Posts of the day 2016-10-23

Donald trump has died
Ae gone wild (ass eater )
Crazy girlfriend gone wild
3 killed at the parking lot of walmart in Wichita ks
"Terowinyohoe" goes viral once again
Elasia Davis thinks she is a Bad Bitch
Brooklyn teenager wears right clothes for once
The Faithfulest Person Ever
Man has too many chins and was hospitalized
Columbus Man Stole A 2016 Camero
Cleveland police officer's milk mixed with laxatives and Viagra!
Young teen gets hit by a car
Young girl in Chicago ,il looses to serious deaseas no edgeNimia
Anthony Rodriguez 18 wanted for rupturting 7 girls guts in a orgy
One Columbus Leaves Children In The Throat Of One Local Columbus Woman
This nigga has a lil ass babydick dick omg?? Didn't even make me moan or scream he is only 14 years old
Milwaukee's New Hottest Artist " Lil'Foreign "
1st Creep Inducted Into The Hall Of Fame
A kid from Acton High school
Phat who're hobo caught stealing cheese sticks
Prettiest Pregant Stomach Award
Missing teen
Dont feel good
Debate Cancelled Because China "Said so"
Los Angeles tattoo artist Cuba dies
Male, 16 , Of Albany Ny Arrested Today After Shootout
Obesse man is obsessed with bukkake
The fakes of them all
Young male in Lansing MI turns gay after seeing "Magic Mike"
Long Island Man Arrested For Hate Crime
Janae hanks caught sucking 5 Dicks in the Village green apartments
Chicago Teen Went Missing With His Eyebrows
Slapping Fat Hoe
Sidenigka award
A Chinese lady caught breaking in jail central
Man got rapped by 2 Gorillaz 1 zebra amonkeys
Teenage Girl Gone Wild !
Squirrels on E.Main st bitting pedestrians
Local Hinesville Teen Charged With Assault .
Irvington high shook by Dashawn S.
Attempted Murder To The Third Degree
Teen dies after eating to many chocolate covered dildos.
The Story Of Bryan And Michelle
Arrested for
Woman wanted for printing too many coupons in West Salem Township
Founder Dujawn Baldwins got caught sucking dick and got ran by 30 people
Young boy Raquan williams A.K.A Tweek got shot during a drive by in New york City
New zoids game fake
Student at RHS caught giving head...
Officers looking for "Bianca Aytch" of Richland County, SC
Girl dies
Takaria big monkey looking ass
Paterson girl get paid for sex by undercover cop
Watch Out Chicagolands Next Big Mogul!
Felicity & Chantell arrested
Local Greenville Man Wanted For Selling Himself
Man hunt for teen for cypress hills shooting
Shaun hill eye found under a garbage can
Black Woman Accused of "Acting Drunk" and stealing Newports from corner store
Teen caught trying to so called "wu-tang" a whole blunt of marijuana
Death of Martin Larance
Young milledgeville kid goes D1!
Baby in newburgh tells the world how upset he is that he looks like his father
Little Girl In Need of Loving
Jean Moore
Student claims of having hoes but is always alone.
A girl gets caught getting head in the school bathroom
Felicity Royal & Chantell White arrested
Kailanni Williams Wanted For Murder
Lil Drill gets caught lackin on bike
Tyjona Ruth
WHS cheerleaders have aids and are spreading it throughout the school
Teen Jason's Deleon in Senior Madrid Squad
Schools Biggest Rat
Transgender andy Castro caught having sex at park
Man charged With Beating pussy Up
Giraffe Escapes From Brookfield Zoo
2 males Arrested for beating metro pcs signs PUBLIC INTOXICATION BROWNSVILLE PD
Thot On Loose
Clowns threat Baliey Middle School
Death of a 15-year old boy
Cochran girl
Donald Trump dropping out of the race??
Woody meets the poodles
Newark man wanted for rape
Wanted For Murder
Freshman coyotes bound for playoffs
Officers looking for "Bianca Aytch". If any information known call 1-800-CRIMESTOPPERS
Student caught having a three some
Guy in lorain
18 year old Camden rapper gets Rihanna pregnant and decides to marry her
Teen get caught slapping fat girls
23 Year Old Man Dies in a Tragic Crash on 5th and Capital.
My friend has been missing
WANTED Charged with Assualt Ima be well but lost her mind
College student mark beaming just been drafted in the NFL
23 year old girl caught stealing bling from a jewellers store in intu derby
Dhs student caught having sex with all of his female teachers in order to pass
18 Year Old Female Arrest For Allegedly Beating Baby Father With A Bat For Eating Their Child Fruit Snack
Local artist blows up
Local Dealership Busted After Months of Investigation
A young teen got arrested for sucking dick in public
Two girls have eluded from Bethlem Royal Hospital, Mental asylum!
ROCKHILL said to be full of aristocracy
Charged with Assualt Ima be well but lost her mind
Arthur Adult Swim
White Male Gets Bukkaked
Suspect On The Loose
Sam Holborow
We need help finding this man
Missouri heatwave this Christmas
Young Teen Setup Thot
Abraham gives no fuckss
18 Year Old Gets Caught Making Love To A Dog
Ima be well but lost her mind
Teen caught eating a**
Irvington Residents have you seen...
Tabias long is arrested for killing a dog
Tyler morales
Dhs student caught having sex with all of his teachers in order to pass
Carolina Panthers to release many more key players in 2017!
Transgender caught stealing wheels in round lake
I Have a Big Chin
Teen caught trying to drug a child
Dylan Rowland in prison for rape
Man arrested and charged with assault
Ta'Leahia Wright Caught Sucking Dick
John moreno caught sucking dick for a bad of hot cheetos
Local Teen pretends to be straight but is really gay for his best friend
Snow in California
Timothy Patterson Aka Mozzy Pronounced Dead After Authorities Find Him With Gun Shot Wounds To Upper Body
8Shit Admin arrested for Virginity
Strange Child Spotted Wearing A Carbrini T-Shirt and A Monster Energy Hat
Fake dyke .! zmya williams
Columbus Man Takes Police On A 6 Day Chase From Columbus To Florida And Back
Chicago Teen Arrested
Teen caught breaking into houses to tickle buttholes
Fedex in huge lawsuit over child malesting
On lookout for 15-year old boy
Wanted for snatching girl's soul
Teenager dies from ejaculation semen 80 times
16-year old boy beats girlfriend for laughing at his bros joke
Carlsbad man caught with Transexual woman
18 Yr old Male arrested this Sunday Evening
London Gone Wild
Women from Belding Michigan Caught Stealing Dirty Underwear
Bad news
Niko chapo arrested. October 20 2016
Man Charge Of Beating Pussy Up
Sydney Lloyd over-reacted
Man accused of beating his gay lover
McDonalds Calling off McGriddle
Kid Caught Fucking Class Pet
On The Look Out For Man Involved In Deadly Shooting
Whs student Adrian casanova gomez caught masturbading on the bus
Nation of Islam "Brother Ben X" wanted by Satan for stealing souls
Video Captures Aurora Teen Shopliffting from Victoria's Secret
Christopher Velazquez the next big thing
Aliceville high school's wanted for stealing out Walmart
Warner Rbins teen charged with assault and rape.
Sex drive doesn't last long?
Van Horn Freshman Gets Fucked By Teach
Bree Johnson
Been asked to be a model
Mr.Shinn gets arrested for rape
Teen arrested for damaging her boyfriend's car
Moreno valley murder suspect (Arrested)
Girl get federal time in prison
No she didn't
18 Year Gets Caught Having Sex With Dog
Man caught on school property
Obama: "I'm giving away the US to China"
Find Your Baby Daddy
Pastor caught having sex with twins.
Preacher Grandson goes down wrong path
Teenage boy taking in for questioning
Wichita Teen caught doing sexual interactions
Kid kicked out of school for being to short
Young boy wears the same jacket every winter.
Marine caught stealing from sex shop
West High student caught stealing all the cheese from the cafeteria
Charleston man known as Chuckie was found guilty today of being a lil bitch
Guy Breaks out of Jail to go to KFC
Girl beats up a student at central during the game Friday
Dogs and cats are not safe.
5 Other Band Students Caught on Drugs EPJH
18 yr old man arrested
18 year old Miguel Flores got caught being catfish
Justin beiber found dead
Fat who're hobo caught stealing cheese sticks
Super Side Nigga
BREAKING NEWS: Karrueche & Sean Kingston Now dating!
Seattle prostitute sing leads to four arrests
Ti'Arrieon Known As Tee Tee
Genius Baby can read BIBLE
Busted Lydia picton
Jodie smith local murder
Clowns come to wrong hood found in a skark tank in an abandon house
Brad Johnson
Selling yo nighah on the street
Man from Cicero wanted!
Teenage girl found dead.
Young kid wears the same jacket every winter
Older Woman Beating Up Little Kids
Teen admits to killing "fake weedman" for selling "mid" instead of "OG GAS from the bay"
Girl get penus stuck in here throat LITERALLY!!!!!!
Heaven is taller then kid fay
The brutally slicing
Teen Caught Fingering behind bleachers
Fake gangster only tough in his hood dirty project boi
Keeona Newton's Has Finally Been Diagnosed
A lad aged 14 beats up and stabs a clown and makes a big mistake
Inspiring belton rapper Cedarious Simpson aka triggahplayy wanted!
Unbelievable Bank Robbery/Kids
Woman on the loose after holding up 4 stores but not for money 13abc has more
David Miller Chokes on Tom Bradys Penis
Kidnapped by gangsters
Guy from Lorain find a 50,000 scrach off in the trash
Babajide Olarinde Arrested For Kid Napping a Goat
Da'rell moss arrested
22 year old tattoo artist opens up
Ice Cube Cosigns Zu religion and U.F.ZU Eazy Z Album
Tutor need senior with 1.2 GPA
New young talent Ainley Godoy aka "Young G" breaks through
1 Clown verprügelt von einem Kampsportler Voja Petrovic
Fake Tyga Look-A-Like Applauded By Tyga Fans
Hillary Trump twerking at Battle Creek Warehouse
Emanuel Castro
WIS News 10
St.Louis Now Ranked Most Smelliest City In Anerica
Teen reunited with his father
Women From Carrollton Ga Diagnosed with.....
Man charged with sniffing bicycle seats
18 year old arrested
18 year Miguel Flores found sucking his own
25 Colton woman arrested for murder
Teen girl arrested for armed robbery in small town
My friend
Booty eater
Raelynn Strickland arrested
Cannock born teenager uses snapchat filigreed too much
Milwaukee man found pimping girlfriend to buy lean
Dylan Pearce a young boy is going to be famous
BREAKING NEWS , Kyasia Mendoza ; 13
Oregon university
Rock Hill Teen Arested
At the sence of a bank robbery while caught in the bathroom sucking penis.
Victor Karababo caught having sex with a toy
Lakeland Girl Gets Turnt Out On Great Head
Who Wear's The Pant Here ?
Chicago West side man arrested after impregnating over 100 women and leaving them
Kaleah Nelson????
PHS student caught fingering teacher at class time!
Palmdale's 1 hoe is wrecking homes !
Broken 13 bones !?
Queens man gets thrown of out Popeyes
El player de la North academy????
Mustang owner continues legacy by ramming into a group of 15 innocent bystanders
Memphis Pill Popper Arrested
Tashi lick toes around marbach
U.s grant biggest hoe !!!
Baltimore thots EXPOSED
Not Funny But Funny Looking
20 year old man shot to death
Alec Silva wanted for fuckimg a cat
Otis get caught felony with fire armed
Local HHS Student Franklin Bush caught having sexual intercourse with lunch lady for extra pizza.
Ice cube Co Signs U.F. ZU Eazy Z Album
*BREAKING NEWS* Luis Lopez likes black men
G herbo gets his chain snatched
Victor Cruz Is Recorded Having Sex With Another Man
Deshun Harris on the run for slaughtering multiple gang rivals.
Man attempts to rob bank with a hot dog
ABC NEWS Ebola in co.
Eats massive loads of food
Mother in newburgh decides to turn into a man
Nigga got caught eating ass
Carlsbad woman arrested for whacking off boyfriend in a moving vehicle.
Gay teens with no life expose another teen?
Lansing Everett sophomore receives full-ride to play with the Spartans in the Fall, 2019
Teen finally reunited with his father
20 Year Old *WANTED*
KCHS (Running Back) Broke Two Ribbs In Football Game
EX MGS student jake harvey has a small dick
Man overdosed
19 year old on the loose for buying ass
Breaking News Trenton 16yr old gets punched into a coma
Jamila McDuffy
18 year old arrested for 3 murders in Los Angelos
Chester teen breath kills everyone and they mama
Crazy teen attacks 13 old sister
Compton man wanted for Drug Trafficking charges
19 year old on the loose for assault on a tranny
Man was arrested for smoking the weeds and fucking a fat bitch
Manny young is released!!!!!!!!!!
Local Woman Deadass Stole A Niggas Timbs
Coach z looks at Tylon w
17 Yr Old Diagnosed With New Type of STD
Central High School Student got Big Nose Syndrome
Lil tone from Lansing Mi. Has signed a Record deal contact for 3 million dollars
Jennifer flores
Rasta Arrested For Looking Like Her Bother. The Rap Artist Known As Famous Dexter
Rapping people grandmother's
Tean girl hates dick and loves pussy
Women From Carrollton Ga Robbed and Shot at Gun Point
In love
Jasanett brown got cancer & aids
Del Val man whore !!
Gemma redfern caught shouting "Hilary" in public park
Alert: Guy with small dick shows his size
Black Male Found Dead After Not Buying Food For His Girlfriend.
Smoking Meth
Fresno phoenix secundary
Teacher at Duane D. Keller Ms was fought mastarbaiting in classroom.
El chano de la juarez linclon high school
Chicago Teen Taking In Custody For Looking Like An Alien
This man was found hitting a fat bitch from the back
Local Woman Deadass Stole. A Niggas Timbs
Boy wanted for spreading alpeshia
Barber gets signed to Jay Z for 2 Million dollars.
Hottest new tasting food for health fanatics
Daycare Worker
Rock hill Teenager Caught On The Backpage
Local Northwood,OH sport legend caught in GAY porn ring..
Boy wanted for spreading For alpeshia
Avenal man destroys Shandon resident
Chaught having sex in the restroom
Tylon whiehurst
Teen Accused of breaking into Albany's local zoo raping animals
Boston man wins the lottery 134.5 million
A Young And Beautiful Lady Has Passed Away
Hickman student caught eating rice in restroom.
Women from Blackburn West Lothian pictured doing sexual acts on main high street
Milwaukee DJ arrested for taking someone's girl & playing with her pearl
Woman Charged with Theft at Best Buy
Upcoming Artist Named "WhereIsMez" Floods the Internet With Poetic Rap
They wasn't lying when they said chambers was 51/50
Local Restraunt Poisoned Patrons
Carlsbad teen arrested for larceny
Residents of Orange
Teen missing last seen at public library
She said she loved me
Hairstylist goes nuts!!
Deshun Harris is on the run for killing all the nappkz and skirts
Haitian pastor gets arrested for making fake green cards
Justin Bieber death
Beyonce Leaves Jay Z For Charging Eagle!!!
Breaking news! Derby man admits to having a fetish for the film Titanic
Shalayla has gotten arrested for being in stolen vehicles.
Local Black Hinesville Teen Charged With Being Ugly Asf
Mother tries to sue son
Aaron Wright death
Male seen buying coke near 130th
South la murder victim identified
RHS students Jose finds dick up his ass
This kid just keep getting ran over
Houston Tranny Wanted In Connection With Tampon Thefts
Giovana lopez was found ded in south padre island
Man found dead in Mcdonalds restroom
Man Found Digging Up His Own Ankles
Student caught eating rice in the restroom
Kings Mountain Woman Caught Trying To Steal Teeth.
New Feet DIsease
21 year old man passes out after 23 sessions of ejaculation
Latin Brothers
Caught Up By All Her Hoes
Hillary Trump forbidden love
Dodge truck wanted for banging and beating up the block
New work
Tbla jv football team blows Roosevelt jv team out by 16-0
Local Man Vapes Like A Boss
Ex Local Northwood Star caught in GAY porn sting
Bradley ponder caught sniffing his dad's boxers
On the look out for 6 men that kill
Talk about starting from the bottom!!!! Went from working a fulltime job to getting offers by celebs!!!!!
Teen football superstar found dead in alley
Guy kills mother for saying "niggas die everyday B" after his dog dies .
Three 8th grade boys at Brooks middle school threatened a shoot out after school
Shitty highschool team flexes with 2nd place.
Schenectady shooting assailant is still at Large
Man Suspected of looking like a burnt sweet potato
Carlton R Welch Wanted For Murder In Tuskegee After There HBCU Homecoming Celebration
"Clown Of Americus" Teenager Kills 3 People Behind Walmart
Young Buffalo Ny Rapper Steven Collins aka"Blino" gay?
Kid charged with animal abuse drowning his goldfish
High school student Christian Lozano died in a car crash today at Riverside Ave
Tiffanyy Brookee Gets Arrested For Having No Hoes
Local D*ck Head Helping People In Need in San Diego
Kyle Nichols dies
Jaleel caught stealing niggas bitches all over providence
Camron Todman convicted of raping 450 dogs
Murder 17 Teen Year old In murder On Chicago Westside
New Chicago Talent
Be careful she has dangerouse diseases ????
3 underage females arrested after a death of a nigga
Peoria Man Guilty Of Not Being "Da Man"
Alexis Guerrero daughter of Beatriz Herrera dyed today on scene
Local springdale man wanted for gun charges
Clown rapes kidsin Greenwood, SC
Dri claims she gang gang
15- year old Kid at UACB named Seoul goes to jail for FUCKIN UP MY MF CHILDHOOD
Erin Betteridge caught soiling in a public park
Teen destiny' victor Gonzalez
Top 5 underground rappers in Florida!
Kid got caught sucking dick for money
Aliceville high school's lajoshua is wanted for eyes fuck up
Teen confesses about his baby dick
Young lobster found and trapped on beach. Will he survive?
Heidie has the best girlfriend in the world. Click here to find out why and what shay did to deserve the award
Shot 3 times in the Head. He was only 14
Crank/Frank the tank Known to take your bitch and leaving baby mom's sprung
Jazzmine Ebell involved in scuffle outside theater
Man kills 33 people in north las vegas
Shalaya has been gotten arrested for being in stolen cars
South Dade Senior High School Cancel Friday Game At Harris Field Against Rival School Homestead Sr.
Rap Artist (Westcoast Cizzle) Most Wanted" murder suspect had rap career while in hiding
Teen girl gets caught sucking buttholes in neighbors garden
Local man wanted for ending Kobe's Basketball Career
1 Palmdale Ho Is Wrecking Homes !
No Fucks Given ???? Young Lady Going Around Chopping Dicks Off
Help this teen!
Sebastian and kithiziaa
Future President blackgirlsrock
Broken ankles
Lesbionist about Selena Gomez
Teenager Accused of Raping Panda
Taylor snitch bitch Sloan
Meek mill says that local Wilson rapper king ant might be sign to his Dream chasers label
Camron Todman 16, has been convicted of murder
Young lobster found dressed like a human and forced to smile
Young lad finally gets his jeep from miami
Man charged with murder for getting "cracked on" by his friend.
Julian "The masterbading guy"
Finally free from 8 years of lies!
Breeyana Kerington in the hospital
Local ass beating
Akron man is found to be the father of 18 kids through DNA. He still claims the results are wrong SMH!!!!
Snatching Daddy's
Edges gone wild
Maritime Academy Closed
Hunter B. , Ross aka Globoy, and Chance have threesome at Carousel.
Darren Beattie
Police say suspect shot and killed
18 year old illegal alien missing
Leyla Hinojosa caught overdozing on taking selfies, now getting transported to a hospital for mental disease
Kat's Penile Breaks
7 years ago busted for buglery at north royalton
Prisoner Deon Arron Released After He Was Found Not Guilty.
19 year old known gang member
Donald Trump drops out of race
Teenage Girl in Newark, DE is Arrested For Murdering The Dance Floor
Princess nae
Aurora teen arrested for licking his cats eye ball out
Rapper Ayoo KD Stealing Songs
Davonte Dixon
If seen call the police ASAP
Jarod has caught the jalen disease
Jermian Matadi
Stackz lied about fucking a tranny
Mother of 1 kills her Babydaddy and is girlfriend
Aurora teen arrested for shooting his cat in the eye with a bb gun
SLO County Teen Caught with 10 Pounds of Meth
Carlsbad Man Caught Stealing Erotic Toys
Got arrested for beating A bitch ass
Kyasia Mendoza , (13) ; Arrested for playing niggas
Man caught stealing tampons
18 year old goes crazy in eats her Boyfriend for not buying her some food
Gang activity
Wanted for murder
Anderson Woman Wanted In Double Homicide
Warrent of arrest out for mr James croxford
Columbus Teens Wanted For Questioning
Milan Mo Lottery Winner!!
Man charged with murder after getting mad for getting cracked on by his friend.
56 year old man found making love to a pumpkin in Sudbury sainsbury's
Australia is Missing.. and You Won't Believe Why!
Man arrested while screaming "Dino Lives Matter"
Girl goes to jail for being too beautiful
16 Year-Old Arrested For The Murder Of 1
Teen play on other teen booty
Niece annoys her Nina to death
The booty mangler
Indictment pending on lynn man
10 years old girl missing
Hillary Clinton Arrested for the involvement in robbery of International Sperm Bank
Rapper Under investigation of murder
Caught stealing tampons
Child finds out he has type 4 diabetes
JR6 Officially Gets Smarter!
Cleveland Underground Rapper Signs To Big Label
Major Drug Bust
Local teen's sarcasm leads to hospital trip
Walmart chicken wings contains shit and pig guts
Winnsboro man charged with aggravated assault
Pak Cant Hit Licks
Blair County Warrant Arrest for Devin Conrad
Breaking News !!!!!! Young Man Delano Fletcher Gets No PT
Teen plays in other teen booty
Schenectady shooting amred assailant at Large
20 year old girl dies because she misses her husband to much
Charged with murder
Davon Holmes considered a FUCKBOY
Hinesville girl
Hit and Run
Hillary Clinton sky rockets in the polls as Donald Trump continues to fall behind
A hoe caught in a car with drug dealers
Elderly woman of Anderson wanted for prostitution.
Nicole Rodriguez student of Nbh charged for eating a teachers ass
James Ford Rhodes Highschool Kicked Out Of Senate Championship
Ja'Mya Gets Arrested For Breaking A Guys 2k16 Gold Edition!!
Man caught stealing hours at work
Missing Teenager found!
Hillary Clinton Arrested for the involvement of International Sperm Bank
Teen Went On A Purging Spree After Being Bullied
Newark woman arrested after years at large for stealing over $120,000 of sketchers footwear
Local snapchat comedian facing deportation
Hungry Thug On The Loose
Savage Kenny real name Kenny Gedeon allegedly got arrested for prostitution
Dreemy Sleepy "Lani" Big Looks from da Industry
Dangerous sex offender alert seattle
Hillary Swallows
Clowns Sighted at East Kentwood Highschool - Threats
Eloise is pregnant with joe's baby ??
Gayest Person to Ever Exist
Booger Man
Birmingham School to close due to lack of funding
Man Caught Masterbating at Akron Pull-a-Part
Aliceville teen wanted for refusing arrest
This lad chased away a girl with a teddy bear
Teenager is snatching seniors with the looks and height !
Little Boy Named Jeremiah Cintron Lied About His Virginity
Charlotte Rapper and Producer duo vandalize EpiCenter steps in Uptown
Former Midfielder Alex Hein Set to go to Manchester united This Month
Teen gets murdered
Local Man Fucking Dies
20 year old rapper talks collab with meek mill and more
New Orleans Pelicans Sign Aziz
Danayasha Fennell 14, caught by Rachelle Williams sending nudes to her cousins
21 year old fucks up the whole bar and the securities from copper door
Local Greeley baby set to star in upcoming movie
Aliceville high school's smooth wanted for shooting a person
84 year old clown is aressed for selling candy
Abbie Edwards arrested
Student caught giving blowjob to teacher
Janet Vazquez,18, runs over many peoples exes at the block..
Store manager has coming out party.
Local Student Andrew McDaniel found trapped in portapotty.
Teenage girl from Spartanburg missing
15 year - old , Sara Blyther Killed In a hit and run .
Ebola virus found in Nogales High School
*AIDS BREAKOUT * San Bernardino Ca !!
Murder suspect in Chicago
Hector west expelled for sucking teachers toes
Ben has a snotty nose!
SDHS principle accuse of having sex with student
Cameron Preece shits his self !!!!
Minor arrested for trying to run a train on young girl at a party
Preteen reports being raped by his father
Local Plumber marries Koopa King
(Wanted) psychopath on the loose
Jalen is a fag confirmed
Teenage girlfriend snatcher is on the lose
Gorilla on the loose??
Local Man Fcking Dies
Wanted for not paying child support.
Local hinesville teen charged with rape
"In The Case Of 7 Month Year Old Adam Smith Jr."
Highschooler is caught giving blowjob to teacher
The hunt is on for a Derby man involved in a necrophiliac ring in the Morley area 23/10/2016
Jenna Walden and Chantell White Charged
Has anyone seen this person wanted in connection of a burglary
Tyler morales
Angry kid over cheese stick
30 yr old Salem man dies after car accident
The biggest coward in Woonsocket award goes to....the person who keeps making post about people
Cast of love & hip hop
Chief Keef Signed New Chicago Rapper Young Rarri
Teen Goes To Jail For Putting Rat Face Sloth Looking Bitches In The Hospital
Crawford student Saw is currently the best CB in the varsity team
Lil Martin Looking for trouble & Takes it all????
Boy, 14 found dead near holderness road
Murder charge
Isis claims they are planning to invade Chicago as refugees
Julian Trinidad suspended for.....
Winnsboro woman arrested in speed chase
Roselinda hale is a run away tho sucking dick in the streets
Man arrested for being a fuckboy
A dobby lookalike scaring little children
Boy gets caught sucking dads dick
Boy guns down parent after taking his phone away
Woman believed to have the best Pussy On Earth!!!!
Girl gets caught
Boy shot on 65th and stonyisland(gang related)
Clown attack in Belton sc
Bright future for Jeovani Hernandez
Local Apple Valley resident arrested in suspicion of murder
Lancaster Teen Arrested
Rizzo hospitalized in early morning.
Local teen collects the biggest amount of socks ever
Half sisters declared the rumor of being single
Alex Betteridge caught having a dabbing fit
Kid is addicted to saying what are those
Young Boy "Elephant teeth boy" will be tried as an adult for assualting other children with his teeth
Brian delosangeles was found dead in the dumpster for fucking his grandmother
Boyle county teen arrested
Psychopathic teen arrested for killing all of Ex Niqqas????????????
Local Greeley Baby set to Star in the 2018 version of The Jungle Book
Alien caught Live on camera??
Zoo animal gone wild
Local crack head joins the army
She got shot
Missing 25 year old found, Pedro A Sierra
Eddie tamez jr
Local rapper "Tez" "T.Eazy" caught having anal sex with a horse on local farm
Original gangsta gdk glitch controversial beef with tako from officialstar67
Danaysha Fennell 14, sending nudes to cousin
Woman Accused Of Assaulting Police
Teen wanted for sucking dick
Decommit from MSU unexpectedly
Selma teen is charged with 1st Degree "Falling in Love With These Hoes"
Teen La'Tranee Brooks sentenced to 25 years for shooting all these CHEATING ASS LYING ASS TRIFLING ASS DIRTY ASS HOE ASS NIGGAS
Bronx teen wanted for being ugly
20 Year Old Likes To Poke Buttholes At Night
Too Much Sauce ??
Digusting teen has sex with burgers
(Portland Rapper Signs Young Money Deal )
Boston robs bakery
Woman arrested for having bomb ass pussy
Carolina Panthers to release Cam Newton in 2017!
Teenager spits in bald headed bitch sandwich
A Legendary Sensation calls out everyone.
Rhs Student Gets Arrested For Murder .
North Carolina Woman
Ypsilanti Xavier Loving junior varsity
Darwin The Fuck Face
Is Joshua Lunn a Nazi?
Joey Caught Fingering In School
Young hoover student Klo Doh got cought trying to lick his dick
Teen Shot and Killed
Briana's Pregnant?
Teen Brutally Attacked For Not Being Able To Deep Throat A BBC
18 year old on the loose
Birmingham women wins a Million Dollars at the WindCreek casino!!!
Kyanna Dates 9 YearOld Boy!!
Breaking News!!!!!
Northeast Boy Hunter Caught sucking Dick.
Two seven year old boys have sex with teacher for Disneyland tickets
Teen found sucking dick
Lawrence man wanted for murder
Teen arrested for being one ugg dude/bitch
Saskatoon gang member south side kings
Gage Block leader caught having relations with fellow co-leader for a loose cigarette
Shocking News
Man Caught Stealing Trojan Condoms from Kroger
Wanted Well Know Gang Member Satan Disciple
In The Case Of 7 Month Year Old Adam Smith Jr.
South Carolina's Nipple Bandit
White man accused of fucking his chickens
10,000 Lottery Winner in Lynn, Ma
Paso Robles teen gets deported
Loyal girl
Student from Hubbard HS sending nudes to teachers
Woman is pissed off!
The bad sisters
Vanessa Correa aka (Chingona) lost ????
Local Wilson rapper Lul dee gets noticed by dr-Dre on soundcloud
FedEx employee arrested for not having no ass at all!!
Wanted for fucking your bitch & dgaf what you think
Rhs Student agets Arrested For Murder
Kid seen doing backflips in front of McDonald's in Orosi,Ca
Student caught giving teacher head for a better grade
Girl caught sucking dick in an alley
New Orleans,LA Native and Mississippi Coast Transgendered Woman hits 30k at Island View Casino in Gulfport, Ms
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Attempted Murder and Assault and Battery
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The midnight cat.
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Chicago's new face in music? JOVI
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Chicago's New Face In Music?...Jovi
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October 21, 2016
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Palms Springs Vacation? $uicideboy$ & Buffet boys
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Son of Harambe found
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This Nigga Here
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Riverside Ranger has been the best mascot ever
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The Pooper Looper Awards
Officers fired & 1 million dollars issued
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Southwest Shooting
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18 Year Old Man Shot Six Times in the Woodlawn neighborhood
Salty Attitude
16yr old Ka'Von Garcia Sentenced To 900 Years In Federal Prison For Beating woman Ashley Franklin and Burning House down
Chicago drug lord, Franken Doodle, is responsible for over 600 murders
ButtHole Bandit
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Santa ana high school froshh football
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Top 5 Schools offer 6 Year old Full Scholarship after massive game
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Teen Goes To Jail From Running From Bloods
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Young kid finally grew hair to fuck bitches
2 Males Wanted For Fucking Niggas Bitches
Obituary of a best friend
Local Greenwich resident is actually just mook
Milwaukee Teen Secret Finally Comes Out
Teen arrested for tickling booty holes
Ijone salis turns down 5 basketball scholarship to be with his girlfriend
Ebola virus outbreak
Pascual working for el chapo!
Jason Campbell Dropped Kicked Now Suffers From Scoliosis
Treassare is a dumbass!!
18 year old teen body found in Lee County
Shark attack in Indiana
Big headed bitched
Lincoln Student Caught Beating Off in the Bathroom
Wanted dead or alive idgaf
Ariandy Luna, dead at 15
Alexus Is Missing
Peabody Man accused of being too sexy
Turtle Man charged with male prostitution
Farmer Brown's Pig goes missing (Sexy Pig)
Sunnysides teen caught sucking dogs penis in public bathroom
Wanted- Man from Wellington Telford late 20s
Stealing Noodles
21 year old woman charged with emptying her bowels in Tescos frozen isle
Bryanna Laura Juarez gets a box of blunts from a cop
Most successful dog catcher H'orace awarded $6 million dollars
19 year old man shot dead this morning
Tytiona Chaplin shoots her boyfriend
Bitch ass 8th grader
Local Girl caught in gambling scandal of pre season NFL games
Dick suction
Teen Rapper shot outside of studio in Northeast.
Anti Black Lives Matter Porn Site Creator Arrested During Live Sream
Student Caught Faded asf during showtime
STL Booty Hole Tickler
Shit breath bitch arrested
Cleveland High school Alumni Hoop Star Nigel Flowers Commits to University of North Carolina
Teen found having sex with his cousin
Man caught talking sweet to gay guy
Young man shot to death eating booty
Derrion Thomas selling dick to pay his rent off
Teen goes to jail for having two baby momas
Ohio Teenager Wins World Record
Anderson Biggest Hoe
Missing person
Two Teens Killed In Car Cash In Terrell County
Ricky Santiago
Big Time huggins In a hurry time
Deja aka "sunny dee" hoein on the low with her "sister"
Madison Collatt found dead.
YouTube star "Pink Guy" got jumped.
Girl gets arrested for kidnapping toddler's
LeafyIsHere Arrested
3 girls arrested for raping "Coach Q"
Water Pokemon Steals A Star
Fucking with a Ice Age Character
Fake Friend
MLD Lives Matter
Patrick Lemmond Wins Again.
The love triangle
Teen injured within mintues of a car shooting october 23rd 2016 9:00am
Shanna Robb her drug dealer
Teen arrested
Ohio Teenager Wins World Wecord for Most women Banged in a 20 minute Time Period
Local Denver boy wins Nobel Peace Prize
Thot on the loose ????????don't let the good dick fool u
Corey A. Henry Shoot And Killed And Broad Day Light
***BREAKING NEWS*** Guyton woman got arrested for going 5 MPH in a 55 MPH zone!!!
Alexis G Caught Sucking Dick At School
Shooting in Des Moines IA
Ferriday,La Woman arrested for running naked in public
Big Shitty Drop
Young girl caught eating ducks
Hulls biggest love cheer revealed
Braking news
Rochester Police Seize Drug Bust
E3 Civic High Principal Caught Having Sex With Female Student After Saying She Is A Homophobe
Champaign Teen Arrested For Flexin & Finessin
People are leaving facebook because of stupid react365 jokes
Thot on the lose????????don't let the good dick fool u
Birmingham woman caught squatting on Tesco car park
Tired of hoes trying yhu ?
Short hungry person on the loose
Local Corey on the Loose
Cody DIT Student Trips Over A Paper Clip
Boy goes to hospital cause a turtle snapped his dick
Nashely love Torres arrested for prostitution
Escaped Monkey in Greensboro Al
Quadruple homicide
Dog dies in the middle of the street on 657 Madison ave
Local Artist "RadoNumberFive" Charged with Capital Murder and Felony with Posession of Firearm!
White Bitch Thinks She's Black
Bed Bug Heaven
2 fake gays
Thot on the lose????????don't let the good dick cool u
19 year old Aalyiah Walton arrested for allegedly assaulting her Ex-boyfriend
LosAngeles Female Tattoo artist CUBA Found dead in hotel
Teen Revealed As Franklin the Turtle
15 year caught by Lawrence police.
Danna saldana the hoe! Of PsMs 161.
Clevontae woods Wanted for Muder
BREAKING NEWS: A Asian girl has been caught stealing dogs
Girls fight clowns
Local Yakima Valley citizen caught pooping in grocery store
Man shot dead for having to many haters on his dick
Teen Arested For Grand Thef Auto
15 Dead
18 year old jumps off a bed over her ex.
Man Who Never Washes Neck Finally Caught
Supper prank.
Young Teens Killed In Car Shot In Terrell County
Brooks student caught eating poop
Girlfriend stabs boyfriend to death after a random girl liked his status
3 Teens Indicted For Gang Activity
Local Grandmother Shoots And Kills Eboni Cockrell Over Not Cooking More Grits
Rapper teamugly god jay was shot yesterday night
Local Yakima valley citizen caught pooping in a grocery store
Local taunton boys have warrent for arrest
Teen Fred Quin arrested for Crownhills shooting
Caught eating a white boy booty in alley
Booty Bandit
Donate a dollar today
Retarded Child gets cancer and dies
Teenage boy in Milwaukee overdoses from regular marijuana Critical condition
Teen wanted for rape
Teen who's real name is Rasheed, arrested for stealing rich college student Bruce Wayne's identity on social media.
Oswald A Dominguez
El Monte High School student caught penetrating a donut
Young Boy caught stealing tampons
Local teen wins president of ibtc
Fantasy 5 winner
19 year old Aalyiah Walton was arrested for allegedly assaulting her Ex-boyfriend
World discovers the first black teen who had 50 miscarriges and all the STDS known in Man Kind
Pickens county teen gets the best looking award over the whole county!
Transgendered man lured little boy into bathroom
Girl arrested for kidnapping toddler's
Help Maurice go to rehab for domestic abuse
Fine ass stud settles for less
Mbm Glizzo
Teen Charged With 1st Degree Of Takin Bitches Niggas
Shannon 35 of Stoneham arrested this afternoon for murder
Sar Saw The Queen
Congratulations to Victoria Moore
Women, Leanne fisher robs bank
Local Artist releases Album
JaakcBoii Quanny And His Gang Rob a Bank for 4. million dollars
Joceline rosales will be the next El chapo
Faggot on the Run
Justin Peeples arrested for 5 armed robberies and 7 murder charges
Clown found at local grocery store drinking a 40 and smoking reggie
Teen girl killed her ex
22 yr old Jacksonville woman citationed for having too much swag
Boy becomes stripper at age 12 due to brokenness
Breaking News
*LEAKED* Negan offs THREE characters in TWD7 Cold Open. Prepare Yourself.
Irving Avila caught tickling a students but hole with a chicken
Gadsden Man Wanted For Multiple Crimes
Hoeing alert
Macon teen wanted for stealing
Poor kid gets his hair bald ,..
Local Meriden woman caught eating all of her donuts at her job
Larreke "Reke" Wanted For Cumin In Females Mouth & Runin
Local shelby man arrested
Milwaukee TRT Jay
Justin Peeples convicted with 5 armed robberies and 4 muster chargers
Caught in school doing anal
Teen Arrested And Charged
Teen repeatedly slaps neighbors
Jiggly Mitch A.K.A Mitchell Gee accidentally farts while jigging
For the first time ever, Winnsboro, Last woman nominated for HomeWrecker of the year.
Segerstrom High School Teacher Impregnated a student
Girl arrested for starring at little kids
Chicken thief ????
Fucking bitches and disrespectful ass niggas up
No Friends
Young Thug, Lil Yachty & Uzi Vert found gangbanging teen in Motel.
Batman is in council bluffs iowa
Clown sighting by Niles and Haley
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Miracle Walker arrested for pimpin
Shooting in Jefferson Park, Teenage girl dead
BPD seeking for teen involved in fucking bitches and not giving a fuck
Trampolining kid
This girl is addicted to sucking dick
Local pedestrian caught eating ass in East Tech Highschool
Lynn man arrested for selling his balls
Teen Shits Outside A Restaurant Says "Bathroom Had A Bug In there"
He Got Killed By A Drive-By
Paris ticking people but holes
The nutty ice syndrome
Four girls harass peer at Montrose High School.
Local Boy Eats Ass And Rapes Cats
Guy found in his bedroom with a dildo glued in his ass
Man in Longview WA has sex with caveman
Girl from roosevelt faceing up to 4 years in Prison for getting caught stealing candy
Everybody Li Freak
Jesse Matias Announce Will Run For President
Still Her Man
Teens tooth gap gets stuck to school bus.
Chester teen robs a buffet but was too fat to get away
Fire Red Hearts Hits One Million Dollar Mark Through Workshops
Student caught eating booty in boys bathroom?
Local hoe get arrested for snorting coke off a hookers ass
Shaun hill at Rialto high school has brought them they First CIF championship by beating chino hills
Will She Ever Stop Talking Shit
Local man uses McDonald's freezer for anonymous hookups
Quincy Brown Gets Married
Unknown Gd has been released from prison today
Man gunned down in front of north main basketball court.
Shooting in Los Angeles, 1 dead 3 injured.
Raping occur Fresno and Belmont
2 Student Caught and Arrested for Selling Dildos to 6th graders
Kid gets but fucked brutally..
Marysville standout, Luke Dobler gets offer from San Diego state university
Young 18 year old cleveland teen caught shop lifting from giant eagle
Meek Mill drops "Dream Chasers 4"
Teen gets arrested for sexually assaulting a 5 year old
World Discovers the first black teen who over 50 miscarrige and all the STD you can name
Community mourns teen pedestrian killed in fatal crash
Holland man goes M.I.A after being scared to lose horse race
Will kersten win this battle ?
Styx River Resort canceling Halloween
Pleasant Grove Head Coach Jim Elgin Is Fired !
Daron was murder
Student gets caught Fingering janitors butt hole
Brandon hope...(Thomasville food punisher)
Girl killed after party
Stalking charge on his ex wife
Student caught eating booty in boys bathroom!
Dj Danny Vey is gonna run for mayor of cleveland
Roach Magically wakes up as human!!
Bankroll found $1,000,000 on Pdrive under a trashcan
Soon to be millionaire?
Lexi the Hoe ;)
Chicago Deacon Daniel Cullins 28 arrested for "Eating the groceries" of elderly patients in a southside nursing home.
Lesbian Girl Turns Straight
Messy Murder Scene
Beware Of Confused Gang Banger
Marysville standout, Freshman Luke Dobler received offer from received offer from San Diego State
Union High School Student Caught Having Sex With 4 Boys
Smart-mouthed teen arrested
Get no pussy
Further news on the Soto case
BREAKING NEWS : A Young Teen By The Name Of "Mya Rose" Has A Public Announcement
Adrian Romero Is La Joya ISD Most Handsome And Well Educated Student
Sharmake idris suspect of homicide last night in South Seattle area
Coke dealer
Gian Cedeno charged with robbery
New Cast Member to join Reno 911
She fucks anything
Local Teen Kills Best friend For not texting back on time!?
Erick north
Man charged with illegal use of dressing
18 Year Old Found Dead
Teen from Wilkinson County is a suspect in a high speed chase
Nigga snatcher
Young monkey sewing his highschool football team because he got injured during warm ups
Eutaw Teen Wanted For Stealing Grease From Churches Chicken
Local man caught eating ass
Ugly hoes
Shawntel shot & killed
Jlah brown gets caught
Sucking dick
A Fat foot ass kid has been charged
Kidnap by clowns
18 year old college student pronounced dead
Couragous kid tries to run away from Child support
Take a stand
Trap House Raided
Young Fat Girl Sucks Cock For Free Make Up
Obese Woman Died of Overdose on Snickers
African boy went to Denny's and orders a salad
Young man shoots twelve people 1 survivor says ...
Bitch ass hoe
Teenager Gets Arrested
Kay-kay wannabe ass
Cowturd fan arrested for public lewdness
Local Dillon teenager arrested for her cuteness
Sicily Island Woman Jailed For Prostitution
Freddy gonzalez caught sucking dick
Teen Missing
Teenagers gone WILD
Jay on the loose
A Young Women Stab Her Boyfriend .
New rising star in Charlotte NC
Teen gets arrested for killing teens who bully him about his big nose
Smoke cat everyday
Upcoming Artist
Teenager Chokes on Popeyes Biscuit
Self proclaimed Fisherman ' MISSING
Declan Roberts lies about shaving his head for cancer
25 year old woman charged with taking a shite in tesco car park before fleeing from the scene.
Shemar Moore Would Be Intended Jessie From Disney Channel In March!
Local Jersey City man wanted for stolen wheels
Local Springfield Resident Wins 200K! In Quickqic!
Wanted In North Minneapolis
Girlfriend loves Girlfriend so much it hurts
Nigga snatcher??
Baby Genius
Train run on teen
Cradle snatching craig on the loose
Union High School Student Caught Giving 3 Boys Head In The Boys Locker Room
Coke deals
Teen Girl Shoots Her Boyfriend 15 Times
New Hottest Upcoming Artist!! Greensboro NC's One And Only!! Bmo
Pleasant Grove Band Member Arrested
Kid get hit by fireworks!
Hillary has died
15 years old shot and killed in Chicago
Student melanie chavez goess out with justin bieber!!!
"Nacho boy" caught in carvers bay area
Student Caught Eating Ass in Schools Bathroom
Central student facing charges
Teen charge with Murder for killing a teen girl over her Bestfriend Alexius
This nigga got caught eatin booty at skoo
Orphans in the neighborhood
Debbreana Mother on the run for murder of her daughter's father
Wanted for the use of Fake Money
Mophead get beat up for telling a big girl to ride his dick with her t-shirt off
Tray Goes to Jail
Stealing underwear from used clothing stores
Woman beats up clown found in east ny
Makiyah ex bestfriend call them the freak-A-Friends
18 Year Old College Student Caught Having Sex With Professor
Men beat up cashier for forgetting a chicken nugget!!!!!????
Marysville standout, RaeQuan battle, Gets a offer from duke
White Boy Eats a Whole bag Of Hot Cheetos
Bridgeport Man Finally Captured.
18 year old stripper shot and killed leaving club
Rapper Bam Bino Wants Shemar Moore To Be In His Next Song
Bridgeport Man Finally Captured. You Can Run But Can't Hide!!
Nasir BNS putting on for the cuse
Man missing after saying: "F**k steph curry!"
Shakayla Caught sucking dick
Brockton Teen Receives Schlorship to Dream School
A becoming tattoo model turn out to be a Chicago drug dealer connected to the cartel
Missing Teen was find this morning
Bailey middle school is outa controll
Desiree santoyo involved in hit-and-run
This girl will sleep with any one
MHS Student busts nut in bathroom
Dogs in the woods
Girl 16 reportedly calls 911 to report illegal cannabis sale.
Prostitution bust.
17yr old Shareef Peoples Shot and killed on 55th and Western
Is A1 signed with death jam !
Man with problems eat ass
Jennii Augilar
Must read sad ????
Girl arrested for eating all the hot fries without sharing.
Mourinho sacked after 4-0 loss to chelsea!
Milwaukee BOSCTE High School Student Followed By Fans
Boy raped
Man arrested for murder
Joe Davidson is gay!!!
Horny child
Ismo caught stealing every niggas bitch
Mass murderer on the loose
Pleasant Grove student arrested
Teen arrested
Man found guilty of dogging offence in Northwich
Nike Employee Hits Jackpot
The Only Fine Ass White Stud In Kc
Yajaira makes the crowd go wild with her singing
Selena Gomez and Justin bieber are getting married after all thier little games
Armed robbery & resisting arrest
High school student got shot leaving Macy's
Milin yanez
Hillary Gets Arrested!
Teenage Caught Sucking Dick In BathRoom At Lower Richland High School
Breaking News !
Girl addicted to juju on that beat
Local Black Boy Rapes A Dog And Get Topped By Fishes
Young Teen Shemar Moore Rapper Name Shemar Gzz Has Been Making Music With Bam Bino & Lil durk Every weekend
Kid dies from dabbing too hard
Teen found dead !!
Wilmington teen arrested and is facing First degree murder charge
He a player who still fuck his baby moma ????????????
Jahiem Jones molested a 4 year old girl
Red Head wanted for sexual assault after grabbing a 70 year old black woman by her "p*ssy"
Suspect Been Hold In Metro Jail Of Two Deaths
Student at Southeast caught fucking three teachers.
Got caught sucking dick behind apartment complex
He'll Take Yo Bitch
J.Monroe Drops New Track Titled "Uh, Yeah I Guess"
Girl lies about getting beat up
Shamesia Richmond closes a million dollar deal with a well-known publishing company
Local teen beat for sneak dissing
Lildreads the Rapper signed to TDE recently
Is Iyana and Tyga really a thing !? Read more for juicy details;)
Black Male Receives Life In PRISON!!
9th grader at McLain caught sucking dick
Jeffersons 8th grader Haygen Miller, looking to skip highschool and play college ball early!
Black male In Custody
Toledo man goes bankrupt after betting all his money on browns games
Aurora Native Kelley Massey Gets Signed to Cinematic Music
Local teenager shot and killed
Inca come out of the closet
Rock Hill boy found dead
Looking for armed robbery
Black male
18 year old wanted for aggravated battery
Sawyerville Woman Wanted By US Marshals
Ashley Guilbert Was Arrested for Selling Drugs
Girlfriend loves Girlfriend so much it breaks her heart
Teenage boy from Milledgeville beat the hell out of his girlfriend
How we got crunch bars
4 dead after shots fired on Clevelands east side E.55th street
Man Loses Limbs In Accident
LS Bryson Walker verbally commits to University of Oregon after surprise offer
Teen de 14 años, buscado por estafador.
Cutest Family Picture found in Gatlinburg TN
Have you seen this Women
Girl gets arrests for wreck less driving
Zarabia Yaret Wants To Fight People While Pregnant
Wife pimps out husband for top dollar
Man goes bankrupt after betting all his money on Cleveland browns games
Christian goes gay!
Greensboro resident finds 2.8 million dollars
1 to many
Peabody resident finally admits his uncle touched him
Large Headed Child Found Dead at 15
Se busca Mujer de Jamaica Queens
Killer Clowns
Suspect in home invasions and robberies.
Fuck any and everybody
Christian Robery
17yr old Shareef Peoples shot and killed on 72nd Loomis
Ridgewood students smokes alof of weed
Damon Inell Taylor .. the first fat lip retarded soldier
Mom caught daughter sucking the teacher dick for a A+
Man charged with 59 homicides in 2 days
Kaci Gibbs is the first girl known not to use a razor for her mustashe
The Most Valuable Player of the year
Zarabia Yaret Is caring a crack baby???
Richland County Police Dept
Ashley Guilbert Was Arrest For selling weed
Gang idiment
Rat boy
15 y/o teenage boy attracts all the girls
Providence teen WANTED !!!!
Teen Girl Stabs Her Ex Boyfriend to Death
Sherlin is sentenced to 10 years in prison.
Pussy destroyer
Man wanted for shooting 90-year-old Jehovah Witness in the face
Local Arabian caught stealing packaged ham from kroger
Young Man gets Ankles Broken
18 year old Korey Wesley Arrested 12:15 p.m.
Strange boy caught streaking around naked in a grocery store with dildos
Local Teen Haygen Miller arrested for loitering at Jefferson Walmart
Mold found in Permian high school food
Eric Harris From Columbine Has Ressurected into Matthew Tucker from Palm Springs High School
Lee Smith Caught Robbing Shop Friday Morning
Murder no bond
Serial Booty Sniffer In Carvers Bay Area
Ice head ass mom ????????????
Magor resident is shit at driving
Leslie Sackey, 17 has today come out as transgender
Darrin A Adkins Arrested for Club Fight that turned deadly
18 year old busted in baldwin county
Jesse Melendez caught raping a teacher
Chicago teen explores Uranus
Being Baldhead
Young lad aged 13 reported for sheep shagging
Man arrested for staring at women booties downtown
Donovann Lyons name percussionists of the year for IHSA.
Eminem Coming To Nova Scotia 2017 Album Tour
Young teen severly hurt after running into a train
Girl get shot by clown
Bitchass Little Girl
First Person To Hack Clash Royale?
Man's penis explodes.
Chicago teens really do eat booty
Wanted for brutally beating up 2 officers
Man wanted for stealing hair dye in Gary,IN
Lisa puts Alexis in the hospital
Elizabeth teen caught sucking a mans penis Thursday night.
Wanted From Running Away From The group home
Man wanted for murder shooting a 90 year old Jehovah Witness in the face
Leslie Sackey, 17 has today come out as transgender
Bryson Walker Of Beddingfield snags offer from University of Oregon
Karla Rodriguez Is the most beautiful girl on the planet
Local JROTC Staff Seargent Is Choked To Death
Haywood Tomcat player is charged with murder.
Chicago teen really does eat the booty
Something has to stop
Lee Smith Caught Robbing Shop Yesterday morning
Jack Dean caught in the act
Hoe at brack caught sucking dick
Leslie Sackey finally comes out as transgender
Warning She Smacks You If You A Bitch That Talk Shit
Teen Make Man Nut In 5seconds [WATCH VIDEO]
18 Year Old On The Loose After Brutally Attacking A Group Of Girls
Nicholas Glover holds record for fattest dog
Terry Starling Is Currently Serving 2 Years For Knocking Maxwell Kroll Out For Saying GDK
Murdering ex
Hungry hippo on the loss
Gaston County Te'Andre Bines Receives First Offer
Young teenager stick to many peanuts up her vagina and passes out .
Local kid of Waveland ms shows kids his deer nuts
Young boy lost in viet= chicago suburbs
Young teenager stick to many peanuts her vagina and passes out .
BREAKING NEWS !! Rapper Slim Jesus Threatens To Kill " JC BADAZZ"
Infinite warfare cancelled after lack of preorder sales
Trafficking Drugs In Red Chrysler
UConn Men's Basketball Program Banned From Post-Season Play
Horrified Death
Teversal Football Coachs Caught in Notorious Dogging Hotspot
Georgetown man secret cock fan
Second coming predicted by pope in 2016
What's the world coming to ????
Kylie Jenner gets caught cheating on Tyga with her Secret Lover
Teen gets sent to hartgrove for no reason
Jersey City teen Claimed to be the daughter of late pop singer "Prince".
Girl catches std from a monkey
Criss was caught in the bathroom sniffing his foot
Teen couple dies after have a face swap
Arrested For Dancing At Rockford Town Meeting
Transgender cock lover
Teen arrest for attempting shooting
2nd ass whopping goes to this young lady
15 yo SHS student arrested for murder
Woman gets hit by car & die while being 5weeks pregnant.!
Baby Charlie loves it
Teen shot and killed
Gay Chicago rapper found in hotel room tied to bed.
CHS Student Missing
Student from Rhs arrested
Alondra Gonzalez
HS3 student "Delbert Vasquez" stabs 4 students on campus over the weekend
Hacker needs too be found
Girl charged For Been loveman Biggest freak.
Adult get caut haven sex with a five year old
Broke dyke steals from his/her boys
What's the world coming to
African man sodomized himself with a glass dildo
Pullman High is closed due to a virus going around that can kill you
Bylli Crayone Has Gone Missing
Wanted for stealing hair loss supplements
Delfino Alonso caught up with murder
Hodgeston resident caught crying over united
Looking For suspect
Kid Wanted For Humping Mosquitos
Attempting to cutting off her boys private parts for lying to her
Jac B is a first round draft pic
Alicia Kills Her Boyfren Nigel For Being To Friendly To these Ugly Hoes ...
26 year old Carrollton woman hits Georgia Lottery for $8.5 million
- Teen Gets Shot Trying To Save Her Mom In Gang Drive By
Travis Scott working on collaborative album with Lil Uzi called Sunny Path, includes many producers from New York City.
Jose Sosa from local LA says he slept with all the girls on every niggas hit list
Local Hippo Dies From Heart Attack
Donald Trump assasinated last night
Obsession gone wrong
Omaha northwest student gets his pen is stuck in a bottle
Not only is she a mall stealing hoe but a pocketbook stealing hoe
Man wanted for stealing 100 dollars worth of salami
Teen beats mother with noodles
What ?! These two dope guys were spotted last night !
Local fat ass kid has huge transformation Andbecomes worlds tallest basketball player 7'11
Teen steals car
Teen suspect wanted after assaulting cop with his own handgun.
All PSJA-ISD schools canceled due to diseases in the walls
Local fat ass kid has huge transformation Andy becomes worlds tallest basketball player 7'11
Hoe alert!
William Jenkins of milford haven reportedly performed sexual intercourse in his dog
Youtuber SkyWars uploads over 120 videos
Deadly shooting in wichita
Teenage rapper shot gary,indiana
Fernando pacheco
50 year old man raped a three year old
Man Goes To Jail Mad Cause He Cant Jack Off!!!!!!
Teen beat and kill 2 young adults
Teen girl locked up for eating all McDonald's nuggets
Man found with turkey baster up his ass
Decatur man pregnant
Lost Hoe?
Wanted for throwing bed bugs on people
Teen Charged With Robbery & Assault
Travis $cott kondigt concert in Amsterdam aan
Girl shoots her boyfriend for cheating with a hoe
Gorilla Looking Hoe is out on Loose
Wilson Local Tyreek Jones Makes NBA Roster
Cochrane man hits it big after checking his lotto ticket
Thomasville woman at large for assault and battery of a postal worker
Man in Critical Condition
Snyder highschool soccer star Adryan going pro
Young hacker needs to be found
Police say 40 year old male lured 7 children while posing as "Maison N'donde"
Teen is dick hungry and on the loose
15 Marcos Macedo gets raped by 81 year old.
Terry Accused Of Slapping To Many Bitches
Teen escape
18 year old charged with aggravated battery
Brooklyn teen with down syndrome is beaten up by a group of jewish gangbangers
Local Rappers shot and killed in Attempted Robbery
Kidnapped Teen
Do You Think Tyler Really "ABOUT THAT LIFE"
Teen killed himself
Man arrested for being a fat summa bitch
Camden Boy Found Dead
Braking news
Florencio Vasquez Jacobo
Bryan Ruiz 8th grader gets invited to play along side with Messi
Donald trumps dies.
Official soul snacher
Local Trash Arrested
Reyes sings letter of intent with The University of Oregon
Wilson Nc Local Tyreek Jones Makes NBA Roster
Popular Ottawa Hills High school student has HIV and Gonorhea with 18 baby mamas!!!
For The Other Side
Girl gets killed for refusing to play 21 questions with him
Man runs over 6 people at party
Artist P1 is dropping MonsterMadness as and E.P NOT a Mixtape!!!
Big risha
Tyreek Blackmon a teen out of Chester SC has been poisoned with toxic
Spreads HIV to 58
Gay fuck
19 year old woman accused of molesting of 1 year old son .
Being a bomb
Man stuck by a truck in kc
RHS Student Has Sex With Principal
Central student gets caught having sex with a teacher
Local atheist of waveland sees god
Man caught today sucking dick on fleek
Girl dies
Lancaster Rap Star Young Key Accused Of Attempted Murder
Best middle school football team in history
34 year old Alfredo talavera diaz Signs 7 year contract with América
Tuscaloosa teen arrested for stealing traffic lights.
Eisha Sigh kicked out?
Midget Arrested For Throwing Bed Bugs On Pedestrians
11 years old girl gets killed by a clown
Teen Beats Ex Boyfriend To Death ,
Local boy Curtis Thomas caught having sex with Mathew wyatt in sutton nag toilets
Girl gets arrested for being to damn funny
Wilson Local Tyreek Jones Makes NBA Roster??
Lovee Herr????????????
Two girls not named were arrested around 2am last night for survire violence in the street with armed weapons
Aliceville Teen Wanted For Rape
MHS Sr. High Football team going to state.
A Brownsville Killer May Look Innocent But Isnt
Young couple arrested for pushing people in dangerous habitats at Cleveland zoo
Old Man Died From Sucking Too Much Dick
Blue balls Joe
NPD Arrest Two For Robbery Of UD Student
Local bay St. Louis DJ eats the records
Prophet Brown Opens Million dollar church
Companion Athletics Shooting Guard Signs Too Duke
William Jenkins 15 reportedly caught fingering his dog sent to 5 years behind bars
Cutes Family Of 2016
Shs student takes advantage of a girl on drugs ..
Hulls prostitute
Wilson Basketball Star Tyreek Jones Makes NBA Roster??
Lebron James said he will sign a 2 year contract with the bulls
18 year old Samuel Moffett charge for taking police on a high-speed chase in a stolen car
Teenager dies from a Heart Attack
Girl dies from having sex
Missing Child From Missouri
A'myiah goes into a deep coma
The Biggest Turkey Killer in Kansas
Uno's rising star
Patrice Brandon Going Out Sad Lastnight !
Ex Convict Caught Eating Booty Outside Of Peppercorn Apartments In Wyoming MI
Alien sighting in Round Lake, IL
Eric Brantley found dead in lake
Sex at school for pizza
Richie Sremmur Commits To Duke
Brown noser
Wilson Star Tyreek Jones Makes GSW Roster??
Teens escape
Special Announcement
Teen Shot In The Leg 3 Times In A Row
Santas little helper makes land fall in Mississippi
Young girl dies from eating too much pussy.
Roselenny is done
Trenton man arrested for smelling balls in public
Paterson girl dies from deep throating
Harambe still alive?
Roy Martin MS Fight She Took That Win
Miles Gonzalez has been arrested due to selling drugs
Christopher Winkler has a warrant
Lil polar bear of waveland ms catches his first fishy
Child being ass a hole
Middle College High School student wins Million Dollar Lottery
Child being ass hole
Gay Teen Gets Caught by Reporter Claire Tsuin Fucking Chris Brown .
An exciting game as conference champs Leyden (7-2) takes on ranked 10 Barrington (8-1)
Callum barker wanted. Believed to be involved with a dangerous robbery
Found stealing from the hotel
Teen gets involved with hit and run
Former soccer player Paul Torres gets scouted by Barcelona
18+ only allowed McDonald's
Clinton Foundation Heavily Invested in Trump Corporation Stock
Fake kasher cheats on his gf!
Teen gets involved with a hit an run
Raheim the druggie
Sophomore Angel Frutos gets scouted by european power house
Both Teens Was Charged With Assault & Aggravated Murder
Man Wanted For Robbing All The McDonalds For Their Cheeseburgers In Chicago!
Wow! First gay man gets caught stealing hornmone pills
Lawrence Woman Wins The Lottery
JGame1977 has Gained over 1,000,000 subs less than 24 hours
Carrollton man wanted by the police
The Burleigh girls
Light Skin's
Camarian Jarpenter Aressted With A Bond Of 1$
Aggravated assault charge
Senior found with child porn
Tarzan has finally got out the jungle
Fired For Beating Up A Portillos Manager
Fat ass of Waveland Mississippi eats local kid
Lawrence Woman Won The Lottery
Caution...we're trying to save you from fire????????????
West Park Man Steals Anal Beads
Boy caught sucking toes in girls bathroom
Teen Is Now On Disney Channel Starting March!
Breaking News: Girl Gets Fatally Beaten By Dad For Making A Twerking Video
Senior found dead
Tupelo,Ms teen missing
Hulls Ellie keeting
Westside Male Charged with assault and Muder of 5
West park man caught in North Olmsted stealing anal beads
Teen Arrested Injuring 2 Girls & Beat 1 Of The Teen Bad .
What a faggot !
Guy get's caught flapping with penguins
Chester citizen is an accused child molestation
18 year old, Milwaukee girl charged with sexual assault
Teen charged in shooting
Miss michaela hunt
Lakeridge Student Sexually Assulted An Animal
Most Beautiful Bestfriend Ever
Bull dagger Dike sexually attacks Young Girl At P-Dubbs
Breaking news
Gautier high student Franklin young caught giving oral sex behind a building.
Teen Daisy Garcia goes to jail for gettinf caught fucking dogs
16 years old nishan got into an car accident
Warrant Out For 2 Teens For Homicide
The bacon boy
Teen Girl Gets Teen Boy charged with A Domestic Violence Case for Cheating
Birmingham Man Arrest For Stealing A Left Ear
Teenager of waveland ms overdose on McDonald's
The southeast bald hoe
NewporNews Man Gets Arrested
Student has a sexual altercation with a homeless
Milwaukee Teen face charges for squirrel molestation
Tarea and JOSI smell like donkey sex
Clown Sightings in Denver are back
Girl in custody for playing with others booty hole
Lightskin Of The Year Award 2016!!!
Foreigner, Khala Hernandez Wanted
Breaking News
18years old Christina Man Shot and killed
Spitting on teacher
Anthony was sucking cock at McDonals
The boy that don't take showers
Young teen beats up ex for wasting her time
Melina Lopez Will Suck Your Dick For Makeup
Aggravated Assault
Young freshman in Vegas from Milwaukee has No all!!!
Waveland teen of Mississippi Killed In Car Crash October 22
Fight at a local bar
Truman Goalkeeper Gabriel Gutierrez gets Offered a 2 Year Contract with the Chicago Fire
She died in her sleep last night from constipation
Chuckles gets caught stealing hornmones!!!
16year old Christina Man Shot and killed
Teen Arrested After Brawl in Plaza!!!
Truman Goalkeeper Gabriel Gutierrez Gets Offered A 2 Year Contract With The Chicago Fire Pro Team
Hood rat on the loose
MTV : DeJ Loaf With An Army Boyfriend ???
Union students caught having sex with the union coach for playing time
Julian Eats ass
Franklin young caught giving oral sex behind a building.
Fucking for percs
18year old Christina Man Shot and killed
Woman Wanted For Kidnapping Neighbor Dog And daughter
Local Independence High Student gets caught watching gay agressive grandpa midget buttsex porn
LeBron James
Big boy model Robert Black set to make millions
Hoboken Woman Wanted For Spreading HIV!
Young Activist Slain Ericka Swisher
Teen Caught Wearing Fake John Walls
Two llanishen teenagers caught in woods having sex
Tsunami coming to Jersey
Trump ASSASSINATED by anonymous secret society of murderers; details on death still unknown
Donald Trump Will Be In Norwalk CT Next Weekend!
Evonnie Gone Crazy
18 year old Female caught doing this .....
Just wow
Teen Insides Ruptured
Prosseion of marijuana
Rockhill woman becomes super saiyan???
Drunk driver caught with multiple guns sleep at red light
Teens Accused Of Throwing Bed Bugs At Innocent Bystanders
Clown sightings
Flange been spotted fingering several people at the same time
JHS cafeteria ladies held hostage by GMT members
Ana gets a job at scores
Bit died sucking 30 dudes dicks in a single night
Teen charged for 1st Degree murder
Aggravated murder
Caught Raping A 5 Year Old
DLonnie Blair c/o 2018 verbally commits to Oklahoma University
Glamorous Dance Team arrested for "killing it" at the ASU Homecoming parade
Taking L's
Young man arrested for peeing in public
Donald Trump to visit Cutter Precision in Santa Maria
Lynn Teen Cuts off ankle bracelet Wanted in connection of double homicide
Real niggaz don't chase Henny
Marshal student caught sucking dick!
Lanaya Corker
Mark Ireland caught fingering his cat elsa
Burbank Teen Sets Record For Longest Distance Traveled On Camel
Donald trumps son found to be gay !!!
Student Found in Bathroom With a Broken Neck
Sunshine Ward Named "Women of The Year"
Teenage girl gets pregnant just for attention!
Nicole Cash Got a 60,000 deal with Beyoncé as her First BaldHead Dancer
Samantha Anne was arrested on 10-23-16
15-year-old girl missing from the northside
All Tps Schools Shut Down After Sighting of a Clown
Triplets AKA "the marcianas" found DEAD
Evonnie Jackson Killed Her Boyfriend
Girl's cause Of Murder
Local girl gets pregnant with 8 kid!
Local Rapper Dayday Savage Has Signed A $4,000 Record Deal With Atlantic Records
New Hero in Town
Teenage rapper shot
Dick Smacker
Two teens was arrested today by the name of Nunu and Mizzy for 2nd degree murder and was sentence to 25yrs to life
The girl who got caught having sex with a picnic table.
Landlord is suing for carpet and window
Underground rapper just made it
Wanted By Mercia Police
Naked clown seen at local Tulsa area High School
Slim Jesus committed a crime
Local rockhill woman turns super saiyan while using healing crystals
Alien captured in Lawrence Bodega
Local Jesup resident has life saving dick
Victim of sexual harassment speaks out
Teen gets arrested for sucking old mans dick
Roniqua Have Been Arrested For Battling Tan J.Sawyer
Lesbian Love Ranch Sextape...Hidden Cam
Dani dies from hunger at the young age of 15
Carl lagoe
Dowling student found in men's bathroom in split formation on a kids dick
Roxbury Man Survives A 3 Storie Fall In Dorchester
Teen Wanted for wearing his Dad clothes
Reece king age 15 to scared to tell his lady he likes her
Kid rubs burger King cause they didn't put cheese on his burger
Megan holt aged 14 sleeping with over age men
Double Murder
Puerto rican teen win best style of the year 2 years striaght !
Lewis aged 20 has pokey bum wank with a priest
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Mother put in nut ward for being accused of being a demon?
Teen kills boyfriend
Hoboken Woman Wanted For Spreading HIV!
Hell naw
Milwaukee Teen killed in car crash
Cynthia Garcia and Chanel McCann caught have sec in the bathroom
Malcolm X Shabbazz Band Killed By Westside High School Band
Local teen charged in recent home invasion caught nude with a small dog
Chester man arrested after taking police on a high speed chase after stealing Golden Wok plate and two packs of duck sauce.
Biggest Tool of 2016
Asian teen wins contest for smallest penis
Young lad at kids club valbon getting smashed
Killer Clowns Posted A Video Saying They Are Coming To All Towns In Martin County
Act of war
Zavier plott acused of rape
CMG New Member
Next politician
Deadly shooting
"BlackLivesMatter ? "
Jade Ireland caught kissing her dogs asshole at 4.30pm this afternoon
Breaking News!!!
Child Molester
The World Record for "most porn watched in a year"!
Man caught cheating with midget twin
Ishawn Fw Retarted bitched
Lottery winner
Leeandre wet shot
Most Wanted - Staffordshire's most wanted criminal is still on the loose
3 Teens charged in shooting that lead to killing girl in the public park.
Wanted man named Shittest Fifa player !
Guyanese Teen Charged with man slaughter
Male of cathays found guilty of sexual intercourse with female in toilets!
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Devin Boyn Is A Loose Gorilla Snitching.
Student caught tickling horse butthole
J'Qwon for the best running back
Slender man Sighting
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
Ashley Smith Lets anybody eat her out
Teenager dies from a car wreck
Skye Maddox dies from sniffing her armpits
She always Hating
Sacario Jones Exposed
Breaking news
Young Wilmington teen "missing"
Ex girlfriend house shot up
Leonardo Becerra signed in FC Barcelona
Teenage Girl Collapses With Female
Local teen Ben berry caught making dog eat his arse
So ready to go to church but can't stop cursing
Freshman Daniel Belk from Whitney M Young high school is deemed to be NFL bound by top prospects but we will see if he can keep it up
Young Teen Arrested in A nearby Boston Town For Tickling Buttholes
Girl Gets Nearly Beaten To Death By Mom For Being Caught SUCKING Dick
Girl Does Back Flip Off Roof
Mariner High School Student Luis Rivera Signs A Contract With Newcastle United
Richmond Va local, Moia Logan is charged with attempted murder and attacking innocent citizen
Central Raiders Vs Northwest Hawks 4th Q 3-28 Hawks Up!
The Disappearance of Mr. Austin
Sex addict on the loose!!
Heart Breaking News: Boy Fatally Shot At A House Party On Chicago's South Side
Sutton Coldfield man named Shittest Fifa player !
Mariner High School Student Luis Rivera Sings A Contract With Newcastle United
This animal had escape the zoo and be aware very dangerous
Will's hoe
Teen Shot In The Back And Leg
Girl Mother Beats Her To Nearly Death After Catching Her Sucking Dick
Milwaukee Kings still under search for a hood
Man dropped heavy weights on chest is in critical condition
Asian teen wins flattest ass contest
Local teen berry caught attempting to make a dog eat his arse.
21 21
Charged with Thief and Robbery
Cleveland teen charger with sexual assault
Muhlenberg women arrested for criminal homicide and many other charges
Luca Spica, Girlfriend Stealer
A local teen Thomas Charles Phillips is looking at community service and possibly 2 weeks Jail time.
Sexy,attractive male,16, missing
Tragedy in Streamwood
Microsoft to shut down all Xbox live consoles
Boy caught having sex with a teacher
Ryan Dawson gets scouted by Ohio State football in the 8th grade?
The best running back
Beauty That Kills
Woonsocket's sexiest man
Bridgeport Teen Wanted
Deshon Prissy Medley Perform For Trina's Opening Concert
Sexy kid,16, missing
A south side Chicago girl gets 10 years
Psycho path
A girl trying to go out with a boy who is taken
Luh 21
A young couple
Milwaukee Female Charged With Robbery
Mariner High School Student Luis Rivera signs a contract with europes best club Bayern Munich
Caught stealing candy out of the store
Man killed a bug and sentenced to life in prison
Jaquan so south gets caught smoking dog food ????
Gang shooting leaves a boy dead
Pierre Pickett Will Be Held For A Trail October 27th, 2016
Local Fall River Rap Sensations To Go To Go To New York Def Jam Records
Young boy found working at La Cueva
Niyah Aka:(Mzgotti Love)Facebook name broke up with her boyfriend King Luey because he couldn't suppport his own habit with smoking weed
The girl who went to jail
Fox News
Local Walsall lad
SATAN worshipper caught eating a Hobo's poop and also throwing poop at hobo
Joliet central teen
Armed Robbery
Boy,16, famous for charming looks, missing
Keundra Tanksley was getting her tail beat over some oreo's
Teenage Girl Found Dead In Woods
Clown craze!
African going wild
Kid arrested for the second time for having drugs.
"What it is like to be a transgender" - Mike Holt
Charlotte rapper Younginkj
Westlake alumni found guilty for murder
" North Marion Highschool Student Sets Her Ex Boyfriend On Fire And Beats Him With A Bat While He Suffer"
Lorrin Does some weird stuff??!!!..with celebs?
Satan worshipper caught eating hobos poop then throwing poop back at the hobo
Police brutality beat teenager
Teen Girl Magaleanaa Graves in hospital for not txting friend back
Girl, wanted for falsely claiming she had an ass
Pamela Bredy Killing spree
Teenager goes missing after interference with a clown
Charleston woman found
Man caght doing sexual acts on men in Walsall club
Manchester United
Teens caught wife snatching at Hobans Homecoming
Pierre Pickett Will Be Held For A Trial October 27th, 2016
Kid arrested for doing drugs for second time
Girl arrested for eating all Walmart snacks
Texas A&M commit
Because he got cheated on 5 times
Rhs student arrested
Dudley lad left with a massive bum hole
Car hit kid in tir-Phil
666 activist caught eating poo from hobo
Mojadito has been seen running around from the migra
Raging alcholic crashes into school bus
Springfield Teen Comming Again With His Sunglasses Thinking He Is The Actually "Shit"
Young Milwaukee male Goes by the name of Robert Nixon has been known for Highspeeds & Dope smuggling
Precious Griffin was found fighting over a margarita
Boy caught stealing chickens from his grandmas farm
How does she do it??
17-year old Sal Marisie caught being a nigger faggot
Ayoo kd stealing drawls
Ex-Milwaukee Jayer gives tell all about Lamar Odoms brothel mate as secret lover
Boy caught stealimg chickens from his grandmas farm
Morgan death by long dong
High school lawsuit
Dominika Tyler Was Shot On The 77th BLOCK Of Morgan St
Satan worshipper (dun dun DUNNNNN)caught eating hobos poo
Chiran killed by gangstar
Women,age 23,looks like Beyoncé on prison sentence.
Fat kid at AAHS in trouble for making fun of special needs kid
Staffordshire teen wanted for assault
Kelis renee smith breaks niggas hearts
Dwayne Hemphill Involved With Deadly Shooting
Girl Kills Her BabyDaddy After She Finds Out He Has Another Girl Pregnant
Armed Robbery
GoonTwinn Is Up Next In Rapping????
Local Stripper High Schooler
Teen on south side of Chicago arrested for robbing gas station for cigarettes and snacks
Teen caught shooting one of his ex's early this morning
Shalayia Hamilton charged with assault of a deadly weapon against her boyfriend
Teen from Washington brought in for Human Trafficking
JB News
Channel 5 news
Female,46,looks like Beyoncé sings like Rihanna, wanted
Kid caught Fucking his Gay Math Teacher
Depression man will die
Dead beat
Serial Big Greasy pusher
Niyah Bg jungle pussy
Teen found dead in Berkeley
Mexican couple arrested on multiple charges of being
Stourbridge girl caught pissing
Teen in charlotte, NC slaughters some ones daughter
Man caught fighting killer clown in park
"The Pregnacy Pack"
Teen Girl Magaleana Graves was rushed to the hospital .
Fucked a girl
Mclane highschool student is caught beating his meat in the restroom
East Boston man arrested on beastiality, indecent exposure and driving to endanger charges
Stealing from pound land
Gas Station Rumble !!
Mark Ireland caught with his penis in letter box
Ross Kelly seen still crying over girls
17-yr old boy killed by girlfriend
Under Arrest for robbing Metro PCS
High school Star Daquan Is D1 bound
Paris Griffin was found making out with Montero Keys behind Keundra Tanksley's house
Eh Hsu kissing bulagu
"Tried of the bullshit" .
Sophie Williams loves bum fun
Nepali girl got shot
Local Man Goes Viral, Drowns In Pussy.
Cheating on Bestfrann
Pennsylvania Savage Breaks in home to tickle bootyholes
Sister Kill ova Last Honey bun
Beat A Nigga Ass
A student who got arrested for having drugs again.
Killing somebody
Mark Ireland caught having sex with a hourse
Killer Clowns Are Planning To Go To Craigie High School
Drose tickling teacher booty holes
Feds Bust Chicago man in Credit Card Scam
Clowns in fall River ?!!
Upcoming Star Luis Loredo!
Tanasha Jones arrested for murder
Assault and battery
FlyTunes New and upcoming group from Los Angeles CA bring a distinctive and original sound back to hip hop!
My little brother Zachary got caught kissing a monkey
Teen arrested for tickling principals butthole Rio grande city Texas
The man deported from Fresno California being too fucking cute
Cutest Femm In Kck
DocRackedUp is Looking To Drop His Brand New EP
Search goes on as a missing 18 year old boy escapes from doherty pattisons
The New Crew Called Pregnacy Pac
Shooter gang do ya gang
Teen boy booked for stealing chickens from Perdue
Tmac Santana Having Sex During A Live Performance
Teen Killed In A Shoot Out
Boy arressted for having a little dick
20 Lbs of Heroin found behind Youngstown Secondary
Teen is killed in car crash
Alexis smith charged with murder and now serving life in jail
Rincon Woman Arrested In Sadomasochistic Abuse Case
Stolen Car
Upcoming Cleveland Artist's Suspect's in Aggravated Murder Case and Facing Multiple Other Charges
Breaking News
Illegal Activities in Public School I.S 562 Bathroom
Crack head
Girl arrested for clown website
Teen fingering principals butthole
Teen Caught stealing out of Walmart
Rapper: Charged With 1st Degree Murder
Chief Keef thinking to sign SoutCarolina Rapper 9Shots
14 Tear old Boy shot to death
"Tired of the bullshit"
Cannock teenager sleeping with any lad!
Male,29,lives on wilder street, wanted!
Donald Trump Is Out Of The Race
Amy Hodges
Teen arrested for harrasing a male teacher in the gym
Rapper 9Shots signs to GloGang
Teen killer
Its a mircale!
Known for central biggest thot
Bartlett High School will have the day off, Monday October 31st
20 yr old Charged with assault
Police Warrant Out For Duke Rozay And LilMoe
Arrested For Carrying Explosive Weapons
Teen gets arrested for having an overly large forehead
Rainier Beach Highschool
Vanessa Ramos pass away this morning
Young women fought stealing butt plugs
Springfield teen in custody for raping cats
Young Teenage Girl Shot And Killed
Teen girl caught giving head to her moms boyfriend
Local Teenager Charged With Domestic Violence
Rainier beach high school basketball team
Young Adult Suffer From Heart Attack After Getting Horn
Kingstree Teen Sucks Penis For King Po
Charleston man beats up Big Greasy woman
Jadore Franklin takes Donald Trump place as most hated
James Davis won a game of skate with p-rod known as Paul Rodriguez
Breaking News Introducing The Pregnacy Click
Kai Jackson A.k.a- Tommy Hilfiger arrested for allegedly breaking ankles
What a tragedy
Young man accused of giving little girls herpies
Rainier Beach Varsity
Robbery Suspects
Morning News: WHS Student Athlete Eric Johnson Was Arrested For Third Degree Murder
Young mother hit by car
Teen Wanted For Putting Finger In Booty Holes
Chicago Bulls interested in Signing Talented Family Man Jason Reed
21 Savage Admits Who His Celebrity Crush is
Arrest warrant for 51 year old Camden resident Elliot Charles Johnson
Teen Wins The Powerball
Victoria Rodriguez arrested last night.
Lighthouse Student caught sucking dick in bathroom
Springfield teenager is in custody for a shoot out
Boy Gets Knocked Out
Muder a young girl.
Student at Needville High School Attacks Principal
Coldest girl at basketball now being recruited for colleges
Two teen sets house on fire and kills too clowns
New Haven man kicks lacefronts off of cna's head!
Coldest girl at basket now being recruited for colleges
Teen Girl Gave Bleach To Her Bestfriend
Young Chicago male Pronounced Dead after being "Roasted" by friend Brandon Diaz
21 yr old male wanted for murder of family
Valdosta Clinic Leaks Identities
AMOSC: am.banz
El Bowsher Highschool student Gets a Chance to Meet Drake and look at her reaction !
Manic Latin disciples tell police to watch there hood while they go to church
Attitude Gets You NOWHERE!
Man Arrested For Sexually Harassing 80 Year Old
Stanterius Ester is known for sending naked pictures to girls under age
FC Loudon coach forces player to suck his dick
2 Teens Where Taking Into Custody
Destiny gets trained
Big foot spotted in Greensboro,NC woods!
Pray for Ali
27 year old Jimmy Monahan of Medford Ma, was caught steeling a monkey from the zoo
WHS Student Athlete Eric Johnson Was Arrested Early This Morning For 3rd Degree Murder
Brownsville veterans student Jesus Moncada arrested on multiple charges
West Aurora Blackhawks Win State Championship
Muhlenberg Elementary ATTACKED BY CLOWNS
Young rapper got shot
Local Gang Activity ????
Mississippi basketball star under fire.
Attitude Gets You NOWHERE
Disturbing the public
Candy Fairy
He the ugliest nigga i know
3 gangbangers arrested
Boy,16,lives on top of cell phone store of Chelmsford st apt. 2,on the run
Wilson Nc, 12year old local Reginald Grant aka RG2 has been Arrested
Student in custody for slapping the fuck out of her Teacher
Jesup Woman Charge With Manslaughter. And Cruelty To Children
This fat homo child is 5000 pounds
Boy die after gay sex
Wanted For Beating That Hoe Walls Loose
He is the ugliest nigga i know
Quell ate my ass
Valdosta Teen Arrested For A Shooting
Top Flight Security
Teen Arrested For Anal Biting
Thomas Kelly High School Marching band invited to the 2018 sugar bowl!!!!
Sexual harassment
Cannock teenager going round sleeping with every lad
Quell eats butt
50 shots let of down the Chester apartments
Ohio teenager Sabirin Nur wins 1,000000 lottery ticket today
Young man held in costudy for being in his bag 25/8 due to listening to a boogie
David Ireland caught sniffing pants in his room
Police looking for suspect wanted for several bank robberies.
Teenager arrested after seeing caught having sex with baby husky
Couple Robbery In Central West End
Russell Westbrook Trades To Miami Heat
Nothingham girl found with 5g of A class drugs
Hi, I'm Yan, and I left my russian friend to go to the slums
Boy got beat up by brim and grape niggas
Man with strong tittiea gets arrested over domestic violence
Teen Charged For Biting Booty Holes
Odessa Police Officer gets shot by clown
You won't believe what this restaurant making the customers eat
Teen shot in the leg and hand
Girl age,14 killed 2 days just after her birthday
Funk Disorder takes the lives of many
Lashawn Ass Is Getting Bigger
Elgin man wanted for rape
Zoo Animal Escape ?
Young female fingers her mouth with broken thumb
A black male know as rex is arrested
Teenager Sabirin Nur from Ohio has won the lottery today 1,000000
New Haven Man is a hero
Man wanted for killing his Girlfriend
Light skin girl gets arrested for being shaped like miss piggy & for having a nasty pussy
Yesterday Night Eric Johnson WHS Student Athlete Was Arrested For 3rd Degree murder
Chicken Abuse
51 year old man caught dealing pills
She fw every nigga
Teen kid :Ankle Murderer
Young female fingers her mouth with bromen thumb and dies
Chloe Gowans is a prostitute
Teenage girl snatches her nigga back
Pique is my idol
A Player Is Being Charged With Hurting Several Niggas Feelings & Fw With Their Cousins Also
Jay Dani gets charged with killing 3 gay guys for asking to lick his butt
The biggest LIER an THIEF of Indiana
Breaking news :Local Detroit member Freddrick hasn't have pussy in 3 days.
Shannon Taylor got caught stuffing her bra at age 15!
Please Read
Teacher's Influence Shapes a Genius
Became a dad
Aurora illinios kid tries raping dog
Group 2 or 3
4 year old Lisa says 21 year old Joey Davis stole balls balls.
Local teen boy threatens to shoot up Chucky cheese
Wect News 6
Lad sues Conjuring 2 over offensive 'stutterism'
Trump Admits its all for Trump TV
Roslindale girl arrested
LeBron James
Man arrested for eating ass
Teen Killed During Car Crash Sunday October 23
Sad case
The Vampire Diaries are cancelled
Joe Clarkson is a man slag
Cleveland Teen Charged With Sexual Assualt
Milwaukee Woman
Jason Reeth Voted Worst Principle in the History of District 2
Girl sentenced for life for killing her Ex.
Charley Clark wanted!!
Milwaukee Teen arrested for letting the crew hit
Boy and a head wrap?
Hoe gets caught fucking her sister man
Lex finally got caught eatin ass
Girl Cuts 50 Niggas Dick Off
14 year wins lottery
Rap shod found guilty of plotting to injure niggas qbs to avoid Ls and his fantasy league
Richmond man attacks Rapper with a machete. Victim is on life support.
Teen caught in mall getting fingered
The onehanded bandit
Teen boy taken into custody for smacking the hell out his sister
Teen of Pensacola shot and killed
Milwaukee Teen Gets Arrested for petty the crew hit .
Sorry charlie
Stabbed A hoe
22 Year old Snitch Runing Away From The Law
Child Gets Billed
She fuck every nigga & she inlove with my nigga(marshawn)
Sexy ass
EJ Santana YG Of NoLeadWay Is Charged With Beating The Pussy
Thirsty ass nigga sends dirty dick pics of his tiny curved penis
A teen shot 7 times in the head
Omg this dick went so deep down her mouth she was rushed to the emergency room
Martin Rawls IV is a superstar at the Mansfield Playhouse
The man who say ya momma is arrested today
Running Back Andrew Gonzalez from Memorial middle school already getting football scholarships at a young age
Young male from chicago charged after stealing pug
Anthony Adams caught watching some strange things
Man with strong titties gets arrested for domestic violence
Clothes thief
Young male f*cks police wife
She Changed The Murder Rate
Student get caught sucking penis ????
Bigge Smalls found alive but under disguise
Man charge with rape
EHS Student Almost ODs on Meth and Shoots up School
The man says ya momma in here arrested today
Arrested For Murder Of Her Ex
Trump is dropping out
Arrested for marijuana
Killer clown
Fort Walton Beach Teen Finally Charged With Child Porngraphy
BREAKING NEWS! Brother & Sister caught sleeping together
Kid Found Guilty Of Stealing Cookies From An Old Lady
Local Rapper Caught in Sex Scandal with Oprah!!!
Local teen lïï këll has found his long lost son Li majj on island starving
Young man assume to be a girl
15-Year Shot On South Side Of Chicago
Ufo? Or shooting star in Houston
Another teen killed today
Shs student caught having sex with other student in bathroom
Justin Bieber once again in hospital after car crash
Lighter snatcher
Northlawndale high school porn shoot
Local Female Rapper Arrested For Burglary
Vonny Blanco and ex-girlfriend call it quits after 10 months
Papu Daniel found with 27 pounds of cocaine!
Teen boy dies because he caught feelings for a hoe
Ashton Irwin Eloped
Altoona man is facing charges after vandalism
15-Year Old Shot On South Side Of Chicago
Chiraq Savage Bayqwan Covington Aka- Lul Qwan has been charged with Murder
Boy Who Get Rapped At 4:39 A.M.
Most Talked About
Local Teen Lïï Këll has just bought 450 houses for you haters
Women robbed taco bell
HUGE Drug Raid at popular Bodyshop via Indystar
Fat ass gets caught sniffing his sisters panties
Boy Who Get Rapped At 3:30 A.M
Threesome at jhs classroom
Simon Cruz
Kid Get Caught Sucking his teacher off for An A
D.j. Heath gets his first D1 offer
Early Morning Robbery At Burger King Hemingway,South Carolina
Girl caught licking her feet in a local shop in Hyson green
Tank is Missing
Lesbian Teen Arrested For burglary
This Man kilt his girlfriend because she touched his ass
Tanyia Allen
Omg!! Must See news
*BREAKING* Boy guilty of killing is whole family is currently missing
HUGE Drug Raid at popular Bodyshop
Local man sniffs bicycle seats
5 foot fagget literally on the lurk for men-booty
Girl Getting Arrested
Brandy Martin Arrested For Getting Boyfriends Penis Caught In Her Braces
Young lad caught masterbaiting
Lake County teen caught eating a@ behind a Rally's
Avant has a new boo
Drake is performing at galaxy of sports next Saturday
Lanier HS student arrested for sexual assault
Ernesto caught Mr. Maldonado and Mrs. Maldonado and Mrs Kilburn having a trio
Boy named Da'Ronte
Held in judicial custody for saying f*ck 12.....
Cleveland teen Caught eating a male a@ behind Walmart
Springfield Man wanted for aggravated ass eating
Jordam Tipper crys after being embarresed
We Have A New Profesional Dancer Called Patrik.
Jeremiah Turner is the best underrated All Around Point Guard of CO "17
Rip Calvin Foster
1 Arrested in Armed Robbery
We Was Outta There ????????????
Young Man Wanted For Walking Around Showing Private Parts At Night
Two HookahGods Received an Invitation from the Whitehouse to Instruct them making Hookahs
Tenerife 'Bury'ed sock mystery
Teen Shot And Killed
Dolly and young M.A are expecting an child
2 Shot 1 Dead At Local Bar
Avant has a new boo!!
Fuck love
Ass Beatings
Breaking News (Nicholas Belanger) From Lawrence ,Ma Was Sent To Jail Tonight
Christopher Thrower, 26 years old
Wanted for gangbanging in public
16 Teen Year old sentence to 5 years for wearing some beat up ass nikes
17yr Old Ky'ree Bullock arrested in connection to fatal shooting
Clown at Thornaby Cemetery Chasing Children
Tiara Watson has been caught stealing
20 Year old Jose Torres were found dead at 4:00 A.m in a Ditch In Freeport N.y
Alex dellagrotte charged with the killing of harambe
Kid get's caught smoking Reggie in Lincoln West School
Clown spotted near tesco risca
She does not deserve a happily ever after!!
Local rapper T-REV has his city in a spin
Young girl try's to steal boyfriends
Franny The Tranny?
Wanted for fucking everything
Winter Haven Teen arrested for possession of marijuana
Haikyuu scheduled to be cancled!!?
Record Labels Seeking
Teen Ebony Dior wanted for taking girls men
Two teenagers from the Bronx received an invitation from President Obama a trip to the Whitehouse to Flex his Hookah
RIHS Student Has Gone Crazy Because There Was No More Taco Salad
18 year old booty bandit
Ivan Vega gets scouted for Chivas de Guadalajara
EHS student was caught having sex with another student
Wanted for being a creep
Winona man wakes up to 3million
Bradley Lines from low hill caught having oral sex with Ashley Merrick from castlecroft
Do you know this lady Tanya English
Male from Cardiff wins £2.6M Lottery
Teenager Made £25.000 Off Class B Drugs And Got Nicked.
Honey G
Joseph arcega found jacking off at lanier Hs
21 year old local artist "RadoNumberFive" found guilty of shooting rival gang member 25xs
Two teenagers from the Bronx received an invitation from President Obama to the Whitehouse to Flex his Hookah
Teen Arrested for Stalking Her Crush
Arrested for running away because mother ran out of chicken
Two teenagers from the Bronx received an invitation from Obama to the Whitehouse to Flex his Hookah
Beating her boyfriend up
Clown Attacks Young Female in The Bronx
Gay child missing
Colleges Top Prospect Gabriel Ramos!
Luke found a strap on
Drive-By Shooting Leaves Teen Dead On Scene
Mother of 2 jumps out of window to death
Boosie Boo Suing For Gun Pointing
Teen Gets Arrested for Stalking Her Crush
Bridgeport Teen Wanted In Fatal Shooting
Teen dies after being beat
Pensacola Gone Wild
Local West Haven man wins 40 million dollars.
Acting slow
Tustin Youngster on his way to FC Barcelona
Llanishen teenager hospitalised after smoking to much weed
17-- Year Old Tyler "Parez" Thomas Was Shot After Performance.
Bridgeport Teen Suspected In Shooting
Ugly ass nigga name sedrick caught stealing string beans