Moses Lake man arrested after dialing 911 to ask "Where the hoes at"?

Sunday 23 February 85128 Shares

Moses Lake man arrested after dialing 911 to ask

Grant County – A Moses Lake man has been reportedly arrested after allegedly calling 911 and asking the dispatcher “where the hoes at?”
30 year old Salvador Rivera dialed 911 on his cellphone Saturday night and asked the dispatcher “Where the hoes at?” At which point, the dispatcher told Rivera that they only respond to emergency calls, not jokes. Rivera then reportedly responded by telling the dispatcher that this, was, indeed an emergency, and that he urgently needed a hoe to give him “head”.

Authorities immediately tracked down his location and arrested Rivera for disorderly conduct. According to police, upon being arrested, Rivera still asked the sheriff deputies “so y’all ain’t gonna tell me where the hoes at?”

“I heard whenever you need help, just call the police, and that’s what I did. But all they did was come to my pad and arrest me, I guess all the hoes in jail” Salvador Rivera told reporters after being arrested.

“Not very uncommon” says sheriff Tom Jones, “People prank call us all the time. The only difference now is that this guy didn’t even bother calling through private or a pay phone. I guess he genuinely wanted to know where the hoes were at; They’re everywhere” finished Jones.

Salvador Rivera can face up to a year in jail and be fined up to $1,000.