telephone
Man arrested for slapping hoes for think shit sweet
The Split
£10,000 to whoever finds the runaway clown
Crystal Oliver Arrested After Beating A Hoe Up
Caught Behind BP Fucking A Dead Ratcoon For Loose NeckBones And A Case Of Crystal Lite
Retail theft at fox valley mall
A normal squirrel goes vicious
Jake hill
Caerphilly drug lord has been tied down by his new misses
Biggest female gang banger in RI
Tristan James gets ass beat
The Struggle is REAL
Hottest bitch
50,000 bond for whoever find this suspect
Brooklyn native qualifies for US Olympic team for 2020 olympics
Another teen wanted
Most wanted criminal in Seminole county caught in pine hill home
Man sues local Walmart for bald brush giving him waves
Manager Gets Fired For Dating Cashier
Man wanted for slaying excessive amounts of poon
Young girl, Erin bickford being searched for
Girl from Caerphilly killed by girlfriend
Milwaukee couple wanted for killing shit
Teen Charged For Possession Of Marijuana
Watch out for this couple
Future Mixtape "Beast Mode 16" Drops Today
1 Man Charged In Drug Raid In Chicago's North Lawndale Neighborhood
Man robbed East Orange NJ burger King
Pregnant teen, stole a 2017 haudai elantra
Meet Ethan Caswell
Hiram GA Shoplifter Finally Caught On Tape!
Crazy hippie on the run!
Chattanooga woman caught on camera smoking crack out of a homeade pipe
Chicago man charged with identity theft in nation wide catfishing scam
Christine ferguson wanted for drinking to many bottles of taka and slaping kids cause she say they bitches and hoes
Biggest Drug Dealer returns back to legit lifestyle
Tow operator charged with first degree murder
Arrested for watching straight outta compton
If you see lydia jope report to police
Another Fuckboy alert!!
CTU student removed from online classes for correcting instructor.
20yr Old Fayetteville Native Nominated On The Behalf Of Black Girls Rock
Riceland employee arrested for allegedly wiping boogers on a supervisor and two co workers
Wanted for killings.
Yazoo man arrested once again for breaking into local convenience store.
Bear Causes Unexpected Delays on HRBT
LaDonna Green Ivery The Next Food Network Star
Phenix City Man Run off Road
Cleveland man on the run from bum bitches and broke niggas
Lavavius simmons known as offset dayday is wanted for being an savage
Portsmouth man wanted for slapping 25 women's
Isaiah looses virginity to cat
Luis Roman is missing last place was seen in a back alley giving a blowjob
Please help this child in need
Wanted man
Suspect known as "Tyler Garcia" caught giving oral sex to another male in Tishomingo high school ballpark
PNB Rock co-signs Baltimore artist EA Poe
Man has been sentence to life for stating he is a champ
Lompoc mother awarded Best Mom Award
Bloomington/Normal Man is wanted for breaking into Home's and eating groceries.
Wanted for running away from crime of a robbery
Man Goes To Drug N Abuse Court
Man Arrested For Sagging With Dirty Underwear On
Champaign teen arrested for breaking in homes and tickling booty holes
11-year old arrested
Robbing burger King in East Orange
Man arrested in newburgh
Nurse Snapped and Killed a Patient after
Utica teen arrested for skipping school to shone steal
Kigi Arrested For Stealing Niggas Hearts
Cameron Morris Wanted For Taking People Gf
Man who kill 100 poeple with 25 shot
Nicki's Booty Slip
Local News
WANTED! Local Caerphilly girl wanted for drug supplying
A Warrant For Terence M. Lewis Of Clinton, MD Has Now Been Issued
Wild Auburn Gresham Man At Large And Extremely Dangerous With His Right Hand
Town Left Shaken After A Horrible Murder Scene
Smoking roach
Man goes to give offering and runs off with plate!
Little boy finds a Golden toilet worth 3.5 in mothers back yard. " We rich bishh" in the mothers voice.
Faith Evans locates long lost little sister!
Bear Stuck in HRBT Causes Traffic Delays for Travelers Headed Westbound
Girl caught staking supernatural star
Large man tries to rob ice cream truck
Valley boy mark humphreys sentenced to 10 years and 6 months inprisonment after a long exhausting trial
Dudley man Arrested in Benidorm
2 commerce teen wanted for drive by led to murder
Local Teens Caught Stealing Condoms Out The Health Department
Rock Hill women disappears
Aurora Teen Caught Stealing Tortillas & Huevo From El Paso
Man made 20+ girls burn
Middle Eastren man wanted by the NSA.
Sprint Center Scammer
Cute baby banned from facebook for being TOO CUTE
Suspect wanted for double homicide outside a Mc'Donalds
Arrested for watching straight outta compton
Dudley wood man spends 10k on looking like rylan Clark
Ladavius simmons
Milledgeville man wanted for stealing grocery carts
WANTED! Local Caerphilly girl wanted for DRUGS
Columbus woman arrested for stealing a car & running over bitche's
Teenage Female Faces 30000 Years ! For Stealing From Herself
Young Teen Girl Eats All Boyfriends Booties
Teenage girl wanted for Body slamming niggas & grandmas
Snow in Florida?
Dad jailed for pissing in sons eyes
Young Man Arrested for trying to get customers to sip him like Orange Juice
Crazy cop chase
Breaking news President Obama FaZe that African-Americans are actually original Jews known as Hebrews
Gaycop perez
Smelling guys butts
Gay man wanted for the death of over 50 people
Million dollar security job deal
Milwaukee man gets arrested after refusing to let down a toilet seat
Poet changes the world
Teens Went To Jail For The Murder Of Jerrineka Titus
GFE arrested for stealing a .....
Wanted for running away from crime scene
A Central hoe
Norfolk teen rapes grandmother tells his mother suck his balls and says tyler the creator is his father !!
These hoes ain't shit
New bill passed
Essex man makes love to his honda
PSA: Chicago teen reaches out 2 neighborhood
South side Thot
Daekwon joseph
First living neanderthal discovered in Berwyn
The Real Chopah - Of The Legendary rap group Triple Beam Caught with a Million Dollars in cash.
Local boy ends up in Ystrad Mynach for the night after robbing fish cakes
Ellie's a hoe
Trial begins for man accused of rape, assault of three minors
Goshen teen gets raped with a banana
New star coming to Sony records!!!!
Brandon Wardell
18 yr old caught fucking her grandpa
Child robs a burger king for 10 burgers
Americus Local, Tommy Jackson arrested for smoking pot in the Perry Fair.
Rapper Indicted for Recklezz Behavior
Young girl Salma Hernandez's life is a meme
Warning clown in aurora
Dallas woman wanted on three counts of murder in the past four months.
Attempted Murder
BHS student Dontae urwin chicoine is caught being a wanna-be maori at school
This boy had killed a buffalo and if u see him call 999
Burke Hoe
Run and hide
Man Wanted for Murder and Bank Robbery
This boul dumb
Illegal Street Racing Ring update
BHS student cj Taylor caught smoking weed at the back of the felid on the 21st of October.
Town Left Breathless After A Horrific Murder Scene
Albany Park Clown Epidemic
Georiga student arrested
Blackest Girl In Dallas Tx, Wanted For Taking Your Nigga
Local Tulsa women wanted for drug trafficking.
Woman sells elephant tail hair
New store coming to Sony records
Eating Pussy In Sunoco Gas Station Bathrooms
Found dead
Men kills whole family
Jasmin was killed today by two older women
Murder Suspect
Local upcoming Rapper on the rise.
Trashy ass , slut bag , Faggot
Bird Feces Found In Genessee and Bailey McDonalds Restaurant Happy Meals
Teen being sued for damaging a woman's insides
Three people, flashlights, & gasoline!!
Man Arrested in Palatine for sexual assault on a dog .
Chicago Park District Employe has been offer a coaching job for standford
Mother of 8 Month Old
Albert lea Teen shooting
Facing 60 Years!
Smith County Man arrested for Assault of A Police Officer!!!
Wanna be "Stud"
THS Student Justine George being charged for sexual abuse.
Thot of the year
Boy Saves Cat From River
Booty hole tickler
Upcoming "BigTimer"
Organized crime and trafficking with intent to distribute narcotics across the state line
Alex Almonte signed a 1.3M contract with the Boston Red Sox
Ugly Nigga Gets Roasted By Flam Rapper Named Young Preston
HHS steals Toilet paper
Teen Jessyca Harris arrested for sexually assaulting young man!!!
SportsBlast CFB Church of God Baptism Service 10 A.M. Sunday
Kid arrested for eating too much ass
Woman goes to jail
Angry Wife.
Man arrested for "Fucking bitches, and getting money, on these fuck niggas."
Thomas m merrill arrested in long term drug ring
Teen Kills Father After His 19-year Release Of Prison
News Update: 98 of people are DooDoo heads
Young boy arrested for running around Huntsville Naked
Big dick
Alicia manna
16 body count
Mykael lindsey
Man slaps girl for playing with emotions
Elgin Man Caught on Video Beating off Behind Wildberry
Alyssia Watkins is nominate as the black-white girl of Pontiac
Teen gets caught tickling Angie Yanes Butthole
Sucking mah dick
Wanted in three states in connection with
Vibrant Teen Dead...
Wilson, NC teen has reinnovated the world of music
Girl kill her teacher
Virginia comedian charged with manslaughter after fan laughs to death
Lysette crighton
Man goes to jail for cultivation of marijuana
21 year old man charged for shooting a Chicago police officer
New Jersey resident New York lottery over the weekend
Illegal immigrant 20,000$ reward
Le'Coyle Rkezz Benford & Darce Mcdavis were arrested for humping dogs
Phenix city teen eats ass
Seattle 17 Teen Arrested for "D2B" a strand of new Dope Dick
Arrested for POD and threat
Two Local Men Busted In Backpage Sting Operation
Redditch clowns terrorise kingfisher centre
Killing Ex Boyfriend
Teen Boy Stabs His Grandmother For Throwing His Favorite Pants Away
Eating Pussy In Sunoco Bathrooms
28 year old blow lottery winnings on penis enlargement
Wanted for murder
This Man Was Caught Sucking Dick Behind Wal-Mart For 50¢ Here's What Happened
A 20 year old woman finally gets arrested after owning the largest drug cartel in the world.
HHS student steals toilet paper
Kylie Flanagan arrested for beating Jordan Probert up
Arrested For wearing Big Ass Joggers
Daily news
23 Year old Arrested after threating her 2 year niece
Landen Wash
Circleville pumpkin shows last year ever this year
Everett Freshman Reportedly Recieves Full Ride Scholarship To Alabama.
Local Boy Caught Sniffing Mens Asses To Get Hig
Local Man in Custody after 37 Children Injured in Freak Accident
2 Teens caught fucking two bad bitches in movie theaters!
Girl Finally Wins Trophie For Shaking Ass 2$ Tips
Druglord caught after sellin a ton of cocaine to undercover agent
Young Girl Kills Her Ex For Playing With Her Mothetfucking Emotions
Real madrid
THS Student Jocelyn Diaz being charged for commiting sexual assualt.
WANTED! Local girl wanted for drug possession
Birmingham Teen Caught Stealing Pads From Dollar General
The boy at it again arrested evening
Local Mexican Teen's Mom Say He Has Crusty Socks
Cincinnati Uprising
Alisha Lawrence on run from the police due to suspicion of murder.
Jacking off in Walmart
Charleston man arrested for raping old women
Girl Kills Her Boyfriend
Light skin fat alber on the loose
Aurora Teen gets arrested for being the ugliest in the city
The Reaper
Las Vegas Rapper Retires After Hearing His Own Music
Chattanooga Woman Wanted
Teen arrested
Breaking News
Young teenage male harassing little children
Yasmin king
Woman arrested for beating people naughty kids at Walmart
Chicago man arrested for tickling other men's assholes
Deveon Fro Faces 55 Years
Teen arrested for possession of firearms,over 20 grams of marijuana
Woman shoots her ex-boyfriend for coming to her home
Police are on the look for a man wanted in multiple shootings on the city West side
Gastonia man is the greatest 2k player in the world
YGN Rap Girls - MyAnMaR hiphop Song 2016
Brandon Mcknight Will Ask His Girlfriend To Marry Him At Panthers Next Game
Woman kidnaps Hispanic children and hides them in her van
Kanika trammell found dead in natchez ,ms
Moline high school student wanted
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