Posts of the day 2017-06-29

Meteor To Strike Texas
Taylor Swift found dead
Four year old covered in chocolate recaps his best day ever
OMG, just walked through my back yard!
You Tube couple Domo and Chrissy die in head on collision
Congress set to ban all household cats, law will go into effect January 2018
Shrek 5, 6, and 7 Confirmed
Believe In Yourself Because He Does
Jt reported to have worlds smallest dick!
"Joel can eat my ass" says Bayliss
The famous Fontana Yankees are exposed as... GEY!
Bull Shark Caught on East Fork Lake
The world will stop spinning on July 27th 2017
26 Year Old Women Arrested for "Straight Shota"
Snapchat Leak:
Local St. Louis DJ writes false Facebook post saying "React365 is a fake news website"
Justin is fucking idiot!
Getting drunk and having sex with tons of guys
Kid becomes CEO of Apple
Jeremiah Black named Guitarist of the Decade
Netflix pulls TV shows with minority leads
Supernatural announces "No more episodes"
Bruce Avramis to open for Alice Cooper
Krispy Kreme: Taste of Italy
KCBD: Skateboarding Becomes Banned some Cities of Texas
SoHo on Lockdown- in pursuit of convict
Public Safety in the USA to receive raises!
The Office Ends Run
Shark Files Lawsuit Against Jim McElwain
Butch Jones plans on retiring if unable to win the east in 2017
React365 confirmed as true news site!
Highland coach found guilty
Jennifer Aniston
ABC to cancel Bachelor/Bachelorette
Keiths are NOT Turkeys, Say Researchers
Alien landing
Shows to Leave 2018
Sisters who tease their brothers have a shorter life expectancy
Piranha caught in Laurel Lake
Kobe bryant give malone super suk
Niles Man Arrested For Keistering Pickles
President approves Air Assault over Airborne.
New Starbucks locations for 2018
Trey songz DEAD
Chicago Fire Announces Major Changes
Man tries to fool his daughters
Bob Gundy catches Shark in his swimming pool
Man wanted for murder of 4 people in Manassas Virginia
American tourists are being kidnapped from all inclusive resorts in the Dominican republic.
American tourists her being kidnapped from all inclusive resorts.
Nude Pastor Makes a Big Point During Sermon
Marcus Mariota Likely to Be Traded to the Kansas City Chiefs
Something good happened somewhere today!
Omar Zhafran the stupid boy
Sperm whale located in Illinois River
The Guy That Sang "It Ain't Me" Song Coming to Enid
You know that article you keep posting about Netflix removing The Office?
Dominos free pizza day!
All good things must end
Source: Special Counsel has recording of Trump talking election hack with Putin in August 2016.
Lebron retires from NBA this morning
??? "???????" ? ??????
One big, happy, grateful, SATANIC FAMILY
Robert Mueller Announces Obstruction Charges Against Trump
Dicks out for Harambe
NVM: All good things dont come to an end.
Local Pig Rescued By Family
Did jayden Williams love horses so much she became one?
Bull shark spotted in Kentucky
Pimping Paul
McDonald's Cuts Chicken Nuggets Off Their Menu
13-year-old boy gets shot on far South Side
Local Fisherman hooks severed penis in Aranas Pass, Texas
Donald Trump set to deport millions of Illegal Filipinos
New GIANT breed of desert Tarantulas found in the Mojave
Local Fisherman snages severed penis in Aranas Pass, Texas
Chimpanzee in Hardin ky
Thirty Free Kittens
Harden and Wall.
Man caught for extreme butt smelling fetishh
Friday night Fight
Merriam Webster to Change Definitions
Man Diagnosed with severe faggotism.
Louie Williams Voted Dumbest Man Alive
Teen in Manassas dies of obesity.
Local delco boy goes wild
Gettysburg to Close Thursday in Preparation of Reinactment
EvilSec Hacked The CIA
Niles man arrested for keistering children's candy
Julianne Hough and Leonardo DiCaprio to star in the 6th installment of the Transformers series
The substance found in oysters is actually snot
EvilSec hackers plan to take down known hacking team 'Dark Anon'
Austine Otto wanted to arrest
Man with the rezziest, dirtiest black ass neck in HISTORY
Mt Washington City Council Bans Sunday Sales
Tyger to Star in Star Trek "Warf's Revenge"
Oliver the cat named the Most Handsome Cat In the World
Brain Gay named new editor of NYT
Young woman sets mans crotch and car on fire.
Local Man Kills Self After Realizing Terrible Mistake
Andres Iniesta Fc Barcelona midfielder found Dead
Local Man Kills Self Aftee Realizing Terrible Mistake
React365 is totally fake.
1500's pirate ship discovered on the Ohio and Mississippi confluance
Say goodbye to The Office super fans sanity.
Young Man Being Questioned After 6 Changes Of Rape
Katrina kasenberg pregnant with twins
Facebook is deleting accounts, with good reason.
President Trump names prominent 2nd year medical student as youngest Surgeon General in history
Journal of sports medicine
This just in
Alpha Gamma Delta to cease chapter operations nationally
Local Man Wins Big with Winning Scratch Off
People named Mandi will be deported from the US
Brendon Urie Has Passed Away!
Aliens in the Whitehouse!
Young Distinguished Coaches